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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Wu-Tang Banger

The third leak from the upcoming Wu-Tang project, "Legendary Weapon", happens to be one of my most wanted collaborations from seeing the tracklist. Live music played by The Revelations and although I haven't checked up on it yet I would bet that it's produced by Noah Rubin and Lil' Fame. 

I've been busy for a couple of days but expect a lot more updates coming up. Shouts to 2 Dope Boyz where I spotted the link.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VIDEO: Pete Rock / S-N-W - "That's Hard"

Enjoy the first actual music video from the Pete Rock produced Smif-N-Wessun LP that's available from all the major retail stores starting today. This is true quality hip-hop we're talking about here, straight rhymes, cuts and banging beats built on lovely samples. Tek, Steele and guests Styles P and Sean Price absolutely tears this beautiful piece of hardcore to shreds. I got my copy of the album today, you should do the same!

Video directed by Court Dunn and presented by Restless Films in association with Nah Right's One Shot Video Series.


 This really came out of nowhere! Especially considering Freddie Foxxx dropped no less than two digital albums just this June; but more Bumpy is as good as always great Bumpy. The homie Justice Equality Supreme of The Dope House put me on to this tape and while I have a memory of Foxxx speaking on something he would release to the net simply titled "Leaks", I found it strange that this was labeled as "Leaks Part II". A quick Google search made me found part 1 as well so as Ice Cube once said, "Today was a good day" - at least for me and everybody who loves true HARDCORE hip-hop. Shouts to Bumpy Knuckles, J.E.S., Xclusive Zones and

01. "Stand On The Edge"
02. "That Gary ColdMan"
03. "O.G."
04. "That Real Rap Shit"
05. "Speakers in the Park"
06. "Keep On"
07. "Man Up"
08. "Doin' My Gangsta"
09. "TekNickle"
10. "Timeless"
11. "Viral"
12. "Change"
13. "IBleaveNwhuttahDo"
14. "History"



01. "MakumNoize"
02. "Bumpy Spits Heedoes"
03. "Yoh-Yah"
04. "I Can't Undastand Ya"
05. "Da Warm Up"
06. "I'm So Hood"
07. "HawLHEWould"
08. "Dat Game"
09. "Oil Spills"
10. "Pit 10; De Bass Mint"
11. "Hip-Hop Don't Stop"
12. "D Sent"
13. "SownManTerNahMyCup"
14. "2mUchaBoWtMii"


Monday, June 27, 2011

XXL's Making of Reasonable Doubt (Scans)

As promised, I have uploaded all the scans of the classic XXL Article on The Making Of Reasonable Doubt, which was given it's own issue back in late 2006 to celebrate the LPs 10 year anniversary. Since it's just now been 15 years since the world first heard Sean Carters debut, these scans will be perfect to go through while revisiting this fantastic album. This post is of course an accompaniement to my previous "Reasonable Doubt" article/16 track early Jay-Z collaborations compilation.

To not make the blog take an eternity to load for those of y'all with slower connections, I uploaded them in a .rar file @ MediaFire. If you haven't read this before it's absolutely amazing reading and even if you read it before, the 12 page spread is fine to revisit several times so enjoy!

XXL: The Making Of Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt"

Raekwon Ft. Kurupt & Kojoe - "Samurydas"

Just got this quite interesting mail via MAC Media talking about an all-exclusives compilation called "The Academy". Normally I am very sketchy about projects like this, they usuaully have a few dope songs and a shitload of mediocre ones, but once in a while you'll be taken by suprise. The project is executive produced by West Coast lyricist Kurupt and interested peeps can look forward to tracks and collaborations from crazy artists like Redman, Royce Da 5'9", Sean Price, Styles P, Jadakiss, Pete Rock, Raekwon,  La The Darkman, Chino XL, Billy Danze, Keith Murray, Planet Asia and Ras Kass to name some of the cast. Production will be handled by the same guys who's responisble for this first single supplied below.

This first single features one of my favorite emcees right now who just never seems to burn out; Raekwon The Chef. Here he trades bars with the exec. himself, Kurupt and a new (?) artist named Kojoe over a soulful banger produced by Marlon Price and JP Beats of Terminal III. "The Academy" features 55 emcees from legends to underground artists, from "the new to the old" if you will; the album will be available through Terminal 3/Bonzi Records.


Jay-Z & The mid-'90s "Pre-Trial"

This past Sunday marked the 15 year anniversary of the release of Sean Carter's fantastic debut LP, "Reasonable Doubt". In the eyes of most serious hip-hop lovers, myself included, it stans as a true hip-hop classic that has certainly stood the test of time and proved Jay-Z as one of the most brilliant lyricists to ever grab a microphone. Every verse on the album is a worthy quotable, and it's overall so well written that even after all these years you could still keeping discovering hidden meanings in Jay's lyrics as almost every single line has at least a double meaning (imagine that!).

The LP of course dropped in 1996; a time when mafioso themed albums had almost became the norm for East Coast hip-hop. But "Reasonable Doubt" stood out from most of the releases of its time; not only had Jigga an impeccable wordplay and a ridiciolous delivery, he honestly invited the listener into his world, sharing with us his emotions, his pains and explaining his motives behind choosing a life of crime rather than taking a 9-5 job. Lines like "Lock my body, can't trap my mind/ Easily explain why we adapt to crime", "I rather die enormous than live dormant, that's how we on it" or "Whoever said illegal was the easy way out, couldn't understand the mechanics and the workings of of the underworld. Granted!/ 9 to 5 is how you survive, I ain't trying to survive; I'm tryna live it to the limit and love it alot" are perfect examples of this (as is the entire songs "Can I Live", "Regrets" and my favorite "D'Evils") and made alot of people relate to Jay-Z and the LP, hustlers or not.

The trio of producers that created the timeless canvas that Jay painted the story of his life over is an equally big part to the albums success. DJ Premier, Ski and Clark Kent created unforgettable music that was the perfect soundtrack to Carter's lyrical flexings. That "Reasonable Doubt" was produced by just these three guys (with one extra beat each supplied by Big Jaz, Irv Gotti and Knobody) and all the sessions took place at the infamous D&D Studios in early '96 gave the album a cohessive sound that is often gone in todays hip-hop.

Unfortunately the self-released project didn't do the big numbers the Roc-A-Fella trio had hoped for. As it's never been a secret that Sean Carter's main interest in joining the hip-hop game was his love for the $ it had came time for change. Instead of recording sessions at the dirtchamber known as D&D Studios with producers like the aforementioned; Dame Dash, Biggs and Jigga looked at Puff Daddy and his Bad Boy fam and their recipé for success. As a result, subsequent Jay-Z albums, which also helped him make the richest rapper of all time, featured a mixture of commercial and hardcore songs with beatmakers including The Hitmen, Trackmasters, Swizz Beats and Timbaland. One thing I always give him credit for though is that he never totally sold out, he always had several incredible tracks on each and every one of his following albums

The follow-up to the debut was '97s "In My Lifetime, Vol. 1" which had a couple of weak songs but are overall an often underrated and forgotten album that's great both lyrically and as far as production goes (both DJ Premier and Ski was involved again, although to a lesser degree). Despite the few wack Puff Daddy records, it's actually the closest LP to "Reasonable Doubt" in my opinion. With subsequent works Carter heavily dumbed down his lyrics more and more. Not to say that he's still not one of the great lyricists of hip-hop, but after hearing his first two albums, it's evident that he's so much better than the way he chooses to portray himself in order to sell more records. One thing's for sure however; "Reasonable Doubt", will go down in history as one of the most lyrical hip-hop classics of all time and should be part of any serious hip-hop heads record collection.

I recently started stringing together a compilation of early Jay-Z material, consisting of cameo stuff, B-sides and such ranging from 1991 and 1996. With this 15 year anniversary coming up I figured this was the best time to let it loose to all my readers. I titled it "The Pre-Trial" based on the trial against Jigga where he had to prove himself innocent of the crime he was accused of without a reasonable doubt; this was the original theme of the LP and is the reason of its title. While you're listening to it, I strongly suggest you read this great and well-written article by my man Chris Moss, 'Beyond A Reasonable Doubt' @ the ill Al Lindstrom site. And in closing, in case you missed out on XXL's great article on the making of the album that was published a few years ago, I will upload the scans later tonight. Enjoy!

01. "In My Lifetime"
02. "The Originators" (w. Jaz-O)
03. "Can I Get Open" (w. Original Flavor)
04. "Can't Get With Dat"
05. "No Love Lost" (w. Lord Tariq & Shaq)
06. "Da Graveyard" (w. Big L, Lord Finesse, Party Arty, Grand Daddy IU & Mic Nut)
07. "Show N Prove" (w. Big Daddy Kane, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Sauce Money, Shyheim & Scoob)
08. "Time To Build" (w. Mic Geronimo, DMX & Ja Rule)
09. "I'll Be" (w. Foxy Brown)
10. "Big Momma Thang"
11. "Dead Or Alive Pt. 1" (w. Sauce Money)
12. "It's That Simple" (w. Jaz-O)
13. "Don't Wanna Be Alone [Marley Marl Remix]" (w. Shai)
14. "Many Styles" (w. Original Flavor)
15. "Foundation" (w. Jaz-O & Sauce Money)
16. "Dead Presidents Pt. 1"


Friday, June 24, 2011

Math Hoffa & Method Man - "Double Barrel"

Underground MC Math Hoffa and DJ J-Ronin just let loose of this Method Man featured banger, "Double Banger". The track is produced by J. Glaze and from what I gather it will be inclued on Hoffa's digital release "A.C.M.D. 3" which will be available for download on July 14th. You can follow Math Hoffa through Twitter or subscribe to his YouTube channel to hear more music and check videos from the rapper.

If you recognize Method Man's verse it's because it is part of the verse he spat on the UK freestyle session over @ Tim Westwood's on the Wu's UK tour. That verse was seriously too dope to end up as an internet freestyle so I'm glad it actually made a track although I would have betted my money on it showing up on "Crystal Method". Peace to J-Ronin who's dropping his "All Elements #12" mixtape hosted by M.O.P. in a minute, so watch out for that.


New KOOL G RAP - "I Am"

After a long hiatus, G Rap recently released his long awaited solo LP "Riches, Royalty & Respect". While The Kool Genious Of Rap obviously is one of the absolute best rhymeslingers there ever was, the album was kinda 50/50 in quality in my humble opinion. This new single, "I Am" should have been included on that since it bangs pretty hard but it's actually a single from an album called "War Music". It is a producer compilation by two guys who works under the name Ceasar & PStarr and judging from this song this could definitely be worth checking for as soon as I see who the other featured guests are. "War Music" will be out in July 2011.

This is actually the second single from the project; the first one was a Styles P featured joint called "Where The Angels Sleep" that I'm also uploading in this post for those who missed out on it when it first leaked.



12" Throwback: "Pump Ya Fist EP"

"Pump Ya Fist" was a ill compilation featuring 12 exclusive hip-hop tracks celebrating black pride, inspired by The Black Panther movement. Among the artists we found people like Chuck D, KRS-One, Rakim, Grand Puba, Jeru The Damaja, Fugees and KAM to name a few. If you haven't heard that LP I would recommend trying to get your hands on it, because it's a seriously ill collection that deals with an important message.

What might be even more interesting however is the extremely limited EP, "Selections From Pump Ya Fist", that was released on Avatar the same year. As on the actual album the EP did feature the original versions of the Easy Mo Bee produced Rakim track "Shades Of Black" and the DJ Premier laced Jeru joint "The Frustrated Nigga" (which of course also appeared on the brilliant "Wrath Of The Math" a year later). What makes this limited vinyl release really stand out is that it includes several remixes not available anywhere else, and severely slamming ones for that matter.

The KRS-One track on the "Pump Ya Fist" album is "Ah Yeah", the same version that appeared on his self-titled album in 1995; but on this EP we are treated to three different mixes that has sadly never surfaced anywhere else. Two of them are produced by the great Diamond D, who also had done three joints for the aforementioned KRS album from the same year which makes me wonder if these remixes were conducted at the same time. Being that he is one of my top-5 producers of all time these two remixes is vintage Diamond and, in my opinion, blows the original "Ah Yeah" out the water; when I upload the "KRS-One" album to my iPod I often replace the original with the Rhodes Mix. The EP also features an alternative piano-laced mix by KRS himself that's also well worth a listen.

The Rakim track has an exclusive remix you won't find anywhere else by producer Chase Clark, not a prolific producer by no means (he's done a few songs for Saukrates, Spice 1 and KRS-One) but it's a sick rendition of the original nontheless. Enjoy this EP, it works greatly playing front to back if you leave out the instrumentals. The only problem is that since it's a record sent out to DJs for radio play the songs are censored. As a bonus I also uploaded Da Beatminerz's remix of "Shades Of Black" which was only released on white label 12", straight up incredible mix.

A1. KRS-One - "Ah Yeah" [Diamond D's Flava Radio Edit]
A2. KRS-One - "Ah Yeah" [Diamond D's Rhodes Mix]
A3. KRS-One - "Ah Yeah" [Diamond D's Rhodes Instrumental]
A4. KRS-One - "Ah Yeah" [KRS's Alt. Piano Mix]
B1. Rakim - "Shades Of Black" [Radio Edit]
B2. Rakim - "Shades Of Black" [Chaze Dat's Da Shit Radio Edit]
B3. Rakim - "Shades Of Black" [Chaze Remix Instrumental]
B4. Jeru The Damaja - "The Frustrated Nigga"


RAKIM - "SHADES OF BLACK" [Da Beatminerz Remix]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jean Grae - "Cookies or Comas" Mixtape

Jean Grae has been the sharpest female emcee for a long time now if you ask me; especially since L Boogie totally disappeared from the music scene. Here she has hooked up with DJ Drama to bring out an 11-track street album that also works as a "special edition" in Drama's Gangsta Grillz mixtapes. Besides a few previously leaked tracks and the amazing "Assassins" from Pharoahe Monch's latest, the majority seems to be new tracks. I haven't listened yet but it seems to be a great snack while we're waiting for the real deal; Jean's upcoming "Cake Or Death" will hit stores sometime this fall.

01. "Casebasket"
02. "R.I.P." (Ft. Talib Kweli & Styles P)
03. "Imagine"
04. "I Rock On"
05. "Uh Oh" (Ft. Talib Kweli)
06. "Live Up" (Ft. Talib Kweli)
07. "Assassins" (Ft. Pharoahe Monch & Royce Da 5'9")
08. "Jeannie Rules"
09. "Blame Game"
10. "Killing 'Em" (Ft. Pharoahe Monch)
11. "You Don't Like It" (Ft. DJ Boogie Blind)


RZA / Rev. William Burks - "Robbery"

 This new Wu-Wednesday track is called "Robbery" and features The Abbot and his protogé, the seriously underrated Reverend William Burks. Straight fire, spitting heat over that grand ol' funk with the horns blowing and a slamming 6/8 beat. No word on the producer but to me it definitely sounds like something RZA could've done, especially since it's a few years old. Here's what The Abbot had to say about the joint:

"Here's a classic hip-hop song from deep in the archives featuring RZA an Rev. William Burks. [It was] done a few years ago and born to remind people of genuine vintage hip-hop in celebration of black music month,"

For those who don't know, RZA has been releasing a song every week for Wu-Wednesdays as he calls them. Usually it's not much to write home about but this one really blows all the previous jams out the water. Throw up your W's! 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Headhunters w. Killah Priest, Snoop, George Clinton

The Headhunters is a jazz/funk/fusion group that has been around since the early '70s when they formed as a band for Herbie Hancock's masterpiece "Headhunters" LP. Their music has been sampled time and time again and their heavy backbeat driven funk in a way laid the foundation for hip-hop music. Last week they released another studio album, "Platinum", which continues to blend genres from funk, jazz, R&B, hip-hop and back to jazz/funk.

This might not be the typical post you see on The Lost Tapes but besides hip-hop, I am a big jazz head and since this track features Killah Priest and to a lesser degree Snoop Dogg I felt the need to spread the word on it. It swings pretty tight for sure, I wonder what the rest of the album sounds like. Thanks to M-Eighty for spreading the word and check out the track below via SoundCloud.

(Ft. Killah Priest, Snoop Dogg, Jayceon Bayne & George Clinton)

Prop Dylan vs. DJ Premier

Goddamn, this is a song I've been fiending to hear for a goo while now; this Sweden/US collaboration was first announced about six months ago if I recall correctly. Prop Dylan is a swedish MC who's been rapidly nade a name for himself in the unerground both in Sweden, Europe and the US. A few months ago, Dylan was spening some time in New York City and happened to end up in the legenary D&D studios (which is now Headquarterz Studios of course). There he recorded the track "Shock & Amaze", produced byt the one and only DJ Premier, making it the first Preem collaboration with a Swedish rhyme slinger.

Lately one of the greatest hip-hop producer of all time has expanding his pallette by lending his skills to several European artist and in my opinion it's a great thing when hip-hop is crossing borders because, no matter what many conservatives say, the culture is universal and struggle/hopelessness is everywhere.My only question is when Preem's gonna lace Linkan and Side Effectz though?

Great news is that while we will have to settle for the YouTube video for now Prop Dylan is planning to release the song both as an iTunes download but more importantly as a 12" single. Now that's what I'm talking about, don't let vinyl die!

VIDEO: Vakill - "Armor Of God"

I dropped the mp3 of this amazing banger a few weeks ago, and today the Molemen member lets loose of the visuals to the song. "Armor Of God" is the Jake One produced title track to Vakill's new album which will be available on the 5th of July. Besides a couple of more Jake One beats, the LP is mostly produced by Panik of The Molemen and I would be very suprised if this doesn't turn out to be an incredible one. You can check out the tracklist and pre-order it @ UGHH.

Common & No I.D.? Hell yes

  Common Sense rhyming over a No I.D. banger brings back memories of classics like "Stolen Moments", "Breaker 1/9", "I Used to Love H.E.R.", "Resurrection" and so many other gems. The two Chicago natives hasn't worked together since 1997, to my knowledge, so it was very welcome to hear them reunited again on this short but iLL new track called "Summer Madness"

The song is actually not taken from Com's forthcoming tenth LP "The Dreamer, The Believer" but rather from a 7-track offering called "The Pursuit EP" by a collective who calls themeselves Cocaine 80's. The big crew is lead by No I.D. and includes members like Common, Steve Wyreman, Rob Kinelski, Makeba, James Fauntleroy, Kevin Randolph and many more. The Common track is definitely the standout out the bunch however, be sure to check it out below.


Sweet soul w. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah

 The Lost Tapes is usually not the blog where you'll find some sweet soul music suitable for some romance with your women or to just put on to relax. There's not much classy soul being made these days but once in a while you'll hear something that really grabs your attention. Such is the case with Ayah, a relatively new female artist, with a truly sweet singing voice. DJ Jazzy Jeff is of course a pioneer, a true hip-hop legend and an impeccable producer/DJ and following his brilliant "The Magnificent" albums, his new project is a collaboration with the aforementioned Ayah.

Their collaborative full-length album is called "Back For More" and will be available to the world on July 12, and is definitely on my watch-list. Jazzy Jeff is one of the producers who handles jazzy hip-hop and straight soul music with equal grace and the songs I've heard so far sounds promising.

The project has been in the works for quite a while now as I remember hearing about it sometime last year when also a 5-track EP called "This Way" was released on the net. Since then I kinda forgot about the whole thing, until I saw the new video, "Notorious", posted on OnSmash today. I can't find the video on YouTube right now so I'll have to link to OnSmash below and I'm also adding the "This Way" EP (which also features 7 additional snippets besides the 5 full songs) via Jazzy Jeff's official site.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lord Finesse/DJ Mike Smooth - The '89 Demos

Back in the late '80s a group of talented battle rhymers and DJ's constantly practiced their skills in Forrest Project, Bronx. This would eventually form the nucleus of what would be known to the world as the D.I.T.C. crew, a gang of Bronx's finest rhymers and DJ's/producers. The first of the posse to catch a deal was MC Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth who in 1989 signed to, at the time, one of hip-hop's heaviest labels in Wild Pitch Records. 

With the help of a young DJ Premier as well as D.I.T.C. brothers Showbiz, Diamond D and AG the duo released their 1990 debut "Funky Technician" on the label. The witty punchline raps and his perfect timing coupled with Smooth's turntable skills and the James Brown sampling production together created a memorable album. One that today stands as one of the true timeless classics of the early '90s.

In 2008, Vinyl Addicts released a limited pressing of 200 copies of previosuly unreleased demo tracks, that might have been the demo that got the duo signed to Wild Pitch. The piece of vinyl is titled the "Funky Dope Maneuver" EP and features five exclusive songs as well as a demo version of "Back to Back" and a bonus freestyle called "Let The Music Play". The EP/mini-album clocks in at 36 minutes and is essential listening to for any 'Ness and D.I. follower. Since you don't have much chance of copping this now (unless you got 200 dollars to spend), I uploaded it below. Enjoy!

01. "Funky Dope Maneuver"
02. "No Stoppin'"
03. "Bust A Move"
04. "Sexual Healin'"
05. "Bust A Lil'" [Nautilus Version]
08. "Back to Back" [Demo Version]
09. "Let The Music Play" [Freestyle]

Timeless The Truth / Sean Price / Rock Marcy

 Timeless Truth is a relatively new artist on the hip-hop scene but he sure as hell knows how to get some ill cameos on his records it seems. This new single is called "True Git" and features a hot verse from one of the best of today; Sean Price (of Boot Camp Clik and Random Axe.... you know I had to). As if that wasn't enough, the production is handled by the once-Flip Mode Squad/The U.N. member Roc Maricano, easily one of the best rapping producers these days. If his incredible "Marcberg" didn't convince you, maybe this will. There's also a video in the making for this, stay tuned.

Timeless The Truth has completed his debut album which is currently going under the title of "Rock 'It Science". That means the album should be out sooner than later as long as they find a label with a proper way to distribute the LP. If the guest spots and production is this dope you can count on me to follow the evolution of this project @ The Lost Tapes.


'92 Throwback: BDP's "Sex & Violence"

 Back in February of 1992, Boogie Down Productions released their final, which to me was probably their absolute finest, album. It is either this or their debut based on its impact. "Sex & Violence" was, as its title suggest, easily the most agressive and controversial LP the crew have ever recorded., Lead emcee KRS-One, hadn't dropped a true hardcore, yet conscious album, since he first debuted with the late DJ Scott La Rock for '87s "Criminal Minded". Through the years that had passed since Scott La Rock's tragic killing, B.D.P. had gone through a rotating cast of members and several changes in sound. The majority of them hardly contributed to the music as far as either beats, rhymes or writing goes. The three albums between the aforementioned LPs could more or less be seen as KRS-One solo albums. He was credited for all the production, 98 percent of verses and writing, mixing and arranging. The engineering was handled by D-Square and 'Doc' Ivan Rodriguez (something that these days would most likely give them both a co-production credit).

"Sex & Violence" had all the right elemenents from a slamming BDP album; coupling the social commentary of "By All Means Necessary", "Edutainment" "Gheto Music" and injecting darker topics, more thumping beats and overall a much harder edge. Both lyrically and production-wise, that is. The themes deals with things like black drugdealers needing to give something back to their community; the hoax of religions and the way they control peoples minds; metaphysical teachings; the I.R.S. treating people like whores; debunking 5% terminology in favor of humanism. There's even a twisted tale of a 13 year old girl with the apperance of someone much older and her homosexual police father trying to lure our hero into bed. This is just to name a few of these creative songs, each track on the entire LP basically got its own theme and KRS never repeats himself over the 60 minutes the LP clocks in at. Kris Parker has rarely been in such high spirit and flowing as viciously he does on this neck-breaking album. 

The quotables is plenty and lyrically it's no short of a masterpiece - high-powered battle rhymes ("Duck Down" and "Ruff Ruff" where KRS and Fredie Foxxx trades bars over a breakbeat banger provied by D-Square), the old-school block party tribute ("The Original Way", also with Foxxx), the way TV and mass media corrupts young peoples mind through sex and violence ("Sex & Violence"), groupies screaming rape to get that cash ("Hey Gal"), etc.

A very well-rounded album in other words, and one that, to me, is the true sequel to "Criminal Minded". It has a large dose of that hardcore street elment that was missing from many of the previous BDP albums while still maintaining much of the conscious lyrics that was found on those. It's the pinnacle of what KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions was capable of doing and what made them one of hip-hop's most hailed and legendary acts. To me, this and the following "Return Of The Boom Bap" was KRS at his absolute peak as an MC and as a teacher, and they both features the best body of work he ever rhymed over.
For "Sex & Violence", Kris updated his approach to creating an album; one that would reflect the start of something new. Rather than producing the entire album by himself, he invited legenary Prince Paul and the crazily underrated DJ Kenny Parker and Pal Joey (who did "Love's Gonna Getcha" the year before, and"Black Cop" on the CB4 Soundtrack) to handle the bulk of beats. The other three joints are provided by long-time engineer D-Square and KRS himself. While Kris is unquestionably a skilled producer, this was definitely one of the main things making the album stand out from previous LPs as it created a new, fresh sound for BDP. Every beat on the 15-song disc consists of raw, gritty and heavy boom-bap which, of course, makes them the perfect pallette for the agressive vocals Kris paints over them. Front-to-back listen is invitable and the soundscapes are really stripped down, back-to-basics type of shit with a modern twist on it (for being '92 that is). The rhythm section is at the forefront with the bass, the drums and Kris's vocals being the three MVPs; a recipe that would continue on 1993s  "Return Of The Boom Bap". And both these albums are in fact the epitome of what early '90s boom bap is supposed to sound.

1992 was an incredible year for hip-hop music (Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Lord Finesse, Showbiz & AG, Kool G Rap/DJ Polo, Gang Starr, Diamond D and many other classic LPs) but if you ask me, "Sex & Violence" is easily one of the top 3 records of that year (only topped by "Mecca & The Soul Brother" and "Runaway Slave" and possibly tied with "Daily Operation"). Unfortunately the LP was the least succesfull of all the B.D.P. albums up to that point and the reason had more to do with issues other people were having with KRS than the quality of the music. After throwing Prince Bee of PM Dawn of the stage and bumrushing it with a big entourage while going into "The Bridge is Over", made labels scared of the G.O.A.T.s unexpected antics and didn't promote the LP like it should have been. Similary the classic "Build & Destroy" was stepping on a lot of toes as he's bascially debunking large chunks of the 5% terminology which were extremely popular in hip-hop circles at the time and simultaneously it was a diss to X-Clan, and to a lesser degree Poor Righteous Teachers, who previously criticized KRS for being a sell-out and disagreed with his humanism stance.
The Source rewared the album with 4.5 mics which it's definitely deserving of; if not 5 (especially considering the inferior "Edutainment" was rewarded with the highest rating). I've seen plenty of people complain at forums and newsletters how ridiciolous it was for the magazine to give "S.&.V" a 4.5/5 rating while the critically acclaimed follow-up "Return Of The Boom Bap",  which was in 50% produced by Gang Starr's DJ Premier, "only" managed to get a 4 mic rating. I think that's just stupid, I agree that the "Boom Bap" LP absolutely deserved 4.5 mics but if it had, I think "S.&.V." would be well deserving of the 5 mics it never got. It wouln't suprise me if it's DJ Premier fans who's the most upset about that, but let's face it - the main producers of Prince Paul, Pal Joey and Kenny Parker did an excellent job of supplying KRS-One with the perfect canvas for him with bangers like the title track, "Poisonous Products", "13 & Good", "Build & Destroy", "Duck Down" and basically the rest of the album. To me this might just be KRS-One's finest album of all time; "Criminal Minded" is of course the most influential but as far as music I feel like revisiting over and over again I might give the edge to "Sex & Violence".

Back in the early '90s and late '80s, artists actually cared about their 12" releases and always packed them with dope remixes from the album and non album B-Sides. Besides of course instrumentals and accapellas for the DJs. I inclued a .rar file of the three album singles's (you can see the vieos above in this post too) B-Sides for y'all to enjoy while reminiscing on this gem which is a true tesament of why KRS-One should always be inclued in any list of greatest MCs of all time. The Ali Shaheed Muhammad Tribe Called Quest remix of "We In There" is especially dope to me and even superior to the album version which is saying alot. The non-album cut, "Feel The Vibe, Feel The Beat" is nothing to fuck around with either. I also aded "Black Cop" from the 'CB4 Soundtrack in 1992; although it appeared on the '93 album I found it interesting that it was here listed as a Boogie Down Productions song and is soley credited to Pal Joey for production. Enjoy, TURN IT UP and dust of your copy of "Sex & Violence" and realize how underrated of an album this actually was and still is.

01. "We In There" [Ali Shaheed Muhammad Radio Mix] (1992)
02. "Feel the Vibe, Feel the Beat" [prod. by KRS-One] (1992)
03. "13 & Good" [Kenny Parker Remix] (1991)
04. "Black Cop" [prod. by Pal Joey] (1992)

Bumpy Knuckles / Statik Selektah

The collaboration with MC Freddie Foxxx and producer Statik Selektah is out today and called "Lyrical Workout". The title track and first single was leaked a while ago and features Bumpy and NORE burying the hatchet; who is actually the only cameo on the entire LP. That's actually a good thing in my opinion since Foxxx is more than capable of holding down his own on this raw boom bap production supplied by Statik.

The only problem I have with "Lyrical Workout" is that I can't find it anywhere for purchase, not Amazon, UGHH, Fat Beats, Megastore, CDON, etc. It's a real shame if this album ends up as a digital release because it truly bangs and its faith is to be a simple internet release I'm dissapointed to say the least; I never in my life bought an mp3 file and I'm sure as hell ain't starting now. If it drops on wax or CD I'ma be the first to buy it, trust. The same goes for the recent KRS-One album, "Royalty Check", that Foxxx entirely produced.

I will most likely write a full review of this soon and I also want to take this post to promise a dope Bumpy Knuckles compilation I've been working on for a while - featuring tracks from various times but especially focusing on all the incredible guest features leading up to his "Industry Shakedown". It was tuff picking out just one ill joint from the LP to compliment this post with, it's just that good, but here's a little something for y'all to enjoy! Also if anyone knows where I can pick this up in physical form let me know in the comments section or via my GMail account.


Smif-N-Wessun / Pete Rock Freestyle

A short off the top of the dome freestyle for VLAD TV by the trio releasing their collaboration together, "Monumental", next tuesday. Obviously not the hottest free, but I'm giving them credit for spitting straight off the top rather than reading the verse from their Blackberries (I see you Joell Ortiz).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gnarls Barkley working on 3rd album

 This is just incredible news for me; MC/Singer Cee-Lo Green is once again teaming up with super producer Danger Mouse for a third installment of Gnarls Barkley. Since I first heard "St. Elsewhere" I was absolutely blown away, as with the the previous Goodie Mobb albums and D.M. produced albums like "The Grey Album", "Ghetto Pop Life", The DangerDOOM LP, "Demon Days", etc. has been constantly making me hit the rewind button over the years.

Danger Mouse is one of the most original and abstract producers of the decade and he just can't stand still, always trying to push the envelope further. Similary, Cee-Lo has always been an incredible talented and daring artist with a large, large dose of that SOUL. Gnarls Barkley might just be my favorite project from either one of them though; one of the best modern producers of all time as far as modern experimental and often abstract production goes that really meshes well with Cee-Lo's unique style. A clear winner.

I can't fucking wait for this project since this is easily two of my favorties. I realy hope this will turn out as good as "St. Elsewhere" and "The Odd Couple". What you think, will this be just milking something that's already been done to perfection and can't be improved or might it be equally good  as the previous LP? Drop a comment in that section with your thoughts on this. I for one will most definitely check it out, that's for sure! STAY TUNED!!!

VIDEO: Khaleel Ft. Panchi - "Rappin' Exercise"

This song was first playe on Premier's LiveFromHQ's radio broadcast amongst with other dope Preem laced bangers showing he's still going strong. I actually seen this song catching flack over @ varius hip-hop forums and blogs but personally I always felt it was a banging record. The song is taken from the Year Round Records compilation "Get Used to Us" which features 16 previously unreleased DJ Premier bangers mainly showcasing his YRR roundsters with some additional guests.

The LP has gone through several difficulties getting it out there to the public; I was really hopping for an actual physical release - CD or wax doesn't matter because I'm supporting this either way. At least 85% of the songs are bangers if you ask me and although Javas cought some flacks for his unique rhyme patterns I think the kid got charisma, funny punchlines and overall quite a dope MC. Add some hot DJ Premier beats to Javas rhyming and, imo, he works perfectly in that context to me. Hopefuly we'll see "Get Used to Us" in a store near me and you soon because I'm definitely picking this up. 

For me this Showbiz produced baner always stood out and Khaleel and Panchi are definitely doing their thing over a rock-solid Showbiz production. TURN IT UP!!

Artifatcs return after 15 year hiatus!!

You know I had to post this one, The Artifacts was one of the illest undergroud/backpacker rappers of '94-97 (backpackers as in graffiti writers not emo-rappers) with classic tracks like "The Wrong Side Of The Tracks", "Return Of The Wrong Sidde", "New Jerusalem", "The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)", "Collabroation Of Mics", "C'Mon With The Get Now" plus its remixes, "Comin' Thru Ya Fucking Block" and much more. If you haven't peeped their two previous albums, don't wait longer because they are both quality mid-'90s hip-hop.

They haven't released an album since 1997s "That's Them" and now 15 years later El Da Sensei, Tame One and DJ Kaos are finally back in business. Their latest efforting was released today and is called "Turn It Out" and is produced by King I Divine. So what y'all think, is this the Artifacst we want to hear?


New Evidence produced Apathy single

Apathy's new album "Honkey Kong" (gotta love that title) will be delivered to stores on August 23 and judging from this Evidence produced single, it sounds promising. To be fair, I'm not the biggest Apathy fan out there but alot of the guest verses I've heard from him recently has been off the hook an he most definitely has plenty of skills on the verbals.

So does of course Dilated People's own Evidence's production work who really compliment Apath's rhyme twisting on "Check to Check" as it's called, Other producers slated to appear on the album is DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Da Beatminerz, Apathy and Statik Selektah and guests include Xzibit, General Steele, Action Bronson, Mad Lion (!!), Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, Ecoteric and Slaine. Sounds like one to check for.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

DJ JS-1 / Jeru The Damaja / ToneDeff

"No One Cares / Ground Original 3" is the title of Rocksteady's own DJ JS-One's latest album that's out now on CD and hopefully vinyl in a minute. The LP is stacked with legendary guests including KRS-One, Razhel, Sadat X, AG, OC, Craig G, Sick Jacken and many others. One of the most interesting features is the return of hip-hop's consciousness, Jeru The Damaja. I've always been a fan of this man's style and haven't heard anything new from him since... I don't even know, might have been on Large Pro's last solo album? However that may be, Jeru and JS-One bumps head on the dark, sinister "Science" that's obviously inspired by the MCs early work with DJ Premier on the classic "The Sun Rises in the East". You can check out the sickness for yourself at the bottom of this post.

The first official single from the project is called "Last to Know" and features the talented ToneDeff spitting rapid fire over neck-breaking drums and chopped up soul samples. Sounds like a classic recipe for hot wax, right? Yeah, well you got that right! The video for it has been out for some time now but since I forgot to post it when it first dropped, I'm taking the opportunity to do so now instead. 

Last, but not least, I also must say that I'm glad that the Roc Raida tribute, "Life", by OC finally found a home since it's way too dope a track to just let it slip through the cracks. Support real hip-hop and pick up the album from UGHHAmazon or wherever you feel comfortable doing your shopping. 

Classic Clips - DJ Muggs @ DMC '89

Classic Clips is a new entry in the book of The Lost Tapes which I will try to update every once in a while. The idea is to, rather than just linking to a music video, post rare, vintage moments that represents the hip-hop culture and some of its most legendary artists. The clips will be at the very least ten years old in time. I was originally gonna kick things off with a different clip but as I stumbled across this awesome video yesterday, I decided it was perfect for this section.

The clip features an entire set of DJ Muggs, or Grandmixer Muggs as he was known then, performance from the DMC Championship Finals back in 1989 (that's the biggest DJ competition there is for those who is not initiated). Back then Muggs was of course part of the 7A3 trio and Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins was still in incubation. He's displaying some heavy skills on the tables here for sure, although the beat juggling might not be up to par with todays best turntablists. It makes me wonder why he doesn't incorporate more cuts on his records these days however. Last but not least I wanna give a big shout to the YouTube user Asn0910 for uploading this incredible lesson in hip-hop history!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jon Connor preps "Salvation"

 The Michigan native, Jon Connor, is currently preparing his "Salvation" which is set for release the 7th June this year. He's one of the few "new" hip-hop artists I feel are worth checking for as he's spitting real shit with a seriously tight flow rather than the usual bullshit that moves units these days - something that has drawn the attention of fellow lyricists like NaS. I'm not 100% sure of what exactly "Salvation" is gonna be, some sites have it listed as a digital EP while others claim it to be an actual album. We'll just have to wait and see. I, for one, will definitely be checking for it however.

So far two spoons of hot wax has been released from the project, the latest one was made available today and is called "Broken Mirror" and is produced by Reef. The previous song was released about a week ago and is produced by Optiks; I'm uploading both. Enjoy!


Big L documentary set for release

Can y'all believe that it's almost been 13 years since we lost one of hip-hop's greatest and most charismatic lyricists in Lamont Coleman? A damn shame and a travesty is what it was and still is but it's good to see that his name is still being repped and his legacy continues. Since last year fans of Harlem's Finest has been treated to two compilations of rare material and outtakes with "Return Of The Devil's Son" and last months "Danger Zone". One thing that hasn't found it's way to the stores or the festivals is the "Street Struck: The Big L Story" documentary about the life and times of Big L. The original trailer for the flick was released to the net a couple of years ago with the added text of 'Coming Soon' although the matter has been quiet since then.

That is all finally about to change now as the film is said to be finished and ready for release between August and September this year.  This is definitely something that I want to see as I think it will make a very interesting movie for any fan of the man as well as it's a fitting tribute to his name. In promotion of the film and its accompaning soundtrack, a music video has been shot for a track called "Me & L" by Mike Boogie who we heard with L on the classic posse cut "8 Iz Enuff". Check out the BTS clip from the video shoot below. 
Mega shouts to DangerZone Films for making this project happen, as well as Big L 0nline and 2 Dope Boyz for spreading the word!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Royce Da 5'9" vs. DJ Premier - "Bang It!!"

We all know that DJ Premier is one of the greatest of all time and that is always best reflected when he's working with truly skilled MCs like Nas, Jigga or Royce. Personally I am quite split in how I feel about Royce Da 5'9", to me he can go from one of the best in the game to pretty damn lame in a handflip. That never shows when he's working with Preemo though, it's like they both are bringing out the best in eachother which is always a blessing with artists on this level. 

For that reason the idea for this compilation is something I've had for a while but which was really sparked again when Royce recently released his Premier helmed new single, "Second Place", off the upcoming LP "Success is Certain". Since they collaborated on every single one of Royce's albums so far there was alot of material available and besides the album material I've got two Year Round Records remixes that he jumped on plus two sick freestyles to even things out. Basically this is every released DJ Premier/Royce Da 5'9" collaboration so make goddamn sure to TURN IT UP!!

01. "Hip-Hop"
02. "Hit 'Em"
03. "Ding!"
04. "Play It" (Ft. Big Shug, Singapore Kane & Termanology)
05. "Something 2 Ride 2" (Ft. Phonté)
06. "Gorilla Pimp"
07. "Second Place"
08. "My Friend"
09. "BOOM" [12" Street Mix]
10. "Royce is Like"
11. "Ya Dayz R #d Pt. II" (Ft. NYGz, Freddie Foxxx & Lady Of Rage)
12. "Hood Love" (Ft. Bun B)
13. "Shake This"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wu freestyle session @ Westwood

Just had to post this gem right here. Method Man, U-God and Masta Killa with DJ Allah Mathematics took some time between their UK concerts to spit some straight heat on Westwood's show the other night. Meth's first verse was amazing, makes me hype for "Crystal Meth"!

Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun - "Monumental"

The title track from the Pete Rock produced fifth album by Smif-N-Wessun just hit the nets via Duck Down's SoundCloud page. As you should know the LP hit stores on June 28 and hopefully it will get the support it probably will deserve, I know I'm gonna cop it on day 1. This track also features Tyler Woods.


"225 Rounds" of Wu-Tang

RZA is preparing the release of "Wu-Tang: Legendary Weapon", which he is the executive producer of, which will find its way to stores everywhere on July 26. It's easy to get fooled into thinking this is an actual Wu-Tang Clan album, which it is not. This is the actual follow-up project to 2009s "Wu-Tang: Chamber Music" which saw a majority of the Clan rappers collaborating with other legendary NYC emcees over live instrumentation performed by The Revelations. The concept seems to remain on this disc and both this song and the previous single, "Only The Rugged Survive", is again credited to producer Noah Rubin and MOP's Fizzy Womack. Tracklist and download link below.

01. "Start The Show" (Ft. RZA & Raekwon)
02. "Laced Cheeba" (Ft. Ghostface, Trife & Sean Price)
03. "Diesel Fluid" (Ft. Method Man, Trife & Cappadonna)
04. "Played by The Game"
05. "The Black Diamonds" (Ft. Ghostface & Roc Marciano)
06. "Legendary Weapons" (Ft. Ghostface, M.O.P. & AZ)
07. "Never Feel This Pain" (Ft. U-God, Inspectah Deck & Tre Williams)
08. "Angels Got Wings"
09. "Drunk Tounge" (Ft. Killa Sin)
10. "225 Rounds" (Ft. RZA, U-God, Cappadonna & Bronze Nazareth)
11. "Meteor Hammer" (Ft. Ghostface, Action Bronson & Termanology)
12. "Live Through Death"
13. "Only The Rugged Survive" (Ft. RZA)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Axe - "Random Call"

Another video from the illness known as Random Axe to remind y'all that the album is available on CD everywhere starting today. With Black Milk on the boards and Sean Price/Guilty Simpson tag-teaming the verbals I can't do anything else but strongly recommend this joint. Pick it up from Amazon, UGHH, MegaStore or whatever you prefer. Militant vinylists gets their fix next Tuesday.

Buckwild & CP

I really have no clue who C.P. is but his mixtape, "The Ugly Truth", was released a few weeks back and the tracks I've heard sounds pretty tight. He is associated with Little Vic, who dropped a dope DJ Premier produced 12" single called "The Exorcist" some years ago, who's listed as executive producer of the project and appears on most of the songs on the tape. My main reason for checking this out was definitely the three contributions by Buckwild which I have uploaded for all the D.I.T.C. heads. If you're feeling these you might want to check out the entire tape @ DatPiff or MediaFire. By the way who used the sample on "Treachery" before? My mind is blanking out on that one right now.



NEW "Nasty" NaS

The new single from Nas hit the net this morning, the first one to be released from his forthcoming album currently to be titled "Life is Good". This banger is produced by Nasty's trusted right hand man since 2001, Salaam Remi, and continues the tradition of heavy collaborations between the two. One never knows when it comes to Nas and album releases tho, more often that not the best songs are leaked in forehand only to never make the retail release; think about "What It Is?!", the original version of "Hope", "Serious" with AZ, "Star Wars", "My Will", and the list goes on. However that may turn out, this is definitely a good look for Nas in 2011.

NaS - "Nasty"

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Making of Big Pun's "Capital Punishment"

Another great XXL Mag article was the 9-page spread given to the track-by-track breakdown of The Making of "Capital Punishment" in their March 2004 issue. As the other articles in the Making of... series, it includes interesting quotes from the people behind the project, describing their involvement in the respective songs. Fat Joe is of course a part of it, as is JuJu/The Beatnuts, RZA, Armageddon, Infinite Arkatectz (remember them?), Young Lord, Inspectah Deck, Prodigy, Sean C and more. 

If you're a fan of Big Punisher's debut album, and I can't really see how you couldn't be, this is essential reading that will undoubtly make you hit play on "Beware" and let it run. To me, "Capital Punishment" is a rap classic that stood the test of time although I do make a few adjustments to the tracklist when uploading it to the iPod. While I love the original Minnesota take on "I'm Not A Player", I just can't stand the mess that is its sequel and pushed the incredible Showbiz laced, Kool G-Rap/B-Real/Fat Joe featuring "Wishful Thinking" off the LP. Besides that switch I only get rid of most of the skits except for the one with Dead Prez and the musical intermissions but otherwise this album warrants front-to-back play and repeated listens.

To not take up too much space on the blog's front page I decided to upload all the scans in a .rar file for y'all to download instead of putting each separate page here. These scans is something I've been having on my computer for the longest and are not my scans, if anyone feel they deserve the credit for this let me know and I'll give you a mention. Download below: