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Monday, October 26, 2015


This one right here is one that I've been really fiending to hear since it was first announced last month. While I've been delving deep into all those leaked Dilla beat tapes and CD:s that's been passed around over the years much of the music on those discs are too dope not to get an official release. The stuff that was released through the ridiciously expensive "King Of Beats" box set last year focused on beats that Jay Dee crafted during the second half of the '90s and presented joints lifted from tapes such as "What Up Doe! Sessions", "Steroid Boosters" (a.k.a. "Another Batch") and other, to fans, yet unavailable sources. "Dillatronic" instead zooms in on the latter part of Dilla's esteemed career while offering up a selection of his more stripped down, electronics flavoured "48 Hours"/Jaylib-esque work.

While many of these have already been cherished by hardcore fans via leaks like the five volumes of "2002 Batches" and "Da 1st Installment" they are here presented for the first time in any official capacity... and they sonically sound much better than we have heard them before! In my opinion you can't really go wrong with 41 selections of astro-nomica-nomica-nomical Dilla beats to break your neck to so this is a very welcome release. Stream the full thing via Pitchfork below while you head over to the Dillatronic Webstore and support for the cause. Undoubtedly a stronger release than either the dissapointing "Rebirth Of Detroit" or the aforementioned "The King Of Beats" set ... TURN IT UP!! A LITTLE LOUDER!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

[Comp] BLACK STAR - "The Stars Are Out Tonite"

The year was 1997 when a group of two super talented, well-read, freedom fighters and emcees met and hit it off big time which would led to the formation of Black Star. The emcees were The Mighty Mos Def, who had trying to break into the rap game for years prior and even recorded a full-length and a couple of 12":s with his first group Urban Thermony Dynamics in '95 ("Manifest Destiny"). The album is interesting in that is an early look into the mind of a young emcee who would go on to becaume one of the most innovative artists of the 2000:s. With production by Showbiz, Diamond D, Salaam Remi and J-Swift. Needless to say, the singles flopped hard as it really didn't bring anything new to the table, and was eventually shelved by Payday. About ten years ago Traffic Entertainment got a hold of the album and released it to the public - personally I don't think it's much more than a curiosity but it's of course interesting to hear the origin story of one of the greatest artists hip-hop as ever seen.

The other Brooklynite that make up Black Star is Talib Kweli Green who before he fully immersed himself into hip-hop culture was an academic who studied poetry and experimental theater. It was however around '95/early '96 that he found his true calling on a trip to Cincinatti where he befriended a group of underground emcees and producers called Mood. The recording of this group's debut album "DOOM" would have an enormous impact on Green's continued career. Not only did he appear on one third of the albums 18 songs while local producer Hi-Tek would produce half the album alongside Jayson - and the two producers woud sit in on each other sessions. As Hi-Tek and Kweli would hit it off big time, this would lead to the formation of the prdoucer/MC duo Reflection Eternal and a chance to oversee and produce half of the Black Star album which were releases in 1998.

After Kweli relocated back to Brooklyn from Cincinatti, he would soon meet Mos and hit it off immediatly as they shared many opinions and beliefs, not to mention an immense love for what can be argued as "authentic hip-hop". It is possible that the pair first met at the Lyricist Lounge club sometime around the mid-'90s, and one of the first released collaborations between the two is a studio freestyle over an exclusive Ghetto Professionals banger that appeared on the first volume of the impeccable "Lyricist Lounge" series (1997). The B-side to "C.I.A.", one of the singles from the same EP, was another slamming recreation of the live Lyricist Lounge vibe where some of the sharpest emcees around would participate in rao cyphers. The song, "Talking To You", saw Mos and Kweli joined by Pharoahe Monch and Rah Digga over an early Hi-Tek production, thus capturing that early Black Star vibe better than many other non-albubm tracks from the duo. And then there were of course a couple of banging "solo" cuts from the two; overall "Lyricist Lounge", all three volumes, are pretty damn impressive listening. Both of these songs are of course captured on this compilation

My guess is that it was Kweli and Mos' constant apperances on The Lyricist Lounge which earned them their record conract with Rawkus Records; a label with at the time was a burgenoing powerhouse imprint that focused on pure underground hip-hop (sometimes incorrectly labeled as backpacker rap). The duo went into the studio witht plans to make an EP that would act a s a springboard to their own respective solo careers. However, their lyrical chemistry and respective distinctive voices the potential of the project rapidly became unmistakable, and thus the duo kept recording material so strong that they eventually ended up with ten high quality songs. Add to that three musical interludes/intermissions (not to be confused with the lame ass skits we hear today), making "Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star" into a full-blown full-length LP. Released on Rawkus Records in mid-'98 the album was a huge underground success that still hold up today as one of the strongest releases of the '90s. The chemistry between Mos and Kweli was straight up incredible in the same category as previous great teams like Rae and Ghost, EPMD, Nas & AZ, Method Man and Redman and so forth. Just like these artist's the duo created an incredible album that could and should prerferrably listend to from front-to-back,and then you can REWIND!

Recorded in Electric Studios during the Soulquarians movement, "...Are Black Star" immediatly becameone one of Rawkus flagship releases, and still to this day in any debate about whether Rawkus was one of the true underground labels that were all for the artists or if it eventually turned into a sell-out label (I would argue both sides are corret during different times in the labels life span). And rightfully so as it certainly has stood the test of time and hold up today as one of the true classics of the late '90s, not only because of the amazing music it contiained but also because it represented an at the time much needed counter-movement in hip-hop music - the opposite of what the big artists of the day was doing, not only Puff Daddy, but also great artists like Nas, DMX, BIG, Capone-N-Noreaga, and so on. A funny story goes how Mos had invited Puff Daddy and his crew to a club concert that he was doing as Bad Boy was interested in signing the hyper talented lyricst. Only Mos Def gleefully performed an early incarnation of "Children's Story" - a track obviously taking shots at Puff. Needless to say the Bad Boy deal never happened, and thank God for that!

It seems that "Are Black Star" was always intended to be a one-off deal, with its main purpose being to serve as a vehicle for Mos Def' solo career and the careers of Reflection Eternal and Talib Kweli, who all released albums under their own names during the couple of years that followed. Luckily all of those projects continued the tradition of offering up at least one Mos Def / Talib Kweli collaboration to wet the appetize of the long-time fan. Kweli's 2002 "Qualiy" solo debut had the spiritual vibe with a stand out bet by Ayaollah that was the sonic equivalent to the joy of having your first son at the hostpial. Mos Def only jumps on the hook here, as it is a very personal story to him, yet Mos definitely makes the most of the session! Ayatollah is also the producer of the Black Star record "Know That" from hs certified '99 classic "Black On Both Sides" which is a much harder, progressive and miliant song that's quite different than the previous aforementioned songs, as it's more of a revoluationary songs with a beat and lyricals/delicery that is sure to get your blood pumping and throw your fist in the air! Mos Def was also supposed to appear on the follow-up to "Qualty", "The Beautiful Sruggle", but due to a very early leak many of the tracks was replaced or updated - "Supreme, Supreme" unfortunately being one of the songs that was cut completely. Mos and Kweli did however hook up one more time for "History", a soulful stand-out from Mos' 2009:s "The Ecstatic" which saw Kweli and Yasiin trade inelligent bars over a licensed backdrop from Dilla's "Motown" beat tape (sometimes known as 2005 batch #´3), and unlike many rappers who have attempted to get busy over posthumous Jay Dee beats, the Black Star duo sure as hell does that mesmerizing producion true justice. Dilla smiles down on the listener and the artists when this jawn plays!

So while we are still eagerly waiting for a new Black Star album that may, or may not, happen sometime down the line, I wanted to compile enough of the songs to create a sixteen track "album" of some of this duo's finest achievements as a duo, outside of their one-shot LP. Back in 2011/2011 a Oh No/Madlib produced double A-side single was released ("Fix Up"/"You Already Know") proved once and for all that these musical brohers never lost a step and sounds as enjoyable today as they did back then. This compilation will be followed by more early Talib Kweli and early Mos Def compilations if there is any interest in that sort of thing... But till then, enjoy, tune in, drop out and TURN IT UP!!

01. "Supreme Supreme"
02. "History"
03. "Know That"
04. "This Means You"
05. "Talking To You" (Ft. Rah Digga, P. Monch & A-Butta)
06. "Lyricist Lounge Freestyle Shit"
07. "Fix Up"
08. "Little Brother"
09. "Foritifed Live" (Ft. Mr. Mann)
10. "Another World"
11. "Hard Margin"
12. "Bright As The Stars"
13. "Beautiful" (Ft. Mary J. Blige)
14. "You Already Know"
15. "Joy"
16. "Get By Remix" (Ft. KanYe, Jay-Z & Busta Rhymes)
17. "Respiration" (Flying High Remix) (Ft. Black Thought)


Sunday, October 18, 2015

[LP Stream] RAS KASS & JACK SPLASH are SEMI HENDRIX - "Breakfast @ Banksy's"

Ras Kass is a very interesting artist in my opinion, since his demo or advance album sampler in the early to mid-'90s he has showed more lyrical promise than most yet his projects have often been badly hampered by flat production. Last year he however managed to get a lot of good reviews when he hooked up with Detroit's Apollo Brown to produce the entirety of his album. Therefore it comes at no suprise that Ras' has decided to once again hook up with Mello Music Group and have connected with a single producer to create his album.

The resulting LP, "Semi Hendrix" marries Ras' intricate rhyme schemes and agressive lyrics with funky production by Matt Kahane, better known as California producer Jack Splash. The nineteen track sees Ras Kass getting busy over funky backdrops, often spewing verses that works on the level of an indictment against the American justice system, the still prevalent racism of todays society and much more. Among the albums guest stars we can find Cee-Lo Green, Kurupt, Raheem DeVaughn, Wreckonize and even Slipknot member Starstruck. I've only listened to a few cuts so far but will give it a thorough front-to-back listen within the next couple of days. Neither Mello Music Group or Ras Kass rarely dissapoints, so I'd suggest you check it out for yourself as well! You can stream and purchase the HQ download @ MMG's Bandcamp while the 2xLP and CD editions can be copped @ UGHH .

DRASAR / AYATOLLAH are "The Boxcutters Brother III"

Before his collaborations with legendary MF Grimm on the excellent "Good Morning Vietnam" trilogy, I had really never heard the name of producer Drasar Monumental. But after hearing the trilogy with Grimm I was convinced that Drasar was one of the greatest and most interesting young producers doing it now.

About a week ago I posted some early info on the soon-to-be-released album "Boxcutter Brothers 3", the third volume in a collaboration between Drasar Monumental and Ayatollah. Dusty 70's type samples are all over the barely 40 minutes runtime which are filled to the limits with what 'Tollah and Drasar do best- finding addictive soulful loops, chopping 'em up, adding vocal samples and other interesting sounds to create beautiful music that captures the vibe of the hip-hop culture. Don't sleep as "Boxcutter Brothers 3" is now available (since October 12) on the usual Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam site. Hurry up and buy, and for more music don't forget to check out Drasar Monumental @ Bandcamp!

01.Apex Predator Blades- DRASAR ON THE RHYMES 04:17
02 Chopp Hell – Swashbucklers 03:50
03.The Fine Art of Survival 02:58
04.Stabbed 03:46
05.Georgetown, Cayman Islands 03:33
06.Black Calculus 2 02:24
8.Armadillo 01:37
9.Parental Guidance 03:42
10.The Best That I’ve Got 03:24
11.These Brothers 03:40
12.H. Rap Brown 04:33

FAT JOE - "Part Deux: Original Version" [1995]

Some more Lost Tapes goodies for y'all... you know I'm crazy about D.I.T.C. so this is a great find right here. Since I first heard time Domingo on Fat Joe's excellent and highly overlooked sophomore album, "Jealous One's Envy" I've been checking for his name in credits! This take on the song is a mezmering version of what would appear on the album, sporting a progressive, yet dusty production that really goes well with Joe's ruff bars, though it will definitely take some listening before it really connects due to being used to the LP version. The track is lifted from Domingo's "Sessions & Lessons" album which is set to drop before the year's end. The compilation also features new music from Sean Price, Ruste Juxx amongst many others and can pre-ordered right here. Stay tuned and....... TURN IT UP!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

LINKAN (of SIDE EFFECTZ) - "Småland Stylee"

Linkan has released a stream of dope underground music for the past decade as part of Swedish trio Side Effectz but is finally ready to let loose of his first album as a solo artist. "Almighty Bigalizer" will be available on limited 180 grams 12" vinyl and digital on November 19 and features production from a gang of international beatmakers on the rise. The first single is called "Småland Stylee" is a nod back to Linkan's roots as it sees him repping his community over a crisp track provided by fellow Side Effectz member Juancan. Bang that shit LOUD and stay tuned for more on "Almighty Bigalizer" as we move closer towards its release date.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[Shelved Classics] BAATIN - "Titus: Chapter 10, Verse 13"

Baatin of Slum Village was one of the most organic emcees to ever grace a 12" single in my opinion - while you sometimes got the impression he was just randomly stringing together words, a deeper analysis of his catalouge reveals a lot of very spiritual themes presented with that incredibly ill smoothed out delivery that has yet to be duplicated by anyone. Unfortunately he faced a lot of problems in his life as his heavy drug use eventually led to the horrible psychic desease that is schizoprenia which alienated from his original Slum Village brethren. Luckily he patched things up with his original group before his untimely and tragic death, contributing heavily to their last album while he was still alive - "Villa Manifesto". I however only recently found out that Baatin had completed an album for the Operation Unknown label somewhere around 2004/2005. Operation Unknown had at the time also signed J Dilla for a one project deal, which was to be the "Jay Love Japan" EP. Dilla's project would include one final collaboration between himself and Baatin, on the funky thumper that is "First Time", the only time a Slum Village member made a cameo on one of Dilla's solo projects.

Baatin's album, titled "TITUS: Chapter 10, Verse 13", was supposed to be the second widely distributed project on the Operation: Unknown label, following "Jay Love Japan". Unfortunately that project sank the whole label due to some extremely shady business dealing which turned the entire situation into a legal nightmare once Dilla passed away. Still to this day "Jay Love Japan" hasn't seen the proper release it deserves, but at least two different versions of it has been made available in some shape or form allowing fans to have it in their collection. Baatin's album, along with other planned releases on the label by artists like Taa'rach and Oh No, didn't get the chance to receive the same treatment. Luckily however DJ Ruckazoid, co-owner of the label, decided to release a 26 minutes sampler of the project for free to the internet.
The sampler seems to feature the majority, if not all, of the recorded album as the songs that have been made available on other releases are included at their full lengths. Usually it wouldn't be hard to tell if tracks are cut short or not but "TITUS" plays out like an eccentric hip hop suite, with musical segments full of atmosphere drops in and out as Baatin uses these excellent beats to drop spiritual teachings and reflections on life. It is an unorthodox hip-hop ride to say the least, and the impromptou vibe and loose compositional structure makes it more reminiscent of free jazz albums of the '70s by the likes of Pharoah Sanders than "Illmatic". The marriage between the music and Baatin's flow and lyrics comes close to perfect and there's never any doubt that you are entirely in Baatin's zone throughout the half hour you spend within these grooves. As such the artwork seen above goes a long way in describing this music. I have a strong feeling that if this LP would have gotten the proper release it deserves it would be discussed as an underground classic today, and I hope that it will be one day freed from the shelf it is currently resting on.

There is no word on the production on the disc but it is obvious that Black Milk was heavily involved in the projects creation. Tracks 1, 2 and 4 has been released elsewhere and are there credited to Milk. The album kicks off with "Eternal", an incredibly tight opener, which was released on Black Milk's solo debut "Sound Of The City" in 2005. This is followed by "Meditate" and "Marvelous" which was released as a double A side single in 2007 on a small Polish label called Asfalt Records. The release featured remixes by local talents associated with label and was most likely mostly pressed up as a vehicle for them, but the inclusion of the original mixes by Black Milk proves that a release of the "Titus" label by another label is a possibility. Listening to the vibe of these records alongside other songs on the LP it's unmistakable that Black Milk was involved on several cuts. It is definitely an album that with its originality and eclectic style demands repeated listens as it constantly grows on the listener. For example the song "Hawe" sees Baatin perform his verses entirely in Hebrew while "Faster Than Your Life" philosophizes on our spiritual journey past this physical life and it's a beautiful thing.

You can stream the 26 minutes album track via YouTube above thanks again to DJ Ruckazoid but I have also uploaded the original Mp3 rip for better quality so you can bump it in whenever or wherever. I also added two tracks from a 12" by producer Noel Zancanella which features exclusive verses by Baatin, as well as two remixes of "Magic" from the Asfalt single. Shouts to UniqueTerror for compiling the tracklist seen below. Spread the word on this incredible release... Rest in power Baatin! 

01. "Eternal" [also on Black Milk's "Sound Of The City" LP]
02. "Magic" 
03. "Wasi"
04. "Meditate" 
05. "Hawa" 
06. "Marvelous"
07. "Lifeforce"
08. "Responsibilities"
09. "Girl" [also on Robert Strauss' "Mr Feelings" LP]
10. "Phak"
11. "Faster than Your Life"
02. "The Embryo" [prod. Noah Zancanella]
03. "Could It Be" [prod. Noah Zancanella]
04. "Magic" [O.S.T.R. Remix]
05. "Magic" [Metro Remix]


[Mixtape] HUS KINGPIN - "House Of Kingpin"

Hus Kingpin, along with emcees like KA and Roc Marciano, are to my ears part of a New York renaissance where the classic style of raw and depraved hardcore boom bap have been embraced yet updated for our times. Hus' excellent release "The Cognac Tape" still holds up as one of my favorite LP:s of recent time, and the Hempstead spitter just doesn't seem to be able to stop or even care about making money from his studio recordings. It's artists like this who continously bring a quality product to the table, totally free of charge, that we really need to support when they actually drop a proper retail release. The new album/mixtape is called "House Of Kingpin" and features 26 brand new bangers with features from the likes of DJ Skizz, Killer Ben, Big Twinz, Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and many more. Yet it's obvious who the main star of the show is so don't sleep...

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I don't know too much about this mixtape but it is stated to be an official tape made with Ace's authorization so it should be worth checking out. Mixed by Donnie Propa straight from vinyl this collection features 19 songs from Ace's extensive discography and features some of his lesser known heavy hitters as well as some of the certified classics. According to the Bandcamp site it was also available on limited edition cassette but they are all sold out so you'll have to settle for the digital.

Friday, October 9, 2015

[Documentary] DUDLEY PERKINS - "Interplanetary Peace Talks" (2007)

If you're a fan of either the original Stones Throw sound that was dominated by the vibe of Madlib, Lootpack and Oh No or the more recent SomeOthaShip releases by Georgia Anne Muldrow and the roster you are well aware of the original artist Dudley Perkins. Having released several excellent EP:s and albums both under his birth name and as Declaime, often in full-length collaborations with Madlib, Oh No, Kan Kick or his life partner and musical soul mate Georgia Anne Muldrow, Perkins is responsible for laods of thought provoking yet hard hitting music that borders somewhere between filthy hip-hop, progressive funk and Soul music. Growing up in Oxnard and quickly finding a deep interest in music he soon became a member of the original C.D.P. Crew alongside Lootpack, Oh No and Kan Kick his evolution on record has been one hell of an interesting ride to follow. In 2003 he released what to me still stands as his finest LP, the Madlib produced "A Lil' Light", which is pretty much a front-to-back classic with outstanding songs like "Momma", "Fallin'", "Solitude" and "Flowers".

Somewhere around 2006 when he was gearing up for his second full-length collaboration with 'Lib ("Expressions 2012 A.D.") A.J. Callomay and Paul Dang directed this 50 minutes deep documentary on Declaime for Xylophone Films and SomeOthaShip productions. This interesting film gives us a look into Dudley Perkins, the man and the artist, as he discusses his views on life, spirituality, cooking healthy, as well as musical ancedotes, live clips and interview excerpts with artists in his immediate circle. If you're a fan of the man be sure to watch this excellent documentary as it is very different from your standard artist biography, and if you're not too familiar with the man and his music be sure to head over to the official SomeOthaShip Bandcamp where you can stream and purchase all releases from both Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

RAY WEST & KOOL KEITH - "Runnin' The Field" (Ft. Cormega)

Ray West is probably one of the most prolific and hard working producer active in the underground field today. Having already laced countless EP:s and albums for New York royalty like AG, OC, John Robinson as well as the "Luv NY" compilation which featured Kool Keith, AG, Dave Dar, OC and Roc Marciano. Now West's beautiful combination of eclectic boom bap and smokey '70s jazz-fusion soul forms the platform for a collaboration with none other than the legendary Kool Keith, who is also keeping very busy as he almost simultaneously has released a full-length LP with producer L'Orange (you can stream and purchase the digital copy of that album @ Bandcamp now). The project is called "A Couple of Slices" and features 12 brand new tracks including guest cameos from AG, Cormega and Jesse West. The album drops via Red Apples label on October 30 and can be pre-ordered via iTunes now and will also be available in a limited edition box set featuring a T-Shirt, the album on vinyl, an exclusive 7" singles with additional tracks and a secret cassette of music (check it out @ FatBeats). Check out the two singles below - "Runnin' The Field" features Cormega, while "Destiny's Child" is the 3rd Eye collaboration. Dopeness!

TALIB KWELI & 9th WONDER - "Every Ghetto"

Talib Kweli is gearing up for the release of another full-length album which will be available on November 6. Titled "Indie 500" the project is billed as a collaboration with 9th Wonder but a quick look at the tracklist reveals that 9th only being behind four of the LP:s thirteen tracks, while the rest of the music is submitted by other producers such as Khrysis, Eric G, Hi-Tek and Nottz. Should be a good release either way, especially if the first single "Every Ghetto" is any indication.

01. "Which Side Are You On" (Ft. Tef Poe & Kendra Ross) [prod. by Nottz]
02. "Every Ghetto" (Ft. Rapsody) [prod. by Hi-Tek]
03. "Pay Ya Dues" (Ft. Problem & Bad Lucc) [prod. by Eric G.]
04. "Lo-Fi" (Ft. NIKO IS) [prod. by Khrysis]
05. "Prego" (Ft. Pharoahe Monch & Slug) [prod. by 9th Wonder]
06. "Life Ahead Of Me" (Ft. Rapsody) [prod. by 9th Wonder]
07. "Great Day in the Morning" (Ft. Add2) [prod. by 9th Wonder]
08. "Don't Be Afraid" (Ft. Rapsody, Problem & Bad Lucc) [prod. by 9th Wonder]
09. "These Waters" (Ft. K'Valentine) [prod. by Nottz]
10. "King Shit" (Ft. NIKO IS & GQ) [prod. by E Jones]
11. "Bangers" (Ft. MK Asante & Halo) [prod. by Nottz]
12. "Technicolor Easels" (Ft. NIKO IS) [prod. by Khrysis]
13. "Understand" (Ft. Brother Ali & Planet Asia) [prod. by Khrysis]

J DILLA remixes SHAKKAZOMBIE - "Camoflauge" (2001)

I have decided to share one of my illest Dilla finds with y'all, which is a rare remix of Shakkazombie's "Camoflauge" which I have never ever seen mentioned in any discography of Jay Dee. I don't call this blog The Lost Tapes for nothing. Shakkazombie is a Japanese rap trio consisting of the emcees MC Osumi, Tsutchie and MC Hide-Bowie who has been releasing records in their home country since 1995. In 2001 the group dropped the mini-album "Get On Da Track" on the Cutting Edge label which featured two versions of the song "カモフラ" (translated: "Camoflauge"). One of these versions is labeled as the Barak Remix; Barak of course being the Detroit label that's behind releases by Slum Village, Phat Kat, Young RJ and B.R. Gunna. Looking closer at the credits the remix is credited to Jay Dee while the music is credited to Slum Village and Young RJ. The song itself finds Jay Dee in the middle of his transition from the dreamy, Rhodes infected jazz grooves of "Fantastic Vol. 2" to the bass heavy, minimalist thump inspired by Detroit's techno scene that was heard on Dilla's contribution to "Trinity" as well as Frank-N-Dank's "48 Hours". Shit goes HARD!


The big homie Drasar Monumental continues his strike of slamming underground hip-hop pressed up on wax via Vendetta Vinyl. Following the trilogy of LP:s with MF Grimm, "Good Morning Vietnam", Drasar next hooked up with legendary producer Ayatollah to form the Boxcutter Brothers. Two instrumental albums has been released so far and are available both on vinyl and digital (free stream/downloadable purchase) @ Drasar's Bandcamp. Now the duo has completed the third installment in the series and to wet your appetite they unveils the Drasar produced single "Apex Predator Blades" which premiered over @ UNKUT. Press play on the single and head over to to pre-order your copies of "Boxcutter Brothers III" (pre-order option will go live on Monday)!

In additional Vendetta Vinyl news both MF Grimm and Drasar recently sat down with The Cipher Show for a real in-depth interview discussing their creative process, Grimm's relationship with DOOM, early work with Kool G Rap, and much more. These brothers are a true inspiration to listen to and the presence of cats like this is what keeps my faith in a beloved culture that in many aspects is becoming more watered down by the day.

[Throwback] JAYLIB Live @ The Conga Room

I've been spinning crazy amounts of everything Dilla and Madlib the last couple of month or so. It's a shame this insane duo never got the chance to record a proper follow-up to their classic collaboration, "Champion Sound", but there's some additional bits and pieces from the group strewn over the internet like breadcrumbs. One such treat is an almost complete recording of Jaylib's set at The Conga Room, LA, promoting the release of the LP back in 2003. It's great to see Dilla bring such energy and passion to his performance, a heavy contrast to his final shows where he infamously performed from a wheelchair. There's a wonderful spontaneity to be seen and heard here as J. Rocc reminisces on how they would go about their sets - "We didn't practice for the show... or any of them for that matter. I would ask them what they wanted to perform then they would go, “I don't make up the set list”... hahaha." The clip has been available on YouTube many times over the years but is usually taken down sooner or later so be sure to catch it while you can... and TURN IT UP!!!

There's also this heavily truncated recording of a Jaylib performance at London's Jazz Cafe from the same year. The clip originally appeared on a Stones Throw DVD in the form of additional material. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

PRHYME - "Mode" [Beast Version]

The non-album track "Mode" originaly appeared on the soundtrack to "Southpaw" earlier this year, and while it was a dope cut it couldn't fully prepare us for the blazing 7 minutes long Beast Version which is now being unleashed on us. This version is the one that will be featured on the official deluxe version release of DJ Premier's and Royce Da 5'9"'s excellent "PRhyme" album which should be out soon enough (no date has been set yet as far as I can see). Adding on to the original LP:s nine tracks the deluxe set will include new joints that sees the legendary duo touching bases with MF DOOM, Black Thought, Joey Bada$$ and Phonte.. Now how sick is that? Stay tuned for more info on this project and if you want a copy of the original release, it is still available on LP and CD from UGHH.

JOEY BADA$$ x GLASS ANIMALS - "Lose Control"

Boom banging new single from Mr. Bada$$ who here teams up with UK rock band Glass Animals. Although they represent different countries and different genres "Lose Control" comes across as an organic collaboration that showcases both sides strengths and combine them with full force. As if that wasn't enough, Joey Bada$$ recently let loose of a slamming new cut called "Aim High" which sees the young emcee letting loose over an instrumental signed Alchemist and Harry Fraud. Check out both tracks below...