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Sunday, December 19, 2010

v/a - "The Soul Of Dilla" (v. 1)

My readers already know i hold Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla as one of the top 5 producers to ever touch an MPC; he re-invented his style as soon as other producers started catching on to what he's doing and he was involved in countless classic albums; "Like Water For Chocolate", "Labcabincalifornia", "Beats, Rhymes & Life", "Voodoo", "Mama's Gun", "Fantastic Volume I" + "II", "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... II", "Champioun Sound" and countless others. One of the things that really separates Dilla from other top producers though is his ability to produce R&B and soul with a clear hip-hop influence and "The Soul Of Dilla" is a great showcase of that work. Don't worry though there's guest verses from Q-Tip, Phife, Common, Mos Def, Frank-N-Dank, Slum Village and other rappers on here as well though the focus is on sweet soul singing. Personally this is one of my absolute favorite JD comps i've done, i love when i have a theme to work with, and i actually compiled a volume II as well that might show up on this blog as well sooner or later.

In due time you will also see a compilation highlighting DJ Premier's soulful R&B joints that also works as an installment in this series; "The Soul Of Preemo" so be on the lookout for that. Now get your groove on and btw.... TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!

01. DJ Cam & Cameo - "Love Junkee (Remix)" (Ft. Jay Dee)
02. Erykah Badu - "Didn't Cha Know
03.Carl Craig - "People Make The World Go Round" (J-88 Remix)
04. "Reminisce" (Ft. Common & Mos Def)
05. Brother JackMcDuff - "Oblighetto (Remix)
06. D'Angelo - "Feel Like Makin' Love"
07. Spacek - "Dollar"
08. Macy Gray - "I Try (Remix)"
09. Lucy Pearl - "Without You (Remix)"
10. Dwight Trible & Life Force Trio - "Antiquidy"
11. Janet - "Got Ti'l' It's Gone" (Ft. Q-Tip)
12. Mint Condition - "Let Me Be The One (Remix)" (Ft. Q-Tip)
13. "All I Do (Jay Dee's Shit Mix)" (Ft. Phife Dawg)
14. Amp Fiddler - "Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly" (Ft. George Clinton)
15. Spacek - "Eve (Remix)" (Ft. Frank-N-Dank)
16. DweƩle - "Keep On" (Ft. Slum Village)


  1. yo man, big ups on the uploads. i downloaded vol 1 from you. think you could put vol 2 on mediafire or something? i'm fiendin. so so smooth

    1. just realized i put this on the wrong blog...ima go to your other one haha