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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrating Gang Starr, Part I

With the tragic passing of Keith Elam better known to the world as Guru and mostly known as one half of the duo Gang Starr together with DJ Premier we must sure his music lives on and his wisdom spreads to future generations. Together they released a string of classic album, never putting out a wack song if you ask me, and if you don't got "Step In The Arena", "Daily Operation", "Hard to Earn", "Moment Of Truth" and "The Ownerz" i suggest you go out and buy them as soon as possible as they are all essential entires in any serious hip-hop collectors music library. Besides those albums they also recorded and released plenty of B-sides, remixes, soundtrack joints and collaborations on Guru's solo projects. As an honor to Guru I'd like to present 20 of these in a sort of missing album that any Gang Starr fan should be able to enjoy and love. The second installment will feature Guru features on DJ Premier produced track while the third and last is a collection of Preem remixes of Gang Starr tracks so keep your eyes open for those. Oh btw I was too lazy to make a cover so I used the "Full Clip" cover for this but oh well, let the music speak. Rest in power Keith Elam, - your music and legacy lives on and continues to fill your listeners with strength and hope.

01. "Full Clip"
02. "Disciple" (Ft. Total)
03. "All For Tha $"
04. "The Piece Maker"
05. "Hustlin' Daze" (Ft. Donell Jones)
06. "Where's My Ladies" (Ft. Big Shug)
07. "1/2 & 1/2" (Ft. M.O.P.)
08. "So Wassup?!"
09. "The Militia II" (Ft. Rakim & W.C.)
10. "Jazz Thang (Video Mix)"
11. "The ? Remains"
12. "Watch What You Say" (Ft. Chaka Khan)
13. "Lifesaver" (DJ Premier Remix)
14. "Doe In Advance"
15. "Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)"
16. "Credit Is Due"
17. "Battle"
18. "Back 2 Back" (Ft. Mendoughza)
19. "Natural"
20. "Tha Squeeze"


  1. hahaha Peace Claaa7 I did the exact same shit with Full Clip myself, except I included Work (Remix) & Ex Girl To Next Girl (Remix)

  2. peace man.. check out the three Gang Starr compilations i posted as well. if you got "No More Mr. Nice Guy" to "The Ownerz" now you got EVERY SINGLE DJ PREMIER PRODUCED GURU TRACK EVER RECORDED!!!

  3. Can you re-up this, plz?