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Monday, September 30, 2013

Professor P & DJ Akilles Ft. AG - "Killing Time"

Professor P & DJ Akilles brings out banging feel good Hip Hop for the underground heads with their new EP "Brews & Good News" which is out now via Ill Adrenaline Records. You might remember my post of the Blu assisted "Lamp Posts & Neon Lights" which I mistakenly stated to be the first single from the project. Turns out the first single was released a few weeks back, "Killing Time" featuring AG, and is too dope to not hand in my late pass and post it up so enjoy!

PRINCE PO - "HELLO" [Unreleased Final Mix]

I'm a real sucker for alternative mixes, demo versions, and so on, which is really the main reason I choose to call this site The Lost Tapes. While doing research for my article on Prince Po's "The Slickness" and accompanying "The LEX EP" (which I would love if you'd revisit as I've pretty much rewritten most of it), I came across this alternative version of "Hello". Driven by a dissonant violin and a nastily rugged drum-n-bass combo, it was the perfect vehicle for the Prince to reintroduce himself and kick off his debut LP. Anticon producer Jel posted his final, and previously unreleased, version of the song on his Soundcloud a few months back and god damn it if it's not even sicker than the album mix. Real explosive shit!

"This was the first song on Prince Po's Lex Album "The Slickness". Danger Mouse was the main Producer for the album. I finished a more blown out version than what made the album. But for some reason the original demo version I sent was the one they kept for the final release. here is my Final version of "Hello!"" - Jel

Sunday, September 29, 2013

REAL LIVE - "Keep On Movin'" [1996]

Wow, this is such a treat right here! I'm a huge fan of Real Live's (K-Def / Larry-O) 1996 album "The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama", and hearing previously unreleased music from those sessions is a true blessing. Once again it's the amazing guys at Slice-Of-Spice that comes to the rescue who has unearthed this soothing gem called "Keep On Movin'" which could definitely have found it's place on the LP. As if this wasn't enough they are releasing a 2xLP set featuring the entire instrumental "The Turnaround", while "Keep On Movin'" will be placed on a limited picture disc 10" vinyl. The 2xLP is set for an October 25 release date; read more, listen to the snippets and pre-order the set here. I would love to see the original vocal version get an official re-release and remaster treament as well, as it's a real shame that such a terrific album has been out of print for so long.

DIAMOND D x BIGREC - "Prelude to DoomsDay"

We've heard whispers about the legendary beat maestro Diamond D hooking up with newcomer, ATL-based emcee BIGREC, to record an entire project. This is surely more than merely rumors or empty talk as the LP, which is titled "DoomsDay", is nearing completion and release. In "Prelude to DoomsDay", posted on REC's official YouTube channel, we get a behind the scenes look of the two hip-hop representatives hard at work in the studio; we get some interview footage of both Diamond and BIGREC speaking on the album, and most importantly we hear no less than three HQ preview snippets of tracks from the LP ("Bullseye", "Abomination", "DoomsDay"). The conclusion? Diamond D is still one of the best producers around and his work here is in the vein of the classic DITC ish, and BIGREC can fucking SPIT!! Please bring on "DoomsDay" ASAP; Instant purchase!


The always on point Audessey (Soundsci, Mass Influence) has teamed up with producer ACatCalledFritz for the EP "Beats Per Minute" to be released through Slice-Of-Spice very soon. If the smooth knock of the jazzy lead single "Frequencies" is pointing the way, you'd better watch out for this one. I know I will!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

[Video] SHOWBIZ & AG - "Walk With Me"

Showbiz & AG really owned 2012 with three really fat releases that all still hold up very well, "Preloaded", "Preloaded: Remixes" and of course "Mugshot Music". If you'd combine the best tracks from all three of this releases you'd surely have the best album of that particular year and one that stand up to much of their earlier solidified classics. From "Preloaded" comes the stand-out track "Walk With Me" where both A and Show do what they do best in really showing how well they compliment each respective styles. If you're in Europe or don't mind ordering from there, you can still grab the "Mugshot Music" 2xLP @ HHV, and if you haven't already, grab the free download of "Preloaded" @ DatPiff.

[Tracklist] YANCEY BOYS - "Sunset Blvd."

As I'm sure you haven't missed out on, The Yancey Boys are back in town and preparing their second album release on Delicious Vinyl for this year. The first album that was released a few years back featured Dilla's little bro Illa J rhyming over unreleased Jay Dee beats from the '95-'97 era, and to be honest I was never a huge fan of that project. However, the second album, which is called "Sunset Blvd.", is a little different as it's not a solo project by Illa J but rather a collaborative effort between Frank Nitty and Illa; again rocking over previously unheard beats from the Dilla vaults. Judging by the three singles that have been released so far this album, production, lyrics, guests, mixing sounds like a worthy addition to Jay Dee's posthumous catalouge. And the large amount of talented guests that the tracklist below reveals is not exactly hurting things either... If you have missed any of the singles, just click on the titles containing links below, and get ready for the October 29 release on Delicious Vinyl (and I'm glad to announce that the album will be available on both wax and compact disc; with the latter also include a bonus disc of all the instrumentals). Pre-order it in your format of choice @ UGHH!
01. "Dilltro" (Ft. Dank)
02. "Fisherman" (Ft. Vice, J. Rocc & Detroit Serious)
03. "Lovin’ U" (Ft. Eric Roberson)
04. "Go And Ask The DJ" (Ft. Guilty Simpson & J. Rocc)
05. "Jeep Volume" (Ft. T3 & C-Minus)
06. "Flowers" (Ft. Talib Kweli, Niko Gray & Rhettmatic)
07. "Honk Ya Horn" (Ft. J. Pinder)
08. "Slippin’" (Ft. Early Mac)
09. "Without Wings"
10. "Beautiful" (Ft. Posdnuos & Botni Applebum)
11. "Quicksand" (Ft. Common & Dezi Page)
12. "Rock My World" (Ft. SlimKid3 & Niko Gray)
13. "The Throwaway"
14. "This Evening"

[Album] TANYA MORGAN - "Rubber Souls"

Tanya Morgan, the Brooklyn trio turned two-man show following the department of spitter Ilyas. Following their much acclaimed 2009 debut "Brooklynati", emcees Donwill, Von Pea and producer 6th Sense returns with their new LP called "Rubber Souls". If you're up for some clever, smooth, and nice grooving hip-hop I strongly suggest you check it out at SPIN and/or order the wax or CD @ UGHH ASAP. Having listened through the album once, I found that at about half of the album is really fat, while the other half didn't do much for me; but who knows, even those cuts might grow on me. Either way it's a pretty solid album with bangers like "For Real", "Day 1", "Euology", "The Vehicle", the hidden title track and the vinyl only bonus cut "Bae Bro". The group has allowed SPIN to premier a stream of the entire album, including the respective bonus cuts that appears on the CD and vinyl versions.

01. "For Real"
02. "Day One"
03. "The Only One" (Ft. Tiara Wiles, Spree Wilson, Rocki Evans, Mike Maven)
04. "never Too Much"
05. "All Em" (Ft. Outasight)
06. "Pick It Up"
07. "More" (Ft. Rocki Evans)
08. "Euology"
09. "Worldmade"
10a. "The Vehicle" (Ft. Spec Boogie & 6th Sense)
10b. "Rubber Souls"
11. "Ain't Playin'" [CD Bonus]
12. "Bae Bro" [CD Bonus]

"The SEAN TOURE Remix Project"

Despite not really having heard all that much from Baltimore producer/MC Sean Touré, I loved pretty much everything I've heard from the man since I first came across him in 2011. Since I've been trying to follow his career as well as possible, it came as little of a suprise to find out that this super talented cat actually released a free 21-track album of Toure remixes of classics by Sean Price, Common, Bilal, 50 Cent, The Roots, Pete & CL, Slum Village, and even Michael Jackson way back in 2010. Touré transforms these often hardcore cuts intro brilliant excursions into soul and jazz full of horns, deep bass lines, piano licks and excellent drum programming. 

At the moment Touré is preparing "Volume 2" of the remix project which will include new takes on music by Jill Scott, nas, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Michael Jackson. The thought is that a lot of music videos directed by Todd Kelley will be released as singles up until the release of the new remix LP; the latest being Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E.". You can watch all videos that's been released so far @ Todd Kelley's Vimeo page  To support Touré for all this great, free music, make sure to pick up a copy of his official solo album, the critically acclaimed "Sound Channeler: The Invisible Man" @ UGHH.

[Album] IVAN IVES - "Stranger"

With roots in Russia, Ivan Ives is an up-and-coming emcee residing in the LA area of California. After embracing the hip-hop culture fully in 2007, Ives has released a string of digital project which has earned him much respect as a self-searching, introspective and lyrical artist. After doing some listening I won't pretend that I'm blown away by everything I've heard but these guy definitely can spit, and got some gems to offer on his new album "Stranger"

My personal favorite is by far the knocking RJD2 collaboration "8MM" which official music video you see up top. Between this, the recent MHZ album and the two singles from his upcoming "More is Than Isn't" LP, I'm happy to announce that the producer that I once held in such a high esteem is finally on the right path again. Check out Ivan Ives brand new album "Stranger" in full via Bandcamp below, where you can choose between a free stream, a 10$ HQ digital download or a limited, signed CD version for the price of 12$. Peace to the homie James Dunn for always supplying me with interesting underground music which I otherwise would probably have missed out on!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Termanology Ft. Inspectah Deck & Maffew Razino + Sheek Louch, Lil' Fame, Kay Slay

Termanology is preparing another LP this year and its titled "G.O.Y.A. (Gunz & Yay Available)" and is sheduled for a October 8 release via ST/Brick Records. I got two singles for you from the LP and they are both intense posse cut featuring fellow NY talents in Inspectah Deck and Maffew Ragazino for "You Ain't Safe", and DJ Kay Slay introduces Term, Sheek and the always incredible Lil' Fame on "Straight From The Block". Despite the status of these guests they are only a small amount of all the rhymers and guest vocalists that Term has rounded up for "Goya". Or how about Reks, NORE, Chris Rivers, JuJu, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Action Bronson, Jared Evans, Tony Touch, Doo Wop, and a few others. The entire project is produced by Shortfyuz, an-up-n-coming producer from Term's neighborhood. Enough said, check the tracklist and the two joints right below (Three if you count the NORE single I liked to above)! I really dug the LP with Lil' Fame so let's see if this can live up to that one...

1. STV News (Ft. Sway)
2. Scandalous (Ft. Chris Rivers)
3. Pulp Fiction (Ft. Reks)
4. Judo (Ft. NORE)
5. American Dreamin'
6. Back In The Day
7. G.O.Y.A. (SKIT) (Ft. Large Pro, Lil Fame, Pete Rock & DJ Premier)
8. Sazon (Ft. H Blanco & Ea$y Money)
9. Straight Off The Block (Ft. DJ Kay Slay, Sheek Louch & Lil Fame)
10. Secret Location
11. Compra (Ft. Tony Touch & Doo Wop)
12. Juju (SKIT) (Ft. Juju of the Beatnuts)
13. Take My Turn (Ft. Action Bronson & Jared Evan)
14. Cocaine Eyes (Ft. Wais P)
15. You Aint Safe (Ft. Inspectah Deck & Maffew Ragazino)
16. Black Hole (Ft. Lee Wilson & Dice Raw)
17. 100 More Jewelz

[Comp/EP] PRINCE PO - "The LEX EP"

Queens duo Organized Konfusion is regarded as one of the best units hip-hop has ever wittnessed, with members Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch displaying a chemistry rarely equaled and a way to bounce rhymes off each other like there was no tomorrow. Despite their high quality output (two masterpieces, and one real banger) the group disbanded for a number of reasons shortly after the release of their third album "The Equinoix" (1997). One reason given was that they wanted to focus their skills as individual solo artists, while another reason mentioned was a souring relationship with their record label Hollywood/Universal whom they felt didn't give them the deserved support. On top of that Organized Konfusion did it all themselves when it came to their music - developing concepts, producing, all the writing, all vocals (their albums rarely had any guest appearances). This heavy workload, according to Prince Po, resulted in feelings of being burnt out. After getting the go-ahead from Prince Po to record solo, Pharoahe Monch went on to sign a deal with Rawkus and gaining a lot of success with the monstrous Godzilla sampling "Simon Says". Monch eventually released his solo album in '99 which in many ways picked up and updated the sound of the later Organized Konfusion records through the help of producers Diamond D, DJ Scratch, and Lee Stone. "Internal Affairs" is an extraordinary musical experiment that remains highly regarded amongst fans and critics to this day.

Prince Po would take things more slowly; releasing a trio of self-produced underground 12":s on labels ranging from Hydra Entertainment to Medicine Men between 1998 and 2001. The year of 2002, however, began a crucial change in Larry Baskervilles' path to becoming a full blown solo artist. A very important factor was Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, who at this time still was an up-and-coming hip hop producer. The two struck up a friendship which resulted in an invitation for Po to participate on one of the choice cuts from DM's LEX Records debut with Brooklyn emcee Jemini ("Ghetto Pop Life"). The resulting track ("Copy Cats") was a playful party booster, with a heavy drum and bass sound, courtesy of DM's brilliant arrangement of rugged hip-hop with some quirky pop sensibilities. Together with Po and Jemini's machine-gun flows and sing-a-long hook "Copy Cats" was a remarkable cut that also marked the beginning of a super dope musical relationship. Burton's connections with indie imprint LEX Records is a very likely factor in the label signing the Queens legend for the recording and release of "The Slickness".

"The Slickness"
Released in 2004, Prince Po's debut album showed the other half of Organized Konfusion taking a different musical path than his original rhyme partner had done with his debut. Made up of twelve tracks, Po left the musical aspects in the hands of executive producer Danger Mouse to fully focus on his writing and rhyming. Beside DM's own quirky beats he assigned Madlib, J-Zone, Jel (of the Anticon fam) and club/hip-hop phenomenon Richard X to contribute instrumentals for the project. Having not released much since 1997, Prince Po had a lot to get off his chest and the album proved that he hadn't lost an ounce of the skills that had made him the legend he is considered today. You got the straight up rhyming joints like on the boom bap intro "Hello", to Po's take on true love (the absolutely beautiful "Love Thang"), the autobiographical "Be Easy", the party jams ("Meet Me at The Bar", "Hold Dat"), and so on. It's a very varied affair both with its lyrical themes and its group of producers, yet the album comes off as a very cohessive affair. Much of this is thanks to the working chemistry between Po and Danger Mouse who despite only being credited for producing three tracks left his musical fingerprints all over the album. Most of the beats have that quirky, upbeat arrangements heard on other DM projects around this time ("The Mouse & The Mask"; "Ghetto Pop Life).

"The Left-Overs"
"The Slickness" only included 12 real songs, and while at least ten of them were straight up banging records, it's a little peculiar to find out that Danger Mouse produced, mixed and mastered three additional songs left off the final tracklist. Similiarly, the lead single "Bump Bump" included a slamming self-produced B-side called "Runwitit" that easily could've fitted on the LP (the song was originally released as a limited single of its own in '02). The Danger Mouse tracks mentioned above were released on a 5-track sampler given away as a bonus item with an issue of HipHopConnection in June 2004. Two of these tracks showed up on the LP ("Social Distortion"; "Hold Dat"), but the three remaining tracks, that are all very much in the same vein as what DM created for "The Slickness", did not. These four tracks makes for a pretty damn dope little EP which stands as a great companion piece to Po's debut album. In addition I also included the aforementioned "Copy Cats" joint from Danger Mouse & Jemini's "Ghetto Pop Life" from 2003, since I feel that's where the story of "The Slickness" really begins ... So be sure to download and enjoy this, and why not throw this on directly after having played the LP from "Hello" to "Be Easy" (I recommend you skipping that bullshit Club Remix by Richard X of "Hold That")? As we usually say here @ The Lost Tapes: TURN IT UP!! 

01."Runwithit" [prod. Prince Po]
02. "So Rebellious" [prod. Danger Mouse]
03. "Copy Cats" (Ft. Jemini) [prod. Danger Mouse]
04. "Better Things"  [prod. Danger Mouse]
05. "Get On Down" [prod. Danger Mouse]

[Beat Tape] 9TH WONDER - "Bladey Mae"

9th Wonder can be a little bit hit or miss if you ask me, but when he really nails it he can easily be counted amongst the best in the industry ... So many classic in this North Carolina representatives extensive discography. Anyone who can  produce  classics for both Sean Price, Erykah Badu, Raekwon and Destiny's Child deserves a lot of credit. His latest endeveaour is another free batch of beats, similiar in vein to that of 9th's own "Tuttan Chammon" tape last year. No matter what, from the little I have listened so far, this is sounding pretty damn good, so what are you waiting for?

[EP] 8thW1 w., PVD - "One Two, Two Old"

Back in Spring sometime, DJ K.O. sent me an advance of the latest addition to the EMPB team which was 8thW1 and PVD. 8th is the Jersey based emcee while PBD is the producer and for me it took a few listens before I started to really realize how well-crafted and uplifting the chemistry between this duo not only resulted in impressive jam sessions, but actually made for great records that incorporated many of the best elements of hip-hop and jazz. Lots of live instruments, lengthy instrumental sections, experimental samples and instrumental melodies. Not to mention 8thW1's smooth life lessons who's a great fit over live drums, blowing trumpets, low-key piano and an occurring vibraphone motif ("Too Old").

The four track EP continues in much the same vein as the earlier songs, with much of the same lengthy instrumental part soothing the listener into a dreamlike state that's both meditative and soothing. Check it out for yourself, and if you missed out on the previous full-length click here.

[Video] DUDLEY PERKINS x MADLIB - "State of Emergency"

Dudley Perkins and Madlib have created a large amount of unbelivable music throughout the years, from the '99 EP  "IllMindMuzik" (as Declaime) to the early 2"000:s albums under Dudley's born name;  "A Lil' Light" and "Expressions". Now the acclaimed duo is back in the booth together for "State of Emergency", a cut not featured on Dudley's most recent album, "Self Study". Sounding good nontheless!

Greg Porn Ft. Freeway - "Dot"

Greg Porn is a Philly emcee who's closely affiliated who's closely affiliated with The Legendary Roots crew in more than one way. He first appeared with the crew on the 2005 compilation "NBA 2K6: The Tracks" where Porn joined forces with Black Thought, Dice Raw, and so forth. Together with these two, Greg Porn would later appear on a majority of the next-coming The Roots albums and became an official member of The Money Making Jam Boys collective; an extraordinary super group who's 18-track mixtape "The Prestige" were a great way for Black Thought and his friends to really shine over both sampled and live music. The sound quality and production is especially nice, so you can bet I would love to see a limied vinyl release of the "street abum".

But enough about the past, "Dot", is the first single from Greg Porn's long-time in the making official debut album "Amerikan Junkie". The rowdy Philly song sounds like it could be a good indication of what to expect from the full-length, which is out on Soulspazm on October 1. The single also feature fellow Philly veteran Freeway who add some much needed additional dopeness to the track!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rome Clientel Ft. Skyzoo & Realm Reality - "Champions"

One of Lost Tapes' absolute favorite underground emcee, Elmira's Rome Clientel, is back at it again which is always a good thing. Following the banging The Militia produced lead single "Bang, Bang (Elmira Anthem)", he is now back with the second single from the final installment his "Empire Trilogy" ("Coronation"). "Champions" is a hardknocked posse cut that sees Rome reuniting with Skyzoo and Realm Reality, produced by DJ Concept. "Empire 3: Coronation" drops October 14, and if these two singles are a good indication this could very well be the finest entry in the trilogy yet; but we just have to wait and see. Peace to Dharmic X!

ANALOGIC - "Talk To 'Em" (Ft. Kenn Starr)

Beautifully chopped and filtered track by Analogic where both he and guest Ken Starr go all in. "Talk To 'Em" is the second single from Analogic's upcoming LP "The Booth Shall Set You Free" which is scheduled for a winter release. Analogic is a talented producer and emcee alike, having produced bangers for MadKem, Silent Knight, and many more, so its clear this album should be something out of the ordinary. Beside Kenn Starr, guests are set to include several members of the EMPB team such as Silent Knight, East, MadKem, Jered Sanders, and Justin Bates, as well as a host of non-related spitters that are undoubtedly nice with it - or how about Wordsworth, Supastition and Hasaan Mackey.

Oddisee - "Own Appeal"

Next week (October 1) the always interesting producing emcee Oddisee is releasing his follow up to his brilliant all-instrumental project "Rock Creek Park" titled "Beauty in All". In conjunction with this official release, the acclaimed DC producer has completed a digital mixtape to be released for free simultounaesly with the instrumental project. Titled "Tangible Dream", the mixtape will feature both instros and vocal cuts from Oddisee, and the vocal single "Own Appeal" is a great song for what to expect from the mixtape (which you of course will find here as soon as it's out a long with links to the retail project). Press play on the player below the tracklist and let your head move along to the slow but poweful groove!

01 - Tangible Dream
02 - Yeezus Was A Mortal Man
03 - Killing Time
04 - Own Appeal
05 - The Goings On Feat. Ralph Real
06 - Be There
07 - Yeah & Nah
08 - Interlude Flow
09 - Unfollow You Feat. Olivier St Louis
10 - Back Of My Mind Feat. Paolo Escobar
11 - Tomorrow Today
12 - Outro Flow Feat. Toine & Trek Life
13 - Bonus Flow Feat. Diamond District

Step Brothers LP info + Teaser Track

For those who are not in the know Step Brothers is the collective group name for Alchemist and Evidence. They are both talented MC/producers that go a long, long way back. Alchemist's earliest records put on wax was in contributing two out of three tracks on Dilated Peoples first 12" in '97 (the "Third Degree" single). Since then they have appeared extensively on each other's projects, Alc has probably produced around 20 tracks on Dilated's four albums, as well as producing heavily on both of Evidence's acclaimed solo albums. Likewise Evidence always appears on ALC's solo projects so it was only a question of time and timing before these LA veteran's formed something official and started working extensively on a full-length album together. The result is an LP called "Lord Steppington" which is due out on November 19 this year on Rhymesayers.

We heard a certified banger from the men on Ev's "Cat & Dogs a couple of years ago, and now they are back with another teaser; and a 12 minutes deep cut at that. Called ""nothing to See / Hear" the epic track is mostly an instrumental excursion, co-produced by them both, that gives good insight into the physcadelic soundscapes we could very well expect from this long-awaited project. It mixes physcadelic sounds with soulful excursions, dark sound effects, low-key funk, small vocal samples, cuts, pounding drums and the ocassional Step Brothers' verse and the result is just excellent. This has been out for a few days, but I haven't really tooken the time to update lately, but this is something you need to hear if you might have missed out on it before.

J-Live - "Heaven Freestyle"

J-Live always brig the heat, whether its through his many solo albums, his live shows, and his many cameos and of course his very skilled prouctions. I've been a fan of J-Live since he debuted with "The Best Part" and "All of the Above" and has continued to be so throughout the years. Following his somewhat overlooked "S.P.I.T." LP, he's been a lot of HQ "cover songs" of hip-hop classics. I'm talking his personal takes on masterpieces by Diamond D, Brand Nu, The Roots, and Gang Starr. For his first entry in his classic freestyle series this season comes with a more recent track; here J takes on Jay-Z's recent "Heaven", produced by Timbaland and J-Rocc. A diferent sound for the former teacher turned lyrical rapper but I strongly recommend a listen. This will appear on 'Live's forthcoming mixtape "This is Chess not Checkers" so stay tuned for more info + download.

DMX / Rakim / Alex D - "Don't Call Me"

DMX used to be so dope back during his first two-three albums but his many legal and drug problems have made him quite a far cry from that, although he still kicks the occassional dope verse (and of course he still has that amazing voice). But what's really crazy about this joint is the opening verse of The God MC who does a great job with his guest verse here... Additional vocals are supplied by Shontelle (who I always liked) and Alex D (who?). Check it out for yourself to see what you think below where you can download a HQ rip of the Mp3.

Tha Beggaz Ft. P. Sunn - "God Talk"

The Beggaz was affiliated with Wu-Tang in the late '90s, contributing with a Classic track on "Killa Beez: The Swarm" and releasing a couple of brilliant underground 12":s. The guys recently uploaded a previously unreleased Prodigal Sunn assisted low-fi cut called "God Talk" which definitely were recorded sometime during the '90s; I would guess somewhere between '96 and '98. The sound quality isn't all that, but it's a bass heavy, Moody piece with terrific verses from everyone involved. Might very well be from that lost Tha Beggaz album that was supposed to drop on Wu-Tang Records sometime in the late '90s. Take a listen below and shouts to the homie Rusty Wu-Chain for putting me on to this!


I'm always hyped as fuck for any new Guilty Simpson, and with the three songs that have gotten the single treament from the ruff "D" lyrical monster's collaboration with talented producer Small Professor (who's sound compiment Guilty's hardcore style perfectly), my anticipation has grown with each song I've heard. The 10-tracks deep album, which is called "Highway Robbery", hit stores and digital retailers this morning and the artists and Soulspazm label have together decided to put up the entire project for free streaming, so if you haven't bought or ordered the album yet I strongly recommed you to hit play ASAP and turn this grimey motherfucker the way UP. We already heard cuts with AG, Statik Selektah and Boldy James, while other guests on the short but effective LP includes DJ Revolution, Castle and Elucid, though there's no question that it's Guilty and Small that are the real shining stars here... While the cameos are often great, I sure wouldn't mind having this be a solo project in the truest sense of the word. But don't take my word for it, press play and take this gritty trip through boom bap beats, hardcore lyrics and overall excellent hip-hop music.

EDIT - Having now listened through the project twice, the only real dissapointmen comes from the fact that "Highway Robbery", which was advertised as a new album is actually nothing more than an EP release, albeit a very sick one! Its 10 tracks clocks in at barely 25 minutes tracks including three interludes. Add to that that the two closing songs are alternative versions of joints already released; one of them even appearing early on the EP. But as long as the music is banging like this, I can't really complain too much. And of course both Guilty and Small is in good shape here, providing straight up heat! If the embeded player don't show up below, click here!

Freddie Gibbs x Madlib - "Harolds"

"Pinata" is still some time away (was it February or March, can't really remember right now), but as long as they keep pumping out hot music like they've been doing for the last 1.5 years I'm very happy. It's the best Gibbs material I've heard, sure he's a fantastic emcees but I gotta admit that many of the beats he rocks over isn't really my style. But when both Gibbs and Mad seem to drag the best out of eachother, the resulting music is some of the best singles releases this year and late 2012. Recently we heard the absolutely excellent "Deeper", and now we are treated to the B-side of that EP and it's another sure shit - making sure these guy's chemistry is really something else. Called "Harolds" and if you have ripped these tracks, got them on wax, etc, you should do like me and make a compilation of all their released music so far as I did which gives great insight into what this album will actually sound like! Make sure to cop the EP straight from RappCats shop while it's still available!

[EP] Knxwledge Ft. Blu / Quelle Chris / Declaime - "Rap Jointz"

Knxwledge is not a producer I am familiar with, but listening to this there's no question that he's a very talented producer that display a great chemistry with the (almsot) always trustowrthy Blu and the other emcees featured here. Here the producer releases a very captivating EP with vocal help from Blu, Quelle Chris and Declaime - all interesting guys that sound great over this production. Above you can watch the slamming Blue assisted video for "nonthesame", and at the bottom you can stream the entire thing for free. Good news is that this is just a warm-up for Knxwledge who's intending to release his full length soon to be here full length LP "Kauliflower", so definitely be on the lookout for that one. Aite, so you know what you need to do with this EP  ... Stream the entire project for free, but if you want to download you can either buy this EP as a digital album or a limited 10" releasel @  TURN IT UP!!

Robert Glasper Experiment Ft. Common - "I Stand Alone"

As my two biggest favorite genres are by far hip-hop, followed by jazz, the modern Blue note signee Robert Glasper is a virtuoso piano player, and producer with a big love for hip-hop that shined through extensively on last year's "Black Radio" and the "Black Radio Revisited (Remixes) EP". So I'm real eager to see what his upcoming "Black Radio II" will have in store for us devoted fans. "I Stand Alone" is the latest single from the actual album and features stellar performances by Common and guest vocalist Patrick Stump and is definitely worth several listens. You can pre-order the album, which drops early next month Stay tuned for more info but in the meantime let the soothing sounds of "I Stand Alone" take you on a journey below. 

[Album Stream] DELTRON 3030 - "Event II"

In early 1999, super MC Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, super producer Dan The Automator and turntable genius Kid Koala joined forces and became Deltron, releasing a self-titled album which is rightfully often considered a true Classic. Ever since fans have been craving new official material from the unit. Their first album was a work of true genius so there's no suprise that their second effort, which comes almost 15 years after their debut, does not live up to the incredible standard of their debut album but it's still nice to hear the Deltron collective back at it again.
The Bulk Recordings album officially drops this coming Tueday, but Pitchfork has got the rights to put up the entire project for free streaming a week early, so what are you waiting for!?

DELTRON 3030 - "Event II"
01. Stardate (feat. Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
02. The Return
03. Pay the Price
04. Nobody Can (feat. Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION)
05. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1 (feat. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
06. Melding of the Minds (feat. Zach De La Rocha)
07. The Agony (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
08. Back in the Day (feat. The Lonely Island)
09. Talent Supersedes (feat. Black Rob)
10. Look Across the Sky (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
11. The Future of Food (feat. David Chang)
12. My Only Love (feat. Emily Wells)
13. What Is This Loneliness (feat. Damon Albarn and Casual)
14. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2 (feat.David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
15. City Rising From the Ashes (background vocals by Mike Patton)
16. Do You Remember (feat. Jamie Cullum)


Azizi Gibson - "Band Of The Hawk"

Since the start of the AC3 Hip Hop Festival the arrangers have teamed up with iHipHop distributions and released a yearly mixtape of exclusive joints by the artists from the line-up. The previous installments have been extremely well received by both fans and critics. With the festival coming up, "AC3 Volume 3" which, like its predecessors, include over 50 artists spread over two discs which undoubtedly be one to watch for. Featured artists is not known yet but the album officially drops in digital format on October 1 so stay tuned for more info!

However, the new single is here; a solo track by Azizi Gibson, one of the recent signees to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint so you know this is some good left-field shit if you're into that type of thing!Press play on the embeded YouTube file above and see what you think of it!

Friday, September 20, 2013

[Album] MACK WILDS - "New York: A Love Story"

A couple of nights I ago I posted the Method Man assisted "Land of the Wild Things" from The Wire actor Tristan "Mack" Wilds turned R&B singer. As the first signee to Salaam Remi's production company Re Mi Fa / Louder Than Life, Wilds and the Award winning producer have been hard at work on the singer's debut album "New York: A Love Story". Not to be confused with the super sugar coated R&B of today, this is often more reminiscent of the street-edged crooners of the '90s that often used hip-hop beats and didn't exclusively sing about love.In that vein, Salaam and Mack have rounded up additional beats from hip-hop legends like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Havoc, Bink!, and James Poyser which was then given additional touches and production by Remi, meaning that he in some shape or form have had a hand in producing every single song on the LP. 

Unfortunately there's no production credits around for most of this yet, though I know that "Land of the Wild Things" was solely produced by Salaam Remi, while "My Crib" and "Henny" was produced by Bink! and Havoc, respectively, (both with co-production from Remi). An educated guest is that Premier co-produced and put the scratches on "Keepin' It Real", while Pete Rock might have done the same for the strictly hip-hop oriented "Duck Sauce". Guest features are kept to a minimum but the ones who appear are all terrific writers and long-time greats -  Meth, Raekwon and Doug E. Fresh... TheUrban Daily has been given the get-go to premier the LP in its entirety, before it officially drops September 30. Be sure to give this one a spin unless you absolutely hate R&B (and even then check out "Duck Sauce", "Keepin' It Real" and the feature cuts).

01. "Land of the Wild Things" (Ft. Method Man)
02. "My Crib"
03. "Henny"
04. "Own It"
05. "MaGic!"
06. "Keepin' It Real"
07. "U Can Try To Me" (Ft. Raekwon & Doug E. Fresh)
08. "Don't Turn Me Down"
09. "The Sober Up"
10. "A New York Love Story"
11. "Art Of Fallin'"
12. "Remember The Time"
13. "Duck Sauce"


[EP/Mini LP] AG DA CORONER - "Crushed Grapes"

Brooklyn to Queens representative AG Da Coroner clearly has no intentions of letting the dope music that he's been supplying us with for the last two years. His latest addition to an already fat catalouge is the free project "Crushed Grapes", entirely produced by ATG who I have praised several times here on The Lost Tapes. The latter is progressively evolving his own hard soul based sound, filled with grinding organs, bluesy basslines and boom bap-type drums which is a perfect match for AG's rough edged voice and intense street themed lyrics. Add to that guest verses from Meyhem Lauren, M.Reck and a posse cut with Nutso, Lord Nez (in addition to appearing on two other cuts), Termanology, Realm Reality, and Spit Gemz and this is a straight up and down crazy release that will work well in holding us over until Da Coroner's official album drops.

[Album] HUS KINGPIN - "The Cognac Tape"

We heard a few very promising leaks from the Mello Music Group extended re-release of Hus Kingpin, and now Tha Connection spitter, and MMG has decided to let fans stream the entire project for free before picking up on ltd.vinyl, CD or HQ digital @ Bandcamp. The 19 track album features a lot of Roc Marciano and Ghosta Nostra cameos, along with Rozewood. The banging music is suppliyed by DJ Phantom, Khrysis!, Snoowgoons, DJ Kryptonite, and Foka to name a few, who all make a great job helping Hus delivering the often smooth, but grimey as fuck hip hop we know him for. You can stream the entire project via the embeded player above (or from the Bandcamp link if that doesn't work out!

[Video] RAPSODY - "Kingship"

Rapsody, rightfully one of the fastest rising female emcees on the underground scene, made a lot of heads turn with her free "She Got Game" mixtape which boosted a lot of solid productions from mentors 9th Wonder, and Khrysis, with additional beats coming from Eric G., Mr. Porter, E.Jones, and DJ Premier. The latter's production "Kingship" was also the lead single, which is why it now finally get the video treatment in a warm black & white shoot showcasing the MC/producer getting busy at what they do best, respectively. Download the mixtape here!

14KT Ft. Roc Marciano - "Live From Pimpstead"

We recently heard acclaimed producer 14KT's new album "Nickel & Dimes" which succesfully mixed instrumental cuts with vocal tracks guested by some major underground emcees. As is often the case with Mello Music Group, they give their albums the deluxe edition treament when releasing on wax, adding an exclusive bonus 45 to the 2xLP set. For 14KT's LP, this bonus 45 includes a banging joint featuring everybody and their mother's current favorite rapper Roc Marciano on a cut called "Live From Pimpstead". Peep it below and order (+stream) the Deluxe LP @ MMG.

[Album] JMEGA THE GOD - "Niggaz iz Kingz Forever"

I was actually first introduced to JMega The God through the lead single from this album, the Purpose produced "Real Niggaz Only" which I found to be a real ill, downbeat cut. Now the True Masterz emcee has delivered his entire LP "Niggaz Iz Kingz Forever" with sees the young artist spitting real rhymes about real shit over stellar production work from Purpose, SicknessMP, MighGawd, and more. The guest apperances are kept to a minimum, but Graveyard Shifter pops up on a track (what up Gravey!), as does CDS of Da Shogunz, with all cuts supplied by DJ Grazzhoppa. Definitely worth a listen!

Nutso / DJ Low Cut - "No MC Without DJ, No DJ Without MC"

Nutso and DJ Low Cut released their incredibly tight "In The Cut" a couple of months back, and if you haven't copped the vinyl yet I strongly suggest you do just that. The digital version of the album included this posse cut called "No MC Without DJ, No DJ Without MC" featuring Koron, Lambo & K-Tone with DJ Nix'on on the crossfader. Unfortunately this was never included on the wax, but Low Cut now releases it as a free download single, including both instrumental and vocal so peep that below. By the way, this track is in reality a DJ Low Cut remix of an original DJ Nice track featuring Nutso, whcih explains the bonus track treament - but definitely dope nonetheless!

Professor P & DJ Akilles Ft. Blu - "Lamp Posts & Neon Lights"

Being a Swede, you got to feel pride when some of our good artists join forces with some of the States finest underground emcees and labels. Such is the case with Professor P and DJ Akilles who have got a lot of recognition both in the US and at home for their nostalgic english spoken hip-hop which has given them opportunitys to open up for acts like DITC, De La Soul, and Talib Kweli. Having built a solid fan base the MC/producer duo has signed a deal with one of the finest underground labels around, Ill Adrenaline, and recorded their upcoming EP "Brews & Good News". The six track project is entirely produced by DJ Akilles, and boosts guest features from AG, and Blu. The latter appears on the first single which is called "Lamp Posts & Neon Lights" which you can stream below, and is a good example of what you find on the full thing which is out now - order the wax @ right away!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Comp] KARRIEM RIGGINS - "At The Intersection"

I've been wanting to do something to honor the work of Karriem Riggins for a long, long time. He's definitely one of hip-hops best kept secret that is finally starting to get his due credit over the last few years. Being a huge fan of both jazz and hip-hop you have got to show a lot of admiration for what this guy is doing on both ends of the specrum. On one side, he's a superb jazz drummer who's pulsating grooves and perfect timing has landed him sessions and/or gigs with legends like Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, and Milt Jackson. Add to that that he's one of the most interesting producers around, as proven through his small but spotless catalouge which includes collaboration with people like The Roots, Common, Slum Village, and Proof. These hip-hop productions also landed him a deal as a solo artist with Stones Throw Records, resulting in the instrumental double LP "Alone/Together", a 34 tracks beat tape refined into an album that stand alongside similiar HQ projects by Madlib, JD and Oh No.

Many know that he was a very close friend of Jay Dee, often swapping ideas and beat tapes between them and already back in 2000 Riggins was the only outside producer to get the chance to work on Dilla's solo debut album "Welcome 2 Detroit", where his contribution "Clap!" became a favorite among many listeners. Not to mention that he was the one entrusted to complete "The Shining" after Yancey passed, a project that reportedly was about 75% done but came together seamlessly. So while The D is bubbling with incredibly talented proucers like Black Milk, Apollo Brown, Mr. Porter and NameTag, I feel that its Karriem Riggins that's closest to Dilla's sensibilities though there's no question that he has evolved a unique style of his own through a rich musical palette.

So with that brief presentation, the latest The Lost Tapes compilation focuses on the production work of Mr. Riggins. The 18 tracks here is meant to reflect his entire prouction career, from early Detroit classics to his recent instrumental stuff, without using any material from the actual LP (the few ST cuts are all singles that have been released for free download). I've put a lot of thought into the sequencing into this one and hope you will let it play through in its entire 68 minutes. TURN IT UP, enjoy and please support Karriem Riggins by purchasing "Alone/Together" @ ST.

01. "Chopped Worm Intro"
02. "Matador Posse Cut" (Ft. Guilty Simpson, KRNDN, Jon Wayne & Homeboy Sandman)
03. "Soldier" (w. Erykah Badu)
04. "Uncle Raheim" (w. Consequence)
05. "Next Time" (w. Common)
06. "Harmony" (w. Slum Village)
07. "Aerodynamic" [Slum Village Remix] (w. Daft Punk)
08. "E + 1 Equal None"(w. Proof)
09. "VIP In" (w. Phat Kat)
10. "Who Got It?" (w. Talib Kweli)
11. "Quills" (w. The Roots)
12. "Play Your Cards Right" (w. Common & Bilal)
13. "Evil Ways" [K. Riggins Remix] (w. Willie Bobo)
14. "Mona Lisa" (w. Black Thought)
15. "We Be Dem Pt. 2" (w. Slum Village)
16. "Vernors" (w. The Detroit Experiment)
17. "Body Movin'" (Dilla x Riggins x J-Rocc)


Marco Polo Ft. ORGANIZED KONFUSION - "3-O-Clock"

OH SHIT, this just made my entire week right here! If I recall correctly we haven't heard Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch collide on a track since "God Send" from "Internal Affairs" back in '99. It just feels GOOD hearing these guys going at it again, and you know Marco Polo delivers some smooth boom bap greatness in recognizing the value of this collaboration. "PA 2: The Director's Cut" will be near the top on a whole lot of year's best lists in December, trust me!

Guilty Simpson / Small Professor - "I'm The City"

The second single from Guilty Simpson's fourth full-length is here, and he and producer Small Professor is definitely going full throttle here. "I'm The City" is pretty much as gritty as it gets and should have you putting Small Professor on your watchlist if you haven't already. The cuts by Statik Selektah is a real nice touch too, and that's Boldy James on the guest vocals. "Highway Robbery" drops next Tuesday so gear up!

"Grand Theft Auto V" OST

With the release of the new installment of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, DJ Cash and DJ Whoo Kid has assembled a fittingly rough soundtrack of exclusives. Two notable features for Lost Tapes readers comes from  ALC & Oh No teaming up again as Gangrene for "Bassheads", another sure shot banger from Fredro Starr and Audible Doctor called "Everyday Hell" ... Other notable material comes from Cormega / Necro / Lil' Fame (real fat track produced by DJ Skizz), Wais P / Kool G Rap, and Action Bronson so there should be a lot of good shit on this tape, grab it below!

Monday, September 16, 2013

RJD2 + Phonte - "Temperamental"

RJD2 and Phonte come together as one for "Temparemental", the latest single from the brilliant producers "More Is Than Isn't". Ill vibes right here, can't wait to see what October 8 brings with it!

Mack Wilds Ft. Method Man - "Wild Things"

There's no shortage of new Wu verses tonight with the third cut coming via a Method Man feature on R&B crooner and fellow Staten Islander Mack Wilds new single "Wild Things". Meth always sounded good on these type of tracks, and Salaam Remi does a beautiful job with the production and orchestration of this. Besides Remi, Wilds' forthcoming LP will include musical contributions from DJ Premier, Pete Rock and James Poyser so be sure to check for that one when it drops September 30.

True Master Ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah - "Batman N Robin"

Now THIS is something I've been really fiending for, I'll tell you that! The untouchable Wu-Elementz producer True Master revealed the name of his solo debut "Master Craftsman" way back in 2009, but it is first now that things are really starting to move forward. On the official website, True has posted the cover (seen above), the possibility for pre-order and a list of tracks included on the album. While True handles all of the production, vocals are being supplied by pretty much the entire Wu-Tang Clan, Prodigal Sunn, Shyheim, Popa Wu and very likely at least a couple of verses by the main artist himself (who has proven very capable of holding down microphone duties on tracks like RZA's "Take Sword"). 

While a Raekwon track called "Olympus" leaked a while back (and the aforementioned tracklist lists a Rae joint called "White Cloud Olympus"), the choice for the lead single lands on "Batman and Robin", starring the dynamic Cuban Linx duo. Fantastic!

Christian Rich Ft. RZA - "Supaman"

Production duo Christian Rich invites The RZA to bless their latest single which bears the title of "Supaman". This is a nice groove right here, similiar in both style and substance to Earl Sweatshirt's "Molasses" which also paired up RZA with Christian Rich.