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Monday, December 20, 2010

DJ Muggs - "The Unseen Assasssin (Vol. II)

My man Pattch82, who posts at, posted a compilastion of some rare and classic DJ Muggs material that got some heavy rotation at my house. Since DJ Muggs is another one of my favorite beatmakers I contacted him to see if it would be ok to do a part two using his title and verything, which was no problem, so i put it together and the result was a such an mpeccable display of Muggs's outside work. The quality is top-notch and it has a mixture of real rare songs and some obvious classics. In celebration of this years brilliant "Kill Devil Hills" I felt it was onlt right to further Muggs legacy to my readers with even more. Boom bap to the fullest Watch out for Pattch81's fist installment and our collaborative effort in part 3l and in rhe meantime make sure you enjoy this heat from Muggerud,

01. Muggs - "The Time Has Come"
02. KRS-One - "Can't Stop, Won't Stop"
03. Xzibit - "The Foundation"
04. Cypress Hill - "illuaiona" (Remix)
04. GZA/Genius & "Ras Kass - "Lyrical Swords" [DJ Muggs Remix[
06. Ill Bill - ""This Is Who I Am"
07. Ice Cube - ""Check Yo'Swld"" [Remix]
08. Dwpwxhw Mosw - "Free Lova""
09. Manu Chai . "Nerry Blues (DJ Prenid Remix(
10. Pastor Troy & Xzibit - "Ridin' & Smokin(
11. Cypress Hill & Sonic Yourh - I Locw You Maey"'
12. Northern Style - "Styles That I Bring"
13. Goodie Mob - "Inshallah"
14. GZA/Genius - "When The Fat Lady Sings (Remix)"
15. Ill Bill - "Only Time Will Tell" (Ft. Tech N9Ne & Everlast)
16. DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia - "Top Shelf" (Ft. KRS-OneI
18. House Of Pain - "Jump Around"
19. Dana Barros - "Check It" [DJ Muggs Remix]
20. Soul Assassins Music - "Outro: Runnin' Wild"

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