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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ghostface Killah - "The Pretty Toney LP" (c7 revisit)

After Epic fucked up GFK's "Bulletproof Wallets" by refusing to pay for clearing samples which led to a watered down version of the album ended up in stores, Ghost instead signed to Def Jam. In 2004 he released his fourth opus, "The Pretty Toney Album", a solid album that still had several songs recorded that didn't appear on the final version as well as some typical commercial singles (read "Tush" featuring Missy Elliot). There were actually 10 songs recorded for the album that didn't make it, but many of them ended up on the Theodore Unit album the same year. Although I liked the retail album, I decided to compile a little different version; including the majority of the songs that were cut by Def Jam in favor of the weaker tracks like "Ghostface" and "Tush". This compilation is by special request so hope you enjoy it man!

01. "Guerilla Hood"
02. "Biscuits" (Ft. Trife Da God)
03. "Kunta Fly Shit"
04. "Beat The Clock"
05. "Metal Lungies" (Ft. Styles P & Sheek Louch)
06. "The Drummer" (Ft. Method Man, Streetlife & Trife Da God)
07. "The Splash (No No No)"
08. "Save Me Dear"
09. "It's Over"
10. "Keisha's House"
11. "Smith Brothers" (Ft. Trife Da God)
12. "Last Night"
13. "Holla"
14. "Paychecks" (Ft. Trife Da God)
15. "Heard It All Before"
16. "My Guitar (Black Cream)"
17. "Be This Way"
18. "Run" (Ft. Jadakiss)
19. "Love" (Ft. Musiq Soulchild)


  1. Props on this. Already had the album, but I just flipped some tracks around and such.

  2. yep "My Guitar" was from the album originally, and so was the "Marley Marl '88" freestyle from '718' so i really didn't include them all. Fucking love "My Guitar" tho, i think i'll switch it against "Tony's Money" since that was already on the beat from the De La Soul album that same year.

  3. Claaa7 i really appreciate the blog, your dope compilations and all your exclusive posts! 12 reasons To Die has really got meet listening to the Wu and Ghost catalogue. Can you please re up this link, i would love to add your revisit of the pretty toney album to my collection. Thanks.

  4. Replies
    1. Reupload plzzz my decease father love this album you did

  5. Could you re-up this? Sharebeast doesn't work anymore