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Thursday, May 31, 2012

OC & Apollo Brown - "Biggest Loser"

OC & Apollo Brown's recent "Trophies" project ranks as one of the best albums of the year, and here's another heater from the record session. "Biggest Loser" is one of two exclusives that appears on a bonus 7" single attached to the Deluxe Edition of the 2xLP set, which I'm still awaiting despite my pre-order.

Lord Finesse x Percee P - "Kicking Flavor" [Remix]

A bunch of funky releases has seen the light of day since Lord Finesse hooked up with Slice-Of-Spice Records last year. The latest is the 11 track CD, "Funky Man: The Prequel" which features unreleased and remixed 'Ness joints from the early '90s. Included are this new remix of the classic Percee P collabo, "Kicking Flavor With My Man", which appeared in its original incarnation on "The Return of Funky Man". You can also take a listen to the instrumental + order your signed copy of "Funky Man: The Prequel" via Slice-Of-Spice.

[Compilation] ORGANIZED KONFUSION - "God Send"

Organized Konfusion's imprint on the hip-hop scene was hardly left by accident. The Queens duo, which consisted of Prince Poetry and Pharoahe Monch, were not only two of the most lyrically brilliant cats around; they also had a knack for creating absolutely mindblowing beats that held their own against additional contributions by people like Buckwild and The Large Professor. After only three albums, all still held in the higest regards amongst true hip-hop heads today, Po and Monch went their separate ways to focus on their own succesful solo deals. "Organized Konfusion" (1991), "Stress: The Extinction Agenda" (1994) and "The Equinox" (1997) has hopefully already found their way into your record collection, and if not maybe the compilation presented below will point you in the right direction.

"God Send" features fourteen tracks from the duo's 1990s run, and is to my knowledge an almost complete collection of all original Po and Monch joints not included on the three aforementioned LP:s. I've deliberatly excluded the 1989 demo they recorded with Paul C as Simply II Positive MC's; that's a post for another day, together with their 1987 single "Memories of Love". Furthermore, I decided against the inclusion of OC's "War Games", considering how it only feature O.K. on the hooks. The same goes for "For My Peeps" which, although credited to both, only features Prince Po. There's also a gang of ill records produced by Organized Konfusion, which you'll also see pop up on The Lost Tapes very soon, so stay tuned. Below are a quick rundown of where the songs originally appeared on, along with a few notes. As usual all songs appear in their full versions, and in good to great quality. TURN IT UP!!

01. "Bring It On" [The Lost Remix]
"Bring It On" is a stand out from the "Stress" LP, but the "Lost Remix" has very little to do with the original incarnation. In fact, it is more of a sequel than an actual remix; featuring all new vocals over an incredible Buckwild production. Released as a white label around '96, and also appeared on the soundtrack for the '96 flick "The Substitute".

02. "Rekonstruction" [Rhyme & Reason Mix]
The "Rhyme & Reason" mix of DJ Spooky's "Rekonstruction" is one I've rarely, if ever, seen mentioned when discussing the works of Organized Konfusion. The original version appeared on Spooky's "Riddim Warfare" in 1998, while this mix made it's entry on a vinyl EP called "Spiritual Minded" that was released a year later. This take is darker and more agressive than the original, and I would say both are equally impressive.

03. "Murder By Syntax"
Created for the DJ/producer centered compilation  "Deeper Concentration" on OM Records in '98, "Murder by Syntax" is credited to DJ Spooky featuring Organized Konfusion. Similiar to the previous track, this one is pretty hardcore and makes you wish DJ Spooky would get more attention on hip-hop albums.

04. "Ill Collabo" (w. Cella Dwellas)
Lifted from The Dwellas' classic sophomore release, "The Last Shall Be First", the cameo was credited to Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch since this was recorded after the group's official split. Fans of exceptional lyricism will find this most satisfying, and Rockwilder turns in one of his most boom-bapish beats, post-"Da Rockwilder". Released in 2000 on Stimulated Records.

05. "Sway & Tech Radio Promo: Interlude" (w. Nas)
This fat radio promo appeared on the 2005 release, "Best of Organized Konfusion" and is, obviously, a promo record for Sway & Tech's The Wake Up Show. The fact is that these 1.5 minutes are just an excerpt of a complete "Wake Up Show Anthem", recorded and rleased in 1994. I decided to include the short version on the compilation, due to the fact that the sound quality is a lot better with both O.K. verses intact. The original version features a crazy line-up of Lauryn Hill, Nas, Prince Po, Pharoahe Monch, Saafir, Ras Kass, Chino XL, Shyheim and Foxy Brown... Check it out for yourself - "Wake Up Show Anthem '94".

06. "Frontline" (w. El Da Sensei, Mike Zoot & F.T.)
"Frontline" falls in the posse cut category, the line-up of El Da Sensei, Organized Konfusion, Mike Zoot and F.T. blesses a dope Shawn J. Period production that will surely have your head nodding. Recorded for the Groove Attack compilation, "Superrappin' - The Album" and released in 1999.

07. "You Won't Go Far" (w. OC)
One of the closest affiliates of the duo this post focuses on, was right from the jump Omar Credle (OC that is). O made his recording debut on the opening song of "Organized Konfusion", the masterpiece "Fudge Pudge", and also made an apperance on "Stress". Po and Monch produced no less than four cuts from OC's classic debut LP, "Word...Life" and there was even talk of a collaborative project between the three at one point. "You Won't Go Far" is a great showcase of how great that would've been, as there is no denying the tight chemistry this trio displays here; and it's a concept record on top of that! Released in 1995 on the "New Jersey Drive" soundtrack (Vol. 2).

08. "Stress Remix" (w. Large Professor)
Similiar to the "Bring it On" remix, the Extra-P take on "Stress" is more of a sequel than a remix as it's really only the hook that string them together. Large Pro leaves the dark, rumbling basslines that characterized the album version, in favor of a lighter sound centered around the Fender Rhodes piano. Released as a single in 1994, it's possible that it was also intended to appear on the album as the credits reads "Ocee and Large Professor appears courtesy of Wild Pitch Records"; despite no other apperance from The Guy With The Glasses.

09. "Late Night Action"
This rather moody piece is supposedly a song recorded for "The Equinox" album. Instead it appeared on the "Soul in the Hole" soundtrack the same year. The sound is also very similiar in style to that of the last O.K. album, and is not too suprisingly produced by the duo as well.

10. "Passion"
This terrific cut packs a very dark and atmospheric sound, complete with a great horn sample floating in and out of the soundscape underneath the verses. "Passion" appeared on "The Best of..." compilation from 2005, with no further explanation of the songs origins. Judging by the sound of it, I would place it around the time of "Stress", possibly a little later. Most likely self-produced.

11. "Tender" [Remix] (w. Attica Blues)
Attica Blues is a trip-hop trio from the UK that released their self-titled debut album on the Mo' Wax label in '97. From there, the single "Tender" was released, complete with a remix produced by Organized Konfusion. Although it does not mention on the label, the remix also features one verse each by the duo, holding down microphone duties for the first two minutes of the seven minutes joint. This might seem like a pretty odd collaboration, and it definitely is, but it's pretty damn great either way.

12. "Decisions"
Superb concept track from the "America is Dying Slowly" project (1996), a compilation of exclusive hip-hop tracks meant to raise awareness about AIDS. Produced by the always ill DJ Ogee, who's very talented but unfortunately has a way too small catalouge for his skills. Hopefully we'll get to hear more from him sooner or later.

13. "O.K. Moodswing: Interlude"
Self-produced funky interlude type of track from from the "Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken" single (1991). Featuring Adam "Ant" Anton on guitar and Chris Conway on drums.

14. "Rekonstruction"
The original version of DJ Spooky's earliest Organized Konfusion collaboration, "Rekonstruction", lifted from his "Riddim Warfare" project (1998). I'm a big fan of this as well as the remix, which is why I decided to include them both here. I'm sure you don't mind!

15. "God Send"
How could I make an Organized Konfusion compilation, and not include the final piece of the puzzle? "God Send" fits perfectly as the outro to this one hour set as I always felt that it managed to bring some type of closure to the impeccable musical legacy of these two giants. Recorded for Pharoahe Monch's solo debut, "Internal Affairs" on Rawkus in 1999; produced by Lee Stone and Pharoahe Monch.


Pace Won & Mr. Green - "My God"

Pacewon of Tha Outsidaz and producer Mr. Green is set to release their "The Only Number that Matters is Won" on September 4. The LP will serve as a follow up their original 2008 collaboration, "The Only Color that Matters is Green". The single "My God", sees Pacewon reminiscing on much of the classic hip-hop music that affected and inspired him throughout his life, over a fittingly laid back Mr. Green instrumental. The song was premiered live @ Fat Beats as far back as 2010.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Video] DJ J-Ronin & Lil' Fame - "Misery"

DJ J-Ronin and DJ Snips' banging "All Elements V. 12" mixtape is hosted by M.O.P., so it's not suprising that the Lil' Fame assisted "Misery" is the first choice for a video. Head over to to pick up a copy of the CD.

[VIDEO] Rome Clientel - "My Life's Like a Movie"

Rome Clientel keeps it moving with another video from his recently released "The Lost Catacombs" EP. "My Life's Like A Movie" is produced by Mr. Scott with additional vocals contributed by Alycat.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blockhead & Illogic - "Caffeine Budget"

Rather incredible shit by Illogic and madly underrated producer Blockhead, called "Caffeine Budget". The duo is set to deliver the collaborative EP, "Preparing For Capture", on June 5 and if the sounds of the first single is anything to go by, we should all be paying attention!

[VIDEO] Reks - "Autographs"

Another sure shot from Reks' Statik Selektah laced fourth LP, "Straight No Chaser". This time it's the album opener, "Autographs", that gets embraced with a video, directed by Felipe Jorge. Available now @ iTunes, UGHH or your store of choice.

IMAKEMADBEATS & MidaZ The Beast - "Figaro Chain Mystery"

Producer IMAKEMADBEATS recently released the very cool concept album, "Daylight / Nightlight" via Doxside Music Group. Some of y'all might remember that this was originally conceivied as two separate EP records, one featuring Butta Verses and the other with Midaz the Beast handling microphone duties. Besides the original fourteen tracks, the new repackaged album version also features a couple of fresh bonus cuts, including the dark "Figaro Chain Mystery". Grab your copy and read more about "Daylight / Nightlight" @ Doxside.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Video] NAS - "Daughters"

Brand new video for Nas' latest single, the No I.D. produced "Daughters". All three singles from the upcoming album are still getting steady spins, I got high hopes for "Life is Good" which is scheduled for a June 17 release.

BILLY DANZE Presents Raps United Nation

At the beginning of this year, hip-hop legend Billy Danze launched his latest project - "R.U.N. - Raps United Nations". Rather than your typical solo album, Danze has created a platform for talented emcees, producers and DJs from around the world, giving them a chance to be heard. "These artists need to be heard and have a united voice. I am very passionate about giving them that opportunity and will do anything in my power to help those that really want to win," said the M.O.P. rapper in an interview with HipHopDX back in January.

About a month following the abvovementioned interview, the UN of rap music released "First Wave", a 30 track mixtape with a long list of debuting artists and a few more familiar names; hosted by Billy Danze and DJ J-Ronin. Now, the follow-up tape "Second Wave" has been released to the public, featuring plenty of hot beats and rhymes, spread out over the 30 songs. The sequel is once again hosted by Danze, this time alongside DJ U-Neek. Peep the tracklist/stream here or grab it right away.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Album] M-Dot - "Dots On The Map"

Boston rapper M-Dot has made his mark on the underground scene the last couple of years, with several mixtapes and tours in both USA and Europe. Before heading out on the road again, he has unveiled his latest project, "Dots On The Map", for free download and it's strongly recommended. Featured on the tape are lots of different artists, such as Masta Ace, Big Shug, Nutso and Punchline representing the US, and Prop Dylan, DJ Connect, Rocc Spotz and others holing it down for the EU. The mixtape also works as a prequel to M-Dot's upcoming full-length LP, "Layer Cake" (where the vid above is lifted from), which drops on May 29. Download via 1200.

The Making of Nas' "It Was Written"

One of the best examples of an album that has been reevaluated over time, Nas' sophomore LP "It Was Written" saw the Queensbridge emcee reach for the charts while maintaining integrity. Lyrically, it's as strong as "Illmatic" although the topics were much different and The Trackmasters, Havoc, L.E.S., Dr. Dre and DJ Premier constructed a rather dark, and often moody, soundbed for Escobar's words to flourish on. Because of its tangible differences from his much praised debut, the '96 follow-up led to the first accusations of Nas' as a sell-out. Today, "It Was Written" is more often considered a true hip-hop classic, and a good representation of the time and place hip-hop was at during the time the LP was conceived. Something I personally agree with.

Complex Magazine follows their recent Nas interview/article with a trip down memory lane, with Nas, Trackmasters, DJ Premier, Prodigy and Steve Stoute discussing the making of "It Was Written". A very interesting read, no doubt; much props to Complex for their incredible in-depth articles!

Friday, May 25, 2012

[EP/Comp] MC EIHT - "Which Way iz West"

 MC Eiht's album "Which Way iz West" has been in the works for a long time by now, and was originally set to be released in 2010. Yet, there's still not even a release date for the LP, which on paper and based on the singles released so far should be nothing short of incredible. For the project, Eiht has hooked up with long-time friend and super producer, DJ Premier, and his Year Round Records imprint. Eiht and Preem together guarantees a hot ass album, but we all know that there's been a lot of unfortunate problems with the label; resulting in both Blaq Poet and Nick Javas leaving to pursue other deals, while NYGz "Hustler's Union" remains without even a release date after four years of push backs. I really hope "Which Way Iz West" will not end up a shelved classic, and that we will be able to pick it up at least within a reasonable time frame.

What do we know about Eiht's upcoming album? As mentioned above, DJ Premier will act as its executive producer, but not as main producer. It has been revealed that he has three beats on the album, with additional scratches on a few other joints. The bulk of the project was recorded at the legendary HeadCQuarterz studios (formerly D&D). So far, four singles has been released, and they have all been straight up supreme; real hip-hop shit, with a lot of soulful samples, tight rhythm tracks, ill turntable work and Eiht in absolutely excellent form. "I think [Which Way Is West] is going to be well-accepted, and it's going to go down as one of my best records," the emcee said in an interview with HipHopDX back in 2010.

An interesting point is that the five tracks we've heard so far, (the vieo above is part of the sampler; if anyoe got the mp3 please send it my wa( has all been laced by Austrian producer Brenk Sinatra. This point to the likeliness that he's the main producer of "Which Way Iz West". Some people might feel cheated of Preem's limited involvement, but personally I feel that the chemistry that's so evident between Brenk and Eiht on these cuts is just as exciting. I've compiled all the released cuts into a little sampler for y'all to nod your heads to this beautiful morning. Most of the songs were released as internet singles, while the track "Fine By Me" first appeared on the YRR promo album - "Get Used 2 Us". I also added the "From QB to California" remix of Blaq Poet's "Aint Nuttin Changed", featuring Eiht and Young Maylay, as it is also representative of Eiht's work on Year Round. 'Nuff talk - TURN IT UP!!

01. "All Hood"
02. "I Need That"
03. "Fine By Me"
04. "Where U Goin' 2"
05. "Aint Nuttin Changed Remix" (w. Blaq Poet & Young Maylay)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

LikNuts - "Grumpy Crocodile"

Roughly a year ago, the collaboration between Tha Alkaholiks and The Beatnuts as LikNuts was first announced. Now, we gets to hear the first single from the upcoming project, "Grumpy Crocodile". Pretty raunchy joint that does a fine job combining the styles of both groups... Bring out the bottles!!

DJ Nu-Mark x J-Live - "Tonight"

Slamming new track by Jurassic 5's DJ Nu-Mark, featuring J-Live, M3 and Erica Dee. "Tonight" is a great cut that's on a real nice summer vibe tip, which is a perfect soundtrack to this Thursday. The combination of that sweet guitar riff, J-Live's fantastic mic skills, sweet vocals and the classic "kick, snare, snare, hi-hat" formula is bound to have a lot of heads nodding. This is also the second installment in Nu-Mark's "Broken Sunlight" series, following the equally impressive Bumpy Knuckles assisted "Dumpin' 'Em All", and is available on 10" vinyl single and in digital format via the link below.


Rosco P. Coldchain to Debut

Rosco P. Coldchain is a street-centered rapper who's been lurking in the shadows of the industry for a lot longer than most would guess. He originally got his break as an affiliate of The Clipse, and was signed to The Neptunes' Star Trak Entertainment imprint, where he recorded the full-length album "Hazardous Life". The LP boosted production giants like DJ Premier and Neptunes but remains unreleased, and it seems it will stay that way. 2012, however, will see a debut release from the emcee, despite his current incarceration. The nine tracks collected on the release, titled "Almost Famous", are all produced by Fatin "10" Horton and were originally recorded between 2003 and 2007. Fatin, who produced suberb cuts for Pharoahe Monch, Skyzoo, Phonte and Torae, assures that they were "ahead of its time". 

While we're waiting for the June 12 release, I want to bring back the two joints that introduced me to Rosco. I believe both of these songs were recorded for "Hazardous Life" sometime in the mid-2000s. Both tracks, which are produced by DJ Premier, are on some vintage hardcore boom bap shit, and has me fiending for the official debut album next month. Enjoy!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Large Pro on his Classics

Just as I hit play on Akinyele & Extra-P's 1993 masterpiece, "Vagina Dinner", I discovered that the producer is the latest to be featured in Complex's always brilliant "...Tells All: The Stories Behind the Classics" article series. There's few pieces in The Professor's catalouge that's not right down amazing, so you can bet this is an interesting read while we're waiting for the next LP. Especially cool to read the words on his early, largely uncredited work, on Eric B. & Rakim's and Kool G Rap / Polo's early '90s albums.

[Video] 38 Special / Styles P - "Support"

The first official set of visuals from .38 Special's forthcoming debut album, "Time Served", is here and it's a pretty sick vid with cameos from emcees, DJ:s and actors. The track in question is the Pete Rock and Styles P assisted banger, "Support".

Monday, May 21, 2012

Show & AG - "That Nigga Crazy" [Remix]

Following Showbiz & AG's superb free LP, "MugshotMusic: PRELOADED", Show releases this tight remix of "That Nigga Crazy". If you're banging your head to this, you can show your support by copping a few cuts of the Deluxe Version, or check out Showbiz's latest instrumental tape; "Still Diggin': Vol. 1".


[Tracklist] Alchemist - "Russian Roulette"

After releasing this year's brilliant "Vodka & Ayahuasca", Alchemist and Oh No are both taking time off from Gangrene in order to deliver respective solo projects. ALC's latest creation is called "Russian Roulette" and will, as expected, be heavy on interesting guest features. July 17 is the day, so save up!

1. Soundcheck
2. Apollo’s Last Stand f. AG Da Coroner
3. Crushed Kremlin f. Meyhem Lauren
4. Decisions Over Veal Orloff f. Action Bronson
5. Learned By Listening
6. Training Montage: Getting Stronger
7. Ivan’s Workout Plan
8. Never Grow Up f. Evidence
9. The Turning Point f. Roc Marciano
10. Live From Dynamo Stadium 2
11. Don Seymour’s Theme f. Midaz
12. Before The Fight Prelude
13. Adrian’s Words: Champion Song
14. Flight Of The Bumblebee
15. Kalashnekov Guns f. Guilty Simpson
16. Fight Confirmation f. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q
17. Press Conference Prelude
18. Freakish Strength
19. Junkyard Fight Scene f. DRDC
20. Oleg’s Flight f. Fashawn
21. Moscow Mornings: Sunrise
22. Moscow Evenings: Sunset
23. The Kosmos pt. 1: Liftoff f. Chuuwee
24. The Kosmos pt. 2: Power Glove f. Boldy James
25. The Kosmos pt. 3: In Orbit
26. The Kosmos pt. 4: Moon Probe f. Big Twinz
27. The Kosmos pt. 5: 1st Contact: The Chase
28. The Kosmos pt. 6: Life On Another Planet f. Willie The Kid
29. The Kosmos pt. 7: The Explanation f. Mr. MFN eXquire
30. The Kosmos pt. 8: Return To Earth Outro

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lewis Parker x Sadat X x Shabaam Sahdeeq

UK producer Lewis Parker has blown me away on several occassions, like his brilliant debut album "Masquerades & Silhouettes" and his excellent work with Ghostface. Now it's time again, as Parker is gearing up for the release of a new solo album, "The Glass Ceiling", later this year on his own Dusty Vinyl imprint. For the single "Walking On A Razor", Parker has enlisted two New York giants in the form of Sadat X and Shabaam Sahdeeq... And the results is just as good as expected.

Rhettmatic - "Excerpts From the SP1200"

DJ Rhettmatic of the legendary Beat Junkies lets loose of his latest mixtape, titled "Excerpts From The SP1200". Included are thirteen fat instrumentals originally conducted by Rhettmatic on his SP1200 between 1994 and 1998. You can stream all the songs, with the option to purchase for any price you think is fair game. Check it out here, where you'll also see a message from Rhettmatic explaining the project.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[CLASSIC CLIPS] '92 Showbiz & AG Interview

It's been a long, long time since I posted any Classic Clips on The Lost Tapes, but with "Preloaded" and "Still Diggin' Vol. 1" getting plenty of plays the last few weeks and seeing this, I had to revisit the concept. There's certainly not many Show & A interviews from the "Runaway Slave" era, which to me is one of the 5-10 best hip-hop albums ever released. There's lots of interesting stuff revealed in this BET interview, such as Show being the man behind most of the song concepts back then, their take on the difference between rap music and hip-hop music and much more (including a great quote by Show right at the end). In other words this shit is pure GOLD, so make sure to press play all y'all D.I. heads.

.38 Special / Styles P - "Support Remix"

"Time Served" is the debut album by New York artist .38 Special, that's coming out latert this year.  In the video above, you can see him chilling over in the HeadQcourterz Studios with Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Green Lantern who are all contributing to the project. Pete Rock had production duties on the first single, "Support", which is now getting the remix treatment with a Styles P verse to boot. I have a feeling this will end up being the album version.


OC - "Who Run It "[Damu Remix]

A lot of Ocee on The Lost Tapes lately, which almost alwayss equals interesting music, both from a lyrcail and musical standpoint. I hold his 2003 album "Starchild" as a true classic, and I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a copy of the CD since it's not out of print. The featured song "Who Run It", gets the remix treatment by Damu the Fudgemenk, who does a  great job transforming the sound of Locsmif's more laid-back original to incorporate hardhitting, bass heavy rhythm with aggressive drums, and a very jazz-esque sample chop reminiscent of the Diggin' sound, which of course fits O' perfect. Damu's new take right away connects and compliments the emcee's flow on the cut. I love both versions, but I might very well prefer this over the album version.

Back to "Starchild", Ocee's fourth solo album, released in a very limited pressing on CD in Japan and some European countreis, in a very limited pressing. For vinyl, most of the songs were released on two equally limited vinyl EPs; "The Funk Star", and "The Soul Star". The album was released on Grit Records, a small hip-hop label that had some success around this time with great releases by KRS-One and Soul Supreme along with OC. From there, it was said that "Starchild" would get a proper retail release, but a completely remixed take. Some of y'all might remember that it was originally Pete Rock who were said to remix the entire project, as "Soulchild", later we heard that the remixes would be handled by Beat Fanatic Productions. In 2011, however, the good folks over at Redefinition Records released a White Label 12" with Damu the Fudgemunk's remix, and now that Redef uploaded it to Soundcloud, it now says this was also for a "Starchild" remix project. It seems most likely that they were working on a remix album, with some Pete beats, some Beat Fanatic beats as well as some outside producers. What I know, is that I would fucking love to hear the project in full. You can check out a gang of those remixes in this previous post on the subject.

Revisited; MOBB DEEP - "Murda Muzik" [Advance]

Many would argue that Mobb Deep's last truly great album was "Murda Muzik", and although the thugged out Queensbridge duo has released plenty of good music since, I would have to agree that they have never come close to those "first" three albums. It also remains their best selling album ever, which should have made them realize that their biggest successes come from sticking to their script, rather than watering down their albums with super lame cuts like "Handcuffs". Released in 1999, it was the time of Napster, as in the time where digital downloads and bootlegged albums rapidly become a reality. This caused serveral projects leaking way ahead of time, resulting in the artists going back in to the studio to try and "freshen" up their projects, deleting some of the old and throwing on something new. That was most of the time a rush job due to deadlines, which often resulted in the final product not behing at all as dope as originally intended. The most talked about, and widespread bootlegs, at the time were Nas' "I Am... The Autobiography", Jay-Z's "Vol. 3: The Life & Times of S. Carter", Inspectah Deck's "Uncontrolled Substance" and, of course, The M-O-B-B's Murderous Music.

When I first posted this about a year ago, I had gathered all the songs from that promo tracklist and put them together in the correct sequence. Luckily, the good man Fritz was nice enough to send me the real deal; the actual promo CD, a group rip straight from the source, which means that all tracks are now heard in good quality, and are exactly the way magazine reviewers got to hear the album before its release. The only downside is that most of the tracks are watermarked with that girl early bootleggers will remember so well - "For press release only...." haha. Besides the quality, the differences from the one I have posted before are that there's no Nas on "U.S.A. (Aight Then)", the original "Quiet Storm" is only two minutes and so is the original "Streets Raised Me". You can still check out the version I originally posted to get those songs.

The changes you'll hear include an alternative verison of "Quiet Storm", a track originally intended for "H.N.I.C.". "Mobb Coming Thru" is an underground Mobb classic sometimes known as "Perfect Plot". Next new song is the track "Fuck Her (Sheisty)" which to me is not one of the better songs on the album although it's definitely okay.  "Feel My Gat Blow" is a true Mobb masterpiece, which really makes you wonder why they left that off the final product; it did however appear on the first "Violator" compilation. "Nobody Likes Me" is a similiar, dark joint that's overall simply terrific. One of the real gems, however, comes in the form of "Pile Raps", an unbelivably dope and powerful Prodigy solo, where he rhymes straight through, no hook or breakdowns. Havoc's somber but hard hitting beats really works very close to perfection. and are further proof of why Hav and P always made best music together those days. Luckily, the track didn't go to complete waste, since the Mobb revisited it for the "QB Finest" compilaion as "Power Raps", although with a brand new beat. On "Murda Muzik", Havoc's production was still dark and sinister, with some of the tightest rhythm in the game at the time and his inovative use of samples made the musical aspect of the LP both raw and rugged, yet more polished than the two previous LPs. On top of that, P totally spazzed out on the entire disc. There's so many quotables all over this, like "This is Heavy Metal for the black people, it's rock and roll but it's hip-hop though/ my drug music, thereaputic to the user - you SLAM DANCE to it" just to name one.  And that aside, his delivery/flow here were close to unbeatable, and for me "HNIC" and this might be the last two Prodigy apperances as one of the greatest emcees in the game. It's also good to hear Big Noyd deliver three crazy verses on this advance, Make sure to grab this while you still can and give it a thorough listen and feel free to drop a comment ob your opinion, e.g.which version you prefer, and why. Enjoy and TURN IT UP!!!

01. "Quiet Storm"
02. "Allostrous"
03. "Mobb Comin' Thru" (Ft. Big Noyd)
04. "Guns, Money, Pussy (Adrenaline)"
05. "The Realest" (Ft. Kool G Rao)
06. "Fuck That Bitch" (Ft. Big Noyd)
07. "Feel My Gat Blow"
08. "Where Ya Heart At?"
09. "How You Want It? (What's Ya Poison)" (Ft. Cormega)
10. "Murda Muzik"
11. "Streets Raised Me" [OG Mix] (Ft. Big Noyd & Chinky)
12. "Pile Raps"
13. "Nobody Likes Me"
14. "Hoe Gonna Be A Hoe"
15. "U.S.A. (Aiight Then)"
16. "Where Ya From" (Ft. 8-Ball)
17. "Thug Muzik"


Friday, May 18, 2012

[Compilation] OC - "The Inventor"

Those of you who have followed the blog for a while are aware that OC is an emcee I hold in the highest regards. Although he doesn't always get the props he deserves, he's got an amazing catalouge with classics like "Word...Life", "Jewelz", and "Starchild". Of course, he just dropped another supreme LP, in the form of his collaboration with Apollo Brown on "Trophies". But as is the case with basically any of our rhyming heroes, OC has also built his rep through guest apperances, cameos on soundtracks and compilations and underground singles. As usual, that's where The Lost Tapes come in with another banging compilation!

"The Inventor" features 17 choice cuts from O's career, stretching back to 1995 with "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers", to last year's boom bap renaissance - "Free Ya Mind", produced by Blastah Beatz. Over the next 70 minutes, you'll hear OC flex his lyrical muscle over hard hitting beats provided by Large Professor, Lord Finesse, DJ Premier, Ogee, Marco Polo, J-Love, Show, Soul Supreme and more. I deliberately did not include any of his work with his original main producer; Buckwild. The reason? Many of those were previously collected on an earlier compilation - "Ex-O-Cises". So if you feel up for more than an hour of sample-infested hip-hop with the focus on knocking drums, grooving basslines, and only the finest lyricism, don't sleep on this tape... And if you're feeling it, support real artists and pick up "Trophies" if you haven't already.

01. "O' Lord: Intro"
02. "The Inventor"
03. "Free Ya Mind" [Blastah Beatz Golden Era Remix]
04. "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers" (w. Chubb Rock & Jeru the Damaja)
05. "Conquer Mentality Remix" (w. Presto, Large Professor & Sadat X)
06. "Lyrical Tyrants: From Local to Global" (w. DJ Muro)
07. "Ya Better Recognize" (w. Lord Finesse & Rell)
08. "Lake Of Fire" (w. Lordz Of Brooklyn & Lord Finesse)
09. "Worst Nightmare" (Ft. Kai)
10. "Straight No Chaser"
11. "Maquee"
12. "Journey Remix" (w. Cormega, Sadat X & Large Professor)
13. "Metal Thangz" (w. Street Smartz & Pharoahe Monch)
14. "Showtime"
15. "Return to the Terrordome: R.A.W." (w. EZD)
16. "Food For Thoughts" (w. Cradle Orchestra)
17. "Life" (w. DJ JS-1)


Konfident x Oh No x Sean Price - "Bogarts"

Funky shit by LA producer/emcee Konfident who enlists two heavyweights in the form of Sean Price and Oh No for his latest single, "Bogarts". I believe this is my first time hearing of Konfident, but this is some vintage hip-hop shit right here so I'll definitely be checking for more ish from this guy.

"DiLLATROiT" Coming Soon

As recently reported, a collection of new tracks based on rare J Dilla beats and titled "Return Of Detroit" is set for a June 12 release. Before the LP hits stores, Mahogani Music is providing fans with a pre-EP called "Dillatroit", available as a limited vinyl release this May 25. I believed "Jay Dee's Revenge" were supposed to appear here, but I don't see it on the tracklist. The announced B-side, "Birthright" is the opener though. I can't find where to order, but if you're interested in getting your hans on this I suggest you keep an eye on their online store.

01. "Birthright"
02. "Feel This Shit"
03. "The Best That Ever Did It"
04. "Let's Pray Together"
05. "Ride With It"
06. "Say My Name"
07. "Dillatroit"
08. "Detroit Madness"
09. "Possible"
10. "Mind Yo' Business"
11. "Rebirth is Neccessary"
12. "Pitfalls"

Nice Ski Beatz Article

The original Roc-A-Block producer, Ski Beatz has kept his name relevant in the hip-hop game through hard work and skills. The homie Chris Moss recently got a chance to pick the brains of the producer, which resulted in a great interview for Al Lindstrom's site. Check  out Ski speaking on his move from samples to live instrumentation, staying relevant, industry changes, and much more. 

Roc Marciano - "Do the Honors"

Another blazing cut from Roc Marciano and producers Arch Druids, called "Do the Honors". This track is fucking FIRE; Great to hear Roc with Dino Brave again, both members of The U.N. crew. It looks more and more like Marciano's next album will be entirely produced by Arch Druids, and from the singles so far it's looking like it might very well be just as incredible as "Marcberg". The digital single can be purchased in high quality via Goodfelons, and also includes two severely dope remixes by J-Force, and Nuance. Click here if you can't stream all the songs below.

Big Shug - "Still Here"

Gang Starr Foundation member Big Shug follows up the announcement of "I'm.4-Eva" with another single from the album; "Still Here", produced by Kid Called Quest. Interesting to see that MoSS is not listed amongst the featured producers on the disc, considering that he laced a majority of Shug's three previous LPs. This track goes hard tho, real thumping shit! Shouts to DJPB.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

[VIDEO] Percee P - "Mastered Craftsman"

The one and only Rhyme Inspector Percee P revisits his 2006 single "Mastered Craftsman" with a new video, directed by Caddy One. The song originally appeared on Perc's debut LP, "Perserverance", completely produced by Madlib and released on Stones Throw. While there's been a lot of debate around whether or not that was the sound to go with for the legendary Bronx bomber's debut, but fact is that it's an all around very dope album that still holds up today. While you're at it, check out the great "Untold Hip-Hop Story" interview, where Percee P speaks on some of his classic work from the early '90s.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[VIDEO] Torae - "That Raw"

Now that both this and "For the Record" is out, my two favorite tracks from Torae's latest has gotten the visual treatment. Cool video, sick verses, banging Pete Rock track... Satisfaction!

House Shoes x Nottz x Oh No x MED

House Shoes, one of the foremost representants of the Motown hip-hop scene, is releasing his album "Let It Go" on June 19. From there, we hear the fat single "Last Breath", featuring Nottz, Oh No and MED ripping the mic. Other guest spots on the LP are held down by people like Guilty Simpson, Roc Marciano, Alchemist, Charlie 2na, and many others; all produced by Shoes himself. I'm especially looking forward to hearing another "Greneberg" collaboration. Pre-order here.

01. "Let It Go" (Ft. Shaqif Husaayn)
02. "Empire"
03. "Goodfellas to Bad Boys" (Ft. Moe Dirdee)
04. "Dirt" (Ft. Greneberg)
05. "Time" (Ft. Big Tone)
06. "Crazy" (Ft. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson)
07. "Last Breath" (Ft. Nottz, Oh No & MED)
08. "Keep On" (Ft. Co$$)
09. "Sweet / Noodles"
10. "So Different" (Ft. Charlie 2na)
11. "Everything (Modern Family)"
12. "Sunrise" (Ft. Black Spade)
13. "Trouble" (Ft. MarvWon & Moe Dirdee)
14. "Nails" (Ft. Quelle Chris & Guilty Simpson)
15. "Castles (The Sky is Ours" (Ft. Jimetta Rose)
16. "Cry Now"
17. "Roller Coaster" (Ft. Self Sayes & Fat Albert Einsteen)
18. "Empire (Reprise)" (Ft. Sam Beubien of Will Sessions)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[Tracklist] Big Shug - "I'm.4-Eva"

Big Shug of The Gang Starr Foundation is set to release his fourth solo album, "I'm 4-Eva" this year. The project has been in the works for some time now and is strapped with production from long time associates DJ Premier and Fizzy Womack amongst others, and cameos by Fat Joe, M.O.P., Termanology, Reks, Slaine and Singapore Kane. Peep the tracklist below and check for the album in stores on July 24. Spotted @ DJPB.

01. "Still Here"
02. "Hardbody" (Ft. Fat Joe & M.O.P.) [prod. by DJ Premier)
03. "Spit Six" [prod. by DJ Premier]
04. "For the Real" (Ft. Termanology, Slaine, Singapore Kane & Reks)
05. "Blue Collar"
06. "Ass Mouth" (Skit)
07. "I.M. 4-Eva" (Ft. Singapore Kane)
08. "Big Fly Homie"
09. "No More" (Ft. Trumayne)
10. "War In The Club"
11. "We Miss You" [prod. by DJ Premier]
12. "My Kids"
13. "I’ll Be Here"
14. "Sixteen Go"
15. "New Era"
16. "True Love"
17. "Basically"

[EP] Oddisee - "Odd Renditions"

"Odd Renditions" is the title of the latest project from always interesting producer/MC, Oddisee. Included are four fresh Oddisee remakes of songs by Marvin Gaye, K-Os, Bon Iver, and Metronomy. The real meal comes next month, when the full-length LP "People Hear What They See" hits stores.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Killah Priest - "Anakims Dream"

Killah Priest and producer 4th Disciple reunites for "Anakin's Dream", a cut that most likely will end up on the rapper's long awaited "Psychic World of Walter Reed". Before that, it will also make its way to the "Digital Dynasty 20" mixtape, hosted by Cormega, which will is said to drop before the end of this month so watch out for that. Intense storytelling over intense production equals another sick track from this duo. 

Right click + save as to download the song below. Shouts to Jammin for keeping up with the Wu news.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

BEASTIE BOYS - "Jimmy James" [Original Mix]

"Check Your Head" is partly known as the project where the trio left behind most of the extreme sampling that created the sound of its predecessor, and insteaad saw bassist MCA, guitarist Ad-Rock and drummer Mike D pick up their respective instruments. Besides producer Mario Caladato, who had worked as an engineer on "Paul's Boutique", they were also joined in the studio by the very talented Keyboard Money Mark who played a very important part on the project, literally. Reading about the three year process it took The Beasties' to produce "Check Your Head", documented in Brian Coleman's "Check the Technique" amongst many other sources,  is truly fascinating and greatly inspiring. It was a complete turnaround from the way that "Paul's Boutique" was recorded, not only because of the lesser amount of samples, or the trio's re-introduction as instrumentalists, but because they spent the majority of their budget on building their own studio; G-Son. The group has talked about the massive freedom, and the importance, this created, allowing them to experiment as much as they wanted and however they wanted... And "Check Your Head" is an extremely experimental record, especially for the time it was conceived, but that's also where its brilliance lays.

The idea was originally to produce an all-out instrumental project, and although much of those elements remained, vocal tracks such as "So Watcha Want" and "Pass the Mic" ultimately took the LP to the next level. One of the songs featuring MCA's, Ad-Rock's and Mike D's trademark lyrical styles was the blazing introduction, titled "Jimmy James". The cut introduced the group's new direction with a bang, displaying a majority of the wide spread influences that went into the making of the LP. Unfortunately, sample clearances can be a bitch, resulting in a much reduced version than intended making it to the presses. However, the track was eventually released as a single, including the so called "Original Original Version". This mix, which was instrumental, featured several samples of different Jimi Hendrix records, giving it a rawer, yet more accomplished feel than the LP version. In memory of the late MCA, who gets busy on the turntables on this one too, y'all should all listen to this classic joint as it was originally meant to be heard. Also make sure to tune in to Toca Tuesdays via Sirius XM this Tuesday, as Al Lindstrom will dedicate the show to the memory of the legendary MCA.

K-DEF / El Da Sensei - "Back to Basics"

The latest of K-DEF's work since signing with Redefinition Records comes in the form of "Back to Basics"; a 7" single featuring El Da Sensei of The Artifacts. Check out how 'Def manages to work in all those multiple layers of sound, while still keeping it clean enough for the emcee to get his shine on! The mini-EP also features a brand new instrumental tune called "Mean Johnny Barrow's Groove", besides two exclusive instrumental versions of tracks from the excellent "Nightshift EP". Order the 7" @ Fat Beats or grab the MP3 version @ iTunes.

Friday, May 11, 2012

"Professor @ Large" Trailer / Artwork

"Professor @ Large" is the title of Extra-P's fourth solo album, which is now completed and set for a June 26 release. We recently saw the video for the blazing posse cut of a single, "MARS", and the original lead single, "Key to the City", is still available on limited 12" vinyl. Now the album is up for pre-orders and I'm rejoicing over the fact that our favorite Professor hasn't abandoned the 2xLP format. Pre-order the CD or vinyl set, and peep this short promotional video teaser... 2012 is looking to be one of the best years of hip-hop music in several years; so many of my favorite artists are releasing new projects!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Danny Brown - "Jay Dee's Revenge"

We just saw the trailer and artwork to the next entry in the J Dilla saga, "Rebirth Of Detroit". The LP will be released on June 12, but already on May 25, a limited 10" single with the tracks "Jay Dee's Revenge" (featuring Danny Brown) and "Birhtright" (featuring Big Tone, Guilty Simpson & Finale) will be available via The Danny Brown cut is given the visual treatment, seen above, and is a real killer..

J DILLA - "Rebirth Of Detroit" [Trailer]

The spirit of the one and only Yames Yancey lives on! Prepare yourselfs with the trailer above, and support "Rebirth Of Detroit" when it hit stores on June 12. I know I will!

DJ Soko Ft. Guilty Simpson & Hasaan Mackey - "Stand Up"

DJ Soko, one third of Detroit crew The Left, connects with Guilty Simpson and Hasaan Mackey for this hardboiled neckbreaker, called "Stand Up". This definitely has a The Left vibe to it, which is not suprising when you see Apollo Brown's the producer of the joint. While this is dope, I find the B-side, "Biters", to be even heavier. The 7" single is limited to 300 copies, so if you want it in your collection, make sure to get it NOW. I'm real impressed by DJ Soko's skills on the tables, between these two joints and "The Gas Mask", I would love to hear a full album worth of material.

LEX Compilation - "Complex Vol. 1"

LEX Records, the label behind many of Danger Mouse's releases, is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year. For the event, the label has released "Complex Vol. 1", a collection of ten exclusive tracks of different genres. Of special interest to The Lost Tapes readers is two MF DOOM collaborations, as well as a prequel to DM & Jemini's classic "Knuckle Sandwich".  Some different, but pretty cool shit for sure. The whole album can be streamed for free, but is also available to purchase on wax and in HQ digital download. Shout outs to Food For Thought for the info!

LEX RECORDS - "COMPLEX V.1" [order / listen]

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Tracklist] OH NO - "OhNoMite"

Last week, the psychadelic beat maestro and emcee Oh No announced his next solo album "OhNoMite", and dropped the first street single from the project; the Sticky Fingaz featured "Whoop Ass". As we're getting closer to the release date of 5th of June (damn, this really seems to have popped up out of nowhere), the tracklisting has now also been revealed, and just as I expected it's full of cameos from some of the all-time greats. But the best news of all might just be that it's being released not only on CD and in digital format, but as a 2xLP package as well. All songs produced by Oh No.

01. "OhNoMite Intro"
02. "Real Serious" (Ft. Alchemist, Evidence & DJ Romes)
03. "The Guns" (Ft. Guilty Simpson, MED, Pok Dog & DJ Romes)
04. "Time" (Ft. Roc C & Chino XL)
05. "3 Dollars (Cat Fight)" (Ft. MF DOOM)
06. "Let's Roll" (Ft. Damani)
07. "Stop (Instrolude)"
08. "Hallucinations" (Ft. Prozack Turner)
09. "Sound Off" (Ft. Termanology & Ea$y Money)
10. "The Escape (Instrolude)"
11. "Whoop Ass" (Ft. Sticky Fingaz & DJ Rhomes)
12. "OhNoMite Jazz"
13. "The Hitman" (Ft. Roc Marciano)
14. "Touch It" (Ft. Frank Nitti of Frank-N-Dank)
15. "You Don't Know Me" (Ft. Phil the Agony & Rapper Big Pooh)
16. "Dues N Don'ts" (Ft. Phife Dawg & Jose James)
17. "Piano (Instrolude)"
18. "Runnin' the Show" (Ft. Erick Sermon)
19. "OhNoMite Outro"

CD Bonus Tracks
20.  Life Games" (Ft. LMNO)
21. "Overlord" (Ft. Wildchild)


Get Ready for ALTERPROD

ALTERPROD is the name of an up-and-coming production crew with roots in Paris, France. Their debut album is to be titled "The French Revolution", and is set for a July 26 release date as of now. There must be something in the air in France, because although I don't understand a word they're saying, I've heard loads of amazing French hip-hop that perfectly captures the essence of the true school music. As you're watching the promotional video for the album above, you will understand just what I mean by that. 

Not only can we expect a batch of dope beats, but the tracklisting reveals a superb list of guests, many of them well respected artists from USA. It will be mad interesting to hear greats like Sadat X, AG, Verbal Kent, Block McCloud, Chief Kamachi and Shabaam Sahdeeq go in over some European heat for beats. Hip-Hop culture crossing borders is a beautiful thing! Oh and by the way, hold your eyes and ears open for a Lost Tapes compilation, representing the finest of French Hip-Hop.

01. "Next Execution" (Ft. Verbal Kent)
02. "TV Screen" (Ft. Chief Kamachi, Kromeatose, Block McCloud)
03. "The NOD " (Ft. Pain Killer Crew)
04. "True Rhyme" (Ft. Divine)
05. "Kamikaze MC'"( The Foundation ( Lex Starwind & Jon Murdock)
06. "Fast Lane" (Ft. Main Flow, Access Immortal & Estee Nack)
07. "Alter Ego" (Ft. AG, Sadat X & Lion Of Bordeaux, Cuts by Dj Modesty
08. "International Juggernaut" (Ft. Red Eye, Wily Maze, Murdoc & Shinobi Stalaine & DJ Modesty)
09. "What's Realer" (Ft. Halfabrick)
10. "NYC Evils" (Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Halfabrick & Spicco & Dj Modesty)
11. "The Merovingian Revenge" (Ft. The Lost Children of Babylon & Dj Modesty)
12. "Made you Proud" (Ft. Carnage 45 & Ihsan Bilal)
13. "Revolution On My Brain" (Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze, Freestyle of Arsonists & Dj Modesty)
14. "Watch We Combine" (Fat. The Absouljah)
15. "The Take Over" (Ft. Lord Lhus, Sicknature & DJ Modesty)
16. "The War Effect" (Ft. Banish, Aims, The Armada (Johnny Teflon & DJ Rybe)
17. "Revolucion" (Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bekay, Lateb)
18. "Coup de grĂ¢ce" (Ft. Amadeus The Stampede)