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Saturday, April 16, 2016

BLACK SHEEP Ft. Red Alert, Chi-Ali & Sadat X - "Peace Phife"

It's about time we get a proper tribute to the legend known as Phife Dawg that passed over to the other side on March 22 due to his long struggle with diabetes. One thing's for sure his conrtribution to Hip Hop will always be remembered as something special. Over a soul laced production by Jim B. fellow Natives Tongues member Dres rounds up DJ Red Alert, Chi-Ali and Sadat X - all original friends and collegoues of The Five Footer - and they all do a commendable job in putting a worthy song on wax in celeberation of the life and times of this great artist and man. Please support by purchasing the song from Dres Bandcamp as all proceeds will go straight to Phife's family.

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