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Thursday, November 5, 2015

[Documentary] OUTKAST's "Stankonia"

2015 marks the fifteen years anniversary of OutKast's which still today stands as the last proper group album from the legendary ATL duo. Real hip hop heads often throw heaps of praise over "ATLiens" and "Aquemini" while those who fell in love with the more accesible sounds of the group swears on "Stankonia". The truth of course is that they are all classics as 'Kast is one of those rare groups who managed to put out classic LP after classic LP - and not only classic as in an extremely dope record but classic as in a truly groundbreaking game-changer. The following mini documentary was produced for the ocassion by MTV and takes us behind the scenes of "Stankonia" (using old footage) as Dre and Big Boi speaks on their production methods as Earthtone III, how they picked the singles and more. Check it out (and in related news - also check out Organized Noize get busy on the latest installment of "Rhythm Roulette" )!

As a little bonus for y'all I uploaded the sick OutKast / Goodie Mobb collaboration "Sole Sunday" which appeared as the B-side to some of the "Ms. Jackson" singles. It was however originally recorded for, and included in, "Any Given Sunday" the same year as "Stankonia" dropped. Produced by Mr. DJ for Earthtone III productions. Also in celebration of the anniversary is a limited edition re-release of "Stankonia" on multi-colour splattered 2xLP set. The reissue drops on November 27 and can be pre-ordered @ UGHH now.

OUTKAST / GOODIE MOB - "Sole Sunday" (2000)

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