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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrating Gang Starr, Part III

The third installment in my Gang Starr celebration series collects all the remixes that DJ Premier and The Guru did for the 12" singles and other forums. I only focused on the DJ Premier remixes, leaving out classic like Pete Rock's take on "The Militia" or Extra P's mix of "Gotta Get Over". With these three volumes plus the six official albums Gang Starr released we now got every recorded Preem/Guru collaboration ever done.

01. "Words I Manifest (Remix)"
02. "No More Mr. Nice Guy (Fed Up Mix)"
03. "Positivity (Whole World Mix)"
04. "Gotch U (Hunter Mix)"
05. "Just To Get A Rep (Extended Mix)"
06. "Check The Technique (Remix)"
07. "Jazz Thang (Movie Mix)"
08. "I've Lost My Ignorance" (w. Dream Warriors)
09. "Love Sick (Extended Mix)"
10. "Ex Girl to Next Girl (DJ Premier Remix)"
11. "DWYCK (Horny Mix)" (Ft. Nice & Smooth)
12. "Flip The Script (Minor Adjustment Mix)
13. "Doe in Advance (12" Remix)"
14. "You Know My Steez (3 Men & A Lady Remix)" (Ft. Lady Of Rage & Kurupt)
15. "Jazz Thang (Extended Instrumental Mix)" (Ft. Branford Marsalis)