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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

UGEORGE - "The Many Faces Of UGeorge"

UGeorge of the Soundsci crew just quietly dropped what sounds like one of the illest and most consistant LP:s of the year. "The Many Faces of UGeorge" celebrates the diversity of the Atlanta based emcees musical influences while painting a picture of where he's been, where he's at and where he's going. With 15 years as a recording artist (dating back to his 2001 debut as one half of The Hemisphere) it's about time UGeorge steps into the limelight as a solo artist, and as such he does not dissapoint in the least. The album packs a smooth, soul infected vibe with a lot of funky grooves that fans of that classic Golden Age sound are sure to endorse to the fullest. This is one that is great to throw on in your headphones, crank up the volume and just zone out to. I stay impressed by Soundsci who steadily is building up with an impressive catalouge of really strong projects under their collective belt and "The Many Faces of UGeorge" is another fine addition.

The album is available on vinyl and in digital format via World Expo Records now, DON'T SLEEP and support this project y'all!There's a lot to decipher on here, watch out for more detailed review to come... "When We Were Young", damn what an outro!

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