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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrating Gang Starr, Part II

The second installment in the Gang Starr series features every collaboration Guru and DJ Premier did together as guests on other artists records, a total of 19 songs and just like the previous compilation it's just as banging. I actually put together the three installments in this series the day Guru died which really hit me hard since I grew up listening to his words and he gave me strength on several ocassions. He surely will be missed for a long time. The thought behind these three tapes is to give the GangStarr heads each and every DJ Premier/Guru collaboration recorded (except for the album songs of course - shame on you if you don't have them already and either way I don't believe in posting retail albums). The only song on here that is not a Gang Starr cameo is the first, "Here's The Proof", which was a B-side from the 1989 "Manifest"VLS - regardless the 1st CD was full and this is too dope to just ignore so just enjoy  it for what it is. Oh and i throw together a little cover for this, nothing special but who gives a...

01. "Here's The Proof"
02. Dream Warriors & Gang Starr - "I've Lost My Ignorance"
03. Slam Slam & Gang Starr- Free Your Feelings [Gifted Mix]"
04. MC Solaar Ft. Gang Starr - "Qui Séme Le Vent Récolte Le Tempo [Remix]"
05. Loose Ends & Gang Starr - "A Little Spice [Remix]"
07. Soul to Soul Ft. Gang Starr - "Intelligence [Jazzie to Guru Mix]"
08. Neneh Cherry & Gang Starr - "Sassy" (Ft. Gang Starr)
09. N'Dea Davenport & Gang Starr - "Bring It On [Premier & The Guru Mix]"
10. Group Home & GangStarr - "Serious Rap Shit" (Ft. Big Shug)
11. M.O.P. & GangStarr - "Salute Part II
12. Macy Gray & GangStarr- "I've Committed Muurder [Remix]" (Ft. Mos Def)
13. Tin Tin Out & GangStarr- "What I Am [Remix]" (Ft. Emma Bunton)
14. Lina & Gang Starr - "It's Alright [Remix]"
15. Big Shug & Gang Starr - "Sucker Punch"
16. Krumb Snatcha  & Gang Starr - "Indestructible"
17. AG, OC, GangStarr & Party Arty - "Weed Scented"
18. Afu-Ra & Gang Starr - "Blvd."
19. Group Home & Gang Starr - "The Legacy"