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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Best of All Time] BDP - "SEX & VIOLENCE" LP

As we're at my place me and a few of my peeps, drinking and celebrating, I thought i dropped in with one final album for y'all to celebrate the new year's eve or new years' day with. This is perfect for tonight if you're real rowdy and want some super hardcore hip hop, while Coltrane lp is ideal for tomorrow... What's so interesting about my favorite Boogie Down Productions (blasphemy! blasphemy!) is that it's incredibly spot-on musings on how sex, violence and religion is controlling the people mainly, but not limited to, the massmedia, as well as the spiritual parts, the lyrics is even more relevant for this upcoming year. KRS-One, The Teacher, The G.O.A.T., The Prophet! Again hope you're having a slamming New Year's everybody!

[Best Of All Time] JOHN COLTRANE - "Coltrane"

If you want to hear some life changing music that namy of you might very well have missed since this was way before my time. The other day I picked up the John Coltrane album "Coltrane" (1962), his third Impulse! release that is the studio album that for the first time featured the entire classic quartet for the first time (Jimmy Garrisson on Bass, McCoy Tyner on Piano, and Elvin Jones on drums; Trane plays mostly tenor sax but there's a few moments where he shines through bright on his soprano as well). Great, spiritual album to start your new year with, whether you do it late to night when you want to chill out.. or when you wake up tomorrow. The whole album is available from Spotify or YouTube, which I posted above. Enjoy, TURN IT UP and get SPIRITUAL!

N.O.R.E. / BUSTA RHYMES - "Manners"

N.O.R.E. and Busta Rhymes have delivered several heavy hitting tracks and/or projects in 2013, so its fitting that I close out The Lost Tapes for 2013 with their "Manners", which also happens to be one of the rowdiest cuts of the year. I wish all my readers, homies, accomplices, and family a happy new year and a happy ending of this one!! DRINK IT UP, SCHMOKKE IT UP, TURN IT UP!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

[Mixtape] ALCHEMIST - "The Cutting Room Floor 3"

No matter how much The Alchemist we've gotten over the last couple of years, we just can't get enough. Recently he produced the entirety of Boldy James "My 1st Chemistry Set" and early next year he and Evidence will release "Lord Steppington" as Step Brothers, but as all play and no work makes Al a dull boy we are treated to "The Cutting Room Floor 3" in between. Those familiar with Alchemist knows that "The Cutting Room Floor" is a series of mixtapes (the first released in 2003; the second in 2008) featuring unreleased goodies, demos, alternative takes, instrumentals and weed smelling interludes. The third installment is truly done in a classic mixtape fashion with snippets of songs bleeding into each other, and featuring both previously unreleased old stuff, new cuts, fresh beats, and a few songs that have been out a few years; all produced and mixed together by DJ Alchemist. With verses from Nas, Raekwon, Havoc, Kool G Rap, Blu, Mobb Deep, Large Pro, 50 Cent, Evidence and Gangrene over a stupid fresh batch of ALC bangers, this 20 track set is an absolute joy to listen to, even despite the fact that it has Rick Ross on it. The deluxe edition features an additional six joints which includes new music by Roc Marciano/Action Bronson, Fashawn and Styles P. Aside from Bronson and Marciano's "Pool Hall Hustler" I feel the tape flows much better with just the original 20 tracks however.

If you happen to have a Spotify account you can stream the entire thing over there, otherwise the digital mixtape is of course available to buy from Amazon or iTunes. However you go about it, make sure you hear it!

[EP] TIMBO KING / KRIMEWAVE - "Street Scholars"

I've always been a huge fan of Timbo King, the front man of Royal Fam and one of the most prominent Wu-Tang Killa Beez since day 1, so when UK producer Krimewave revealed a few years back that he and 'Bo King had recorded an entire album I was of course flabbergasted. This was long before 2011:s "From Babylon to Timbuk2" hit stores, but unfortunately a lot of things had come into the picture making it hard to release the collaboration LP. But like they say, those who wait for something good never wait too long, and now a three track single from Krimewave and Timbo King's work together is here. Timbo spits as much knowledge as usual, with that unmistakable voice and cadence and Krimewave have given him a lot of heat to work with. I'm real glad to finally be able to hear this, and I hope this ends up being just s a preview to the actual LP (which if I recall correctly is supposed to be called "Burried Treasures"). You can stream all three tracks below, but fantastic news is that this is actually available as a limited 12" release so grab 'em while you can! From London to Brooklyn baby...

HELL RAZAH - "God's Image"

Just like his former Sunz Of Man comrade Killah Priest, Hell Razah is an amazingly talented writer and a skilled rhyme spitter. It's great to see him overcome his recent physical battles and continuing dropping quality material. A day or two ago I received his new single "God's Image" (featuring DJ K-Rec; produced by Mosaic) in the mail a long with the uplifting news that the song works as the first single to an upcoming full-lengther called "Renaissance Child 2". So now we got both a sequel to the splendid "Renaissance Child" and the Heavenly Cartel album with my man Tokyo Cigar.

INSPECTAH DECK - "The Regular" / "Get On Deck"

One of the Clan's sharpest swordsmen might very well have been working in the quiet on a new album as he just made two brand new singles available via Soundcloud. "The Regular" is a low-key banger vividly dealing with the hardships of life, something Deck always been great at. The second joint is less appealing to my taste but is still no doubt worth a listen. Huge props goes out to the WTC For Life Blog, easily the best source for Wu-Tang related news these days!

KILLAH PRIEST - "Good Will Of The Virgin"

I got some dope Wu-Tang related material in line for you today, and first out is "new" material from one of the best writers hip-hop has ever come across - Killah Priest. The song is called "Good Will Of The Virgin" and is most likely a track from the "Behind the Stained Glass" sessions, judging by the subject matter, flow and production by DJ Woool. This will make its way to the 28:th installment in the Digital Dynasty mixtape series, hosted by Pharoahe Monch and presented by The Advocate and

Q-Unique Ft. Torae & PH - "What Can I Do?"

For the latest single from his recently released "Marvels Team Up" project, Q-Unique links up with Torae and PumpkinHead for the hardboiled message driven "What Can I Do?". The tough beat of the song is constructed by Sicknature of Snowgoons and works wonders for the trio of spitters. "Marvels Team Up" is available in digital format from the usual suspects like iTunes. Also check out the previous singles "New York Summer Time" and "Carpenter of Life" and visit Q's official site for more music..Spotted @ 2DBZ.

[EP] MELA MACHINKO - "9am Blues - The EP"

Damn, soul queenstress Mela Machinko apparantly dropped a digital EP right before Christmas entitled "9am Blues - The EP". I was a huge fan of her official debut album "Hov Said It Best", even dubbing it the finest soul album of the year, so this official follow up is super welcome. While it's not as strong as her debut, it is undoubtedly a fine effort that runs through several different styles, all well executed by both Machinko and her producer. And the fact that her producer happens to be the always interesting Mr. Len (who's career I've followed and supported since his days with Co Flow) is another reason why you should definitely press play below [track 8 is produced by Vandalizm]. Favorite songs on first listen, the smooth hip-hop flavored "Brooklyn Blues", featuring a short but inspired cameo from Skyzoo, and the bass, keys, and guitar heavy "Employment". Enjoy, and thanks to Lost Tapes reader Sean for putting me on to this in the first place! Oh and for some reason the embeded player from Mela's Bandcamp starts at track #2, so remember to rewind one track before pressing play!

[Best of 2013] AUDIBLE DOCTOR - "The Summer Tape"

Over the coming days, leading up the start of the new year, I intend to revisit and review some of the finest albums of 2013. As of now, they are in no particular order although the final three reviews will also reflect my top 3 albums of the past year... First out in this review series is The Audible Doctor's "The Summer Tape". Read on...

From late 2012 and all through 2013 The Audible Doctor quickly rose to one of my absolute favorite producers working today. While even some of my all time favorites have been caught slacking off lately, The Good Doctor just seems to be getting better and better with each song and project he releases. Just to mention some of his most oustanding work of the year, there were the several singles with Fredro Starr that managed to capture everything that made me fall in love with hip-hop in the first place, the majority of the many stand outs he produced for Neek The Exotic's "Hustle Don't Stop", the stellar instrumental album "Doctorin", overseen and co-signed by no lesser producer than the great Large Professor. 

Although I had heard many of Audible Doctor's productions before, I believe the first actual solo release that I heard from front-to-back was his EP "The Winter Tape", released in late 2012. Although it was only four tracks long and clocking in at a mere 12 minutes, I was in total awe by how the music captured the feeling of a cold, dark, snowy winter date and there were plenty of days during that winter that EP became the soundtrack to my train rides, looking out at the cold winterlandscape outside. The music was beautifully written and arranged - constantly hard and gritty, mostly based on samples and with a real steet-edge to it. Synths and keyboards, pumping drums and bass, and the ocassional chopped up vocal sample. As far as the rappers appearing on the EP they were all capable, but except for Has-Lo's joint there was no question that this was Audible Doctor's show - who right then and there proved to me that he was a true auteur producer.

I had high hopes we would get a new EP with each new season, and although the spring left me fiending the summer brought not only warm weather and beautiful days but also another seasons EP. Entitled "The Summer Tape", Mr. Audible here upped the ante by including twice as many tracks as its winter themed predecessesor, including a bonus track only available on the physical version of the record (which in true retro fashion is available on cassette only). What's most fantastic about "The Summer Tape" is that it is the exact opposite of "The Winter Tape" in that it evokes everything that is beautiful about the warmth and easieness about those long beautiful summer days throughout. The samples are a lot more soulful, with the use of horns, vocal samples, keys, and laid back grooves dominating and creating a musical enviroment that's the equivallent of feeling the sun shining on your face. To be able to create not only a feeling, but invoke the beauty of one of the year's season and stick to the script throughout the entire project speaks volumes on A.D.'s skills as a master of manipulating sounds and samples in creating entire worlds and images. While "The Winter Tape" presented a harsher, grittier and distinctly colder sound, this EP finds much of it warmth from the soul music of the '70s and the few key instruments mentioned above. 

The opening track "Wings Part 2" is full-blown soul hip-hop, with beautifully sung vocal hook by Francessca underlining the smooth layers of rhythm/bass combination and sparse use of strings. On here Audible Doctor makes an emcee apperance of his own which he does with finesse as his voice and cadence is just right for this smooth beat and manages to present several memorable lines. This is followed by "The Vibe", that was not only the first single from the project but is also one of the sickest songs on the EP. After a short piano introduction we enter a funky musical world with guitars, filtered bass/drums, horns and once again several vocal samples is weaved in to the music while MMG's Oddisee and Hassaan Mackey trade high quality bars. The Guilty Simpson vehicle "Get 'Em" (which also features a verse by A.D. himself) is another one of the albums strongest tracks; I'm not sure if we've heard Simpson over an Audible Doctor beat previously, but this track is ample proof of what an excellent union they form and I would love to hear an entire album between these two. The hard drums and equally gritty vocals provided by Guilty creates an interesting counterpoint with the lighter string and bass melody, punctured by the repeatitive female vocal and half-a-horn samples. A suprise comes from the second verse being performed by the Doc himself, who manages to hold his own without problem. I could go on and comment on every song but I wont, but simply stay at they are all on some heavy shit - Audible Doctor is presenting eight different takes on the same theme without ever getting repetitive. One main improvement over the first EP is the presence of some of the finest emcees around today, like the aforementioned Oddisee and Hasaan Mackey, to Guilty Simpson, Edo G, Chaundon, Kurious, and an incredible lyrical meeting between Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Homeboy Sandman. 

The two season themed EP:s (which I by the way strongly recommend listening to back-to-back as it works great as a short album) is the finest solo releaes yet from a hip-hop wizard who is rapidly growing into one of the best producers of our time. I would love, and do hope, to see future installments in this series, and if a "Spring Tape" and "Fall Tape" ever gets released, a 2xLP set of all material would undoubtedly get my money. Take a listen to a stream of the tape below, and reminisce of your finest summer moments of this past year.

KILLER MIKE / EL-P - "Pew Pew Pew"

Run The Jewels, the collaboration between ATL spitter Killer Mike and NY beat genius El-P, has been a heaven sent for fans of both artists as well as themeselves. Having released two unique LP:s since 2012 ("R.A.P. Music", and the self-titled "Run The Jewels") which have proven to be not only the best Killer Mike projects yet, but also the most interesting hip-hop thing El-Producto has been involved in since the masterpiece that was Cannibal Ox's "The Cold Vein". Originally released as a free digital download, "Run The Jewels" was pressed up on CD and vinyl in June via Fool's Gold Records. Originally consisting of 10 tracks with a mere running time of 32 minutes, a new deluxe edition for the European market kicks up the ante with two bonus tracks. You already heard the Dave Sitek's "Sea Legs" remix but the real treat comes with the newly recorded monster of a track called "Pew Pew Pew" - which besides progressively agressive production from El-P and matchingly hostile flow from K.M. also features the mega talented DJ Q-Bert tearing it up on the 1:s and 2:s.

"Run The Jewels - Deluxe Edition" is released on both wax and compact disc by the European label Big Dada. The three bonus tracks, which also includes a Blue Sky Black Death remix of "36" Chain", is released on a separate accompanying 12" which also includes previously unreleased instrumentals (or crammed after the original 10 songs on the CD edition). If you already have picked up the album you can also purchase the 12" of new material separately for £7 which is a pretty fair price. Check out all the different packages and information on how to order @!

Friday, December 27, 2013


My latest post on this blog concentrated on the latest single from Fredro Starr's fully Audible Doctor produced new album "Made in the Streets". In that post I mentioned that the album is set to be officially released via digital retailers such as iTunes on December 30. This still holds as true as then, but as a very fine Christmas present Fredro and The Audible Doctor decided to unleash a free HQ stream of the entire 12-track album on December 25, and god damn it if this album isn't every bit as hot as each of the singles pointed towards (if you follow this blog you know I've been pretty much going crazy about each one of them). 

Stripped of any filler with its short running time, Fredro Starr's delivery and writing is better than it has been in years, something that partly can be chalked up to the amazing soulful but often dark boom bap work of The Audible Doctor that very likely inspired the Onyx emcee more than any producer has done in years. I've been saying all year that Audible is a producer that in a relatively short time has turned into one of the absolute top beat maestros on the scene. With tracks like "That New York", "Holdin' It Down", "Racing", "Suicide Queens", "Ain't No Other Kings", and so on, this is a true New York album in every mean of the word; from the writing, to the agressive flows, mad cuts, and the nod to the second Golden Age of hip-hop (the early-to-mid-'90s that is kids). From the instrumental opening banger "Everyday Hell" that sets the tone so well, to the mindblowing remix of the title track that closes the set, this is without a doubt one of the finest albums of the year and a superb treat for both Onyx fans and followers of The Doctor. TURN THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP LOUD and support for the cause on December 30!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

FREDRO STARR - "What U Goin' Through"

You know how much I have hyped up the Audible Doctor produced Fredro Starr album that was announced a while back with some absolutely mind blowing single. Now the album is coming very Close to being released as the artwork, release date and new single have been revealed ("What U Goin' Through"), and of course it's just as dope as the rest of the joints. The album, which is fully produced by The Good Doctor is called "Made in the Streets" and will be released worldwide on iTunes on December 30. Hopefully physical copies will follow, but either way I'm HYPED!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Mixtape] E.BLAZE - "For The Luv Of It Vol. II"

Right in time for the holiday season Diggin' in the Crates affiliate E-Blaze lets loose of the second volume of his instrumental mixtape series, "For The Luv Of It". Released for free via DatPiff, the album features 15 certified hip-hop bangers for you to get your headnod on. Includes both beats recorded exclusively for this project as well as instrumentals E-Blaze laced for artists like KRS-One, D-Flow, Prospect, Ressa Excel, AG, Smiley The Ghetto Child. Turn it up LOUD!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

[comp] Q-TIP - "Tippin' The Scale"

"The greatest producer on the mic" will forever be linked with Diamond D and his verse on The Fugees' "The Score", and while both Diamond and Q-Tip would make my top 10 of best producers of all time my personal choice for best producer on the mic would quite undoubtedly fall upon The Abstract. The way that he both was responsible for the timeless musical arrangements and most of the equally timeless verses on his Tribe crew's three first albums (as well as a large chunk of the two final records as well), not to mention his many outstanding works as a producer-for-hire which included productions for artists such as Nas, Craig Mack, Mobb Deep, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Run-DMC, and many others (including co-producing the entirety of jazz guitarist and close friend Kurt Rosenwinkel's 2003 album "Heartcore"). Together all this amounts to an extremely impressive production portfolio. Last year I collected 16 of my favorite non-Tribe 'Tip productions on my compilation "Abstractions of Funk", so be sure check that out if you haven't.

Yet, Q-Tip is most likely even more known as an emcee, and a truly legendary one at that. Since he bursted on to the scene as a focused youngin' in '89 with classics such as "Bonita Applebum" and "Can I Kick It?", his unmistakable nasal flow, clever wordplay, and humorous but often very personal lyrics has been a true staple of hip-hop forever since. As first evident by how each Tribe album took a new musical direction, he's one who's surely never been afraid of change and trying out new things. These qualities are the makings of a true artist - from his first solo album, the often misunderstood "Amplified" (1999) to the experimental but often brilliant "Kamaal/The Abstract" (2002), 'Tip now made it clear that he would dissapoint those fans not willing to let their favorite artist break free of what was expected from him rather than put any artistic restraints on himself. The label however didn't share Fareed's enthusiasm for the experimental and the eclectic; both his albums "Kamaal/The Abstract" was passed over by the label and shelved, until 2011 when Q-Tip finally got the masters back, and what would become his Motown debut "Open" in 2005 (I will post this album in a minute). A few of the standouts from the latter would be remade and remixed for what at the moment is 'Tip's latest album, the critically acclaimed "The Renaissance" that took a more back-to-basics approach. Entirely produced by the artist himself (save for two tracks handled by the late, great J Dilla), and with very little guest artists, the result was one of the absolute strongest LP:s of 2008, as well as a celebration of the true best producer of the microphone.

Next up in the Q-Tip saga is an album ("The Last Zulu" on the more commercially oriented Kanye West operated G.O.O.D. Music imprint. Undoubtedly, it will be very interesting to see how this will turn out, but as Kamaal never have been one to compromise his musical integrity, I sure ain't worried. Add to that, Q-Tip's recent productions (Kanye West, Jay-Z/Kanye, Roc Marciano, John Legend, etc) and the few new tracks on his new mixtape with Busta Rhymes "The Abstract & The Dragon" (especially check the 'Tip produced "Thank You" and the title track). While we're waiting for the new album that should be out sometime during the first half of 2014, I've put together a little treat for y'all my intelligent readers.

Consisting of 16 classic Q-Tip collaborations, "Tippin' The Scale", features a plethora of some of the Tribe leaders most outstanding cameos. Aside from making sure everything flows together extremely well and features nothing but good music, the compilation is based around three themes - staying clear of Q-Tip solo tracks, songs simultaneously produced by and featuring 'Tip, and showing off the diversity of musical styles the man once named Josh Davis can handle with ease. For that reason I have not only included bangers like the Buckwild produced Beastie Boys joint, the Dilla laced Heavy D track, Statik Selektah's joint with Q-Tip, Term and Styles P, the legendary Mad Skillz/Large Pro/Q-Tip collaboration, and so on. In addition to this we got collabos with DJ Shadow, Chemical Brothers, Lucy Pearl, and legendary jazz/fusion bass god Stanley Clarke. The latter which also happens to be the only song on here co-produced by Kamaal. All in all, this makes for an extremely interesting 65 minutes journey into the rhymes of life courtesy of Mr. Fareed, and as mentioned above to check out his beats to the rhyme of life make sure you also peep "Abstractions of Funk". Without further due, here's another dope The Lost Tapes presentation.. Enjoy and TURN IT UP!!

01. "B.I.G. Dedication @ Lyricist Lounge"
02. "Extra Abstract Skillz" (Ft. Mad Skillz & Large Professor)
03. "Come On Down" (Ft. Big Daddy Kane & Busta Rhymes)
04. "Lightworks" (Ft. Talib Kweli)
05. "All The Way Live" (Ft. Tha Alkaholiks & King Tee)
06. "Get It Together: Buckwild Remix" (Ft. Beastie Boys)
07. "Enuff" (Ft. DJ Shadow & Lateef The Truth Speaker)
08. "Keep It Moving" (Ft. Hi-Tek, Kurupt & Dion)
09. "We Can Make It Better" (Ft. Kanye West, Rhymefest & Talib Kweli)
10. "To The Beat" (Ft. Rahzel)
11. "1, 2 To The Bass" (Ft. Stanley Clarke)
12. "You" (Ft. Lucy Peal & Snoop Doog)
13. "Birds Of A Feaher" (Ft. Black Sheep, Dave & Mike Gee)
14. "The Body Rock" (Ft, Mos Def & Tash)
15. "Stop, Look, Listen" (Ft. Statik Selektah, Q-Tip, Styles P, Termanology)
16. "Galvanize" (Ft. Chemical Brothers)


Kool A.D., one third of the experimental NYC hip-hop trio Das Racist, is preparing a new album entitled "Word O.K.", during the process of putting it together a lot of tracks didn't make the final cut. In light of that Kool A.D. is releasing an additional mixtape/album called "Not O.K." via his official Bandcamp. Producers and guests include Thelonious Martin, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Ladybug Mecca, DJ AV, Oh No and more. I haven't listened to the entire album as Das Racist never really been my cup of absinthe, I am posting the Oh No and Del/Ladybug Mecca tracks respectively below.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

SNOWGOONS - "Fast Food Nation" / "Still Real & Raw"

I'm a bit torn about The German production team The Snowgoons, as they had released some really dope music over the years, but at other times they have been responsible for repetitive, uninspired music that I wouldn't even consider giving a second play. Most recently they released their fully produced PMD vehicle featuring Sean Strange that for me stands as one of the most dissapointing releases of 2013. However I did like parts of their "Black Snow" compilation and their "Sparta" album for M.O.P. (though in the Brownsville duo's extended catalouge it stands as theír most uninteresting release to date). 

Now the team is releasing the second installment in their "Black Snow" series, featuring powerful American emcees such as Billy Danze, Ill Bill, Demigodz, Styles P, Reef The Lost Cause, Onyx, Dilated¨s Rakaa, Papoose, Kool G Rap, Nature, Raekwon, Tech 9ine, Akrobatik, Crooked I, Virtuoso, Rasco, and many more. Q-Unique of The Arsonists (the second track of him I post of him here today) is featured on the solo song "Fast Food Nation", while "Still Real & Raw" (which is a sequel to the Snowgoons remix of M-Dot's "The Real & The Raw" featuring Jaysaun) again featuring Jaysaun, M-Dot and Detroit's Joruanlist 103 of The Left. You can hear both tracks below in wait for the official release date of January 21, 2014 and pre-order the CD or 2xLP set of "Black Snow 2" UGHH.

Q-UNIQUE & PUMPKINHEAD - "Gatekeepers"

 Q-Unique of the mighty The Arsonists is getting ready for his next project, which might very well be a full-length collaboration with Pumpkinhead (who know simply goes by PH)... But then again maybe not. The single just released  is a collaboration between the two called "Gatekeepers" and has a real fresh sound, not only courtesy of  Q and PH's vocal skills but also due to the immaculate production work and cuts by the reliable DJ Supa Dave (strangely enough not to be confused with the frequent De La collaborator Supa Dave West), known for lacing four stand outs on G Rap's highly underrated "Riches, Royalty & Respect". Stay tuned for more info about this possible project as the eventual news unfold.

REKS - "Death 2 Y'all"

Boston's finest emcee, if we're talking the younger generation, delivers an early Christmas present for his still growing fan base with the loose single "Death 2 Y'All". Both flow, lyrics and delivery is on Point all the way through, the production from Toronto duo Brown Street Beats with its forward moving melodic bass line and addictive vocal sample, with the ill turntable tricks by DJ Concept, makes for a real interesting track. Make sure to press play below, you won't be dissapointed! 


Blu, the super talented emcee who throughout the years have worked with acclaimed producers such as Exile, Pete Rock, and J Dilla, has over the last year more and more taken what he learned from these and others and started focusing on a producer career of his own. On the newly released "YES" EP, the LA alumni supplies newcomer Cookbook with eight soul dripping, layered and heavily thumping beats. While Cookbook for sure isn't the best emcee around, he occassionally comes up with an interesting verse and coupled with Blu's growing production and guest features from Frank Nitty, John Pigeon and Playdough it works as a nice Little follow-up to Blu's first full-length forray into the production game, "Open" (2011). You can stream the entire eight track EP below via Bandcamp, where you can also purchase it, unless iTunes is your digital retailer of choice.

[Video] KENDRICK LAMAR - "Sing About Me (Pt. 1)"

There's no question that Kendrick Lamar's LP "Good Kid, MA.D.D. City" was one of the best, most thought-provoking and original debut albums in quite some time. It took me several listens Before I really realized how dope it was, but once it sunk in completely I was in total amazement at large parts of the album. And one of my favorite songs off the entire project was the Beautiful and touching seven minutes epic "Sing About Me / Dying Of Thirst", that's as crazy of a concept song as anything I've heard. The way Lamar takes on several different persons from his family and close friends that he has hurt somewhere along the lines of his life rhyming as them in letter form to Kendrick, including a cousin that got shot in his arms. Absolutely brilliant... The second part hit even more Close to home for me and I really hope that will get the Visual treatment as well but until that day, I'm very happy with this one which makes me want to pick up the "Good Kid" LP which I haven't bumped in a while now.

BIGREC x DIAMOND D - "Be Strong" [snippet]

I'm usually not all that much for posting snippets, especially when they are not even one minute in length, but Diamond D, being one of my all time favorites, I always make an exception for as you may have noticed. Especially since I'm super hyped for the announced full-length collaboration with ATL representative BIGREC, "Doomsday", which has not been given an definite release date yet, but every single track or snippet has´sounded like a true knock out - and since the snippets, singles and info on the Project is quickly stacking up I gather that the album is now as well as completed so I really hope we will see this very early next year, and you can count on it finding its way to my record Collection (let's hope they drop a vinyl on this, but a CD will do as well). The latest snippet that was just leaked by Diamond is called "Be Strong" and is another certifed banger. To check out all posts on BIGREC's and Diamond's upcoming album (including several snippets and a dope teaser trailer) posted on this blog just click here.

ENDEMIC / WU-TANG - "King's Indian Attack"

If you haven't heard UK super producer Endemic's boom blazing "Terminal Illness 2", here's another great reason to check it out ASAP. Here the producer serves up a vintage sounding Wu banger with the vocals handled by Masta Killa, Cappadonna and Bronze Nazareth - also got to give props to DJ Switch on the crossfader. I've promoted Endemic's album heavily on The Lost Tapes, so you should know the many dope guests already so I'm not going through that again, but check out "King's Indian Attack" below, order the CD @ UGHH and TURN THAT VOLUME UP!!

FREDDIE GIBBS - "Thug Til' It's Over" [prod. Cookin' Soul]

There's no question that Freddie Gibbs is one of the most interesting and skilled lyrical emcees of our day, and whenever he jumps on the right beat true wonders happen. The release date of his Madlib vehicle "Cocaine Pinata" is coming closer, which I'm willing to bet a lot of money will be his finest Project yet if anyone's interested. In the meantime Gangsta Gibbs drops a loose single produced by the soul brothers known as Cookin' Soul for a very smooth, soulful banger with an addictive guitar sample and Freddie's usual strong delivery and well-written lyrics. Free download below!

AGALLAH Ft. Roc Marciano - "Blaze Of Glory"

Roc Marciano has just released the back-to-back album punch of "The Pimpire Strikes Back" and "Marci Beaucoup", so I wouldn't be suprised if we wouldn't hear any more additional Roc verses for at least a month or two. But being the hardest working man in hip-hop, already now we get to hear an inspired verse on the equally inspired new Agallah single "Blaze of Glory", produced by Agallah. Watch out for the full 8-Off /ALC EP "Past & Present" dropping January 1

Thursday, December 19, 2013


The GOD is back! Complex Magazine just got the go ahead to let loose of a brand new track by Rakim, that's most likely the sickest shit he has rhymed over since "Holy Are You". With a verbal biography over the life of the great late South African president, Nelson Mandela, Ra shows that he's still the Greatest Of All Time. As the song pays homage to the great freedom fighter, it is also a promotional track for the movie about Mandela's life "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" which is out in the US on December 25.

[Comp/Revisited] SHOW & A - "THE EXERPIENCE"

Readers of The Lost Tapes know by now the high regard I hold Showbiz & AG in. Discussions on the best duo constellation of emcee and producer/DJ all to often leave out the Bronx bombers in favor of Pete Rock & CL Smooth and DJ Premier & GURU (may you rest in peace brother). However, I want to make the case that Showbiz & Andre should always be mentioned in the same breath as they not only are in the absolute top of their respective works but their chemistry is certainly something out of the ordinary. Since their loud, rumbling breakthrough with the one-two punch that was the "Soul Clap" EP and the full-length "Runaway Slave", the duo not only delivered one of the ten best albums ever released, but made it damn clear that they were here to stay. And so they have done, with a quality over quantity approach that has gained them an extremely loyal fan base that borders on a cult followinng. Although they have sometimes changed their sound in trying out new styles, the Show & A experiene have always benn able to guarantee material of the highest quality - save for a couple of experimental 12" singles and loose songs completely missing the mark (e.g. "Oops", "Be With"). 

After a 10 year hiatus from recording under their group name, they released the best record of 2008 with the criminally slept on "Live Hard" EP. In the same vein they made up for lost time last year when they released no less than three full-length projects ("Preloaded", "Preloaded: The Remixes" and "Mugshout Music") and an instrumental LP ("Still Diggin' Vol. 1"). With their latest album "Mugshot Music" they had once again slightly modified their music which might've come of as off-putting at first, as unknown soul crooners Frank Nortey and Jefferey Nortey handling hooks on a large amount of the tracks, but the Show & AG/DITC essence was always present and after several rounds on the turntable I really came to dig what they were doing there. The best music is often the one that need some time to sink in to fully appreciate it, and personally I can't wait to see where Showbiz & AG invites us next.

This leads me to today's compilation. Some two years ago I put together a compilation called "Time... For The Show & A Experience" featuring non-album material from Showbiz & AG. Like many of my past compilations, the link has unfortunately expired and upon a request for upload I decided not only to re-up this particular collection but totally remake and expand it. As I already established with the first paragraphs these two together is something I simply can't get enough, and luckily there's a whole horde of loose material I could use. All in all I have included no less than 19 tracks, with a running time of almost 75 minutes, and represent two decades of Show & A as I included songs recorded between 1993 and 2013. None of the tracks have been released on any album, official EP or mixtape by the duo, but are rather lifted from exclusive 12" singles ("Get Dirty Remix", "God Made Dirt", "Get It Dusty", "Hold It Down"), outtakes from the "Goodfellas" abum (Show's "Time For...", Buckwild's "You Know Now", "Under Pressure", "Stand Strong", "Ain't No Fun"), guest spots ("Who's It On Pt. 1", "E.F.F.E.C.T.", "Daily 1,2"), "Live Hard" outtakes ("Chain Of Events", "About This Flow"), "Mugshot Music" sessions ("Jumpin' Off The Roof", "Can't Wait", "Watch Wahat We Do"), and the rare "We All" that was played once in 2010 by DJ Premier on LiveFromHQ as the first single from Show's upcoming solo. I often like to close my compilations on a somber note, and since I've always been particular weak for the Showbiz reunion "The Struggle" on AG's underrated "Get Dirty Radio" it was a done deal! Together this collection of music gives great insight of the evolution of these two D.I.T.C. alumns, as well as providing myself and listeners with a deliciously banging companion piece to one of the finest discographies in hip-hop. All main lyrics written and performed by AG, with a gang of guest apperances from Ghetto Dwellas (Party Arty & D-Flow); all beats by Showbiz (except for "E.F.F.E.C.T." produced by Misa Lawgne;, "You Know Now" remixed by Buckwild,, "About This Flow" produced by Lord Finesse and "Whatch What We Do" credited to Gem Cratest). So there you have it... DITC.... TURN IT UP!!!!!

01. "Intro" / "Who's It On Pt. One" (w. The Legion)
02. "Under The Pressure"
03. "Stand Strong"
04. "Time For..." [Show Mix]
05. "You Know Now" [Buckwild Mix]
06. "Hold It Down" (w. Party Arty & A Bless)
07. "Get Dirty Remix" (w. Ghetto Dwellaz)
08. "Watch What We Do"
09. "Can't Wait"
10. "E.F.F.E.C.T." (w. Black Sheep)
11. "Ain't No Fun"
12. "About This Flow"
13. "Chain Of Events"
14. "God Made Dirt" (w. Ghetto Dwells)
15, "Daily 1,2" (w. Sadat X)
16. "Get It Dusty" (w. Ghetto Dwellas)
17. "We All" (w. OC)
18. "Jumpin' Off The Roof"
19. "The Struggle"


ODDISEE - "Invisible Walls"

There's no question that Mello Music Group is one of the best and most interesting labels operating right now, and has been in that position for at least a year or two. For me, the brightest shining artist of the roster is and have always been Oddisee; it was him and his Diamond District that became the first MMG release I purchased, and Odd's two 2013 albums ("The Beauty in All" and "The Tangible Dream") are both true stand outs of what this year has had to offer on a musical level. So when MMG now is releasing a compilation of new material from many of their artists, including Quelle Chris, Has-Lo, yU, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, John Robinson, and many more, it's only right that the choice for first single of the project falls on Oddisee. "Invisible Walls" which you can check out below will serve as the opening track to the project which has been given the title "Mandala Vol. 1 - Polysonic Flows". Look for the project when it drops January 28 in the new year! 

THE LOX - "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone"

Only yesterday I posted a new single from the mighty trio known as The LOX, from an EP that seemed to just appear out of thin air.  Now following "Talk About It", a second track has been unleashed on the public - this one called "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone". Produced by Buda Da Future & Grandz Muzik, the track might not have the agressive punch of yesterday's banger but Styles, Jada and Sheek once again does a fine job over a very competent beat utilizing a sample a lot of you will recognize. As always it's a blessing to hear these three all on the same track again, and if you want the full scoop head over to iTunes to purchase your digital copy of the "The Trinity" EP.

OC & RAY WEST - "Just Cause"

Omar Credle, without a doubt one of the slickest and best emcees to ever emerge from the world of music, teamed up with producer Ray West for the mini album "Ray's Cafe". A theme album inspired by the smoky laid-back jazz and blues of the 1970's, the nine track LP makes for a soothing 30 minutes deep dive into the mind of OC; never one to shying away from opening up to the fullest. As for West, who already worked with artists like AG, Roc Marciano and Kurious to name a few, he seems inspired enough from working with the legendary Brooklyn spitter to turn in his finest musical batch to date. I strongly recommend anyone into lyricism and well-crafted beats to pick this up when it drops on January 21 via West's Red Apples 45 imprint. Making the music justice, not only does the artwork look like a lost Blue Print release, the record will be available on both vinyl and cassette! One track from the sessions that didn't make the final release however is a two minute jam called "Just Cause", which instead is now available as a street single below. "Pre-Order 'Ray's Cafe' (10" EP or cassette) ffrom Fat Beats so "hurry up and buy!

THE KRAFTSMEN (Timbo King / Soulstreet / Adikson)

This kind of came out of nowhere, but as a huge fan of Timbo King (Royal Fam / Wu-Tang Killa Beez) I'll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for more music from these guys. Calling themeselves The Kraftsmen, this newly formed group is a trio consisting of 'Bo King and French emcees Soulstreet and Adikson. Roughly two months ago they released their self-titled debut EP on iTunes, which you can pick up here. Out of the six songs featured on the extended play, three have been made available by The Kraftsmen themeselves and included in this post. Real ill shit and it's alwas great to hear hip-hop crossing barriers. Thanks to Art Vanderlay for the heads up!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DXA / KLAUS LAYER - "Rise Up" / "Get On The Beat"

Following German beat genius Captain Crooks/Klaus Layer's first release on Redefinition, the amazing "Adventures of Captain Crook", the emcee/producer quartet DXA enlist Klaus talents for their new 7" single. With Layer lacing both the A- and B-side, "Rise Up" and "Get On The Beat" you can count on it being sample based boom bap hip-hop at its finest, with thumping bass and drums, slick cuts, horns fading in and out, distant vocal samples, allowing the emcees a chance to really shine. A highly recommended self-released vinyl single that should definitely find its way to your collections. In fact the guys are so confident in their product that they allow potential buyers test the product by both streaming and download HQ rips of the track below.

[Video] DYNASTY - "Street Music"

Yessir!! The best beat DJ Premier cooked up all year gets the visual treament! I am of course talking about "Street Music", the lead single from Dynasty's "A Star in Life's Clothing" [clck to stream and/or order entire album] which is out now since late October. The album also features, "Stay Shinin'", a cool collaboration with Talib Kweli which you find below.

Nemo Achida Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - "Hands On" [prod. 88-Keys]

I've always been a fan of 88-Keys work as a producer since I first heard him on the Black Star album in 1998; since then the versatile beat guru has created memorable cuts on album and 12":s by Mos Def, Schoolz Of Thought, J-Live, Diamond D, Talib Kweli, Bilal, Jay-Z, and many more (yeah, I should defo do a comp on him). More recently he formed his own Locksmith Music imprint, with the goal to give shine and dope beats to talented, yet rather unknown artists. The next upcoming project from the label, which should be out sooner rather than later, is a collaboration between 88-Keys and emcee Nemo Achida called "Conversations with 88". The first leak, "Hands On", is a addictively relaxing jam featuring the new super hook man BJ The Chicago Kid.

The LOX - "Talk About It"

Damn, we sure have missed The LOX and their hardcore NYC street approach, so the news that they just dropped the EP "The Trinity" came as very welcome news. The four track EP is available for cheap @ iTunes, but they have also now released the lead single "Talk About It" which is classic The LOX. Sounds great to hear Sheek, Styles and Jada going back and forth over a rock hard beat again! TURN IT UP!!

[Mixtape] PVD - "Pat Produced This"

Pat Van Dyke, in some circles better known under his producer alias PVD, first came to prominence as one half of Lux DeVille alongside emcee 8thW1, and has since worked with a string of rhymers, evolving his jazz oozing live-instrumentation based sound. Now he got an album with the underrated John Robinson in store, and he just released his own instrumental debut, "Technicolor Hi-Fi" that's already critically acclaimed (in fact it's more of a jazz album than an hip-hop LP, but hey you sure don't see me complaining!)

With all this new music on the horizon it's only right that Elementality Records and PVD have decided to drop a 25 minutes mix for fans, highlighting some of Van Dyke's work that originally led him here. The mix features 12 tracks and is seamlessly mixed by DJ MentPlus. Included are both classic productions and previously unreleased material, making the mix work well both as an introduction to new fans and a welcome satisfaction to those who already follows the man and his music. Enjoy!

Troy Ave Ft. Styles P - "Do It"

Brooklyn's Troy Ave might not be a favoite though he undeniably have style, but the great ghost of D-Block is something totally different. When the two New York representatives hook up for a new single the result is nothing short of certified. I couldn't say who produced this but the bass-groove and jazz and funk aesthetics of beat makes this a very interesting joint. "Do It" premiered yesterday by Funk Fex, so it's a censored version of the track but hopefully this will make some noise as we need some dope New York music attracting a broader audience.


[Video] WILLIE THE KID - "The Pleasantries" / "Moving Forward"

Willie The Kid really stays busy these Days; there was a pont where I wasn't very impressed with him or his output, but with the releases of his properly titled "Masterpice Theater" this summer, a long with the singles from his upcoming full-length album "Living Daylights", enitrely produced by The Wisemen's Bronze Nazareth (if you missed any of the leaks from the latter or the ALC EP, click here. In between these two releases, Willie also released a free mixtape entitled "Aquamarine" which I have to admit I completely slept on. Well WTK has just released a brand new music video, featuring no les than two of the standouts from "The Aquamarine". The black and White video incude the Soundaffecz joint "The Pleasantries", as well as "Moving Foward", produced by Hippie Sabotage. These are both sounding very good and I will check out the mixtape pronto, and if you're a sleeper like me, I posted the DJBooth link below. Enjoy!

RUN THE JEWELS - "Sea Legs" [Dave Sitek Remix]

TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek turns in this kaotic remix of "Sea Legs" from EL-P' and Killer Mike's self-titled album as the duo Run The Jewels. While you wouldn't exactly put hip-hop and Dave Sitek in conjunction that easy, remember his banging remix of "Rhymin' Slang" from JJ Doom's debut album. Sitek's take on "Sea Legs" will appear on the European release of the "Run The Jewels" exclusive European release; out January 14 available @ the official shop. .I can dig it!

"97 Majesty Promo #3" (Ft. Killa Sin, Timbo King & Killah Priest)

My man Jammin stays on the Wu-Tang related news like a hawk, and he's damn incredible at that. It turns out that three of the foremost Killa Beez have joined forces for an EP release that they have been working on for several months in the quiet. The reason we haven't heard it yet, 'Bo King explains:

"W've had some of these songs ready for almost a year now, but there are certain forces out there keeping us from releasing them. Eventually, you will see a single or EP released both digitally and in a limited vinyl run. This is for all the Wu-Tang fans worldwide. The ones who have been waiting all too long to hear "that sound". We've got one of the master purveyors of that sound on here - a nice little surprise - as well as another special guest and what may be the last Killa Sin verse recorded before they took him away from us again."

'Bo King, Killah Priest and Killa Sin have aways been amongst my absolute favorites Wu reated artists, and one of the few members of the gang who always stayed true to themeselves when it came to quality. Further good news is that the trio plans to release not only their new EP in a digital format, but also a limited pressing... Well you got my money! I'm not entirely sure about the title, but the one minute promo is called "'97 Majesty Promo #3" so maybe "'97 Majesty" is the title, considering they clearly want to give something back to the fans who have followed them since those times. We'll just have to wait and see, and of course The Lost Tapes will keep you updated!