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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[EP] THE AUDIBLE DOCTOR - "The Summer Tape"

Despite consisting of only four songs, there were few releases out this past winter that got me as excited as The Audible Doctor's brilliantly executed "The Winter Tape". With every track the good Doctor managed to catch and construct the vibe of a cold, winter day and/or night and I loved having that EP blazing in my headphones during train rides absorbing the freezing weather outside the window. Now, he's back with the second installment in his Seasons themed EP series, and as it's a strikingly warm summer this will be the perfect addition to your music library for the coming month. As usual there's a bunch of interesting guests joining in on the all produced Audible Doctor sessions; amongst others we are treated to Edo G, Kurious, Guilty Simpson, Oddisee, Hasaan Mackey and more. Just like, or should I say in contrast, with the previous tape I'm amazed me how well he caught the feeling of a nice warm summer day with that one... The project will be released on actual cassette and later this week on iTunes, but for now you can check out the entire project for free.99 below. I can only hope we will get more additions to this series, and even if the Winter/Summer EP:s are released as a double feature on wax you can bet your ass I'm cashing in!


Pete Rock is of course among the top three guys to ever touch an SP or MPC, and Camp Lo is undoubtedly a very competent  duo of New York veterans. A collaboration between these two forces should be enough to get anyone crazily hyped to see what these trio of legends are cooking up for us to fill that disturbing silence with. So back in 2011, they released "80 Blocks From Tiffany's", a mixtape that to me was actually pretty disapointing as it basically consisted of a lot of blends and freestyles of Camp Lo verses over classic Pete Rock joints we already have had on rewind for a good minute.

Although not the promised album, the follow-up mixtape that dropped yesterday (sorry about my lazy posting) is without a question the next best thing. As is stated on one of the introductory songs on the tape, this is where the heads really get the real deal; brand new vocals from Sony Cheeba and Geechi Suede, smashing new beats from The Soul Brother #1, and guest spots  from Talib Kweli, M.O.P. (how many of us haven't been fiending to hear Slap and Danze tear up a Pete banger?), AB-Soul, Uncle Murda, and Mac Miller. I took this baby for a spin yesterday, and if this is just the mixtape, the album gonna be MURDER! Download below!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Mixtape] PROSPECT - "First Blood"

As promised Bronx born and raised Prospect, who you'll remember for his many spot on verses on the Terror Squad projects back in the days, has hooked up with Grim Team to deliver his first official mixtape "First Blood". I've got the advance a couple of days back and been able to blaze this banger quite a bit, and as it's a bunch of different tracks recorded over the last few years some of the songs is a little differing in quality but one thing's constant, Prospect is ALWAYS on point with the vocals here! Add hard beats by E-Blaze, Lord Finesse and Chaze of GT and you can trust me when I say that a large chunk of this is truly worthy of that rewind button. TURN IT UP!!

[Video] MADKEM - "Darkness"

"Darkness" is an absolutely beautiful joint from the talented MadKem, that you'll be able to hear on his sophomore full-length "La Vie en Blue". The 12 tracks deep album is now available for pre-order @ Itunes

[Video] JMEGA THE GOD - "If I Die"

JMega The God comes from the True Masterz collective and based on his latest single "If I Die" I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open on this kid! The low-key yet hardcore beat is produced by Purpose of Tragic Allies and will appear on JMega's upcoming full-length debut "Niggaz is Kingz Forever".

Hus Kingpin Ft. Roc Marciano - "Boss Material"

With some help from fellow Hempstead artist Roc Marciano and Mello Music Group, Hus Kingpin is unleashing the complete version of "The Cognac Tape". Beside Roc Marcy, the tape comes strapped with features by Rozewood, Ghosta Nostra, Marvellous Mag, and Smoovth. Production is mainly handled by DJ Kryptonite with additional work handled by Snowgoons.. Check out the single "Boss Material" below and get yourself prepared for the September 17 release!

14KT Ft. MED & Black Milk - "Crown"

Michigan beatsmith 14KT have been making quite some noise for himself since his breakthrough on the scene a few years back. Now he's back with a 15 track instrumental LP called "Nickel & Dimed" which drops September 3 on Mello Music Group. The album also includes a bonus EP consisting of vocal takes; from there we get "Crown", featuring MED & Black Milk.

Dyverse 1 Ft. Inspectah Deck & Trife - "Target Practice"

You know how it goes with names like this attached - ruff, rugged and straight gutter. BX spitter Diverse The 1 link up with Inspectah Deck and Trife Diesel for "Target Practice", produced by Tekst of THC.

Monday, July 29, 2013

[Video] DURAG DYNASTY Ft. PRODIGY - "Fish Meat"

For anyone that by some slight miracle missed Durag Dynasty's 100% produced by Alchemist "360 Waves", here's the video for the magnificent "Fish Meat" from that LP. The track features Prodigy, who always sound his best over ALC beats these days, and works as a great teaser if you're still sleeping on the aforementioned album of P and The Chemist's collaboration "Albert Einsten". If you haven't already you can buy "360 Waves" Nature Sounds in your choice of wax, mp3 or CD.

[EP] CAROLINA DIRTY - "New Girl in Town"

Hip-Hop has definitely always been a man's world, so it's always appreciated when a hardspitting woman come along and really bring that gutter shit. For Carolina Dirty's first EP "New Girl in Town" she takes the help of the powerful duo of Amir & Spectac (with Spectac providing two ill guest verses, and Amir producing five of the EP's six cuts). But don't be fooled into Think that Carolina hasn't payed her dues; originally honing her skill together with Illegal's Mr. Malik at a Young age. She kept struggling and came close to signing with Death Row together with Malik, and a potential deal with TLC's Left-Eye. The hard work has obviously paid off, and if you want to hear a beautiful voice spit sick lyrics over smooth but knocking beats. Thanks to KevinNottingham. 

Ghetto Socks - "Everyday Apocalypse" / "I'll Be Your Dog"

It's no secret that The Lost Tapes are huge fan of anything related to Soundsci, and although not a 'Sci joint per say, this slamming recent 7" on Blunted Astronaut Records have both the A- and B-side produced by The Process (Jonny Cuba + DJ Ollie Teeba; with the latter also performing the cuts). The main artist is Ghetto Socks who truly goes IN, just like he did the first time I heard him which just happened to be on Soundsci's debut album "The Formula" about a year ago. The A-side "Everyday Apocalyps" also features a 16 from the emcee Timbuktu, while the B-side ("I'll Be Your Dog") brings a cameo from the impressive Muneshine. This all really come together perfectly ... the beat, the cuts, the main emcee, the cameo, the vibe; plus it comes packaged in a real nice package supplied by Blunted Astronat as you see above, and for just €6.95 it can be yours. TURN IT UP!!


My man Pattch82 used to be a frequent collaborator on The Lost Tapes a while back, and is now writing dope interviews for HipHopSite. Among both me and Pattch's all time favorite producers are Prince Paul, and one of the greatest albums of all time is undoubtedly "Niggamortis" a.k.a. "6 Feet Deep", the first album by RZA, Poetic, Fruwan and Paul as The Gravediggaz. In this fantastic interview with Prince Paul, Pattch took the man on a trip down memory lane to extensively discuss the making of that timeless debut. Below you'll find some choice quotes from the interview, and at the bottom of the post you'll find a compilation featurign the Diggaz' original demo tape, some additional B-sides, RZA and Paul remixes, and so on. But I strongly suggest you read the entire interview @ HipHopSite where he actually breaks down all the tracks on the LP. Mad props to Pattch for conducting this beautiful conversation.

HSS: You mentioned that you gathered RZA, Poetic and Frukwan together at your house to discuss the possibility of forming a group. What was that meeting like with the four of you all together for the first time…?
I think it was really just guys trying to get to know each other because they knew of each other, but they didn’t know each other. And at the same time they didn’t really know what each others skill level was. So it was a meeting to more or less get them to understand why I’d picked each one of them and what I thought they possessed that I thought would be cool collectively as a group. So it was a lot of playing music and guys giving each other respect for the work they had done. I think once they realised that I didn’t pick any slouches, you know each of them had something to offer, then it just made it a little more relaxed and like ok let’s come up with some ideas and ok, ok you are nice… I see why Paul called you here. It was cool after that and then we came up with the first song, “The House That Hatred Built”, and that was the first thing that we did just all sitting down together after coming up with the concept of what the group was… the Gravediggaz.

HSS: Was the track recorded during that first meeting too…?
Yeah if I remember correctly. In the midst of bringing them all together and us sitting and talking and we were like ok the name of the group is Gravediggaz. I thought ok I think I have a beat for that. I had so much music and a lot of the music I was making back then was really dark. I think I was going through some type of weird depression or something so it kinda worked out that the name of the group was Gravediggaz and I had a whole bunch of music that was dark and it was just a track that fit the vibe at the time. The guys came up with stuff and we recorded it. Once everybody heard how they sounded together on one track that made them even more excited to want to work together.

HSS: The demo tape that you recorded, was that done around the same time…?
Yeah the demo tape followed right after. Once we had the first initial meeting it was just a matter of getting everybody’s schedule together and figuring out when we all can meet up next. At the first meeting I played music and they liked it, so I gave them some songs, “2 Cups Of Blood” was one of the beats which I thought was just a throwaway track, but I remember RZA was like “YOOOOOO that’s crazy let’s use that!” I’m thinking he’s crazy, you wanna use that?! It’s not even done! So I gave them the beats, put them all on cassette. They took it home, listened to it, and the cool thing is they talked amongst each other without me having to be there, because introducing them is one thing but then for Poetic to reach out and discuss ideas with the others like on this song I’m thinking about doing this or let’s do that… So by the time that they did come back to my house to record we had a good grasp of what needed to be done.

HHS: “Defective Trip (Trippin’)” is next. Who usually came up with the subject matter for each track…? Was it them hearing the beat or did you have a certain topic in mind for each track…?
PAUL: It was both. With some of them the guys would hear it and be like “ok I’m thinking this,” like RZA with “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide”. With “Defective Trip”, I had that idea; I was like man “let’s talk about trippin’, drugs.” And I thought the beat kinda fit the vibe of trippin’ you know? Kinda spacey a little bit, still funky. I gave them the concept and they just ran with it. That was the cool thing about working with them, we were all able to talk to each other and express an idea without feeling nervous you know, everybody was open so if it was a stupid idea they’d tell you it was stupid… but respectfully, haha. So I came with the concept, they wrote to it and I just added all the stuff around it.

HHS: The next track is “2 Cups Of Blood”, which was originally on the demo tape. Did you re-record that track for the album or did you use the demo recording…?
PAUL: No. A lot of stuff that you hear on the demo tape is actually on the album. So yeah, “2 Cups Of Blood” was recorded at my house, it was recorded on an 8-track cassette Tascam, I had an SM58 microphone, everything that you hear on that record is low budget and we just mixed it at a decent studio to make it sound good. But yeah, that was recorded at the house; Poetic and RZA were going back and forth. I know Frukwan kinda felt left out, I don’t think he was there at the time they recorded the rhymes. I was like “yo it sounds good as it is man, I don’t wanna change it.” Not every song has to be predictable with all the same people all the time. It’s one of my favorite songs, the beat was a mistake but it worked out and I gotta thank RZA for that because he heard something that I didn’t hear.

HHS: “Blood Brothers” is a track that Frukwan produced…
PAUL: Yeah “Blood Brothers”, the original track was on a demo that he had. When I put the group together I listened to it a lot and I liked the beat so much that when we started making the album, I tried to get everybody involved so I was like “yo let’s use that beat that you had”. I think Poetic came with the hook and expressed it to RZA and Frukwan and they just wrote to it and that’s more or less how that one came about. We had to recreate the beat because there was a lot of samples so a lot of it we replayed but we tried to make it sound a lot like a sample.

HHS: “Pass The Shovel” was next, but that track only appeared on certain versions of the album [early European presses when the album was called "Niggamortis"). Was it left off the American release due to sample clearance issues…?
PAUL: Nah I just really didn’t want it on the record you know. That was put on by the recommendation of the label; they wanted another track to put on the UK release. I said ok, but to me it didn’t really fit the theme of how the album went. It was originally a demo that we recorded at the house and then we re-recorded the vocals. I actually like the original demo over the re-recorded one, but that was more to please the label. At the time I felt the beat really didn’t fit where we were going.

HHS: “Diary Of A Madman” is probably one of your best known songs. Can you tell me how the situation with the production credits happened…? Because you actually produced the track right…?
PAUL: Yeah I mean what got it twisted… I’ll explain how it happened… RZA came in with this sample and we were like “yo that’s crazy let’s use that.” RZA was like I don’t know, it’s not mine, I didn’t loop this up my man RNS who lives around my way did it. I was like “yo, ask him if we can use it.” RZA said “man we gonna have to give him credit, we gonna have to break him off a little bit and give him some credit.” I said “yo whatever it takes to get the loop.” So when we looped it, we didn’t even get the real loop, we just took it off the cassette. I said “yo, ask him what the sample is.” He was like… “he got it from a car commercial.” I said what?! Get outta here! RNS wouldn’t disclose what the sample was at the time. So I looped it up and added a beat and stuff to it. I took it, programmed the beat, recorded all the vocals, arranged all the vocals and that’s when I met Shabazz The Disciple and Killah Priest, they came down to the studio. Shabazz heard the beat, just the beat and the loop and he wanted to rhyme on it and he killed it! He was the first one rhyming on that song and the guys didn’t know how to follow it because it was too crazy. There was no concept to the song, just his rhyme. So I had to sit down and figure out how I could make this cohesive because there’s no hook, there’s no concept. So I came up with the courtroom thing and then I wrote out that part. When all the rhymes were on, I put the courtroom part on and I never told them what I was going to do. I played it for all of them and they were like yo, how did you come up with that idea, that’s crazy! How did you link all that together! It was just an idea I came up with. I took it, recorded the vocals, mixed it and at the end of the day I didn’t care about credit, I just worried about the record getting out. Technically RNS was never there, we used his sample and it was through RZA because it was RZA’s connect so then RZA got credit but the person who actually put the whole song together was me, haha. So I never got the proper credit, but I didn’t care. If it’s gonna take RNS to get credit for this so we can use the sample, because it was dope and I had no idea what it was, RZA had no idea what it was, so RNS was the only person that had a link to that sample. Now I know what it is, but back then I didn’t know what it was. It all worked out. So when I see people like oh RNS and RZA killed the track… I’m like what?! Even the production sounds like me, you can tell. RZA and RNS ain’t gonna come up with the whole courtroom scene, it’s not their style. But it all worked out in the end, haha.

HHS: So what are your overall thoughts on the album now…?
PAUL: I’m still satisfied with this record; it’s probably my favorite record that I’ve done and I don’t like too many records that I produced. I think the records I’ve done are ok, but that one I listen to and I enjoy it from front to back. When I listen to the album it’s a little different for me because I hear all of the production and all the hard work. I’m sure it would be ok if I came to the studio, did the rhymes and then I’m gone… but I pieced a lot of that together so when I listen to it I’m usually like wow I can’t believe I did that and the equipment I did it on. Now everything is done via computer. I did everything on DAS-950’s, I had a sequencing program called Master Tracks and I used the SP-12, did things by writing stuff down on paper and numbers. There were no screens to look at and move things so it was hard. So when I listen to it I appreciate a lot of the hard work. When I listen to it I miss Poetic because throughout the whole project me and him were probably the closest, he was a Long Island dude, we talked all the time. It was nice at the end of the day for guys like Poetic and Frukwan, them especially, to be able to buy cars, take care of their families. So for me to help provide that, to me that was a better feeling.

As mentioned before, there's a lot more interesting stuff from Pattch's and Paul's conversation; so please head over to and read the full thing! And also check out this lil' Gravediggaz compilation below peeps!


01. "Intro" (Demo)
02. "Aah Here Come The Gravediggaz" (Demo)
03. "Freak the Sorceress" (Demo)
04. "Pass The Shovel" (Demo)
05. "2 Cups Of Blood" (Demo)
06. "Ashes to Ashes" (Demo)
07. "1-800 Suicide: Partial" (Demo)
08. "The House That Hatred" (Demo)
09. "From The Darkside" (Ft. Craig G)
10. "Michael Jackson Skit"
11. "1-800 Suicide" [Poisonous Mix]
12. "Mommy, What's A Gravedigga" [RZA Mix]
13. "Freak The Sorceress"
14. "Pass The Shovel"
15. "1-800 Suicide" [New Vocal Version]
16. "Mommy What's A Gladiator" [Cali Mix]
17. "Reincarnation Of Freud"


Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Video] ELVIS COSTELLO & ROOTS - "Walk Us Uptown"

I love how The Roots are both releasing some of the best hip-hop albums out there with Black Thought while still producing and playing classic soul for legendary artists like Al Green, Betty Wright, Al Green, John Legend, and now Elvis Costello; one of the pioneering punk-rock/ska artists in the '70s and forward with an extensively eclectic style. A collaboration with The Roots might seem straight on paper at first, but I have a feeling this LP will be a monster if you're into different types of Music, as evident by the just liberated single (and video) "Walk Us Uptown" which provides a more rugged sound than you might've expected. The full-length collabo is called "Wise Up Ghost" and will hit stores late this year.

[EP] CONFIDENCE - "The White Soul Brother"

Keeping in tune with talented producer Confidence, this Soul Brother has just released a free six track EP that brings together some of his best productions since his acclaimed debut LP with Rashad ("The Element of Suprise"), marking some of the most important stages of this brother's impressive career. Presented by Illegal Promos & Ill Adrenaline Records, the five trap EP is titled "The White Soul Brother", and here we have instrumental versions originally made for Edo G, Rashad, Neek The Exotic, B-1, Purpose, Cormega, G-Dot & Born. Definitely download this, light one up and enjoy the vibe!
1.G. Dot & Born feat. Edo. G - Makin Tracks (Instrumental) 
2.Rashad - Days Of My Youth (Instrumental) 
3.Neek The Exotic feat. B-1 - Comin In Piles (Instrumental) 
4.Purpose feat. Cormega & Estee Nack - Sision Of Excellence (Instrumental) 
5.Rashad - Understand (Instrumental)

Price - "Dear Nigga" [prod. Confidence]

Price (a.k.a. Price Stylez) is an up-and-coming rugged spitter hailing from the grimey Dorchester section of Boston. This ill spitter is preparing his as of yet untitled album which is scheduled for a 2014 release on the Ill Adrenaline Records label, who's been responsible for several incredible underground releases as of late. Executive produced by the homie MPhatik, I can guarantee this project will be very stellar, not to mention the first leaked single "Dear Nigga" which is produced by the always trustworthy Confidence (of Purpose & Confidence fame) is a guaranteed exercise in dope lyrics and head banging. Check it out below and let that head start nodding. Shouts to Mal Moe!

Fredro Starr x Audible Doctor - "That New York"

I was absolutely blown away by the first track released from Fredro Starr's complety Audible Doctor produced upcoming EP after hearing the first leak a couple of weeks back. Now the second single is here and it's just as dope as the first so I'm super hyped for this project; Fredro and Audible is really a powerhouse team and I can't imagine this will dissapoint in any way or form.. Turn this motherfucker called "That New York" up! 

[Album] SUBSTANCE ABUSE - "Background Music"

Eso Tre and Subz form the LA duo Substance Abuse who recently relased their third album "Background Music", which sees the talented pair iinviting legends of the industry including KRS-One, Percee P, Sadat X. MC Eiht, Tash (Tha Liks), and more. From that LP comes the Percee P and Myka 9 blessed video single "Paper Tigers" which you see above. Don't sleep on this album cuz it's really dope and you can stream the entire project below and is available for purchase in digital form (hopefully an vinyl will be made available somewhere down the line).

[EP] EDO G - "The Great Divide"

Edo G is a truly legend in the game, dating back to way back in the Bulldogs Days, and has kept hitting us with more or less Classic material throughout the years. Now he's back at it again, with an exclusive 7" single for the new track "The Great Divide" released in conjunction with Blunted Astonaut Records. The A-side features the original version, produced by duo Red & Spinnacle. while the flip side features a boom bap themed new take by Bodziers. You can listen to both tracks below via Soundcloud but the actual record is limited to 500 copies so pick up a copy @ Blunted Astronaut Records' site.

Friday, July 26, 2013

PROSPECT - "I'm Not Hiding"

Prospect, who used to rep Terror Squad, is back with a vengeance! Laced with blazing production by Lord Finesse, E-Blaze, Chaze and more, the Grim Team presented mixtape "First Blood" will be available for free download on July 30, and judging by the few leaks and the teaser above this will be pure fire. Just check the latest single "I'm Not Hiding" that E-Blaze just dropped on Soundcloud for a taste of what to expect, and check back here or @ DatPiff on Tuesday for the full meal.

[Album] DEF DEE - "33 & A Third"

Another real dope project that was just released by Mello Music Group this last few days comes from Seattle producer Def Dee. Having been given access to the MMG vaults and label roster, Def Dee's debut is called "33 & A Third" and features fresh remixes, instrumentals and brand new cuts - making it a cross between an album and a compilation. With knocking instrumentals and verses from some of this generation's finest underground lyricists such as Buff1, yU, Boog Brown, Black Opera, Kenn Starr, Black Milk, Uptown XO, and many more this is definitely a musical journey that calls for your attention.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Album] CASTLE - "Gasface"

If you checked The Lost Tapes yesterday, I hope your head was nodding to Blueprint's remix of "Opium"; the lead single of MMG signee Castle's self-produced debut album "Gasface". Featuring eleven songs, this release is full of clever rhymes and well crafted beats that you need to check out ASAP. You can purchase it from iTunes or Mello Music Group's Bandcamp for the cheap price of $7.99, but as is almost always the case these days you can take the LP for a test drive first via a free stream. Turn up the volume, lean back in your favorite chair and enjoy this experimental hip-hop.

[Video] U-GOD - "Skyscraper"

The 8th member of Wu-Tang Clan, U-GOD dropped his fourth solo album ´"The Keynote Speaker" yesterday. After a slew of hot singles, grabbing The RZA to executive produce the project, I was definitely hyped to see what Uey would cook up this time, as I always felt he had a lot more potential than his previous solo albums have let on. "The Keynote Speaker" is not a masterpiece, but it's actually a pretty damn good album that should please Wu heads everywhere. With 19 tracks there's a few weaker songs and some corny hooks but there's more than enough of hot bangers to make up for that. Just take the new DJ Homocide produced single/video "Skyscraper" for a good example of what the project has to offer..

Released on Soul Temple Records, it seems a lot of people have had problems getting their shipments (it should be noted that I personally received my order of the Ghost / Adrian LP however) so you might want to order your copy from Fat Beats or UGHH. The CD is out now (and also features a bonus seven tracks Soul Temple sampler disc), while the 2xLP hits retail outlets on July 30.

[Video] P-MONEY x ROC MARCIANO - "The Professional"

The digital single for New Zealand producer P-Money's Roc Marcy assisted "The Professional" has been around for some time, but now with some new visuals to accompany the obese gutter joint it sounds as fresh as ever.  The track is lifted from P-Money's dope "Gratitude" which is out now and features quality verses from the likes of M.O.P., Havoc, Skyzoo, Buckshot, Freddie Gibbs, Fashawn, STS, and more. Grab the Duck Down released CD from UGHH now!

Alchemist x Willie The Kid - "Masterpiece Theater"

Just a coupe of posts below this one I gave The Alchemist major props on the huge amount of Extened Plays and full-length LP's he's been blessing the public with as of late. Given that Alan sometimes end up giving some of his finest beats to rather wack rappers like Domo Genesis, it's a definite treat that his latest project is the anticipated collaboration with underrated vocalist Willie The Kid. The two earlier teasers, "Medusa" and "Halal Tuna" promised great things, and the aditional five cuts neither dissapoints or should make you think twice to pull up your wallet and purchase the full EP direct from the artists (link below the tracklist)..

01. "Opening Credits"
02. "Shake Dice" 
03. "Halal Tuna" 
04. "Bad Mistake" (Ft. Alchemist)
05. "Medua" (Ft. Roc Marciano & Action Bronson)
06. "Gettysburg"
07. "Let The Money Stay"


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Video] PLANET ASIA & RAS KASS - "Kings"

Two of the West Coast's finest lyricists join forces over a heavyhitter supplied by DJ Numsonic (remember Reks' last album), with some straight turntablism supplied by DJ Heron. "Kings" is the lead sigle from an album featurig some extreme talented vocalists going in over productions by Brown Bag AllStars J57 and DJ Numsonic called "LI FTW" which hopefully will see the light of the day soon enough. The video was directed by Garcoa for Crazy Hood Films.

[EP] ALCHEMIST - SSUR EP: The Instrumentals

Few proucers can claim to be both as brilliant and as prolific an arist as Alan The Chemist; there's a so called beatmakers that are able to releases exclusives like they were no tomorrow while still keeping the quality close to 100%.. Over the last couple of years he has proudced projects like "Russian Roulette", "Greneberg", "Voka & Ayahascua", "Gutter Water", "Chemical Warfare", "Rappers Best Friend", "Albert Einstein", "Covert Coup", "360 Waves", "Rare Chaneliers", "No Idols", "Oddito....". ...... well you get the point! 

This guy's probably make beats in his sleep, creating otherwordly psychadelic, and agressive stuff that will have the vast majority of so called beat guys shaking in their panties. His latest endeavour was a free three track digital EP only a few days ago in celebration of the the release of the fresh headgear ALC create in collaboration with SSUR .Now, ALC lets loose of the complete instrumental versions of the entire set, and to no suprise the powerful trinity sound just as powerful ¨in instrumental versions s as well. I really hope we get a 12" EP releas of this with the explicit vocal cuts on the A, and he istros on the flip. If so, count me inn fora purchase. Unfortunately, that still hasn't happened with the "Yacht Rock" EP from last year!

ChrisCo - "Soul" (Ft. Marvwon) [prod. Black Milk]

Remember Detroit spitter ChrisCo who enntered the scene with the impressive Alchemist collaboration "How Does it Feel?" EP in 2011. The young emcee followed the record up with bonafied bagers like the DJ Premeir/elZhi/Jon Connor single "Straight Up" or his weed anthem with Reks and Termanology "Treez". Now he's back with another track produced by none other than the alwyas impressive Black Milk who provide the backdrop for the trio of ChrisCo, Marvwon, and Alkebulan who goes in one some s-o-u-l shit. If I understand it correctly "Soul" is the title track from an upcoming five track EP by Chrisco fully produced by Black Milk, so that should definitely be on your wishlist if Christmas comes early this year.

[Video] SOUL KHAN - "Morning Alone"

The Audible Doctor just sent me this laid-back sweet joint called "Morning Alone" by Soul Khan featuring Nicholas Ryan Grant and produced by Abnormal. The track is lifted from Khan's new EP "Psalm", which just hit iTunes. I bet this is not all of my readers cup of tea but as few singers out there who really knows how to nail true soul music, you know I ain't gonna front on posting this one for y'all. Grab the 4 track EP @ iTunes, you got it for cheap!

Castle - "Opium" [Blueprint Remix]

We all know that Mello Music Group got the goods, and their latest signee is a North Carolina producer, emcee and graphic designer who goes by CASTLE. He's been working in the shadows for several years; creating the artwork and art design for Has Lo's two first projects, while shopping a beat tape demo to MMG which lead to his signing to the label for a couple of projects. Now, this July 23rd, the first of those projects is here; his first solo album which is titled "Gasface". It's a little different from what you normally expect to hear from the label but it's definitely some pretty cool shit, and as the album drops today Castle unveils the first single to get you hyped about the project; the exclusive single in question is a remix of the LP track "Opium" remixed by none other than Rhymesayers and Soul Position legend Blueprint. Buy "Gasface" @ iTunes and let the headnodding begin! Shouts to the homie Chris Moss for putting me on to the goods!

Kid Tsunami - "No Guarantees" [Diamond D Remix]

There's few producers who's music get as much love here @ The Lost Tapes as Bronx bomber Diamond D. As evident by the interview I recently conducted with him, he got a lot of projects coming in a near future, most notably his first full producer driven full-length "The Diamond Mine". As he's been heavy at work on that this year, we haven't heard that much new shit from Kirkland in 2013 so this new remix of his of "No Guarantees", the Yesh starring single from Australian producer Kid Tsunami's recent star-studded debut LP "The Chase". Check out the video above, and order your digital copy of "The Chase" @ iTunes. To listen to more tracks from Tsunami's LP click on his name in the tags below this post, and TURN THIS DIAMOND BANGER UP!!

Monday, July 22, 2013


In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s New York City hip-hop groups came a dime a dozen; but only 5-10 percent really had something to say. Enter Organized Konfusion, the duo consisting of two young Queens veterans known to the world as Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po. From 1990 to 1997 they released three full-length albums that are toay all more or less part of the definite hip-hop canon. Usually any rap group worth its name, features at least one rhymer that’s not really up to par; if only to make the A+ rapper look all that more extraordinary. That was not the case with Organized Konfusion at all; Po and Monch were both brilliant writers and complimented each other’s distinctive styles to perfection- Not only were it that they were incredible lyricists, sporting immaculate flows, but they also had a knack for creating unbelievably original song concepts (see tracks like “Stress”, “Inverto” and their most infamous joint “Sray Bullet”). The duo was easily one of the most creative and original crews in hip-hop. Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end, and after ’97s “The Euqonix” the duo called it quits as a group to focus on respective high-acclaimed solo projects on Rawkus and Lex Records, respectfully. I mean, who can forget Monch’s breakthrough solo single, the underground club monster called “Simon Says”?
But already way back in the late ‘80s, Prince Poetry and P Monch, went by Simply II Positive MC’s, recording music using a unique style that blended complex rhyme schemes with political messages, social commentary and more ordinary day-to-day happenings. Their style caught the attention of the legendary producer/engineer Paul C, a hip-hop veteran who during his tragically short career supplied classic material for the likes of Ultramagnetic Mc’s, Eric B. & Rakim, Main Source, Too Poetic, and Super Lover Cee, just to name a few. Paul had an unbelievable record collection and was straight up masterful at chopping samples and fatten up drum to a whole new level. Paul was a true master of his craft, and could easily make an aggressive or laidback masterpiece with his trusty SP1200 and a choice selection of vinyl. Paul seemed like the ideal producer to work with the Simply II Positive emcees, and Paul and the two Queens rhymers quickly struck up a friendship. As a trio the group was something out of the ordinary; one of the best, and most innovative producers around, and two of the most innovative spitters New York had to offer.
In 1989 the trio first started working on material together, with Paul C, together with Poetry and P Monch, crafting tracks like “Audience Pleasers”, “Cooling One Day”, and the breakneck speed monster “Prisoners of War”. Using funk and jazz samples, with a heavy emphasis on groove¬-infected basslines and powerful drum programming, Paul C’s production was the perfect fit for the machine-gun delivery and knowledgeable lyrics of the Simply II Positive MC’s. Picking out five of the newly recorded tracks for the official demo tape (“Audience Pleasers”, “Cooling One Day”, “Inernational Arrival”, “Mind Over Matter”.  “Prisoners of War”), this would be the start of Organized Kondusion as the hip-hop fan would come to know them. Po and Monch had hopes of signing with Def Jam, but the demo got in the hands of a small Queens label called Solid Sound Records. Working with two no-name producers by the name of Neal Kelly and Kevin Osborne, the duo released two 12” singles which aimed for a cheesy commercial R&B-tinged sound that had nothing to do with the actual demo tape that they had originally supplied. The singles were named “Memories Of Love” and “South Side in Effect” and failed to receive any airplay at all despite the commercial direction the producers took the group’s music in. It was quite evident that this was not a direction that these Positive MC’s should move ahead further on, and luckily they were able to get out of their contract.

Around this time they changed their name to Organized Konnfusion and managed to sign a deal with Hollywood BASIC.  Shortly before this their producer Paul C was tragically murdered in the middle of recording Eric B. & Rakim’s 1989 masterpice “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em”, which was completed by his young protogĂ© William Mitchell a/k/a The Large Professor. This however meant that Paul C wasn’t able to produce Organized Konfusion’s self-titled ’91 debut  although it’s quite clear that the ghostly fingerprints of the SP extraordinary is all over the record. Much of the songs might very well have originally been initiated by the late producer before being going into post-prouction and mixing by the artists themselves (the credited producers). This would be supported by the fact that “Organized Konfusion” sound likes a refined, natural extension on what’s heard on the Paul C demo. Add to that the fact that two of the demo tracks (“Audience Pleasers” and”Prisoners Of War”) appear here as well, in very similar mixes, and last but not least that both subsequent Organized albums sound very different from this actual debut LP. We may never know for sure, but what we can be certain of is that Paul C’s sound heavily influenced O.K.s debut z great deal. But more than that, it’s a fantastic album no matter what, and one that almost 25 years down the line, it still holds up as both a lyrical and musical masterpiece. But before you dust of this classic follow me on a trip down memory lane and listen to the original Simply II Positive MC’s, fully produced by Paul C.

01. "Audience Pleasers"
02. "Cooling One Day"
03. "International Arrival"
04. "Mind Over Matter"
05. "Prisoners Of War"


Sunday, July 21, 2013

THEO 3 w/ DJ Grouch - "Why I Came" [prod. Pyscho Les]

"That's Why I Came" is my introduction to Theology 3 (Theo 3 for short) and if this is what to expect from the man in the future, write me up as a fan. Besides a rough voiced ill rapping, we get DJ Grouch tearing it up behind the tables and none other than The Beatnuts' Psycho Les providing the heat. Following all their credits on Tony Touch recent "The Piecemaker III" , the 'Nuts is definitely on a roll. As an extra bonus, down bottom you'll find Another crazy Theo 3 single, produced by The Audible Doctor called "Clouds".

[Video] JUNCLASSIC - "Rep Queens"

HiPNOTT Records keep winning in 2013; kicking things off with Spectac & Shakim's "For The People", Amiri's Spectac produced "Soul Beautiful", MidaZ The BEAST's "AU: Alternate Universe", etc. Now, next in line on the label roster is a brand new Music video from junclassic's upcoming album on the label, entirely produced by DJ Bazooka Joe. The LP is called "BLVD Backdrop" which should be out soon.

Suicide Kings -"So Proper" (Ft. Saigon)

The Suicide Kings is a duo composed of emcee Joey Knuckles, and DJ King Cole. They have just released their first single together "So Proper" which features a great guest apperance by Saigon who really brings his A-game. This is an immaculate joint right here; slamming drums, a nice, buzzing bass melody, and equally powerful verses from Joey Knuckles and Sai while King Cole keep it busy on the wheels of steel.  This joint is lifted from the upcoming Suicide Kings sophomore LP "Crown Of Thorns". Other artists slated to appear on the project are M.O.P., Demigodz, Large Professor, Termanology, so be on the lookout sometimenext month.


Ceazar Ft. Fred The Godson - "Showtime"

I was first aquainted with the ruff and rugged South Bronx spitter Fred The Godson when he went Eye for an Eye with The Blastmaster KRS-One on "The Truth". Over a latin influenced backdrop provided by none other than Marley Marl, I haven't been able to forget the song since, and if ths kid's keep stricing with real producers. I reallt feel that she has a good chance at the stars right avout now. He the two Young artists umps on an impressive string-ladden joint; a reallt effective trick due to the physicadelic qualities of the songl

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tony Touch, AG, Lil' Fame, Black Thought, Sean Price, Illa Ghee, & M-1 - "Power Cypha"

For the release of Tony Touch's severely ill new installments in both his "The Piecemaker" and "50 MC's" series. Last Toca Tuesday on AlLindstrom, Touch rounded up a gang of some of the illest spitters around for a 20 minute power session that you NEED to hear. Featured here are Black Thought, M1, Illa Ghee, AG, Lil' Fame, and Sean Price... Whew!! Every emcee here came correct to say the least, but Black Thought is just on another level. Order "The Piecemaker III: Return Of 50 MC's" in your choice of CD, wax, and digital. They also appeared on the new 12:s

[Album] DEF DEE & LA - "Gravity"

The Seattle duo of Def & La are released their debut album "Gravity" on Nine Six Records back in mid-2010.  I just stumbled across this baby, and was impressed by both the wordplay and production. A lot of ill jazzy beats, with stand-up bass, vibraophones, turntablism and hard ass drums, while La spits introspective shit that demands your attention. If you're like me and missed this when it first dropped, it's never too late so just hit play below...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Grand Daddy D.U. - "It's You" [Diamond Remix]

Unfortunately this is just a snippet of the Diamond D remix of Grand Daddy's upcoming single "It's Yours", the legendary producer/emcee's forthcoming album  I've been feeling a lot of the leaks so far, and the cassette is slated for a late August release and should find its way to any serious hip-hop connoiseo as the production/MC shouw a great chemistry together. Also peep the banging Diamond remix of "The Unitled". Just a snippet for now, but I'm betting the full cut will appear on "The Diam Piece LP".


Redefinition Records keeps winning, and the next project they got on the horizon is a full-length record by El Da Sensei with some help from his original crew The Artifacts. This is definitely sounding interesting on the paper, but the team has supplied a snippet reel of the upcoming album, and it's really sounding superb. Producers on the LP, and in fact all snippets heard here are produced by the criminally underrated Joc Max, Dee Smooth, and Def Dee. As is usual the deal with Redef, the project will be available for wax and more info should be up @ Redefinition Records.

The Rub - "Feel You" [Marco Polo RMX] (Ft. Lil' Fame)

 The Rub is a cherrished DJ team consisting of DJ Ayers and DJ Eleven who are also nice behind the boards. About a month ago they released a four-track EP called just "The Rub". Now Ayers and Eleven is releasing the free-EP follow-up to that records, featuring remixes of all the songs found on the original. To kick things of they have grabbed the unsung boom-bap prince Marco Polo for some of that chopped up goodies and as if that wasn't enough they are letting loose Lil' Fame a/k/a Slap on the remix.  The full remix EP drops on July 30, but no word on who will produce or rap on the remaining cuts.

[Album] BLUEPRINT x ILLOGIC - "Bend But Don't Break"

Both Blueprint and Illogic have troughout their long spanning careers been the deifnition of the true underground hip-hope scene. Having released several dope underground albums on labels like Def Jux, etc. It's one of the best kept secret on the hip-hop scene, but listening to their new album "Bend But Don't Break". Now the duo's joining forces as the Greenhouse Project. and releasing the EP "Bend But Don't Break" featuring all the usual suspects. The music is slightly different from various previous other projects from these guys, but if you're a fan of these guy's previously it's no doubt you it's no doubt that fans of the older material will dig this one as well. So make sure to hit play and let me know what you think... With 11 tracks of hardknock beats and introspective lyrics, this is definitely one for peeps who love their hip-hop thumping, introspective and very honest. If you're feeling what you're hearing  you can stream the entire project @ The Green House Project. The Project is available in both CD, digital and on wax (the  latter I'n not entirely sure of, but you should check UGHH in a few days). Either way it's a damn fine listen which I strongly recommend for any fan of these guys! 

Almighty Ft, Cappadonna, Tragedy, Vinnie Paz, Bronze Naz, Planet Asia & Canibus - "Immaculate Process"

M-80 assembled The Almighty crew in 2008 and dropped their banging album/compilation "Original S.I.N." which featured several A-list emcees going in over boom bap beats supplied by the likes of Bronze Nazareth, DJ JS-1, Preservation, etc. Now, a new team is assembled for "The 2nd Comming", dropping on August 13 via RBC Records. The first leak "Immaculate Process" sets one of my favorite emcees in Tragedy Khadafi together with several other heavyhitters like Cappadonna, Planet Asia, Canibus and Vinnie Paz. I believe this is a Bronze beat, but I'm not sure, but no matter what this is a fucking monster! 


Following the release of several semi-official unreleased J Dilla tapes in early 2006, right before the great producer's untimtely passing, he worked a lot with both his younger producer-brother Illa J and Frank Nitty (of Frank-N-Dank). Whereas the first Yancey Boys album consisted of Illa J spitting new vocals over unreleased tracks from Dilla's early mid-'90s contract as a producer for Delicious Vinyl (The Pharcyde, Brand New Heavies, N'Dea Davenport).

Now the duo has transformed into a trio, following the song "The Trowaway", and have recorded an entire album together of unheard Dilla productions. Then new Yancey Boy is titled "Sunset Blvrd", and is said to feature guest apperances by Common, Posdnous, De La Soul, Karriem Riggins, Guilty Simpson, SlimKid3, and Eric Robertson . The album is set for a September 17 release, so be on the lookout!

[Video] RUN THE JEWELS - "36 Chains"

Barely a month ago the duo of Killer Mike and producer El-P released a free digital mini album, following last year's full-length LP from the team; from that originally free Project comes the first video single "36 Chains", truly once again showcasing what this duo is capable of in the same vein as "R.A.P. Music" and the recent "Run The Jewels" EP where this banger is from. On some real good news the "Run The Jewels" will be given a proper release very soon; stay tuned for more info on the retail album peeps!

MadGibbs - "City" (Ft. Karriem Riggins)

I'm so anticipated the full-length project by Madlib and Freddie Gibes which should be out later this year; the two 12" singles released since last year are truly incredible and some of the best I've Heard from the very talented Gibbs. Now comes Another low-down Dirty banger from the duo, which also features the talented drummer/beatsmith Karriem Riggins getting busy to great effect. I've been praying for a superb Gibbs album that you can truly play from front-to-back; I love his emcee style but many of his beats does not appeal to me, with some true standouts being available on each project.
The MadGibbs LP will hopefully change all that, as I feel the dirty sample driven sounds and chopped up drums is a perfect fit for Gangsta Gibbs based on the several singles and B-sides we've heard from the team so far. Their collaborative album, "Cocaine Pinata" as it is now called is shceduled for a late October release and I have a truly, great feeling about this one... If the're no pushbacks or setbacks there' just a couple of months until we should have this in our respective record collections. Take a listen to the Riggins x Madlib x Gibbs on the single "City" below, and stay tuned for more info on the project. Could this be one of the best albums of the year, I would be extremely suprised if it doesn't reach a real Buzz in the underground circles. All tracks are straight up fantasitc, and I am really starting to Think that 'Lib and Gibbs display true Chemistry togetrher..

[Video] Ray West - "Berii Lipstick"

Ray West keeps the heat coming with his Red Apples 45 label; since his and AG's 2010 debut album on the label, "Everything's Berri" the producer has dropped a slew of dope releases on the LP. His latest release is a 7" EP called "Berii Lipstick", a six track EP featuring tracks built around samples of '50s and '60s and featuring tracks starring AG, OC, Blu, and Dave Dar. The first video has just been released and is a laid-back instrumental track called "Berii Lipstick", a track that doesn't appear with that title on the tracklist (though the EP is called just that), but it might be the instrumental of the song with AG called "Berii". You can order the EP @ FatBeats Now!
1. Ride Home ft. Blu
2. New Luv ft. OC
3. By Choice
1. Stay Still ft. Blu & Dave Dar
2. Too Cool To Be Glue
3. Berrii ft. AG

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Tracklist] MIDAZ THE BEAST - "AU: Another Universe"

A couple of days back we got the first taste of MidaZ The Beast's long awaited solo debut "AU: Another Universe" in the form of "Fire", a single featuring Roc Marciano. Now the CD, which drops on August 20 on HiPNOTT Records, is available for pre-order from UGHH where the tracklist and credits are also revealed as seen below. Tracklist's looking on point, can't wait to give this one a spin!

01. "Intro" [prod. BlaKout]
02. "Champion of the Block" (Ft. Illastrate) [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS; MidaZ]
03. "Will to Fly" [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]
04. "If Seeing is Believing" (Ft. Sabac Red & Blueprint) [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]
05. "Goldberg" (Ft. Sharp & Black Gallery) [prod. Oh No]
06. "Fire" (Ft. Roc Marciano) [prod. Marco Polo]
07. "Jane Doe" [prod. Tough Junkie]
08. "Worthless" [prod. TzariZM]
09. "Bad Things" (Ft. TzariZM) [prod. TzariZM]
10. "After Hours" (Ft. Planet Asia & Aahmean) [prod. TzariZM]
11. "Icing On the Cake" [prod. TzariZM]
12. "Mind Control" [prod. Patten Locke a/k/a Therapy of AB's]
13. "Self Actualization" (Ft. Ms. Mylodic) [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS; TzariZM]
14. "Coma" [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]
15. "Walking Away" [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]

[Video] UPTOWN XO - "Finding My Way"

After his participation on "In The Ruff" with his group Diamond District, DC rapper Uptown XO has really grown into an inspiring solo artist, especially with his latest solo album "Colour de Grey". From that LP comes the video for one of its strongest songs in the form of "Find My Way". Like the rest of the record, the track is produced by AB The Pro and highlight's the duo's unmistakable chemistry together. Also of note is some good news from Mello Music Group in the YouTube comments section, that Diamond District is busy working on their second group album called "March On Washington". Download a free mp3 of "Find My Way" below.