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Thursday, April 14, 2016

[Stream] AYATOLLAH X DRASAR - "Boxcutter Brothers III"

I'm so happy to see my man Drasar Monumental and his Vendetta Vinyl team get the props they deserve, first through his excellent work with MF Grimm on the "Good Morning Vietnam" trilogy (undoubtedly one of the finest projects this side of 2010). The next series he started was "Boxcutter Brothers" together with legendary producer Ayatollah who casual fans at least knows from hits like "Ms. Fat Booty" but for sure has put in WORK throughout the years. Together they have created what is now a trilogy of excellent instrumentals for us to bop our heads to, write rhymes to or just free think to. The third installment in the series has landed and can be purchased in digital format via Bandcamp, or in physical format directly from Vendetta Vinyl. The fourteen track project features half of the joints produced by D and the other half by 'Tollah but it does not sound disjointed as they have gone for a coherrent sound. It has been out for a while but now you can stream the entire project before decididing to purchase. Be sure to support the realness.

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