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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kool G Rap & Necro - "Men @ Work 2020"

God damn, the first track from Kool G Rap and Necro's collaborative "The Godfathers" is here and is sicker than you could imagine. "Men At Work" is my favorite cut of G Rap & Polo's 1989 debut "Road to the Riches" and here goes the 2012 version of that track featuring a host of dope rappers siding up with Necro and the Kool Genius of Rap. Always stellar Domingo hooks up the original sample for G Rap and then goes on to flip a load of classic old school breaks giving this a feel of a true golden era classic. Kool G Rap completely murders it as expected and with the verses from Necro Ras Kass, Street Smartz's F.T., Nutso, Action Bronson and Rugged Intellect it is a blood filled lyrical slaughterhouse. Even Marley Marl pops up!! Man, I'm pumped for "The Godfathers"!

Kount Fif + Inspectah Deck, Royce 5'9...

Man Bites Dog C.E.O. RML and in-house producer Kount Fif (who you might know from his work with Killah Priest on their collaborative "The Three Day Theory" besides placements on projects by Copywrite, Priest's "The Offering" and Vaist Aire) have teamed up to release the album "The Swashbuckler V.1: Viking Wars". The album, which is available now on iTunes through Man Bites Dogs Record features several hot guest artists, especially Wu-Tang affiliated spitkickers. Included are Cappadonna, Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, U-God, Planet Asia, Copywrite, Torae and many more. For a preview of what to expect from the album, check out the Wu-Tang Soul vibe of "Year Of The Gun" an album cut with verses from Inspectah Deck, Royce Da 5'9", Gillie da Kid and Bronze Nazareth. It sounds like one of the latter's production wokr but it's actually Kount Fif who's behind the boards on this LP. Many thanks to Airmax for the joint, check it out below and support the underground!

"YEAR OF THE GUN" (Ft. Inspectah Deck, Royce 5'9", Bronze Nazareth & Gillie da Kid) 

12" T.B. - Hurricane G / Busta Rhymes

Here's a rare 12" Throwback for y'all;"Fly Away" is the only collaboration between underrated female spitter Hurricane G. and Mr. Busta Rhymes, and produced by mothereffin' Diamond D nontheless! Already from those three names right there, you  know it's a hot joint, especially considering it's a mid-'90s banger. This had extremely limited distribution and I'm not sure it was supposed to be released at all, but it was made available as a white label promo in 1996 only. Besides that and what I hear on the song I never found out any information on the song, even if it's Busta's joint or Hurricane's. Both of them were working on albums at the time; Hurricane with her '97 debut "All Woman"(which had some sick Domingo production btw) and Busta Rhymes with either '96s "The Coming" and '97s "When Disaster Strikes..." depending on when this joint was actually recorded. However that may be, the fact is that this is a very, very sick cut that deserves to be heard by real fans of that ol' boom bap. I'm very sorry that I can't remember who hooked me up with this over at T.R.O.Y. but all props goes to him and not me and if I found out who it was I put the name here ASAP. But for now, leet's TURN IT UP!!

A. Hurricane G. / Busta Rhymes - "Fly Away" (Main)
B. Diamond D - "Fly Away" (Instrumental)


First Serve - "We Made It"

Since "Three Feet High & Rising" in 1989, De La Soul has been one of the most celebrated artists in our field, and to me one of the crews that has been best at adapting to the times without getting lost along the way. Therefore I find it little strange that there's really not much hype for Plug 1 & Plug 2's latest adventure as First Serve considering 2/3rds of De La are dropping a concept album via Duck Down in no less than three days! First Serve is a duo consisting of Jacob Barrow (Posdnous) and Dean Whitter (portrayed by Dave) who, inspired by everything from Kool Moe Dee to Drake, records music in the basement of the Whitter family's house. They come across two hungry producers from France that they hook up with, a duo who goes by 2&4 (Chokolate & Khalid). I'm not clear whether or not 2 & 4 are actually yet another name for Pos and Dave or if they actually have outside producers doing this. If you know please drop a comment. Anyway, First Serve's big dream is to make it in the rap game and transform into rap stars which they eventually succeed with after trying out multiple different type of records and styles. That's basically the concept of the album as far as I understand; sounds like it could come out like an incredible and original record or simply a failed experiment. But De La rarely lets their fans down so I don't have to say that I'm checking for this and if I like it I will pick it up (album will be available on CD, 2xLP and digital). 

A few songs have been released from "Plug 1 & 2 Presents First Serve" so far; the first single " Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along" was a banging Native Tongues 2012 style joint which i'm hoping to hear hear more like on the album. Shortly after we got the video for "Must B The Music" which is very different again, but with De La you should never get too comfortable. This is a track that could work on the radio and it's a decent up-tempo jam and Pos and Dave both spits some ill verses but I hope the LP has less of this style. The most recent joint is called "We Made It" and is a sweeeet joint, real soulful and hype at the same time with Pos and Dave on a very positive tip as this is the track that represents First Serve's breakthrough in the industry on the LP. So what y'all think about the First Serve LP so far? If you're already convinced head over to iTunes or UGHH to pre-order a copy in the format of your choice.

Friday, March 30, 2012

BDP - "Essays On BDP-ism"

Only a very selected few can claim the same impact on the hip-hop scene as KRS-One and DJ Scott La Rock's Boogie Down Productions. Signed to B-Boy/Rock Candy in 1986 they quickly started to make an impact when they started repping The BX hardbody on some of the illest diss tracks ever recorded; "The Bridge is Over" and "South Bronx". When "Criminal Minded" hit the streets a year later, it was obvious they were on to something big. Together with the legendary Ced Gee, Scott and Kris wrote, produced, directed and mixed what is often referred to as one of two New York albums that put "Gangsta Rap" at the forefront. But just as the duo were starting to enjoy the success of the album, real tragedy struck. Scott Sterling (a.k.a. La Rock) was fataly gunned down in an altercation, leaving behind him an infant son; Scott LaRock Jr. KRS-One who already was heavily into spiritualism and metaphysics even back then, tells an interesting story in Brian Coleman's excellent "Check the Technique"

"Later on in life, MC Serch asked me why I had a smile on my face on that sad day. And it was because I was like: 'Scott's in a better place now. We are now going to win. Because half the crew is in the spirit realm and the other half of the group is here on earth. We can't lose now." That's a very powerful statement and from that day on every BDP and KRS-One album carries "Overseen by Scott LaRock - despite what others might think!"

The death of Sterling would of course have a huge impact on the future music of BDP which now became more of a KRS-One solo thing surrounded by a posse of people that didn't neccesarily have very much impact on the music; a bit similiar to Public Enemy's S1WV Crew. Right before Scott's death, he and Kris had started writing what would become BDP's sophomore LP, "By All Means Neccessary". The first songs Kris wrote back then was "Stop the Violence" and "My Philosophy" and Scott had decided they should cut up Stanley Turrentine's song "Sister Sanctified" for the latter. "Still #1" was a work in progress and was built on a battle rhyme style KRS had used when battling Melle Mel at the Latin Quarter in '87. These were all songs that were initiated before Sterling's untimely passing which proves that they were never aiming to do a "Criminal Minded Part 2" but was on a mission to educate the youth on politics and knowledge of self.

The last song Scott LaRock and KRS-One completed and recorded in a studio was titled "Essays On BDP-ism" and is simply a super dope cut. I actually really wish they had put this on "By All Means Neccessary", both in honor of Scott LaRock's importance to the group but also because it would have been a stand-out track on an already classic album. The rhythm track is booming while the samples they use adds a melodic quality transforming it to a smooth headnoder with a slight touch of reagge in some parts. This is nothing short of a masterpiece and I can think of at least two songs on the "B.A.M.N." LP that I would have sacrificed for this joint on there. My guess to why it didn't make the final cut is that it's a freestyling/"having fun and just flow" type of track rather than the politically charged music that ended up on the disc. Either way, it's another documentation of what an incredible duo Scott and Kris were together; really makes you wonder how things would've happened if this great guy never had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. 

"Essays On BDP-ism" ended up in 1988 on a Jive Records compilation called "East Coast vs. West Coast" and as the B-side to the UK edition of the "I'm Still #1" single the same year. Later it has appeared on the "Duck Down" single and finally on "A Retrospective", KRS's Greatest Hits LP for Jive. This is impeccable BDP music right here, shitting on the majority of new hip-hop music today so let's take it back to '88 and blast this shit LOUDER THAN A BOMB! Oh and while you're at it, check out this dope 2002 article from XXL remembering Scott LaRock, a very good read. R.I.P. Scott!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

[VIDEO] Sean Price - "Ruben Blades"

This hit the net yesterday but it slipped my mind so let's get back on track with Sean P's latest banger. The song "Ruben Blades" sees Sean Price attacking the microphone agressively with a lot of hot punchlines. Produced by the always underrated P.F. Cuttin' who's done plenty of heat for the former Brokest Rapper Alive throughout the years. The intro card says "Mic Tyson" coming soon (what else is new) so this might very well be an official single from the album. Video directed by Myster DL for ILL Mannered Films.

[Mixtape] Paul C. Lives!

The legendary Prince C. McKasty (1964 - 1989) was around for a very short time but in those few years he managed to influence the sonic aspect of how a hip-hop record could sound. McKasty had a lot more engineering credits than production credits, but back then the engineer was often the guy who would get either producer or most definitely a co-producer credit since they were the hands on equipment. Had it not been for Paul C.'s tragic murder in the late '80s, I am sure that he would have blown up as one of the hottest in-demand producers of the day. His work on Ultramagnetic MC's "Give the Drummer Some" is a legendary cut that, at the time, was unmatched as far as sonic brilliance goes. In early 1989 he was hired by Eric. B & Rakim to ghost produce what would be their masterpiece "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em" as well as producing a six songs demo for the incredible Queens duo Simply II Positive MC's; better known today as Organized Konfusion.

Paul C.'s name was given huge respect by the hip-hop community and the tragic shooting that took his life in the summer of '69 shook the rap world. Hadn't he passed away then, who knows how far he could have gone?! His music lives on through his catalouge of music he recorded while he were here, but also through his protogé The Large Professor who even named his publishing company Paul Sea Lives. DJ Kid Grebo's mixtape "Paul C. Lives Vol. 1" , hosted by Paul C's friend Prince Po of Organized Konfusion. The tracklist includes much of the work Paul C conducted both as a producer and as an incredibly talented engineer and features lots of impeccable old school jams. Rest in peace Paul C, you will live on! Big shouts and thanks to the good people over at Philaflava/T.R.O.Y. Forums (what up Fortuna) for putting this to my attention as I've been starving for something like this. While you're listening to the 25 tracks tape, take some time and check out the scans of this great article on the musician, posted by our friends at Olas Un Bekons.

01. Intro
02. Atom- Main Source
03. Line for Line- Freak L
04. Sex, Sex, And More Sex- Spicey Ham
05. Girls I Got ‘em Locked- Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
06. The Ghetto- Eric B. & Rakim
07. Listen To The Man- Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B
08. Its My Turn- Stezo
09. We’re Back Y’all- Freddy B and the Mighty Mic Masters
10. God Made Me Funky- Too Poetic
11. Time To Get Paid- Heartbeat Brothers
12. Go G. Whiz- Captain G. Whiz
13. A Thing Named Kim- Biz Markie
14. Comin’ in the House- Mikey D and the LA Posse
15. Interlude
16. Give The Drummer Some- Ultramagnetic MC’s
17. Ladies First- Queen Latifah Feat Monie Love
18. Got To Get Paid- Live ‘n’ Effect Posse
19. Cooling One Day- Simply II Positive (Organized Konfusion)
20. Stop The World- Black, Rock & Ron
21. Louder- Sport “G” & Mastermind
22. Pelon- 360 Degrees
23. Can’t Get Enough- Black By Demand
24. Outro

Sonnie Carson / Jadakiss / Buckwild - "Willis"

Jadakiss joins rapper Sonnie Carson on "Willis", a single from the latters upcoming debut album "Flight #2012". This shit is pretty dope, but what do you expect when it's Buckwild who's behind the boards?! The beat kinda gives me a similiar vibe to the masterpiece he did with Cormega called "A Thin Line". Thx to fellow DITC head FasterBlade for the heads up on this!

Sheek Louch & Ghostface - "Batman"

The Sheek & Ghost leaks keeps coming, always with very little information on the actual project that is "Wu-Block". Can't complain though, most of the tracks have been fucking FIRE and this is no exception; I'm feeling the chemistry these two street dudes display in the booth. We'll see if these are songs that will appear on the album or if they are just letting loose of some recorded material for strictly promotional purposes.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WU-TANG CLAN Compilation '95 - '99

I find it a little suprising myself that I haven't yet done a proper Wu-Tang Clan compilation. "Enter The Wu-Tang" was the first hip-hop album that I bought and they still holds the top spot amongst my favorites as I continue to support the majority of new releases from the crew. I guess one of the main reasons I haven't made one already is because the Wu is such a well known crew and I figured a lot of y'all already would have most of their material. But after looking through the vaults I hope I found at least a few cuts that are new to many of y'all... and even if not, I strongly encourage my readers to play it through like an album rather than just downloading it for ripping out a few tracks. I just gave it a front-to-back play to make sure the sequencing was tight and the compilation runs through smooth as water with only top shelf material included. This time I decided to focus on non-album material recorded by the Clan and/or its members between '95 and '99, all full songs and in good CDQ. I did a little write-up, giving a little background of each piece and such... Enjoy!

01. "Lay Your Hammer"
Recorded in the "Wu-Tang Forever" sessions, "Lay Your Hammer" was scrapped from the LP and passed on to Funkmaster Flex who included it on his "Mixtape Vol. III: 60 Minutes of Funk". On an energetic RZA beat, close to the entire Wu-Tang Clan kicks outstanding verses in less than two minutes. Fuck a hook!

02. "America" (Ft. Killah Priest)
Classic Wu-Tang cut, lifted from the '96 compilation "America is Dying Slowly", the acronym which also makes up the hook for this one. "America" stands out for a couple of reasons; it's possibly the last released Wu-Tang Clan song featuring RZA's original sample based production style, before he started studying music theory in prepraration of "Wu-Tang Forever". It's also the only released apperance of Killah Priest on a joint billed to the Clan. Anyone who's heavily into the first round of RZA produced solo albums will be amazed by this track.

03. "Semi-Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket" (Ft. StreetLife) 
"Semi-Automatic" is one of two RZA produced Wu-Tang cuts released on the soundtrack to "High School High" in 1996. U-God and StreetLife throws memorable performances here but the real star of this joint is The Rebel INS who was just unstoppable by the time '96 came around. It's possible this was something recorded for a Deck album, I heard somewhere that they actually had started working on a solo joint for him but unfortunately lost most of the material in a Staten Island flood. I've got a prepared version of Deck's debut album featuring a lot of stuff from "Uncontrolled Substance" coupled with additional songs like this, "Let Me At Them", "Tres Leches" and "Night Shift". Maybe I'll drop it here one day cuz it's truly fantastic and unlike his retail albums actually makes his talents justice.

04. "Dirty the Moocher"
I can't make a '90s Wu-Tang Clan compilation without including one solo joint from Ol' Dirty Bastard, right?! "Dirty the Moocher" is one of the most underrated joints in his catalouge. RZA (behind the boards) and Dirt gives it a straight 1930s Chicago gangsta vibe when sampling and paying homage to legendary jazz musician Cab Calloway and his immortal "Minnie the Moocher". Not a suprising choice for sample source considering this was made for the "Hoodlum" OST back in '96. The main part of the song has to have one of the grittiest and most rugged backing tracks Ol' Dirty Bastard ever rhymed over.  

05. "Who's The Champion"
"Who's The Champion" was most likely an outtake from the "Ironman" sessions as it appeared on the soundtrack to "Great White Hype" in 1996. RZA and Ghostface Killah was always superb as an emcee duo as proven by several album tracks between 1993 and 2000 and this is another great statement from the two generals. Especially Ghostface hypes up this track good, finding himself in full-blown storytelling mode similiar to his performance on "Motherless Child". Raekwon appears for the chorus which all the more makes it sound like an "Ironman" outtake; produced by The RZA.

06. "And You Don't Stop"
This track was originally released in 1998 on Def Jam's soundtrack for "Rush Hour" and it's a pretty cool track considering it doesn't really sound anything like a Wu-Tang Clan cut at the time. Not suprisingly, this is not produced by The RZA but rather Dame Grease who was a popular producer at the time, working on albums from Jay-Z and Nas. Grease is clearly trying to compliment the vibe of the flick here, as the synthesizers creates an asiatic sounding theme for the Clan members to spit over. Also stands out as it's one of the rare times Ol' Dirty Bastard appears on a non-album cut billed to the Wu-Tang Clan.

07. "Box in Hand" (Ft. StreetLife)
The original version of "Box in Hand" by Ghostface Killah has been floating around for a long, long time by now. This is nothing short of vintage Wu-Tang right here, with RZA in full sampling mode, Ghost, Street and Meth spraying deadly dartz all over the place and a classic Method Man sing-song style hook that's just as addictive as it is simple. Most likely this song was cut at last minute from the "Ironman" album when they come up with the song that replaced it. The actual track appearing as #8 on the LP is probably totally unrelated to "Box in Hand" although most people obviously calls it by that title since the cover (probably) still refers to the song on this compilation.

08. "One More to Go (Earthquake)" (Ft. Deadly Venomz & StreetLife)
Deadly Venoms was the only female group to emerge from the "W"-umbrella when the Killa Beez started flooding the market in the late '90s. The crew was made up of four emcees including N-Tyce, Lin Que and Champ MC who all had previous record deals in the early '90s and dropped records as solo artists. They never took off as Deadly Venoms although they actually had a lot of talent and fat beats from Protect Ya Neck label in-house producer Ruzz Press. The #1 stand out song from this crew was "One More to Go (Earthquake)", a hard hitting, sinister posse cut featuring all four rappers of the gorup going head to head with GZA, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, StreetLife and Cappadonna. GZA kicks a terrific verse here but they are all killing it.

09. "Sucker MC's"
"Sucker MC's" is of course an homage to Run-DMC  as Method Man, RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard throw down their own version of the original Queen's trio's classic B-side. After a superb opening interlude (featuring some hilarious off-key singing by the immortal ODB), the song follows the original version closely as far as production goes and there's a lot of quotes from the OG as well. This originally appeared on a 1997 rap compilation called "In Tha Beginning... There Was Rap" which had the most popular artists of the day remaking old school classics by the likes of Doug E. Fresh, Boogie Down Productions, Too Short, etc. Look it up if you ain't heard it!

10. "The Abduction"
Lifted from Tony Touch's immaculate album format mixtape "The Piece Maker", released on Tommy Boy Music in 2000. True Master stands behind the beat on this which is real thumping in his vintage chopped up/broken style and is laced with dark strings. Featuring excellent verses by RZA, Deck, Method Man, GZA and Ghostface Killah so this is a true posse cut, Wu-Tang style.

11. "Shaolin Worldwide"
The earliest Wu-Tang Clan song credited to Allah Mathematic's on production and it's real slamming. This up tempo joint includes turntable work and an addictive synthesizer melody doubling the bass line and is overall a predecessor to "Rules" from the "Iron Flag" album. "Shaolin Worldwide" originally appeared on the 1999 soundtrack to the "Next Friday" movie.

12. "Wu-Wear: The Garnment Renaissance"
Only RZA could hook up a beat like this! There's lots of different parts coming together to form this joint but it never sounds the least cluttered. This was right when the Clan was coming strong with their Wu-Wear gear and "The Garnment Renaissance" is the anthem celebrating that. Was released as a single but recorded for the "High School High Soundtrack". Method Man delivers another one of his classic choruses and any '96 Cappadonna is great Cappa.

13. "Let Me At Them"
"Let Me At Them" was Inspectah Deck's first ever released solo joint and is a mindblowing piece of hardcore hip-hop. An album from Deck in '96 and aggresive beats like this could have put him right on top of the game as he probably had the strongest flow in the Clan at this point. The song appeared on the "Tales From the Hood" OST in 1995 and billed as a Wu-Tang Clan track, produced by Inspectah Deck. R. Diggs got a co-writer credit and if you listen to this and believe that Prince Rakeem didn't have a lot to do with the production you're fooling yourself.

14. "Windpipe"
Released in early 1998 on the "Belly" soundtrack, "Windpipe" premiered a new direction in RZA's production and lyrics as it is probably the earliest released Bobby Digital joint. Fans of "In Stereo" will love this as well and fans of ODB owes it to themeselves to hear his crazy performance on here. RZA on his Bobby Digital steez, Ghost in Supreme Clientele mode and Dirt being Dirt - what a fucking nuts combination! 

15. "Wu Gambinos" [Hidden Chambers Remix]
RZA remixed the Wu-Tang Clan masterpiece "Wu-Gambinos" for the B-side of the "Triumph" single two years after the original mix appeared on Raekwon's '95 debut. The vocals are the same and RZA keeps the entire rhythm track from the original but loops up a lone trombone from some old jazz record which gives the entire song a total remake. Very cool, yet relatively unknown RZA remix.

16. "Diesel"
I know a lot of people who hold "Diesel" as their probable favorite Clan non-album cut of all time, and I can definitely see where they are coming from. Why didn't make "Wu-Tang Forever" is still beyond me as it was recorded in those sessions but only made it to the B-side of the "Reunited at the forefront. This production technique was used all over "Wu-Tang Forever" to great effect although a lot of people missed RZA's sample heavy sound. I personally think that album represented most of the Wu Generals lyrical peak and they are going full throttle on here as well where most of them are featured. Ol' Dirty Bastard rips this track in half, kicking several verses." 12" and later the Greatest Hits compilation on Sony/BMG. RZA contributes another one of his intense beats that's so ill yet very minimal with basically only drums and a bassline to really put the emcees Listen to the long instrumental outro in headphones and check out all the tricks RZA pulls from his bag to build up a truly sinister atmosphere. Imagine an instrumental album from this guy at his peak?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Mixtape] Slum Village - "The Dirty Slums"

I don't know what's up with Slum Village right now considering that half of the group are deceased and the other half wasn't exactly coming along last we heard. I was pretty sure they had called it quits but here's a new mixtape presented by Mick Boogie. I haven't listened yet but I'm always appreciating anything SV. Tracklist's looking cool 4 sure, with features from the likes of De La Soul, Big Pooh, Phife and Focus... The majority of the songs are produced by Young RJ who I guess are an official member of then?

01. Mick Boogie & nVMe Intro
02. "God Sent" (Ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
03. "Just The Past" (Ft. Big Sean & Black Milk)
04. "Music" (Ft. Focus…)
05. Slum Talks About The Evolution
06. "Hunger" (Ft. Vice & Focus…)
07. "Church" (Ft. Focus…)
08. "Fresh" (Ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
09. "Turnin’ Me Off" (Ft. De La Soul)
10. Slum Talks About Native Tongues
11. "Beats & Breaks"
12. "Special" (Ft. Phonte)
13. "They Say Remix" (Ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Phife)
14. "The Hard Way" (Ft. Focus… & Joe Scudda)
15. Slum Talks About The Legacy
16. "They Don’t Know" (Ft. Vice & J Ivy)
17. "Mortal Kombat" (Ft. Vice & DJ Bonics)
18. Slum Talks About The Future
19. "Da Essence" (Ft. Vice)
20. "Reppin’"


Kensaye's Tribute Remixes

UK producer/percusionist Kensaye recently put together this remix for B.I.G.'s "My Downfall" in celebration of the recent anniversary. With a real atmospheric, syntehsizer driven sound, I'm feeling how different this comes off from the sinister original while still matching Biggie's flow perfectly. I also added an older tribute remix Kensaye done, this one to honor Nate Dogg who had just passed.

[VIDEO] Roc Marciano - "Emeralds"

The first video from Roc Marciano's upcoming "Reloaded" LP which if everything goes as planned should hit stores this summer, possibly via Decon. Beat is produced by Arch Druids... SICK shit, easily one of my most anticipated projects announced for 2012 so far. While we're on the topic of Roc Marcy, below you'll find another new cameo from New York's busiest (tied with Raekwon); "'86 Mets (3:05 AM)" from Children of the Night's new mixtape "Queens... Revisited".


Monday, March 26, 2012

AZ - "My Niggas" [prod. Buckwild]

AZ connects with Buckwild for the first official street single from the sequel to A's classic '96 debut "Doe Or Die". Buck and AZ has always cooked up hot shit whenever they worked together, with collaborations dating as far back as '95-'96, and this is no exception. In fact, it's probably the best AZ joint I've heard in quite some time and makes me fucking hyped for "D.O.D. 2" for real! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

True School Lives!

I haven't posted in a couple of days or so, so got some catch up to do. Up top is the visuals for Gensu Dean's Large Professor starring "Forever" from GD's crazy 2012 debut "Lo Fi Finghaz". Below you'll find the DJ Premier Remix of Freddie Foxxx and Nas 2005 collaboration "Turn Up The Mics", lifted from "The Kolexxxion" dropping this Tuesday. Spotted @ 2DBz.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Apollo Brown & OC - "Prestige of a King"

 Without exagerating I can say that my most anticipated album of the entire year is OC & Apollo Brown's full-length, "Trophies". I doubt anyone was dissapointed in the premier single "Prove Me Wrong" which has been getting plenty of rewinds where I'm at. Now Mello Music Group can present another brand new collaboration from OC & Apollo in the form of "Prestige of a King". The song will not appear on "Trophies" but is an exclusive joint from MMG's new compilation "Self Sacrifice".

The compilation can be purchased in digitial format direct via MMG's Bandcamp or iTunes. MMG keeps pumping out great music so if you got some spare change $7.99 it's not too much to ask for considering how sick this comp is. "Self Sacrifice" features a mix of brand new exclusives as well as recent records released on the label like some of Gensu Dean's stuff, etc. As I never miss out on posting the latest D.I.T.C. material my choice for highlighting obviously has to be the hardcooking OC jont below. May 1 can't come fast enough!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[LP Stream] Muldrow & Madlib - "SEEDS"

Today is a great day for fans of vintage soul music with a heavy hip-hop twist as Canadian Exclaim! has obtained the rights to preview the entire "Seeds" album an entire week before its official release. If you've been living under a rock the last month or so, "Seeds" is unique soul singer Georgia Anne Muldrow's new album, fully produced by none other than Madlib. The two singles, "Seeds" and "Husfriend" were both very promising and as I'm listening to the album in it's entirety, now I'm more than satisfied with what I'm hearing both from the smoky funk/hip-hop/jazz fusion production and Muldrow's addictive 70's influenced vocals. The CD and digital download formats officially drops on March 27. However there's no word on a vinyl release yet and not dropping this on wax would be a true shame, but hopefuly it will arrive a little later as is often the case these days. With the eleven tracks clocing in at only 35 minutes. the album is very short so it would be great if the final retail release features a bonus track or two.

Madlib's production on "Seeds" >>>> Madlib's production on the entire "Madlib Medicine Show" if you ask me. Actually kind of made me remember why I fell in love with his music in the first place and I'ma go out on a limb and say that this might very well be George Anne Muldrow's finest album yet as well, which is saying a whole lot since she is one of the most interesting and most original soul singers doing it right now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bumpy Knuckles & Preem Teaser

"The Kolexxxion" is today only one week away and stands as my most anticipated release of 2012 as of now. DJ Premier and Freddie Foxxx always had an incredible chemistry together and the forty minutes sneak peek that's been sitting on my iPod for some time now has been in constant rotation - trust me when I tell you that this is one album that will be worth having on wax, or if you're a CD head that's fine too. Check out the four minute teaser video above with Preem and Foxxx chilling out in D&D Studios (or HeadQCuarterz as it's called these days), talking about the album and many other things. As a little bonus I added the 2005 Bumpy Knucks single "Turn Up the Mic", Foxx only released collaboration with Nas. This original song was produced by Rich 5 but DJ Premier has supplied his own version of it for the album we should all support on March 27. Straight up Street Hop y'all!


Reks & Statik Selektah LP coming

REKS has been one of the most promising young cats to constantly knock out heavy music in a pure hip-hop tradition since he truly broke through on the underground scene with his last two albums, "Grey Hairs" and the recent "Rhythmatic Eternal Supreme King". The Boston representative has proven time and time again why his music is worth the support of the true hip-hop head. Lyrically and flow-wise he is clearly one of the the illest emcees out there doing it in 2012 with full control of his masterful delivery, lyrics of substance and clever concepts.  But a dope lyricist can only take an album so far by himself.  Luckily Reks has with both his previous couple of LP:s more than proven his sense for picking fierce boom bap production that often compliments his talents to perfection.

With REKS' third full-lengther since his official comeback in 2005, Corey Christie takes it back to his beginnings in the game by enlisting his original producer for the entire project - DJ Statik Selektah. "Straight No Chaser" will be released on Statik's Brick / ShowOff Records on 2012-04-24. Already now we can now check out the tracklist, artwork and listen to the first single ("Chasin'") which is sounding very promising. Another official hip-hop release to look forward to this year!

01. “Autographs”
02. “Sit/Think/Drink”
03. “Power Lines” (Ft. Ea$y Money)
04. “Riggs & Murtaugh” (Ft. Action Bronson)
05. “Such A Showoff” (Ft. Kali, JFK & Termanology)
06. “Cancel That” (Ft.Wais P The Pimp)
07. “Parenthood”  
08. “Break Ups” (Ft. C Sharp!)
09. “Chasin”
10. “Sins” (Ft. Alias)
11. “Straight, No Chaser” (Ft. Slaine)
12. “Lost In Translation”
13.. “Regrets”
14.. “730” 

Akopalips - "Splash (Champion)"

Followers of The Lost Tapes might very well be aware of producer Akopalips, one of two producers of Swedish fine underground trio Side Effectz. Akopalips was the main producer behind their last year's release "The Wood Sessions", providing plenty of heat and showing how talented this young brother is. At the moment Side Effectz is taking some time off to focus on some various solo projects, emcee Linkan will release an album with local producer A-Dub while Akopalips is preparing an instrumental hip-hop EP.

"Akopalips Now: Leaving Earth" should be ready soon as we already are treated to the first teaser track of the upcoming project. The multi-layered instrumental "Closer" got much of a Side Effectz vibe but at the same time it's vibe is a little more atmospheric and dark - not to mention very iLL. Don't sleep on this and stay tuned fir "Akopalips Now..." which you'll find on The Lost Tapes on the day of its release. TURN IT UP!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

"One Time 4 Your Mind"

Nas had first met fellow Queens hip-hop artist Large Professor who immediatly recognized the incredible talent and efortless flow this young man embodied. Large Pro went on a mission to get Nas a record deal, not only by letting him appear on Pro's group's '91 album on thé classic posse cut "Live From the BBQ", but also produced Nas two track demo the emcee used to shop around to various executives and A&Rs. Their hard work eventually payed off as Faith Newman (pictured above) and M.C. Serch went nuts over the tape and immediatly signed the lyrical monster from QB to Columbia Records to start recording his debut album.

Large Professor produced the street anthem "Halftime" which appeared on the MC Serch produced "Zebrahead"  in 1992. Nas vicious delivery over Extra-P's harhitting drum pattern, scorching bass line and agressive turntable work was one of the few songs that snatched hip-hop right back to its original home of New York City. Although "Illmatic" wouldn't find its way to stores until the summer of '94, "Halftime" was such a timeless joint that it still appeared on the final product. Another equally "old" collaboration with The Professor was "One Time 4 Your Mind". This is a very interesting joint as writers is often heard things like "if Illmatic had an akilles heel it would be "One Time", although it doesn't". Statements like this are pure bullshit as "One Time 4 Your Mind" adds to the exact perfection that Nas debut is just as much as "Life's A Bitch", "It Ain't Hard to Tell" and all the other masterpieces found on the LP.
"One Time..." is an extremely essential part to "Illmatic" and further cemented the important relationship shared between rapper Nas and his first producer. It's almost like an intermission, a real chill-out joint that's clearly a old-school tribute/throwback from both the vocal and musical perspective. They both keep it simple with Large sample and looping jazz(fusioon artist Jim Gordon & His Jazz Pop Band's '69 hit "Walter L" to create a simple but effective hip-hop banger very hard for anyone with his heart in this not snapping neck to. Nasir treats the addictive piano note, rolling bassline melody and boom bap drums as the perfect music to show his immaculate skill, old school style. Rather than weaving an intricate story or doing any soul searching he basically turns it to a glorified freestyle session, kicking fly shit about a regular day in Nasir Jones life at the time without much happening besides waking up, lighting one up, kicking back to some dope new music and reminiscing about past times. Basically something we all can relate to, right.

Nas' classic debut wouldn't have been the same without the perfection that is "One Time 4 Your Mind", it really gives further insight into the artists persona and for a golden era head to not feel the music is on par with other classics of that era is totally beyond me. "Illmatic" is the perfect hip-hop album and everything from "The Genesis" to "It Ain't Hard to Tell" are equally important parts of the whole; I wouldn't change one beat, one title, one line, the cover, or anything about that LP but I do wonder if we ever will se another as immaculate state of hip-hop perfection again. I doubt it considering how Nas and the all-star cast of producers managed to create something that both encapsuled the time era it was created in ar the sajme time as it's still timeless and will continue to inspire generations. Peep Nas, Large Pro and Wiz's breakdown of this particular track from the XXL Article The Making of Illmatic.

Large Professor: "We got this kinda attitude. It wasn't like, "Yo, the budget," and all that type of shit. It was cool, 'cause it was a little quick rhyme that he had. Some shortie-to-the-store shit, like that. Not like he was tryin' to go too hard or lyrical. It was just like, "Yo, I'm a regular dude. I'll kick some cool, around-the-way, corner shit for you."

Nas: "Honestly, that song was just like, "Hey, we chilling". That song, I didn't give a fuck - it was just go in there and have fun. I wanted Wiz's voice on that. Out of everybody around, I thought that he had a voice that can be on a record and come off. I always wanted him to rhyme and shit, and that was my way of pushing him into that."

Grand Wizard: "At the time, we were just listening to the beat, and Nas was like, "Come in [the booth] with me and help me with the hook." So I get on the mic and say, "One Time for Ya Mind, One Time..." And Nas comes in with, "Yeah, whatever..." He just knew how to bounce off of me."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

KA - "Decisions"

Ka is a heavy spitkicker hailing from Brownsville, NY. He's affiliated with Roc Marciano and most of y'all might've heard him on GZA's 2008 album "Pro Tools" where he was even given a heavy solo cut in the form of the Roc Marcy produced "Firehouse"; one of the LPs hottest track, More recently he traded bars with Marciano on "We Do It" from Roc's "Marcberg". In 2012 the vicious street style rhymer has just released his second album "Grief Pedigree" where "Decisions" is lifted from. Just like his original partner-in-rhymes music, the album is fully produced by Ka with the only cameo coming from Roc Marciano on "Iron Age". To cop music and check out more info on KA visit Ka's Official Website or buy "Grief Pedigree" in digital format via Amazon. Mad shous to the homie Angry! for putting me on to Ka's latest LP.

Cormega & Extra-P on "Mega Philosophy"

No reader of The Lost Tapes can have undgone the news that two of Queen's finest music makers have started recording on their long-awaited album together. I am of course talking about QB emcee Cormega and Flushing, Queens producer/rapper Large Professor who already have a very impressive track record. No releasse date has been given yet but an album title has been decided on; "Mega Philosophy". Don't miss out on "Still in Love (Placements '08 to '12)", a twenty tracks collection of Extra-P''s production placements rekeased over the last four years, as well as "Verbal Graffiti" including twenty 'Mega collabrations. These two recent Lost Tapes comps gives a good insight into what that album might very well sound like. As an added bonus I uploaded the remix of "Journey", the Large Professor produced cut from 'Mega's 2009 album "Born & Raised". This particular remix is even iller than the original as it features cameos by both OC and Sadat X (sorry about the tags though).


Saturday, March 17, 2012

LARGE PRO - "Still in Love ('08-'12)"

William Mitchell, better known as the Large Professor (a.k.a. Extra-P) quickly established his name as one of the top producers in the hip-hop game at an early age. In his young years, William and the Mitchell family moved to Flushing, Queens; something that would change his life forever. He soon befriended super-engineer (and sometimes producer) Paul C who quickly took him under his wing as his student. Paul learned the young Mitchell to work the SP1200, various mixing tricks and teaching about what muisc to sample to create rugged hip-hop with a heavy umph. This was around early '88 and as Paul C. McKasy took on Mitchell, the young student took on the name The Large Professor for himself.

Paul C was tragically gunned down and murdered in July 1989. Shortly before the tragic event, Eric B. & Rakim had hired the prolific producer/engineer to work on what would be their classic "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em" LP. After more or less completing a handful of songs on the album (including the title track, "In the Ghetto" and "Run 4 Cover"), the horrible tragedy struck. This resulted in the then seventeen year old Large Professor stepping up to complete the remaining songs and finish Paul C's material. And what an album it turned out to be! in fact it was the first Eric B. & Rakim LP to receive a 5 mic rating in the, then very respectable The Source Magazine.

This led to Mitchell gradually becoming a household name, resulting in getting hired to produce the vast majority of another legendary duo's classic LP - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo's "Wanted to Dead or Alive" - all while still attending high school. In the same way that he didn't get the proper creits for lacing the aforementioned classic, the G Rap affair in many ways played out like a reprise; a case of paying dues for an up-and-coming producer. In fact The Professor was heavily involved in the production  on all songs besides maybe two. For example the track "Talk Like Sex" which was credited to G Rap, was listed as a Large Pro production by the artist himself on his 2002 song "Radioactive". The game goes for "Jive Talk" which was credited to DJ Polo but revealed by Dr. Butcher to be a Pro track in an interview. Already by 1990, Large Pro had now been heavily involved in two of the finest rap albums of its time and although he might not have gotten the proper credit, it was the perfect example of Payin' Dues which is how many great producers got their start back in the day.

But Mitchell wasn't only a super skilled boom bap maestro but also a highly talented emcee, and in late 1989 he formed the trio Main Source, together with two Toronto DJ:s known as Sir Scratch and DJ K-Cut. The trio eventually signed to the now defunct Wild Pitch Records and in 1991 released their unxerground masterpiece "Breaking Atom". Their debut album was full of clever punchlines, ill storytelling verses, superb turntablism and impeccable beats sampling everything from Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam", Bob James, Skull Snaps, Donald Byrd's "Think Twice" and many other known and lesser known great vinyl. The album is perhaps best known for featuing one of the illest posse cuts of all time though. "Live From BBQ" featuring Joe Fatal and most imporantly the debuts on wax by two young stars in the making - Nasty Nas and Akinyele.

The two abovementioned artists would be a pivotal part in Large's future career as he took both emcees under his tutelage. In 1993 he produced the entirety of The AK's debut album "Vagina Dinner", an extremely dope album, not in no small way thanks to Extra-P's jazzy but hardcore sonics. Nasty Nas' "Illmatic" followed a year later, but was on the other hand, not fully produced by Mitchell Instead he worked as something of a glorified A&R for the project (which also included lacing three of the hottest joints on the project). Besides Pro's contribution, he was also the one that hooked up the young QB emcee with a slew of additional super producers such as  DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Q-Tip. The result was stunning and took the world by storm; to this day, "Illmatic" stands as one of the best records ever released, and rightfuly so.

A solo career shortly followed, recording and releasing three albums under his own name between 1999 and 2008 that I strongly recommend you picking up if you haven't heard them yet. Although there's been several years between every solo project, Extra-P has kept busy producing bangers and classics for various artists, some lesser known as well as some of the absolute best the game has to offer. As he's been responsibe for so many of my favorite hip-hop records of all time and is one of the few sample musicians out there that still continue to put out impeccable material on a regular basis twenty years after he first broke through on the scene. Therefore I wanted to make a compilation showcasing all, or at least the vast majority of Pro's production placements between 2008 and 2012 (for his recent album with Neek, order here). This will also be a teaser to the upcoming Large Pro produced album for Cormega so this will give us even further insight into what to expact from that project. Twenty tracks in total, so if you're an Extra-P head, upload this to your iPod or burn it to a CDR and I can assure you it will have your head banging til' it damn near breaks. TURN UP!!

01.Grand Puba - "Same Ol' Drama" [Intro]
02. Lil' Dap - "I'n My Lifetime"
03. Cormega - "Journey"
04. Lord Finesse - "Here i Come" [Remix]
05. Large Professor - "Key to the City"
06. Krumb Snatcha - "Mind Power"
07. Eearatik Statik - "No Problems" [Remix]
08. Jak D - "Why U Wanna Do That" (Ft. Sean Price, Craig G & Large Pro)
09. NAS - "No Idea's Original" [Large Professor Remix]
10. Cormega - "MARS" (Ft. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saion)
11. Termanology - "Sorry I Lied to You"
12. Joell Ortiz - "Ooh!" (Ft. Joell Ortiz)
13. Planet Asia & Goldchain Military - "Organc Food)
14. Sénor Kas - "Slick Money" (Ft. P.SO)
15. Presto - Conquer Mentality Remix (Ft. OC & Large Professor)
16. Reks .- "Stages"
17- Termanology - "Sorrry I Lied to You"
18- Rhymefest - "Bad Self" (F. Rahzrlt)
19. Torae - "Do The Match


Thursday, March 15, 2012

NAS - "The Don"

The new single from Nas much anticipated next album is here, titled "The Don". Just like its predecessor, the production for the track is handled by Salaam Remi with the late Heavy D and Da Internz receiving co-producer credit. It's good to see that Salaam Remi already's got two placements, he and Nas has cooked up some crazy music over the years and both songs we've heard so far falls in that category if you ask me. The song still bears some Flex bombs, but I'm guessing we won't have to wait long for a solid CDQ.

EDIT - The no tags, CDQ version of this heater has dropped, download it here; NAS - "THE DON". Link via NahRight so shouts to them and thanks to NYHC81 for the word.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ghost & Sheek - "Barry"

The leaks keeps coming from Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch's upcoming "Wu Block" collaboration. These two got a crazy chemistry, pure street music! For this one GFK revisits the same Barry White sample ("I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More") previously used for his classic "The Watch" from the "BPW" sessions. Sick!

Mello Muve SXSW Compilation

In celebration of the ongoing SXSW Festival 2012, Mello Music Group artists Oddisee, Apollo Brown, yU and Gensu Dean has hooked up with Muve Music, Cricket Nation and 2DopeBoyz to deliver the exclusive "Mello Muve Compilation". The tape features a mix of brand new, exclusive cuts, classic MMG joints and commentary from the artists so you can count on it being worth your time. Included are exclusive music by Diamond District, Gensu Dean, Roc Marciano, Apollo Brown, Homeboy Sandman and  many more. You can stream the entire project for free via the link below or from the link to your left so make sure to do just that! Click on the song title that's playing to see the full tracklist, if you can't see the embeded code click here.

[Mixtape] DJ Skizz - "Kings From Queens"

DJ Skizz hits us with his latest mixtape, "Kings From Queens", showcasing a lot of talent from Queens; in particular The Bridge. The tape is hosted by Big Noyd whose also featured on more than half of the songs. All tracks are produced by Skizz and features artists such as the late great Killa Sha, Big Twinz, Meyhem Lauren, Nutso, Timeless Truth and more. "Kings From Queens" serves as the prequel to Skizz's album "B.Q.E. (Boston Queens Equation)" coming soon. I haven't had the chance to listen yet but the tracklist looks super official! Link taken from DJ Skizz's site.

01. "Queens Chronicle Intro" (Ft. Big Noyd)
02. "Santo Remedio" (Ft. Timeless Truth & Nutso)
03. "The Foulness" (Ft. Killa Sha & Big Twin)
04. "I Rap Like" (Ft. Big Noyd & KrumbSnatcha)
05. "Dreams" (Ft. Big Noyd)
06. "Lo Lifes" (Ft. Timeless Truth)
07. "The Rules" (Ft. Big Noyd)
08. "Hardbody" (Ft. Illa Ghee & Big Noyd)
09. "Security Deposit" (Ft. Big Twinz, Big Noyd & Lil' Dap)
10. "Super Official" (Ft. Meyhem Lauren)
11. "Pokerface" (Ft. Big Noyd & Ty Nitti)
12. "Sleep" (Ft. Big Noyd & Dog of ACD)
13. "Closer" [DJ Skizz Remix] (Ft. Capone -N- Noreaga)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[Comp] CORMEGA - "Verbal Graffiti"

Next in line for the Lost Tapes compilation treatment is QB's finest; Cormega, and to make sure to deliver the best Montana tape possible I got some expert help from my big homie Rob on this one. Since the world first heard Cormega's immaculate style on "Affirmative Action" with Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown in '96, he has continued delivering banginn' street music and adding on to Queensbridge's legacy. His official debut album, "The Realness" stands as one of the absolute sickest albums this side of the new millenium and remains a certified classic. Unlike many great rhymers, Mega has always kept it 100% real and never gone mainstream or fallen victim to the "sophomore jinx". If you're still sleeping make sure to get your hands on "The Realness", "The True Meaning" and "Born & Raised" ASAP and work your way from there.

Next move in Mega's career is the long-awaited collaboration with Large Professor which will most definitely produce another masterpiece. We recently heard the first single, "MARS", and I think we can all agree that's a sound we'd love to hear an entire LP based around. While we're waiting for that project to materialize we suggest you wet your appetite with "Verbal Graffiti"; 20 songs of nothing but raw Cormega cuts and cameos that together forms a great overlook at Cormega's career from 1996 to the present. Featured here are tracks with Tragedy, Blaq Poet, Ghostface, Prodigy, CNN, Nas, AZ, Screwball, Roc Marciano and others as well as production from the likes of Havoc, Ayatollah, Marley Marl, . TURN IT UP!
01. "Runnin: Intro"
02. "La Familia" (w. Nas, AZ & Foxy Brown)
03. "Break Bread" (w. Tragedy Khadafi)
04. "Tony / Montana" (w. Ghostface Killah)
05. "Straight Outta QB" (w. Blaq Poet & Jungle)
06. "What's Ya Poison?" (w. Mobb Deep)
07. "War Going On" (w. Craig G & Marley Marl)
08. "Radiant Jewels" (w. Raekwon & Sean Price)
09. "What's The Deal" (w. Screwball)
10. "Who Can I Trust?"
11. "Intermission" (w. DJ Deadeye)
12. "We Gon' Buck" (w. Lake & CNN)
13. "Coming Home" (w. Big U & J-Love)
14. "Never Personal" (w. Mike Delorean)
15. "Three" (w. Prodigy)
16. "Back @ It" (w. Little Brother)
17. "Take Mine"
18. "Street Conflicts" (w. KL, Hostyle & Molemen)
19. "Loyalty" (w. Screwball)
20. "MARS" (w. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon)

Preem & Bumpy Trailer

As we're steadily getting closer to the release of the long awaited DJ Premier / Bumpy Knuckles full-length project "The Kolexxxion" the duo just dropped this fat album trailer the other day. I'm not sure if this is an actual trailer for a full video for the single "We Are at War" since the clip looks very much like a music video but cuts off after about half the song. "The Kolexxxion" is available on March 27 on wax, CD and Mp3 so make sure you support these legends. Until then you can check out the prequel EP "Stoodiotyme" over @ iTunes for $3.99.

[Mixtape] Action Bronson - "Blue Chips"

Action Bronson is one talented "new" rapper whose music I admit I haven't really dug into yet. Yesterday he released a free street album via & DJBooth, featuring 17 brand new tracks with all original production supplied by Party Supplies. There's definitely some heat on this tape, worth checking out + it has Roc Marciano and Bronson getting busy over nothing but strings (the intro track).

"Within the first minute of "Pouches Of Tuna," it's clear that Action Bronson and Party Supplies are on to something. Blue Chips started off as a session at the Fool's Gold producer's pad in Brooklyn, but things must have gone well, because it turned into these 16 gritty tracks. With no pressure to make a hit song or worry about sales numbers, the duo got to focus on having fun and making music, and it paid off. Blue Chips is more than your typical mixtape, and with all original production and raps, hopefully it's not the last time these two team up." - Complex

01. Pouches of Tuna ft. Roc Marciano
02. Steve Wynn
03. Tan Leather
04. Double Breasted
05. Nordic Wind
06. Thug Love Story 2012
07. Hookers at the Point
08. Dreamer
09. Ron Simmons
10. Expensive Pens ft. Meyhem Lauren
11. 9-24-11
12. Arts & Leisure ft.Kool AD
13. Intercontinental Champion
14. 5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps
15. Blue Chips
16. 103 & Roosy
17. Tapas