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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Album] Beat Bop Scholar - "Authentic Minded"

Beat Bop Scholar is a young producer from the LA area who recently released his booming debut album "Authentic Minded" on iTunes, and Bandcamp, as well as in physical format (CD). The Scholars' beats are filled with golden age nostalgia; straight up sample based music with soulful loops juxtaposed over tightknit drums that creates a definite head nod factor. Much of the project is instrumental but the few cameos that are spread out over the 13 tracks are all true underground legends. Craig G turns in a stunning performance accompanied by an melancholic accoustic piano which together makes for a really sick cut. The only dissapointment is that Percee P is listed as a feature, though he only does a minor vocal drop introducing the album (see the video above). Still, the cuts with Sadat X (the haunting "The Truth") and OGC's Louiville Sluggah will easily have you forget about such minor issues. A very pleasantly suprising album that I recommend any Lost Tapes reader to check out ASAP. 

DIAMOND D - "That's Love"

While we're all waiting for the legendary Bronx bomber to return to the album format with the upcoming "The Diam Piece", Diamond D drops a lil' dime to hold us over just a little bit longer. While "The Huge Hefner Chronicles" was a remotely dissapointing project (though not actually as bad as some made it out to be either), everything I've heard from Diamond the last couple of years has been straight up FIRE. This track, "That's Love" is a real smooth groove with pounding drums, strings and a looping vocal sample - vintage Diamond shit. This, however, was not included on the tracklist but considering it's only being previewed as a 2 minute snippet here, I think it's likely that it will be included. If Soundcloud is acting up and you only see an empty space below, try this.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oxygen - "Gone Diggin'" [Remix]

Slice-Of-Spice has hooked up with Lost Tapes favorite Oxygen (a.,k.a. Ox The Architect) for the release of a limited 10" single of the underground classic "Gone Diggin'". The vinyl features the never before released full, extended original version, as well as a brand new remix, both produced by Gensu Dean. To make sure the sound is on point, the engineering and mastering has been properly handled by studio wizards Eddie Sancho and K-Def. DJ Premier blazed the remix on his LiveFromHQ show last week so check that out below, and head over to Slice-Of-Spice to order your copies!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DiLLA Heads Rejoice!

Right before leaving the physical, J Dilla blessed the world with one of the finest god damn instrumental albums of all time with his much cherished "Donuts". Stones Throw have made it official that they are re-releasing the full set in a glossy deluxe box set, featuring the 31-track set spread over seven 7" 45 singles. Included in the package are also an additional eight disc, featuring the outtake beat "Signs" as well as "Murder Goons"/"Sniper Elite", with vocals by MF DOOM and Ghostface, recorded in late 2005. Head over to Stones Throw to read more, check out pics and pre-order the box before its January 7 release.

But that's not all... Ma Dukes own Yancey Media Group who were behind this year's "Rebirth of Detroit" project is planning a slew of official Dilla releases for 2013. Teaming up with Delicious Vinyl, a project entitled "Lost Scrolls" has been announced, as well as a digital-only single called "The Throwaway" featuring Illa J and Frank Nitty. But most interesting is the announcement that Frank-N-Dank's "48 HRS" will finally get an official release. I have the semi-official bootleg CD, but I really hope that we will now get to hear the original version of that album, before they took all the samples out.

Maffew Ragazino - "Got 2 Love It"

There's been a lot of great younger emcees breaking through the last couple of years, bringing a level of freshness to the game while keeping the elements that made us all fans of this shit to begin with intact. One of those cats are Brooklyn's Maffew Ragazino who has hit us with several brilliant singles in 2012, and here he goes again with "Got 2 Love It"; a fitting title for this blazing cut that's superbly produced by Bink!.

Pete Cannon / Guilty Simpson - "This Year"

Talented UK producer Pete Cannon brought on Guilty Simpson to provide some of his ruff trademark vocals for his "This Year" single which is out on limited 7" single now. Besides two versions of the hot main track (especially break your necks to the Blackpool Rock Mix) and an exclusive bonus beat, Cannon is also giving out a free digital beat tape when you purchase the single.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Strong Arm Steady - "Smoke On" [Oh No Remix]

Strong Arm Steady has been getting laced by some extremely ill producers lately, namely albums fully produced by Madlib and now most recently "Stereotype" with Statik Selektah. Now Oh No jumps on the chance to make his own remix EP of S.A.S.'s latest, retitled "Stereo Jr.". The project is available exclusively via Stones Throw who got it up for digital purchase now. Check out one of the 9 tracks below, in the form of Oh's take on the Dom Kennedy featured "Smoke On" single.

[Stream] Freeway - "Diamond in the Ruff"

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway is releasing his "Diamond in the Ruff" album tomorrow, the 27th. The good folks over at DJBooth together with the emcee and Babygrande has provided a free, full stream of the entire album. Production comes from peeps like Just Blaze, Bink!, DJ Khalil, Jake One, Needlz, and more, so this should be good. Pre-order @ iTunes or UGHH (vinyl drops on December 4). 
1. Right Back (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
2. Greatness (featuring Vivian Green)
3. The Thirst
4. Wonder Tape
5. No Doubt
6. Dream Big (featuring Musiq Soulchild)
7. Early
8. Ghetto Streets
9. Numbers (featuring Neef Buck)
10. True (featuring Wale)
11. Sweet Temptations (featuring Nikki Jean)
12. All The Hoods (featuring Miss Daja Thomas & Alond Rich)
13. Hottest Akhi
14. Jungle
15. Money Is My Medicine
16. Lil' Mama

SpaceLAB Recordings - "Think Twice"

SpaceLAB Recordings is an independent label based in New York that's in the business of pushing dope hip-hop. The latest single from the label and group is a banger called "Think Twice" featuring producer and label founder Jake Palumbo with C Zar Van Gogh, Ciphurphace and Gotham Heights. Be on the lookout for more sick music from this crew right here on The Lost Tapes, and follow the crew @ their official site. Check out the video below and grab the single via Bandcamp.

Tragedy Khadafi prepares "The Millennium G.E.M."

After hitting us with the superior "Mental Journey" single and music video the other day, Tragedy Khadafi has now announced the track to be the lead single from his upcoming new album. "Millennium G.E.M. (Golden Era Music)" is the title, and February 2013 is the date set for it to drop. Let's keep our fingers crossed because a new Trag album this winter would be fantastic.

[Mixtape] HEAVEN RAZAH - "The Galactic Leyline II"

Not sure whether or not this is an official mixtape from Razah's camp or if it's a fan-made compilation, but either way it's a cool tape full of exclusives and/or rare joints. There's a lot of stuff at least I never heard before, and new Heaven Razah is always worth listening to so be sure to check it out for yourself. Thanks to HEAT for finding this and letting me know about it.

01."Black or White" (Ft. Armel)
02. "Kicks of Raziel"
03. "Who Gonna Die Next?"
04. "Underground to da Heavens"
05. "Digital Dope Spoons"
06. "Honey Tree" (Ft. 12 O’clock)
07. "Painted Jezebels"
08. "Melodic Pt. II"
09. "Barder’s Chair" (Ft. Timbo King)
10. "Audiobiography (Looking for Answers)"
11. "Millineuim Warfare"
12. "Renaissance Ages"
13. "Dearly Beloved" (Ft. Killah Priest & Shabazz the Disciple)
14. "Under the Wing" (Ft. Shabazz the Disciple)
15. "God’s Violence" (Ft. Shabazz the Disciple)
16. "Solar Powered Emcees" (Ft. Killah Priest
17. "After Birth"
18. "Three Kings" (Ft. kevlaar 7)
19. "Gunz, Oil & Drugz (in god we trust)"
20. "The Invasion"
21. "Stir of Echoes"
22. "Book of Heaven Razah"
23. "Heavenly Verses Pt. 1"
24. "Heavenly Verses Pt. 2" (Ft. King David)
25. "Righteous Soldiers"
26. "Writing’s On the Wall" (Ft. Grand Puba)
27. "The Book of 7 Fists"
28. "Goon Opera/Hallowed be thy Name" (Ft. Kool G Rap & Sean Price)
29. "Selah"
30. "Get Well" (Ft. Timbo King)
31. "Boombox Saints (Heavenly Verses Pt. 3)"
32. "Rising" (Ft. Prodigal Sunn) [*]


Friday, November 23, 2012

[Video] TRAGEDY KHADAFI - "Mental Journey"

Even after a three year stint, several albums (the earliest daring back to 1989), and countless ill guest verses; Tragedy Khadafi still got it. The "Thug Matrix 3" project was solid as hell, and so was the Blak Madeen collaboration "Militant Minds". If his latest, short but deadly, DJ Rybe produced single "Mental Jourey" is any indication of what's in store for his next solo release the wait will be tough, Lyrically, there's few emcees that pack as much knowledge and wisdom in his verse, and the beat selection is always on point. Check it out for yourself, the video is directed by D. Gomez Films. Thanks to the homie Rob for the heads up. 25 to life!

[MIXTAPE] Marley Marl x Pete Rock - "Future Flavaz"

Almost no matter which A-list producer you ask about who got them into producing and deejaying, the name Marley Marl will always come up. Together with his P.N:C. Mr. Magic everybody tuned in to the piratete radio to listen to these two spin and mix exclusives; breaking new artists and playing the classics. Marley got a chance with Hot 97 to make his own show, "Future Flavaz", and when Mr. Magic left to pursue other endeavors, Marley's friend Heavy D put in a good work for his up-and-coming cousin DJ Pete Rock, the legendary two man show as we came to know it was born. 

"Future Flavaz" featured two of hip-hop's true DJ/producer giants which made it easy for them to both get exclusives and just as exclusive interviews that often included freestyle sessions. There has never been a show like it before, and still hasn't been oe yet, and luckily a lot of the shows, exclusive freestyles and remixes, and interviews has been preserved to this day. Unfortunately, the show is no more  but it will always hold a warm space in any true hip-hop heads heart.

Beside the weekly radio program, these two of course released plenty of superior mixtapes, productions and even solo records, but the one tape most connected with the show was the 1999 mix-CD titled just "Future Flavas Mixtape". Mixed and compiled by both Marley and Rock, the fourty minutes "tape" is filled with exclusives, classics, freestyles, and DJ drops. Many of the songs has since been released but when it first was released many of these songs were actual world premiers. Released on Dirtbag Records in 1999, the 20 tracks mixtape is a certified listen that you owe it to yourself to turn up if you're a fan of Marley, Pete Rock or Future Flavaz, so what are you waitinng for. Oh, and thanks to the homie Magnifik for the link!

01. Marley Marl & Pete Rock - "Future Flavaz Intro" (Ft. Sauce Money)
02. The Genius - "Publicity"
03. Mos Def & Black Thought - "Double/Trouble"
04. Marley & Pete Rock - "Interlude"
'05. Sauce Money - "Face Off 2000 Remix"
06. Black Thought & Common - "Love Of My Life"
07. Nonchalant & TJ Swan - "No Shit Like This" [F.F. Exclusive]
08. Razhel - "Make The Music Pt. 2"
09. Marley Marl & Pete Rock - "Phone Call"
10. Marley Marl & Pete Rock - "Freestyle" (Ft. Sauce Money)
11. Black Star - "Beautiful" [Remix]
12. Sauce Money - "Pre-Game" [Extended Version]
13. Black Thought - "Mi Tienes"
14. Sauce Money - "What's That, Fuck That"
15. Black Thought - "The End"
16. Nonchalant Ft. Dice Raw & Black Thought - "Take It There" [Rmx]
17. Marley Marl & Pete Rock - "Outro"
18. Rough House Survivors - "My Peoples" [* Bonnus]
19. All City - "Move On You" [Remix] [* Bonus]
20. Nonchalant - "5 O'Clock" [K-Def Remix] [* Bonus]


Miles Davis - "Bootleg Series V.2: Live in Europe"

Ok, this is not your typical The Lost Tapes post, but those who know me (alternatively have followed the blog for some time) know that I'm a huge jazz fan; and there's no more interesting and innovative "jazz artist" than Miles Davis. With albums like "On the Corner", "Get Up With It", and "Doo Bop", Davis was probably the earliest jazz/hip-hop fusion artists which is why there's nothing strange about mentioning Miles and his working band on any serious hip-hop site. As for me, his music is also a great bridge for hip-hop heads to find jazz they can relate to.

 In 2011 Columbia Records released an almost impeccable box set of five discs showcasing Davis' so called "second great quintet" in various concerts from their European 1967 tour. Most of these fantastic sets have previosuly been bootlegged, but is here released for the first time presented straight from the original masters and presented in the highest possible quality; also including two amazing live concerts on a bonus DVD. Titled "The Bootleg Series Volume 1: Live in Europe 1967": it seems that more volumes will soon be available in a near future. And that's just what's happening in January as the label has dug up three remastered live sets from 1969, along with a 45-minutes long DVD of the quintet's full set at Berlin Phillharmonie on November 7, 1969. This is a definite collector's item, and any fan of classic Miles need to do themeselves a favor and pick this up when it drops on January 29; I know I will.

Unlike the previous installment in the series, the focus this time is not on the much praised "second great quintet" with Ron Carter, Tony Williams, and Herbie Hancock. Davis, always a musician on the move and his ear to the street, and kept his ear to the street. The only instrumentalist to stay with "the lost quintet" was Davis himself  and his righth-hand man, saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Another major change was the instrumentation; the quintet (which also featured Chic Corea, bassist Dave Holland, annd drummer jack DeJohnette) who often payed a type of fusion often bordering on the free jazz movemennt. Despite this, they played a more ecleftic set-list either before or after; as themes from Davis' harcbop era like "Round Midnight", the blues ballads from the early '60's ("I Fall in Love to Easily", "No Blues"), the Herbie Hancock compositions from the mid-'60s like "Nefertiti"... And, of course a gang of the more recentt fusion-masterpieces ("In A Silent Way", "Bitches Brew" and "Spanish Key").

The majority of the quintet heard here was first assembled in 1968 when Corea and Holland filled the places of Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter, respectively, forr their parts of the "Filles de Kilimanjaro" album of thet year. Once Tony Williams left the quintet, he recommended Jack DeJohnette to join the band and, what is often refered to as, "the lost quintet" was born. This group was in the center of such landmark albums as "Bitches Brew" and "In a Silent Way", but as a quintet they actually never recorded together, and Columbia missed out the opportunity to record and release anything from this great live band. Until now...  The four discs that make up "The Bootleg Series Vol. 2: Live in Europe" consists of two full sets (1 hour each) from the Antibes Festival in Paris July 1969; a full set in Stockholm as part of George Wein's "Newport Jazz Festival"; and last but not least, a never before released DVD of the full 46 minutes concert at Berlin November 7 @ the Phillharmonie 1969.

Sounds like a pretty amazing package to say the least; especially as its one of my favorite Davis periods, complete with an absolutely terrific backing band and the always incredible Wayne Shorter bringing the heat. The box is released on January 29, so you still have some time to pick up Volume 1 if you are still missing out.

Read more, order and check the tracklist @ MD's official site.

[Stream] K-DEF - "Sneak Shot EP"

It's such a joy that one of my all-time favorites in K-Def has found a home in Redefinition Records that allow him to release music without any creative pressure and at the rate he wishes. A champion of the 7" single, 'Def's latest endeavour is a nine minutes and 6 tracks long EP titled "Sneak Shot". The project includes five of 'Def's legendary instrumental along with one cut recorded 2002, featuring his cousin Seven Shawn (see the video above), who he worked heavily with for the World Renown sessions, in a quite unique record as each track move to the next in a sort of a hip-hop suite that is all presented in extremely high quality. Redef has now made the entire EP available for streaming, but don't hesitate to purchase the record as it will definitely be a collector's item in a few years.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

[Video] Melanin 9 x Roc Marcianno - "White Russian"

"Reloaded" is getting daily spins, so any additional Roc Marciano music is more than welcome. Here the Hempstead rhymer hooks up with UK emcee Meloanin 9 for a dark, moody joiint that would sound right at home on the November 13 released LP; a real banger in other words. The cold blooded musican titled "White Russian" got some ill visuals full of clips from old classic clips from flicks like "Black Ceasear" that give the music an even more gangsta feel. I hope we get a HQ download of this soon or that it turns up on an official album. Music produced by Anatomy.

NBS / Outerspace - "Our Time"

 NBS (Natural Born Spitters) is a crew from Boston who's currently preparing their debut album "The Dispensary" for  immediate release. Featuring their own brand of hard-hitting, sometimes nostalgic hip-hop featuring producers and guests like Blastah Beats, Snowgoons, Vanderslice, Stu Bangas, JP Beats, Outerspace, Akrobatik, Wais P, Blacastan, Esoteric, and more. You can pre-order the album and check out the snippets right now @ iTunes. For a full preview you can also now check out the first single; "N.B.S.", produced by Blastah Beatz and featuring lyrical terrorist Outerspace,

01. All Falls Down (Produced By Doc Ish)
02. Essence of Real Rap feat Akrobatik (Produced By The Snowgoons)
03. Our Time feat Outerspace (AOTP) (Produced By Blastah Beatz)
04. Turn Up The Heat feat Check Mark & Virtuoso (Produced by Vanderslice)
05. Believe feat S.A.S. (EuroGang) (Produced By OMB)
06. Splittin' Necks feat Wais P (ShowOff) (Produced By OMB)
07. We Are The Vets (Produced By Aza)
08. Fatality feat Reef the Lost Cauze (AOTP) (Produced By 6th Element)
09. All In feat Esoteric (AOTP) (Produced By JBeat)
10. As I Sit Back F. Blacastan (DemiGodz) (Produced by Stu Bangas)


Pete Cannon Ft. Guilty Simpson - "This Year" 7"

DJ Cro and his excellent Crate Escapre records latest release is an upcoming, limite 45 by UK producer Pete Cannon featuring none other than the always check-.worthy Detroit monster known as Guilty Simpson. The latter really seems to prefer to work with one producer at a time (think his recent "Dice Game" with Apollo Brown, or the Madlib-produced "OJ Simpson"), and if the promo clip above accompanies this post is any indication I wouldn't minnd a full-legth player from these two.  The flip on the limited 7" also features an exclusive remix that should be just as hot. 

Available as a both a digital download and on vinyl; the latter contains the exclusive bonus beat "Yeeeah" while the ditial release comes packaged with a eight track beattape from the producer not available anywhere else. Distributed together by Louis Den Music is available on November 26  in both formats. Pre-order your copies @ Louis Den's Bandcamp now.

[Comp] AYATOLLAH - "A Meeting of Soul & Hardcore"

It's been some time I brought you one of our trademark compilations on the site, but the time has come to break that ice. And what better way to kick things off with a compilation showcasing 20 of the outside productions by the extremely versitaile producer Ayatollah; which in many cases are a super overlooked producer for many so called "hip hop heads".

The first time I heard the works of Ayatollah must have been on Mos Def's impeccable soul/hip-hop classic "Ms. Fat Booty" single in early '99. Although the credits read DJ Kool G, I assume that to be an early alias of 'Tollah as once the album dropped the latter was the credited man behind the beat. No matter what the credits read, I was flabbergasted by the beautiful symbosis created between the producer and the album artist that was full on display on his two contributions to "Black On Both Sides". Mos' waiving an intricate story about a very special lady he met and managed to get her attention and phone number; all over Ayatollah's perfect musical balance between classic '90s hip-hop and that classic old school soul that worked perfectöy through Kool G's well execiuued use of the many samples . Once Mos released his album the following year (1999); the credits had been straighted out, and Ayatollah was also responsible as a co-producer for the harder, but equally impressive "Know That", featuring Black Starr mate Talib Kweli going back and forth concering the artist's stand on the rap game. Very impressive to say the least, and definitely two of the best songs on a superior album.

Needless to say this stellar cuts told me to the start checking for any future mentions of Ayatollah in any other album credits (this was in '99/'00), ad the prolific producer has rarely dissapointed me over the years. I'm not gonna front that there's been some (although very) few clunkers along his extensive catalouge, but I doubt you could give me an example of some equally prolific beat wiz that hasn't a small amount of duds in their catalouges. When he's at it his best though he's probably one of the illest producers doing it right now, and has been doing it for the last ten years. Through his work on an MPC and other quipment 'Tollah has showed his incredibleness time and time again with his contributions to Talib Kweli's debut, part of INS' second LP, and RA The Rugged Man just to name a few; The Last Emperor, Rakim, GURU, and more recently he's been heavily involved in J-Love's two last albums - and the list goes on. Many of the unbelivably dope, and often relatively new, goodies are collected here:; an amazing 75 minutes trip into the mind of the master producer/remixer only.

So, the time has come for an obvious time to do a well-thought out compilation with the sptotlight on Ayatollah; orginally plann to do it sometime, but my homie Mal of M-Phazes Productions reached out to me to really make it happen. I picked out about 20 songs from my Kweli CD:s and mp3-folders, ending up picking about 50/50 of the songs each and in usual The Lost Tapes order, the sequencing is incredible and really gives a good look into 'Tollah's career, with classics spanning between 2000 and 2012. Don't sleep on this, and recommededly play it from front-to-back because you won't dissapointed, whether or not you're familiar with Ayatollah before or not... TURN IT UP, and major thanks again to Mal Moe for his contribution and collaboration on this comp which we have decided to call "A Meeting of Soul & Harcore". This, I think is a good description of Ayatollah's style and are chock full of dope guess; so even if you've heard this songs, please don't sleep!!

Last but not least, I want to stress that Ayatollah is still very much active in the music business; in 2008 he was supposed to produce the complete collaborative album by "THUG Angelz" with Hell Razah and Shabazz The Disciple, though that never materialized. Two years later he released the innovative three disc instrumental album "Fingertips" to rave reviews, aiming for that warm sound you can oly get from sampling soul and jazz classics. Last but not least, an instrumental three set LP hit selected stores on a three LP album entitled "Live From MPC-3000"; but the real treat that hit the pubertity yesterday; "Live From The MPC 3000". Aight, 'nuff talk, head over to the aforementioned site and enter tour

01. Ayatollah - "Top Billin' (Intro)"
02. Mos Def / Ghostface - "Ms. Fat Booty Pt. II"
03. Tragedy / Imam THUG - "Lift Ya Glass"
04. The Odd Couple (Ghost & Cappa) - "WTC Pt. 2"
05. Last Emperor - "Tiger Trail"
06. Rugged Man / Killah Priest / Masta Killa - "Chains"
07. Inspectah Deck - "Venndetta"
08. Styles P / Pharoahe Mondh - "The Life"
09. Sean Price / Ruste Juxx - "Spliff-N-Wessun"
10. J-Love / LAD / Willie The Kid - "Fuck That Man Up"
11. RA The Rugged Man - "Don't Fuck With" (Ft. Havoc) [12" Mix]
12. Bald Head Slick / GURU - "Don't Cry"
13. Cormega - "Bring it Back"
14. EMC - "The Grudge"
15. Apathy / Celph Titled - "School For Scounnndrels"
16. Cella Dwellas - "Game Of Deah"
17. Killa Sha - "A Thing Called Love"
18. Sean Price - " Don't Say Shit to Ruck"
19. Rakim - "Cold Feeling"
20. Royce Da 5'9" - "Life" (Ft. Amerie)


[Lost Gems] KOOL G RAP - "Hey Mister"

 In 1995 The Kool Genius of Rap had left his trusted DJ Polo to focus on a solo career, kicking things off with the often overlooked "4,5,6" album. Full of now classics like the Nas collaboration "Fast Life", "It's A Shame", "Take 'Em to War" w/ MF Grimm and B1, and "For Da Brothaz", to name a few. The two last mentioned songs were produced by veteran producer Todd Ray, known for his work with The Artifacts, Percee P, Cypress Hill, and others. T-Ray also contributed a third song with G Rap for the sessions; a track titled "Hey Mister" that didn't make the final album cut. The reason? 

Despite sounding right at home with the rest of the "4,5,6" songs with its pounding drums and center-stage bassline, the record label Epic wouldn't have nothing to do with the song due to it's extrememe lyrical content. Filled with pro-domestic violence and even rape, this might be one of the most controversial rap songs by a respect artist ever released. Just take the addictive chorus where G Rap adresses guys trying to interrupt him from beating on his girl; "Hey mister, don't interrupt me while I'm beating on my bitch's ass". Not too strange that this was pulled off the album in other words, but if you're a G Rap fan and doesn't mind some cassic misoginisty, this is a real treat. 

Luckily, this lost tape has since made its way to the underground bootlet market. It first started to get play on the Stretch & Bobbito show at the time of it's recording, though with a few DJ drops tagging it up as is usually custom. However, Stretch Armstrong, an obvious fan of the record, took the initiative toto release the song on a White Label 12" on his own, also including the instrumental. I'm not sure when the vinyl was released but most likely no less than two years after the official "4,5,6" release. If you haven't heard this gem yet, now it's definitely the time so make sure to hit that download button below.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Concise Kilgore x Statik Selektah - "Pop Music"

 Don't let the title fool you, with Statik Selektah behind the boards and debuting artist Conscise Kilgore, the single "Pop Music" is a good representation of what you'll find on Kilgore's just released full-length "Kobain" which is out now from the iTunes stores. If you like what you hear, I doubt you'll be dissapointed in the full-length as it features 18 tracks of the main emcee showing and proving by incredible beat makers like the already menntioned Statik Selektah, Oh No, Brisk Oner, DJ Babu, and main producer FinaleGrand. As if that wasn't enough we are also treated to guest apperances from the likes of Strong Arm Steady, Fashawn, Rasco, Brand Nubian, Action Bronson, Termanology, Evidence, Guilty Simpson, and DJ Revolution, so there's no need for hesitation here.  


[Mixtape] Fashawn - "Champagne & Styrofam Cups"

Yesterday one of the West Coast's great hopes, Fashawn finally dropped his "Champagne & Styrofam Cups" as a free street-album download. I was real impressed by Fashawn back in 2009 with the release of his Exile produced "Boy Meets the World", the Alchemist produced EP "The Antidote", and more recently his albums with Murs on Duck Down was pretty dope. So this definitely deserves a chance, especially with production work from, amongst others, Evidence, Jake One, Rahki, Exile, DJ Dahki, and more, so peep it below and see what you can think. The lyrics are mostly on point, that's for sure. Released as a free mixtape, there's also a iTunes deluxe edition featuring three bonus cuts which I have yet to hear. The free release is sponsored by DatPiff.

[Video] Sean Price - "Haraam"

Sean Price's "Mic Tyson" album has been one of the most spun albums for me the last couple of weeks, nothing but heat on the disc. In usual order these days, the three iTunes bonus tracks that appeared on an album that otherwise clocked in at only 40 minutes really makes you wonder why the hell we supportive record buyers wouldn't get these three dope cuts. The first of the three bonus cuts is the hard boiled "Haraam", brilliantly produced by the unknown Team Demo with the visual effects provided by Monstar's Film Last American B-Boy. The Deluxe edition of "Mic Tyson" is available at iTunes now so grab it one way or the other if you still haven't heard it. 

[Video] ILL BILL - "When I Die"

Ill Bill's "The Grimey Awards" is out on January 29, and the second single from the project is a self-produced cut called "When I Die" that sounds just as promising as the first single (the one with El-P). I have a feeling this might be Bill's finest solo album, possibly with the exception of the DJ Muggs collaboration, considering he has rounded up some of the greatest and most innovative producers for the project; DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, El-P, Psycho LES, Ayatollah, Muggs, MoSS, and more. I'm gonna see Bill in concert about three weeks from now where he appears together with legends like AG, OC, Pharoahe Monch, and more.. Can't fucking wait!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RAH DIGGA Ft. Reks & Fashawn - "Never Back Down"

Rah Digga's "Never Back Down" featuring Nitty Scott MC hit the web last week, but it turns out that was in fact the remix. The original version, which is available now, not only has Digga going in but also comes packaged with slamming verses from Fashawn and Reks. The M-Phazes produced single, including both versions, are available on the iTunes single. It will also appear on the upcoming Coalmine Records compilation "Unearthed", out next year.

[Video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot - "Crazy"

I still need to give Buck & 9th's latest offering "The Solution" a real thorough spin, but I have no doubt it's business as usual with these two. Especially after listening to the latest single from the project, "Crazy", and seeing its Donnie Darko themed video.

EDIT - I've taken some front-to-back listenns to "The Solution"  by now, and I'm real happy with the album. To be honest, I wasn't too impressed by their first LP, "Chemistry", though it had its moments. "The Formula" was better, but from both a lyrical and production aspect I'ma go out on a limb and say that this is the best 9th & Buck collaboration yet. Tracks like "What I Gotta Say", "Crazy", the title track, this single, etc. is really something. Together with the new Sean Price and a few oher releases, Boot Camp and Duck Down is relaly holding it down at the mometnt. Great to see!

7evenThirty - "Nightmare" [Oddisee Remix]

Mississippi native and Mello Music Group signee 7evenThirty has dropped some great remixes in promotion of his recently released "Heaven's Computer" project. The latest is a haunting remake of the aptly titled "Nightmare", produced by the always interesting Oddisee, available for stream and free download.

Monday, November 19, 2012


It's not every day we are treated to previously unreleased by the legendary Ol' Dirty Bastard, but engineer/producer veteran Nastee has unleashed a never before heard session. I'm not sure when "Powerful" might have been recorded, but judging by the powerful performance by Dirt I'd say sometime during the latter half of the '90s. Watch out for Nastee's "The Resume #2" on December 12, featuring vaulted music by ODB, Smif-N-Wessun, Mobb Deep, dead prez, Half A Mill, RA The Rugged Man.

Melle Mel & The Roots - "The Message"

There's been plenty of incredible hip-hop moments on The Roots backed up Jimmy Fallon show, but this one is definitely one of the coolest yet. The band takes the stage behind Melle Mel to perform a live version of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5's immortal "The Message" on what's apparantly a web exclusive only.

Game - "HVN 4 A GNGSTA" [prod. DJ Premier]

The Game grabs DJ Premier and Master P for the latest single off his forthcoming fifth long player, "Jesus Piece" which hit stores on December 11. This is a lot more laid back cut than last year's Game/Preem collabo "Born in the Trap", but still a nice track that will be even better if Premier add his vintage turntable work to the final mix. Spotted @ DJPB.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

[Video] Beneficence / AG - "All Real"

For "All Real" Beneficence is joined by DITC's AG on the mic while DJ Kaos of Artifacts fame tear up the decks. Produced by 6th Sense, this is one of a vast amount of stand-outs on Beneficence's just released "Concrete Soul" LP which is out now on CD (vinyl coming next month).

[Comp] DJ QUIK - "Quik's Groove"

DJ Quik is one of the true producer legends of hip-hop, and it's a shame how he often gets overlooked when discussing the real greats these days. Besides lacing loads of classic records for other artists, he also got an impressive solo career, carrying influential LP:s like "Under the Influence", "Safe + Sound", and "Rhythm-A-Lism". Each of Quik's albums from the '91 debut "Quik is the Street" to last year's "Book of David" have made it a point to include a "Quik's Groove"; a series of more experimental joints bearing influences from the LA jazz and funk scene. These are often composed by Quik with the help of his trusted in-house musicians like Warryn Campbell, Robert "Fonksta" Bacon, Charles "Chaz" Greene, G-One, Ron Townsend, and Sam Kininger. The nine installments in the series so far are all presented in one funky ass set which you find below, compiled and provided by Vision The Iron God. You'll see one of my regular producer's compilation with Quik on The Lost Tapes soon, but don't sleep on this genre-bending musical massacre .. .And if you're in the San Fransisco area on November 23, check out DJ Quick & Suga Free's performance. Major thanks to Vision for his work and contribution!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The highly anticipated Action Bronson / Alchemist album is finally here and available for completly free. Listening to the first tracks, I can tell you that they both brought their A-game here; I hope this gets a physical release, in some form or the other. 13 tracks of Bronson's raw, unadulturated spit over dark, dirty Alchemist funk (a bit reminiscent of his "Return of the Mac" work). Absolutely terrific.

1. Big Body Bes Intro
2. Rare Chandeliers
3. The Symbol
4. Sylvester Lundgren Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner
5. Randy The Musical
6. Demolition Men Feat. Schoolboy Q
7. Eggs On The Third Floor
8. Modern Day Revelations Feat. Roc Marciano
9. Dennis Haskins
10. Bitch I Deserve You Feat. Evidence
11. Gateway To Wizardy Feat. Styles P
12. Bathtub 8 Feat. Deep
13. Blood Of The Goat Feat. Big Twin & Sean Price
14. Mike Vick

Side Effectz - "Stay True"

The consistant Side Effectz trio unlocks another dope single with the Juancan-produced "Stay True". This is lifted from the forthcoming "Wunderbaum Music", which will be available early next year so keep your ears open. I noticed that embeded Soundcloud links has been acting up today, so in case you don't see anything below click here to listen.

DJ NU-MARK - "Broken Sunlight #5"

DJ Nu-Mark has truly delivered this year with his incredible Broken Sunlight series, which has been coming out steadily every other month or so. The concept has been to think outside of the box, as each EP has been made available for a limited amount of time as a free download, as well as on beautifully pressed 10" vinyl singles with full artwork and the bonus item of a USB-drive in the shape of a turntable needle. This is all leading up to the release of "Broken Sunlight", the album, on December 11.

Throughout the four installments in the series Nu-Mark has brought us with him on a journey through hardcore hip-hop with Bumpy Knuckles and Large Pro, soulful jazz-funk with the remix of Earl Hines "Our Generation", bright and sunny soul-infused rap with J-Live, and now latest some latin-tinged breakbeat frenzy, and much more. For the just released Voulme 5, the funk is in full effect; emcee Haas delivers some well-designed bars while Nu-Mark paints a smooth groove with absolutely immaculate drums and a great usage of horn samples. Also check for the supreme B-side interlude, "Venegance is Mine" which, with its majestic horns blowing, is just perfect for the intro I now will be using it for when combining all of the singles and their B-sides; 10 tracks in total by now. Head over to the Official Nu-Mark site to order this, or any of the other 10" singles in the series... TURN IT UP!!

Git Beats Ft. AZ, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Goretex & Distrakt

For the second single of his upcoming "Basement Ghost" project, producer Git Beats gathers some big names in the form of AZ, Goretex of Non Phixion, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and Distrakt, for a booze-dripping bang3r of a posse cut; "Alcohol in Me".

[Mixtape] RAS KASS - "Barmageddon"

I forgot to post this yesterday, but here goes the brand new mixtape from Rass Kass entitled "Bare Arms Presents: 'Barmageddon'". The tape serves as the prequel to Ras' December 19 release "Barmagededon" (originally called "PUMA"), and is mixed by DJ Tramlife with host duties handled by DJ Ronin. Featuring five cuts from the upcoming album, one previously unreleased collaboration with The HRSMN, some of Ras' more recent guest features, and more, there's a lot to enjoy here. Presented by DJBooth and Re-Up Entertainment.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Video] Rome Clientel - "My Inner War"

Check out this brand new set of visuals for "My Inner War", one of many superb cuts found on Rome Clientel's "The Empire II: The Battlegrounds" project that I hope you are all up on by now. Both Rome and producer Kount Fif really knocked it out the park with this one!

Prodigal Sunn Ft. Hell Razah - "Rising"

Two of the original members of the legendary Sunz of Man crew joins back up for the most anticipated song from Prodigal Sunn's latest LP - "Hood Chroniclez". Hell Razah sounds great here and word is that he's doing a lot better now, which of course is fantastic news. 4th Disciple is the producer of the joint, called "Rising", and these three together really delivers a banger as stone cold as one could have hoped for when first seeing this on the tracklist. While you're at it, peep the official pre-tape "Hood Chroniclez: Sound Movie Street Tape" below; featuring a mix of classic and new P.Sunn put together by Salvee One and Prodigal Sunn.

DJ K.O. - "Pick A Card" (Ft. Justin Bates)

If you would ask me for the most slept-on albums of 2012, DJ K.O.'s slamming "EPMBeTheTeam" would without a question be one of my picks. Not that it didn't make some noise but compared to some of these LP:s that been getting hyped, K.O.'s sophomore deserves a lot more credit. Stripping away most of the high-profile guest producers and emcees in favor of a tight click of rhymesayers and crate diggers works out really well. The booming beats are dripping with dusty funk and turntable madness, providing a bridge between the golden age of the mid-'90s and the hip-hop platters spun in 2012. One of the stand-out joints is the single "Pick A Card" which features K.O.'s new artist Justin Bates showing and proving on the microphone, with co-production by Madwreck. In case you're still sleeping on the album, the song gives a great idea of what to expect when blazing the full "EMPBeTheTeam".

Monday, November 12, 2012

ROC MARCIANO - "Strength & Honor"

Roc Marciano's "Strength & Honor" stands somewhere between a mixtape and an album, though it was released only in very limited amounts which is why I still would like to consider "Marcberg" the official solo debut. Made available on printed CD-R shortly after the release of The UN's "U N Or U Out" I want to remember it being called a companion piece to that album, which absolutely makes sense considering it does feature a lot of collaborations with the group. Placed next to Marciano's remaining catalouge, it's not a stand-out by any means, but it's definitely a solid listen and features some stellar production work from Pete Rock, Nottz, and Roc himself. Thanks to ANT for the upload and for always coming through ... "Reloaded" out tomorrow!

01. "L.I. (Stand Up)"
02. "Boulevard" (Ft. Dino Brave)
03. "Crumbs" (Ft. Dino Brave)
04. "Instruction" [Skit]
05. "Scared Straight"
06. "Pimpin' Ain't Easy"
07. "Situations Like This" [Skit]
08. "Wargames A.K.A. French Connection"
09. "MC's"
10. "Fall Back"
11. "Funkyard" (Ft. Dino Brave & Mic Raw)
12. "Falsehood" (Ft. Dino Brave & Mic Raw)
14. "Time Kills"
15. "The UN House" (w/ The UN)
16. "Keep Risin'"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

[Album] The UN - "World Domination"

As we continue to honor Roc Marciano and his soon-to-be-released "Reloaded" album, we move on from his days with Flipmode Squad and Busta Rhymes to the hardcore shit he dropped as part of the incredible The UN crew. Hailing from Long Island, the four man group consisted of Dino Brave, Laku, Mike Raw, and Roc. Together they made their recording debut on Pete Rock's "PeteStrumentals" project, recorded in 2000 and released the following year. Their two contributions to the album were some of the finest hip-hop music you were bound to hear that year; "Cake" and "Nothin' Lesser" showed a hungry crew of street lyricists whose hunger and agressive microphone tactics brought out the best in master Pete Rock. After experimenting with several other groups and artists, it seemed that Pete finally had found the perfect act to back 100%. Though he never produced an entire album with The UN, he played a major role in getting their music out there as well as developing them into full blown artists; check out this classic apperance with Pete and UN on KissFM back in 2001, promoting "PeteStrumentals".

It would take until 2004 before the debut album "U N Or U Out" finally hit the streets, but it was worth every minute of the long wait. Filled with grimey rhymes directed at the streets, the hunger and rawness originally heard on the Pete Rock LP sure hadn't been lost in the wait; if anything each of the members had sharpened their lyrical tactics and created a tight chemistry that made the four's words bounce off each other like one mind with four voices. But as any hip-hop head will recognize, superb lyrics ain't worth all that much if the beats ain't hitting. Fortunately that was far from a problem; the dark, hard-hitting production offered by Pete Rock, Large Professor, Oddisee, Mahogany, and Roc Marciano and Mic Raw themeselves, was the perfect soundbed for the group and all connected with each other to create a real consistent album. "U N Or U Out" is a true underground classic, and though it's out-of-print by now, I always recommend anyone to be sure to pick it up if you ever find it - you won't regret it!

A couple of years before the official album dropped, a somewhat mysterious mixtape called "World Domination" started circulating. This 21-track mix-CD featured several of the stand out songs that would later appear on the LP, the tracks from "PeteStrumentals", "Money" that was released on 12" in '03, alternative versions, and cuts and freestyles exclusive to the release. The mix/street album/compilation pretty much stands on it's own as an album, although some of the tracks don't sound fully mastered, and points to "U N Or U Out" probably being recorded several years before it was actually released in 2004. There's some absolute certified heat on here that never made the LP, like The Alchemist produced "Dominant", the Pete Rock laced "Long Time Coming", "It's Over", and the full version of "The Art". I think adding the hottest joints on this would have made the already fantastic debut even more powerful. An obvious must hear for any fan of Roc Marciano and The U.N., make sure to check out "World Domination" below, turn it the fuck up, and enjoy!

01. "Intro"
02. "Ain't No Thang"
03. "UN House"
04. "Cake"
05. "The Art" [* Full Length]
06. "The Don"
07. "Avenue"
08. "Nothin' Lesser"
09. "Get Yo Bitch"
10. "Dominant"
11. "What They Want"
12. "Hardcore (Revisited)"
13. "Long Time Coming"
14. "Dino Brave Interlude"
15. "It's Over"
16. "Money"
17. "Just Like A Star Remix" (Ft. Vinia Mojica)
18. "Pop Tarts"
19. "Shakedown"
20. "Golden Grail"
21. "Grid Iron Pro"


ChrisCo - "So Close"

Following his EP with The Alchemist, the knocking single with DJ Premier, eLzhi and Jon Connor, here's another one from MI spitter ChrisCo; "So Close" is produced by The Academy and features guest apperances from Young Knox and Mike Posner. Nice cut to lay back and chill out to, though I personally think this would be better off as a solo cut. ChrisCo's "MISTATEOFMIND" LP is available now.

Craig G Ft. Chaundon & Big Pooh - "Effortless"

Craig G is one angry old man of the hip-hop game that still got it, which is proven on his latest single "Effortless" featuring Chaundon and Big Pooh and a soul dripping beat provided by the reliable Jake One. The single is lifted from the legendary Juice Crew alum's brand new album, "Ramblings of an Old Man" which is out now on iTunes. Without a question an album I need to check out.

[Mixtape] DJ Duke - "Independence Iz A Must"

DJ Duke is releasing his debut album "Here Comes the City Brother" next year, and you already heard the raw teaser with Alchemist. Above you can see another just released video from the album, featuring Shyheim spitting some sick bars over a knocking beat. To give us a further look into Duke's sound, he just released his mixtape "Independence Iz A Must", featuring Duke getting busy on the turntables, providing exclusives, remixes, and certified hip-hop classics. Free download @ Bandcamp!

Roc Marciano - "Stop Me"

Check out this new Roc Marciano treat I spotted @ Unkut, called "Stop Me", this is produced by Just Blaze. This is not included on "Reloaded", but if my memory serves me correctly; wasn't Just Blaze one of the producers slated to appear on the album when it was still going to be a companion album to "Marcberg" with remixes and exclusives? Might be wrong about that, but it's a smashing cut however it goes...

Beneficence - "Cold Train" (Ft. "InI")

As I reported recently, Beneficence is about to release his second album on Ill Adrenaline Records, "Concrete Soul" (his fifth offering in total). Trust me when I say that this will not dissapoint, and to support that statement here is one of the stand-outs from the tracklist as the new single; the K-Def produced collaboration with both Rob-O and Grap Luva, formerly of InI. Certainly sounds like some lost classic shit from 1993, impeccable work from everyone involved! "Concrete Soul" is out this Tuesday on CD, with the vinyl edition following on December 18, you can pre-order your prefered version @ UGHH now.

Friday, November 9, 2012

[Comp] Flipmode Squad - "Roc N The Squad"

On November 13, Roc Marciano finally drops "Reloaded", the super anticipated follow-up to his brilliant 2010 debut "Marcberg". Up and till that date, we're gonna celebrate the event with a shit load of Roc Marcy goodies each and every day here at The Lost Tapes, starting today. And what better place to start than right at the beginning, compilation style?

While Marciano, as stated above, officially album debuted in 2010 he had already released one street album as a solo artist, played the leading part in creating one of the grittiest hip-hop albums this side of the new millenium with The UN's "U N Or U Out", and been under the wings of Pete Rock, Q-Tip, The Alchemist, Large Professor, and Busta Rhymes. In fact Roc was even a member of the latter's Flipmode Squad for something like a 1.5 year stretch, appearing on several cuts with the crew on various soundtracks, and compilations, as well as albums by Busta and Rah Digga. According to himself he had a vast influence over the making of 2000's "Anarchy", helping to shape the final product by picking out beats and suggesting contacts with Diamond D and Large Pro. Diamond doesn't actually appear on the LP, but Extra-P's contribution ("The Heist") was easily one of the very standout songs from that year, allowing a young Roc Marciano to test his skills against not only Bus-A-Bus, but also appearing next to lyrical wizards as Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I first heard this joint back in '00, shaking my head at the slam dunk of a beat with those majestic strings, and how these four guys built of each others verses to create an intricate heist story that played out like a big budget Hollywood flick. Bust more than anything I was blown away by this brand new cat that I never even heard of and the major way that he delivered in; even reaching the same level of lyrical intensity as my two foremost heroes of the entire rap game. From then I always payed extra attention when that distinctive voice took the center on Flipmode joints. Unfortunately Roc had joined just after the recording of The Squad's one and only album ("The Imperial"), but was heard on Easy Mo Bee's, Tony Touch's, and Da Beatminerz's respective albums, as well as a couple of soundtrack songs and the superb "Just For You" from Rah Digga's dope debut.

All in all, Roc Marcy appeared on eight songs as part of Flipmode, before deciding to focus his attention on his own crew, The UN. Something we're gonna get into tomorrow, but for now I've collected those eight tracks and put them out as a compilation called "Roc N The Squad". There's definitely some real dope jams here, and it's especially great to be able to follow this great emcee and producer's evolution as an artist, but in the end I think it was wise that he left The Squad; his style was much better suited for the agressive, stripped down boom bap that The UN was doing. To beef up the length and add even more of his early history, the compilation kicks off with the short version of "The Prophecy", the very first release of Roc Marciano (dating back to 1997), which works as an intro. As a bonus track I added "Same Ol' Same" from that very first EP, which was produced by Ox. All in all, I think this came together pretty damn dope and while I've seen a lot of Roc Marciano compilations on the net, I have yet to see one focus on those early days with Flipmode so here we go. Oh, and if you wanna read up on Roc's relationship with Busta, Flipmode, and The UN check out this great interview @ Unkut.

01. "The Prophecy Intro"
02. "Let's Make A Toast" [Easy Mo Bee Ft. Flipmode, Raekwon & Chip Banks]
03. "Whatcha Come Around Here For"
04. "Take That" [Da Beatminerz Ft. Flipmode Squad & Vinija Monica)
05. "Set It On Fire" [Tony Touch Ft. Flipmode Squad]
06. "Here We Go Again"
07. "Just For You"
08. "What It Is Pt. 2" (Ft. Kelis)
09. "The Heist" (Ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)
10. "Same Ol' Same" [*]