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Friday, May 31, 2013

Freestyle Cypher w/ D.I.T.C. & DJ Premier

Check out this crazy D.I.T.C. cypher with DJ Premier on the wheels of steel. Appearing from the legendary 8 is Andre The Giant who leads the way for the next generation of Bronx bombers, namely A Bless (who of course been appearing on DI records since way back then), Majestic Gage, and Tashane. DOPE!

[Video] MASTA ACE - "I Did It"

Despite all recycled beats from DOOM's "Special Herbs" series, Masta Ace's latest, "M.A._DOOM: The Son of Yvonne" still sounds as fresh as it gets. The second video (following "Sweet Home") has just been released to the net, and the choice went to "I Did It" which is a track that always gets me in a good mood. Support the movement and pick up the LP if you haven't already, i.e. from Fat Beats for physical, or iTunes for a digital copy.

Joey Bada$$ - "Word is Bond" [prod. Statik Selektah]

Joey Bada$$ is one of very few young emcees of today that caters to older heads who like their hip-hop with a taste of the '80s and '90s. This recipe is followed on today's menu where Joey and DJ Statik Selektah cooks up a gourmet banger entitled "Word is Bond". The "Summer Knights" EP drops on June 12... Bon appetit!

[Video] AZ - "We Movin'"

Here's the first video from AZ's super anticipated "Doe or Die Pt. 2" which hopefully will be out this year. "We Movin'" is the second single from the project, and this Statik Selektah production got AZ all fired up since his performance here is nothing less than outstanding.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Roots preparing 2 LP's for 2013

As the title of this post reveals, The Legendary Roots Crew are planning to release not only one but two full-length projects this year. The first will continue the always interesting series of collaborations between The Roots band and legendary artists (including albums with Al Green, Betty Wright, and John Legend). This time its no lesser of a man than new wave / punk rock pioneer Elvis Costello who's under the spotlight, and recorded the full length album "Wise Up Ghost" with ?uest, Kamal, Poyser, and the gang. The LP is slated for a September 17 release via the great Blue Note Records. Following that, the band will return to their hip-hop roots for their 12:th studio album which right now carries the working title "...& Then You Shoot Your Cousin". And to get you in the proper mood for this great news, I threw in the fantastic The Roots cut "The Grand Return" which was recorded for their 2008 opus "Rising Down" but was unfortunately left off the tracklist only to appear as a bonus track on the digital versions. It's a great track that fits very well in the overall vibe of that album; whenever I load the LP up on my iPod i always include this track.


De La Soul - "Get Away Ft. Spirit Of The Wu"

This shit right here is absolute BRILLIANCE, but what do you expect from De La Soul, one of the few groups that constantly have dropped quality music since the late '80s? Creating a neck breaking hip-hop banger from the intro to CD2 of "Wu-Tang Forever", the  Soul perfectly captures the spirit of the Wu, meshed with Da Inner Sound Y'all. Purchase "Get Away" @ iTunes!

[Video] Uptown XO - "Everyday"

Uptown XO returns with another video from his dope 2013 LP, "Colour de Grey". "Everyday" is produced by AB The Pro, and directed by Creative Junkfood... Pick up the album on CD or wax from if you haven't already.

Lil' Dap - "Real Emcees"

Group Home's illest spitter, Lil' Dap, is back on the scene with a seriously blazing new 7" single entitled "Real Emcees", made in collaboration with producers Freaqnik & WDRE who brings a powerfully layered heavy hitter that packs a real thump. Dap's voice has always been his strongest asset in my opinion, but the last few years has also seen his gritty street flows really connect with the strong songwriting that was lacking on the Home's classic '95 debut. This lyrical quality is on fine display on both sides of this 45; "Real Emcees" is a beautiful tribute to the culture and the real artists from then to now, while the B-side "Guru Cash Flow" sees Dap weaving together memories of his lost comrade GURU with life lessons to absorb over a booming track by Cash Flow. As expected, the A-side is the superior cut but together these two cuts form a welcome return for Lil' Dap as a solo artist, as I hope this will soon be followed with more releases. Support the real, because this one is highly recommended!

[Video] Nametag + Nameless - "The Teacher"

One of the finest albums of the year came from Detroit duo Nametag + Nameless who dropped their "For Namesake" a short time back. One especially fine cut from the LP is "The Teacher" which is a great example of the fine chemistry between emcee Nametag and beat maestro Nameless, though it's a more polished sound than on the majority of the record. Order the Brick Records CD @ UGHH!

[Video] SIDE EFFECTZ - "Sub Zero"

Side Effectz's third album "Wunderbaum Music" hits in digital form via iTunes and Spotify on June 5. Vinyl heads will get their first taste of Side Effectz wax only two days later when the 10 track project drops on 12". Having had the pleasure of getting an early preview of the material, I can tell you that this is in my opinion the Swedish trio's finest and most ambitious release to date; what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality all the way! The latest single to get the visual treatment is "Sub Zero", produced by El Akopalips, performed by Linkan, directed by Marcus, with a chilling, not to say haunting, cameo by the mythical AsfaltAllan.

Kid Tsunami Ft. OC - "Catch Wreck"

Head Bop Music producer Kid Tsunami is preparing the solo album "The Chase" for a Fat Beats release on June 18. The guest list on this is more than enough to get any of the regulars on this site to be excited, I can promise you that! Or how about AG, OC, Prince Po, Sean Price, Masta Ace, Percee P, KRS-One, Pharaohe Monch, Bahamadia, Kool G Rap, Jeru The Damaja, Craig G, J-Live, and many, many more.

Get yourself prepared with no less than four singles from the project, including the latest one featuring OC called "Catch Wreck" which you find at the bottom of this post. "Bang Exclusive" features a stellar performance by Sean Price, and is also available on a limited 12" single. Kool G Rap pops up on the heavy hitter "Art Of War", while Jeru the Damaja, Chubb Rock and P.Monch holds it down on the title track of the project! Bang your heeeaaaad!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Video] PAPOOSE - "Turn It Up"

An early 2013 favorite for me is DJ Premier's contribution to Papoose's "The Nacirema Dream" that finally saw a release this year. A good choice putting out some nice visuals featuring both makers of the song too, directed by Gabriella Loutifi. TURN IT UP!!

[Video] KA - "Our Father"

KA, the former Natural Elements spitter, has been on fire since he seriously launched his solo career a few years back. His latest single "Our Father" continues that tradition with an especially inspired vocal performance. Apparantly this is the first release from an upcoming album titled "The Night's Gambit", something I'm really looking forward to!

[Video] Gensu Dean & Planet Asia - "Faces On The Dollar"

The first official video from Gensu Dean and Planet Asia's collabo banger "Abrasions" is here, and "Faces On the Dollar" was definitely a good choice. The album has been out for some time on CD and iTunes, but vinyl heads can finally pick up the 2xLP set today, complete with a bonus 45 including two brand spanking new cuts from the power house duo. Head over to MelloMusicGroup and show your love!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Roc Marciano & Cormega - "Ruff Town"

Roc Marciano and Cormega are without a doubt two of the finest emcees New York has to offer, so a collaboration between the two are bound to be pretty damn amazing. The Marciano produced "Ruff Town" delivers on that promise, with absolutely brilliant verses from both. I can't wait to see where this banger will end up! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

[VIDEO] Has-Lo - "Hindsight" [Apollo Brown Remix]

Has-Lo's debut "In Case I Don't Make It" was a seriously dope affair back when it first dropped in 2011, and it still sounds as fresh as ever. Vinyl fetischists might very well have missed out on this gem since it was only released on CD, something that Mello Music Group is about to change this year; better late than never, right! The limited edition 180 gram vinyl should be available early this fall so keep an eye open for that, as well as a project with North Carolina emcee Castle that Has' is currently working on.
The video for "Hindsight" that you see above is not from "In Case...", but rather from its sister album "Conversation B" which dropped a few months after it's predecessor. The video is brand new however, as this Apollo Brown laced gem deserves all the praise it gets!

DJ Nu-Mark Ft. NY Oil - "Lay 'Em Low"

Following the brilliance of "Broken Sunlight", Nu-Mark hit up NY Oil for a couple of tight verses. The legendary Jurassic 5 DJ bring the full artillery in creating a super funky backdrop that should put a big smile on the face of anyone who dug what they heard on the LP last year. Also, in related news, DJ Nu-Mark is currently working together with composer and orchestral conductor Chris Lennertz on the score for a Universal Movies picture called "Ride Along", directed by Tim Story and featuring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. [Click here if you can't see the Soundcloud player below]

The Story of The Crooklyn Dodgers

The monumental meeting between Masta Ace, Black Moon, Special Ed, A Tribe Called Quest and Spike Lee that resulted in "Crooklyn", a track that'll go down in history as one of the finest 12" singles of all time. The song was of course a one-shot deal, made for Spike Lee's beautiful film of the same name, but there's a lot more to the story that you may not know... Now Red Bull Music Academy, who's really been blessing hip-hop heads with fantastic music seminars over the last couple of years, have put together a brilliant interview based around the making and aftermath of the original "Crooklyn". Pretty much everyone who was involved with the joint except for Ali Shaheed Muhammad is interviewed; did you know that ODB was originally supposed to be on it?; did you know that the trio first recorded all completely different verses over the beat?; did you know that Evil Dee was involved in the production?; etc, etc. In other words, an absolute must read for any serious hip-hop connoisseur - CHECK IT OUT!

01. "Crooklyn" [Baseball Mix]
02. "Crooklyn" [Instrumental]
03. "Crooklyn" [Full Mix]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[Comp] SHORTY LONG - "South Boogie: The Album"

Shorty Long was a talented young emcee from The Bronx originally known as Shorty Lovestick, who gained some underground prominence when Lord Finesse took him under his wing and supplied his services in creating the underground hit "Shorty's Dowin' His Own Thang" for Long. The track was released on 12" which was one of two records released on Long Shorr Records; Long's shortlived independent imprint that also released the Mike Smooth produced "You Know It's Good" B/W "Let's Get At It..." two years later. 

"Shorty's Doin' His Own Thang" caught the attention of many true underground heads, with it's agressive bassline, drums of death, repetitive horn samples, cuts and of course Shorty's unique candor and hardboiled vocal performances, that classic early '90s shit, with a lot of slick braggadocious rhymes, hardcore lines, and shouts to close peeps in the industry and references to his home hoods. The B-side was a similair affair, complete with a classic '90s shout-and-response hook, more glaring horns, and a typical hard hitting D.I.T.C. styled rhythm track might not sound completely right until you pump that motherfucker LOUD. "My People's" has all the trademarks of a Diggin' prodcution, who Short was of course closely affiliated with, through the track is actually done by someone named Plead The 5th, which could very well be an alias considering the implications of the name and the quality of the production hardly sounding like some no name producer who never worked again. The aforementioned '96 follow-up 12" "My Peoples" / "Let's Get At It" shows much of the same style, and it's great to hear DJ Mike Smooth bring his A-game, showing him really adapting to the production styles of the guys that produced his and 'Ness' classic debut album back in '89. Another nostalgia trip here is the B-side, which is a posse cut featuring DJ Timbalan (today known as Amed, the in-house producer known for several classic records), C-Terror, Fanatic, De La, Joe-Sex, Moet. Beside the first name, I've never heard of any of these guys before or after, which is hardly a suprise, but you gotta love those '90s posse track that such a large majority of underground albums of this sort had back then... and this was of course before the individuals recorded their parts wherever and sent over the ProTools files.

Between the two singles mentioned above, Shortly Long was in the middle of recording an album, rounding up some of the illest underground producers in his circle and solidified his D.I.T.C. affilliation. He's not part of the D.I. crew in any official capacity, but had the Bronx bombers had the same agenda as the Wu, he would definitely be considered a Diggin' Killa Bee. For the album, Long produced several studio sessions between '94 and '96, letting his inviting rhymes collide with blazing beats by DJ Mike Smooth, Amed (DJ Timbalan), Showbiz, and Buckwild. Something else very interesting is that one of the cuts features Harry-O and John Doe, who the hardcore Crates head will recognize for their respective, multiple apperances on Lord Finesse's and Diamond D's second albums in 1992 and 1996, respectively - where they both did a pretty damn good job avoiding to be outshined by the veterans. Other guests from these sessions included Firehead (who released a Buckwild produced 12" on Kurrup Money in 2000), Moet (who also appeared on the '96 posse cut mentioned above), and femcee Moet. I believe DJ Mike Smooth was to be the executive producer in charge of the original album.

In 1996 hip-hop was changing, much thanks to glittery suits and prominent samples, more ackin' to covers, of '80s disco hit, thanks (but no thank) to Mr. Papa Diddy Pop, and not suprisingly Shorty Long's material for the album which it seems was pretty close to completion found itself shelved. Thanks to incredible peeps like the guys behind One Leg Up records, the label was in 2008 able to release eight previously unreleased tracks recorded for the album between '94 and '96, and releaed as "DJ Mike Smooth Presents Shorty Long in 'The South Boogie' EP". Since all the songs that had already been released on 12" singles, like his biggest hit "Doin' His Own Thang", was missing from the tracklist but was recorded around the same time, I think it's safe to say that at least all of the A-sides were intended for the album; and who knows maybe even the B-sides to. The One Leg Up record was an extremely limited release, that's of course out of print today, so I  don't think there's any harm in posting these seven cuts in this Lost Tapes compilation featuring the other four released Shorty tracks, to create an eleven songs set that clocks in just shy of 50 minutes and really gives the impression that you are listening to a slightly rough, but banging, long lost album, or at least the majority of it. And it's a true gem at that. Tracks #1 to #8 is taken from "The South Boogie EP"; tracks #9 and #10 appeared on the "Shorty's Dowin' His Own Thang" single while the last two cuts coming from the 12" release of "You Know It's Good Baby". If you haven't heard more than a track or two from this guy, and especially if you're a fan of the mid-'90s sound of D.I.T.C., make sure to NOT sleep on this as I would bet some good cash on you absolutely loving this as much as myself.... On a related side note, I really wonder what happened to Shorty though? Probably got tired of the shady music business, but who knows. Anyone got any info, please post a comment or send me an e-mail to the address near the top to your right.... Until we now more, or Traffic or a similiar label decide to release the LP in its intended entirety, download, press play and TURN IT THE FUCK UP!!

01. "Purple Rain" [prod. Amed]
02. "Nothin' New Under the Sun" [prod. Amed] (Ft. Harry-O & Jon Dough)
03. "Say My Name" [prod. Showbiz]
04. "Be Alright" [prod. Buckwild]
05. "What's Criminal" [prod. Amed]
06. "South Boogie" [prod. Mike Smooth]
07. "Crime & Corroption" [prod. Mike Smooth] (Ft. Firehead, Moet & West)
08. "Shorty'z Dowin' His Own Thanng" [prod. Lord Finesse]
09. "My Peoples" [prod. Plead The 5:th]
10."You Know It's Good Baby" [prod. Mike Smooth]
11. "Let's Get At It" [prod. Mike Smooth] (Ft. C-Terror, De La, Amed, Moet, Fanatic, Joe-Sex)

REKS - "Flags"

REKS is one of the sharpest young lyricists holding it down at the moment, despite the amount of quality material he's been able to pump out on a regular basis. His album with produced Numsonics "Revolution Coctail" was originally given a release date in February, but has now officially been pushed back to July 2, which I personally think it's a good thing considering how many albums he released in a very short time the last two years or so; it's not a smart move to overflood the market too much, because people have a tendency to not find it anything special no more. The single "Flags" is the latest track to leak from the project, and though it's not one of his best at all it's still definitely worth a listen as lyrics and delivery are on point as always.

More MADLIB The Beat Konducta

Madlib's four Beat Konducta albums fall in the category of my favorite Madlib albums; from the incredibly soulful and smooth "Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes", to the somewhat crazy Indian music experiement "Vol. 3-4: B.K. in India" (still my least favorite in the series), and of course the immensely beautiful chopped up greatness that was "Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to... [J Dilla]" (my favorite by far). And don't forget the brilliant "Beat Konducta in Africa" which although it was released as part of the Medicine Show, is just a solid and important entry as any of the others, and easily the Medicine I've dosed myself with the most out of the 13 albums and mixtapes in the series. So you can imagine how great news I found it to be that the Mad Lib is preparing a fifth album to be out soon, one wtih yet another theme...

This time, on "Rock Konducta", it seems that new theme is a rock-oriented take on the instrumental hip-hop maddness we've became accusted to; most likely only using samples from rock records - and I for one, can't wait to see what 'Lib cooks up with that, because you know the real essence will be straight up neck breaking hip-hop, but with a lot of guitars, HARD live drums, etc. There's no real release date yet, but as you know the West Coast beat genius is known for pumping out dope material quick and with the support of Stones Throw it's usually out very quick after the final mixdown/post-production. Until that, however, Stones Throw and Jackson is releasing a very limited edition white label 45 (300 copies) that only will be available at an upcoming show in San Fransisco early next month - June 7 at 1015 Folsom Street. The 7" features two cuts from the forthcoming "Rock Konducta" project; one which, thanks to Stones Throw, can be heard in its entirety below, "The Mad March" which is sounding serious.

[SINGLE COMP] The Origins of JJ DOOM

I must admit when I heard the collaboration between producer/sometime MC Jneiro Janel and vocalist MF DOOM I must admit I was quite dissapointed; the beats wasn't doing it for me, and as with most DOOM releases, for me at least, his rhymes are so intricate and often plain nuts that it often takes several listens before I really can start digging in to them on a real conscious level. Add that the JJ DOOM project sounded very different from anything the Metal Fingered Villain had released before; the production was for the most extremely set apart from his usual set of beats, and that cat always had a fantastic ear for beats.

Had I written the intended review I was planning on right when the album dropped, I would have called it a good but at the same time slightly mediocre project from an artist that I'm so used to hear in other, as I thought, better settings. Since I'm back in yet another DOOM period, I have been revisting "Key to the Kuffs" and I must admit that I have completely changed my mind. This LP is nothing short of blazing heat from track 1 to track 15; it's different, yes indeed, but DOOM has never stayed in a box and that's one of the things that make him one of the greatest. Matter of fact, the album fits in right together with his other rhyming-over-one-producer's work albums like the classic "The Mouse & The Mask" and the original "Madvillainy". It doesn't quite reach those levels, but there's a fantastic chemistry between the two main musicians and the elctronic-tinged beats are both extremely raw and progressive relying heavily on slamming drums, futuristic and dark electronic soundscapes that fits DOOM's insane flows, lyrics and delivery, which is some of his finest performances in years, believe it or not!

The project "Key to the Kuffs" begun after DOOM, who was born in London used his European passport when travelling outside of the US and found himself refused to get back into his come country of the US after his trip back. This led to him staying in the capital EU city, and eventually hooking up with Jneiro Jarel - also known as Dr. Who Dat?. After DOOM invited JJ to remix two different versions of the title track from his "Gazzilion Ears EP" (late 2009), the Dilla produced standout from the emcees' third solo offering under own name, 2009:s often underrated "Born Like This". Despite featuring interesting new takes from Radiohead's Thom Yorke and an exclusive DOOM cut entitled "The Green Whore Net", there were no question  who's two remixes were head and shoulders above the rest. The Dr. Who Dat? remix is almost disturbingly dark, with low-key cuts, a bassline that your neighbors might want to kill you for, and a full-out electrconic approach while still keeping it 100% hip-hop; there are samples here but they are filtered, and hidden in plain sight if you will. Who Dat makes DOOM's borrowed accapella to this madness and make ti sound like this was actrually the beat that he recorded "Gazzillion..." for in the studio. Powserful shit!

The Jneiro Jarel take, co-remixed with Dave Sitek, brings a totally different flavor to the same vocal material. Rather than a full-out hardcore electronic approach, this is filled with samples  and musical that's brilliantly put to use; head-nod inducing rhythm, horns, keys, and more; definitely nothing to sleep on! But what's more interesting is how this is such a great predecessor of what was about to come when the duo was fully formed and they unleased their "Keys to the Kuffs" last year; an album that might just be DOOM's best lyrical career point ar this point. For fans of DOOM, Jneiro Jarel, Dave Sitek and "Keys...", these songs are an absolute treat, and I know they got a few years on their neck but considering what's happening right now with the recent album release, I think it's a perfect time to write an artifcle on the phenomen that is DOOM and his new producer Dr. Who Dat?.  Will be interesting to see if this is just a one album shot, or if we might get a sequel some day. If you have yet to pick up the album, do yourself a favor and head over to UGHH and chose the format of your choice - vinyl or CD. Trust me, give it a few spins, and if you still donn't feel is one of the

[Single Comp] MF DOOM - "The Origin'"
01. "Gazzillion Ear" [Dr. Who Dat? Remix] *
02. "Gazzillion Ear" [Jneiro Jarel Remix] *

Slum Village / Havoc - "Cash Flow"

Since I first heard "Fantastic Vol. 2" I always considered myself a huge Slum Village fan. Of course, that was when one of my top 3 producers of all time still both dropped hilarious rhymes and produced all their albums in a way none other could. But although he more or less split shortly after that LP was released, as far as an official member that is, I continued checking for Detroit's Slum, and they have continued (with only one exception) to drop interesting, innovative albums that's always worth many listens. What's too bad about this original group is their internal affairs, and although they are releasing their new project "Evolution" on June 25 (which has been preceeded by some pretty hot ass mixtapes with Mick Boogie). I'll definitely check for it, that's for sure!

I came across this month old single when searching for some other stuff, that I somehow had totally missed out on. It is a single, posted on Slum's Soundcloud page, produced by none other than Mobb Deep's Havoc who does a great job with a really hard beat that suits the Slum trio just right. Both the single artwork and the actual track description clearly states that this is a Havoc joint featuring SV, rather than the other way around. However, since this didn't appear on "13", and Havoc is listed as one of the featuring artists on "Evolution" (alongside industry heavyweights like DJ Jazzy Jeff (!), Phonte & Rapper Big Pooh, Blu, Raheem DeVaugh, and Focus). So my guess is of course that "Cash Flow" will now appear on "Evolution", and I'm definitely not disssapointed by that - this is SHARP! Check out the original single artwork for "Cash Flow".

AZ - "We Movin'" [prod. Statik Selektah]

The artwork to AZ's new single from the much anticipated "Doe or Die Pt. II" has been building its internet hype for at least a week before its release now, as a "leak" of the single artwork; stating where it eventually will turn up, that it's a collaboration with the often super competent DJ Statik Selektah and just being a pretty nice cover overall. Shit that like that don't mean shit if the music doesn't deliver in the end though, and now that "We Movin'" is finally out, my hopes for the sequel to A's defining moments is insantly a little higher... just as it was after the first single with Buckwild hit the net - "My Niggas". Correct me if I'm wronng, but these are the two songs that officially has been said to be a part of the album so far, right?

Statik Selektah and AZ bring their A-game here; it's a remotely laid-back joint, filled with soul with a small touch of jazz, but the main course is of course straight up, hardcore hip-hop. I just hope we don't have to wait too long for this project as I so hope that this will be one of the top three sequels released the last ten years, but we'll see. Until we can discuss that, rate it and all, check out this banger below and shake your head on how great these two guys sound together! To hook the guys up with a $1, you can purchase the download @ iTunes.

Side Effectz - "Everyday Masquerade"

The Side Effectz crew and their AOTS repping fat tapes continue to drop on a regular basis; just last week we saw the very competent video to the marvellous "Stay True", a month or two before we had the Old School NY flirt on "Tha Funk"; and now the trio drops another one to get you hype for "Wunderbaum Music", the 10-track album that Side's been working on for the last year, which is finally about to see an official release this year in both digital and on vinyl. Between June 5 and 7, both versions will be available, with the wax out on the 7:th. Stay tuned for both an interview on the new project coming very soon right here at The Lost Tapes, and also for more info on how to order the physical project. Oh, by the way, just like "The Funk" or "Kaddu", the production is handled neither by the group's in-house beatheads Akopalips, or El Juancan, but rather by a young up-and-coming soundsmith who goes by the name of Superius Prod.Turn it up...... A Little Louder!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Apollo Brown's not only one of the absolute dopest producers to emerge over the last few years, but he stays one of the busiest. Through his signing with Mello Music Group, the Detroit producer has recently supplied us with brilliant full-length collabos with OC and Guilty Simpson, while also finding time to remix Ghostface Killah's latest effort into what's probably the best albums of 2013 so far. 

Brown's latest endeavour is as one third of UGLY HEROES, supplying all production for emcees Verbal Kent (Chicago) and Red Pill (Detroit). While the album doesn't quite match the heavy hitting genius of the three aforementioned LP:s, it's a grand journey with a lot of soul and important topics aimed at the everyday man. The atmosphere reminds me of something in between The Left's "The Gasmask" and Diamond District's "In The Ruff", so of course you need to hear this ASAP. The album was released today to iTunes, but if you´re looking for physical copies there's still a small wait left - the CD drops the 28:th, while the 2xLP set (complete with bonus 45) will be available June 11. Check the album track "Hero's Theme" below.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wu-Tang Clan - "Execution in Autumn"

I've seen the news pieces stating that Wu-Tang Clan are about to release another album this year, but I haven't given it too much credence. However, a new single called "Execution in Autumn" released in the group's name has just hit the net via Soul Temple Music. If this is from an album remains to be seen, but the track will also be put on wax on a limited edition 7" release which you can order from the link above. Frank Dukes does a great job with the production as usual.

[Album] 8thW1 & PVD - "Lux DeVille"

"Lux DeVille" is the proper debut album from the emcee/producer duo 8thW1 & PVD which is out on May 21 via Elementality Records. 8thW1 has previously released several projects, but this serves as the first time he's hooked up with long-time friend PVD who has produced the entirety of the project. The 11 track set forms a smooth journey through the mind of 8 set over a backdrop of knocking drums and a whole lot of jazz vibes. Elementality has choosen to let fans stream the entire LP in advance via their Soundcloud page, a few days ahead of the CD and digital downloads. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DJ Low Cut & Nutso - "Shut 'Em Down"

I'm a fan of both DJ Low Cut's production work and Queens' emcee Nutso's style, so the news of an upcoming EP/mini-LP between the two called "In The Cut" came as real pleasant news. The digital project is out via Low Cut's Bandcamp page on June 3, and features cameos from Dirt Platoon, FT, Rasheed Chappell, Smiley The Ghetto Child, C-Rayz Walz, and more (click the link above to peep the tracklist and artwork). The first single is called "Shut 'Em Down" and definitely gives a taste for more with that golden era hardcore ish!

K-DEF - "The Fundamentals" [Remix]

One of the standouts from K-DEF's second album of 2013, the heavy rotation banger "The Exhibit", gets the remix treatmeant by the producer himself. "The Fundamentals" features Blu & Quartermaine, and this version is labeled as The Redefinition Remix and is an internet exclusive... Real 'Def heads will recognize the revisiting of the sample used for the Real Live classic "Trilogy of Terror". Turn that MF up and order your copy of "The Exhibit" LP now if you're late to the party!!!

7 G.E.M.S. - "The Annointed"

7 G.E.M.S. is the nameof a the new collaboration between Tragic Allies and Queensbridge's most legendary, Tragedy Khadafi. They have been working on a full-length album on the low, which is absolutely fantastic news and what is even better is that the joint is already actually out now. "Golden Era Music Sciences" is the fitting title based on the vintage sound of the Project, which you can get a taste of via the smashing lead single "The Annointed" heard below. Please support the Ill Adrenaline Records release from UGHH or Fat Beats (CD out May 21, wax drops early June). However, the digital release is already available and can be purchased through iTunes, trust me it's worth it!

[Album] GNETICZ - "Foregin Oil"

Gneticz is a true underground emcee that brings raw verbal skills and head nod inducing beats to the table. He's released several mixtapes and EP:s, and debuted as an album artist in 2001 with "Japaneticz" via Dirty Hat Productions. His second effort is called "Foreign Oil" and has been in the works for a long time, which is evident by the quality of the music found here. Production are handled by underground heavy hitters 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Endemic and Gneticz himself.

[Video] SOUNDSCI - "Change"

The Soundsci crew takes it back to their great "Formula 99" LP with new visuals for the brilliant "Change". This track is the only cut on the LP not produced by The Process as the beat was supplied by Jaisu. The nice black & white video's directed and edited by Rick Foy for Dvid Films.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Killah Priest Ft. Nas - "Eye For An Eye" [4th Disciple Mix]

Killah Priest and 4th Disciple are one of the craziest underground emcee/producer duo's out there; from  "B.I.B.L.E.", "Devil in Descize", and "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" to half of "Heavy Mental" and the "One Step" EP, so forth. Rarely do these guys dissapoint, so imagine the smile on my face when I found out that Priest's 2006 collabo with Nas "Gun 4 Gun" ("The Offering") were originally recorded over a Disciple banger. The album version was of course produced by Kount Fif; a real hardbodie track by all acounts, but it's great to hear this alternative mix that 4th posted just a few minutes ago. TURN IT UP!!

[Review] GHOSTFACE KILLAH - "12 Reasons" / "The Brown Tape"

Apollo Brown and Adrian Younge has done it again... Ghostface Killah has done it again... Wu-Tang Clan has done it again. Every time you think you got these guys figured out, they come with something totally mindblowing like "Twelve Reasons to Die". When I heard Adrian Younge's production of the original album I instantly crowned it the best album of the year. However, it would only be a month later that Detroit's current beat monster #1 (sharing that spot with Black Milk) released his own interpreation of the latest offering from Ghost, featuring all of the original, outstanding vocal performance, in a completely untampered way; leaving even the sequence in tact. But while Younge's take was based around live instrumentation, taking his influences from early RZA beats and the legendary scores of Ennio Morricone, Brown's route was something else. His trademark record hissing is evident on every track, the agressive, almost threating  rhythm tracks are in full effect and so is an array of slowed up and fast-paced vocal clips. All of these elements sound right at home under GFK's violent lyrics, but the most striking difference is that the music are without a doubt that it is all 100 percent sampled; putting the emphazis on the East Coast boom bap hip-hop we all grew up around and love like our families. With both versions clocking in at just under forty minutes, neither version ever gets boring, never gets stale or drag on. In other words, this is exactly what hip-hop should sound like - matter of fact it's Apollo Brown's best album so far if you ask me. And though I only heard his collaboration withh William Hart and The Delphonics,

The tape works great as background music but it's true brilliance really becomes evident when you sit back, close your eyes, and hang on every single word, beat switch and note that creates the coming rty minutes. A lot of albums are simply masquearding as concept albums, but "Twelve Reasons"/"Brown Tape" is the real deal, no question. From "Beware of the Stare" to the final showdown on "The Sureshot" the vocal, all the time while brilliant music play out like a violent mob movie for the blind. It got it all, plenty of great supporting characters, a charismatic leader, varied backdrops/sets, suspense, a ghost story, a  love story, revenge, and so forth... It's definitely a movie on wax and based on its contents, what more could you possible ask for?

"Twelve Reasons" reminds me of the Wu-Tang Clan in their heyday; sure, it's a Ghostface album, just like "Ironman" was or "Cuban Linx...." was a Raekwon LP, but in a sense it's a real Clan album as well - Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, Killa Sin, and Cappadonna fequently appears  stunning verses that brings a lot to the story arc, while yet Another dimension is added with The RZA narrating the project. Another thing that harks back to the early days of "The W" solo is that all music is handled by one producer solely; Adrian Younge which with his live band creates a very cohessive sound for the original version while Apollo Brown and his MPC manages to create a soul-infected, funk oozing musical journey. It's hard to choose which version is better (I usually play both front-to-back after the other) because they are both the same and very different chambers at the same time. Eiither version supplies a perfect frame for Ghostface's rise in the criminal underworld, to him being murdered only to rise again and unleash a large can of bloody venegance on the fictional DeLucas family, A lot of concept albums are way too lose to be called concept LP:s, but as Ghost is known as the #1 storyteller of the rap game if there's someone that can pull it off a 100 percent, it's certainly him. A fun fact that we can thank RZA for, is that GFK's voice again sound like the Ghostface we fell in love with between '92 and '97. The reason is that RZA Always had this idea that Coles voice need to be slightly lower pitched, and I completely agreel

Tracks like "Rise of the Black Suits", "Blood On The Cobblestone", "Enemies", "The Sure Shot Pt.s 1 & 2" are without a doubt some of the finest cuts of the year, and whether you prefer Younge's or Brown's respective interpretation of the alnum simply comes down to a matter of your musical taste. Personally I think "The Brown Tape" has a slight edge partly because the brilliance of letting an insanely violent joint like "Murder Spree" or ""I Declare War" be accompanied by a beautiful, gospel/soul sounding cut with a sped up but laid back vocal groove. I can't wait to see what's next in line for Ghostface, Adrian Younge, RZA's Soul Temple Recods and Apollo Brown, because all four has just put out their finest release so far (the best for 10-15 years for GFK). Make sure to support this, one way or another - Head over to

Czarface Ft. Action Bronson - "Cardi Gras (It's Raw Again)"

It's Wu day here at The Lost Tapes, a few of the days tracks have been old, some new, somé pretty´neat and some slamming. Next up is "Cardi Gras (It's Raw Again)" by Czarface. Íf you don't know Czarface, they are of course the trio consisting of Inspectah Deck with 7L & Esoteric that dropped their solid self-titled debut back in February. Now the trio has released a 7" single to accompany the release; featuring the sequel to the 7L produced Action Bronson collabo, "Czardi Gras (It's Raw Again)" (including the instrumental) and a freestyle promo at the Wake Up Show on the flip. You can peep the "Czardi Gras" joint below, and pick up the record for yourself @ UGHH. Peace to Malakaz!

[Video] Cappadonna - "Can't Believe It"

This gotta be Wu-Tang wednesday or whatever; although I'm quite late on this, it's my first time seeing the video for Cappa's potent "Can't Believe It". The track can be found on Cap's "The Pilgrimage" LP, and although the video dropped about a week ago the actual album found its way to stores already back in November 2011. You can pick it up in digital format @  or if you're a collector like me, grab the CD @ UGHH (sorry no vinyl release unfortunately).

Kerron TheDon Marcyano - "Real Pain" [prod. RZA]

RZA kind of completely left the Music biz for his Hollywood endeavors for some time, but more recently he has returned as a producer behind the boards on both expected and very unexpected joints. He produced two cuts on Killah Priest's latest (see the post below), new R&B singer Josh Osho, overseeing Ghost and Adrian's collaboration, the fantastic "Rocket Ship", one of the few great tracks from Kweli's mediocre latest offering, etc, etc. RZA's still my favorite producer all categories, and one of the reasons is that he's so god damn versatile, as heard on his involvement on Michigan rappers laid-back single "Real Pain". Beside The Abbot on production, we are also treated to the terrific craftmanship of instrumentalists Stone Mecca.... I'm not carzy about the rhyming on this, but the singing, production and live instrumentation are winning. 

[Video] KILLAH PRIEST - "Ein Sof (Paradise)"

2013 is really shaping up to be the year of the Wu, from both versions of Ghostface's "12 Reasons...", to Killah Priest's mindblowing double CD "Psychic World Of Walter Reed". Few artists can pull of a coherrent 40+ track album but Walter Reed is most likely not from this world, and there's hardly any skippable material to be found on this monster of an album. One of several stand  outs is track 1-05, "Ein Sof (Paradise)", beautifully laced by Jordan River Banks and complete with Priest's usual esoteric brilliance. Unfourtantely the LP is not available on wax, but the CD can be purchased from the official site, and Amazon, while the digital copy is available @ Itunes.

Raw Poetic - "Ahead of The Game"

Virginia spitter and Panacea member Raw Poetic has been dropping a lot of crazy ish with none other than K-Def over the last year; starting with his apperance on 2011's "Nightshift" mini-LP, which culminated in the three tracks strong 7" EP "Easy Way Out". To me his voice and delivery really stands out, as something out of the ordinary as he could easily get a party going while he at the same time also has a lot of important messages to spread, so when a producer like 'Def takes him under his wing you know it's gonna be some shit. I'm not sure where this new track, "Ahead Of The Game" will end up but the simple yet intricate production is just perfect for Raw's raw spit. Turn it up!!!

Georgia Anne Mudlrow & Declaime - "Muthadear"

In honor of Mother's Day, the immensely talented soul couple of Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins (or Declaime if you will) lets loose of a new single titled "Muthadear". This will also appear on G&D's upcoming album "The Lighthouse" which is out May 21 on SomeOthaShip Connect.

Raekwon - "Son Of Sam"

The Chef continues his run of slamming loose single that might or might not be from a forthcoming album. Rae's latest joint is called "Son Of Sam", complete with an addictive vocal sample (courtesy of Melvin Bliss) that run throughout the funky soul backdrop while the Wu emcee does what he does best. Produced by Frank G. and Roadsart. Raekwon's next album, "F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art)" and is scheduled for a fall/winter release. As if the banger below wasn't enough, Rae just let loose of a slightly more radio aimed joint called "All About You" featuring Estelle and produced by Jerry Wonda.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ghostface talks Classics w/ Complex

Online publishing Complex Magazine have made themeselves known for extensive quality interviews with legendary hip-hop artists breaking down much of their classic back catalouges. The latest to be featured is no less than the Ghost Face Killer who spit knowledges on all his solo albums, collaboration LP:s and official Wu-Tang Clan projects. Simply a must read for any and all Wu heads; much props to Complex as always!

Child Of Lov Ft. DOOM - "Owl"

I've been listening to a lot of MF DOOM over the last few days so this joint came as a pleasant suprise to my ears. Child Of Lov is a Dutch musician who has recently released a self-titled LP, and on that you'll find "Owl" which features lots of Dumile's trademark abstract slanged out goodies. Another high profile guest on the album is Gorillaz's Damon Albarn, on "One Day", which you can listen to here.

LMNO teams w/ Evidence for "After The Fact"

That's right, this summer will see the release of another ill project, in the form of a collaboration between LMNO and Evidence. The album is called "After The Fact"; entirely produced by Ev with vocals handled by LMNO, indicating some pretty damn interesting stuff. Out on July 16 via Up Above Records so stay tuned and check out the short teaser/announcement video above.
Oh, and speaking of Evidence beats, the Dilated Peoples' emcee/producer is releasing the all instrumental "The Green Tape" which drops just before - on June 25. Check out the opening track "Self Taught" below...

GQ - "Last Breath"

Oakland, CA's GQ flows smoothly over 9th Wonder's heavy bass pumping cut for "Last Breath". The single can also be heard on GQ's free prelude mixtape "Death Threats & Love Notes", which is available @ DJBooth.

HMAN Ft. Sticky Fingaz - "Heavy With the Drop"

Emcee HMAN is preparing to release the full-length LP "R.A.W. (Rolling & Winning)". The lead single is bound to get you hyped for the project, as Audible Doctor cooks up a heavy hitting hardcore beat for the cut which fittingly features a welcome guest apperance by Onyx's Sticky Fingaz.

DJ Duke Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq - "Who"

I hope all of y'all are a bit familiar with skilled beatsmith DJ Duke at this point as we've heard several crazy tracks coming out of his studio over the last year. "Who" featuring the always impressive Shabaam Sahdeeq on vocal duties is easily my favorite Duke cut so far, everything from the beat, to the hook and verses, to the mix and overall production is top notch here. "Here Comes the City Brother" is out September 2013 so don't sleep!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

[Video] PHAROAHE MONCH - "Haile Selassie Karate"

Monch breathes some new, fresh life into his Mr. Porter assisted album cut "Haile Selassie Karate", from his dope "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)" LP. Directed by Tim Gregory and shot last year in Mitchell's Plain South Africa.

[Video] SIDE EFFECTZ - "Stay True"

Side Effectz's are back with "Stay True", the lead single from the trio's anticipated "Wunderbaum Music", out on wax and digital early this summer. El Juancan delivers a real slamming track, which Linkan rips accordingly... Quality shit as usual!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[Video] Slum Village - "Forever"

The current edition of Slum Village drops off a real smooth but knocking track that harks back to the vibe of their early days with "Forever". This will find its way onto "Evolution", the group's upcoming album which you'll find at retailers on June 25. Track's produced by Young RJ, with visuals directed by Donovan Glover.

Havoc / Raekwon / Styles P - "Favorite Rap Stars"

Havoc's brings the heat both behind the boards and spitting the first verse on "Favorite Rap Stars", featuring Styles P and Raekwon. Hav's second official solo LP, "13", was released today on Nature Sounds. I'm glad to say that the legendary Mobb Deep producer really beefed up his drums for several choice cuts here, and as far as bangers goes this is definitely one of the strongest tracks on the album. Pick up the CD @ UGHH.

Grand Daddy I.U. / Sadat X - "She Said"

Veteran rhyme spitters Grand Daddy I.U. and Sadat X links up for "She Said", the lead single from IU's forthcoming 2013 LP. "P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority)" is available this June.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Quelle Chris Ft. Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily & Cavalier - "Greene Eyes"

Quelle Chris' draws new, well deserrved, attention to the posse cut "Greene Eyes" from his awfully entertaining "Niggas is Men" project. Joining Chris on the mic are Brooklynites Tanya Morgan, with Fresh Daily and Cavalier. The aforementioned LP that this is from will be available on wax in early June, but for now it's already out on CD. Head over to UGHH and take your pick!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Talib Kweli Ft. Busta Rhymes - "Rocket Ships"

Another must-hear jam from the past few days  are the much anticiapted collaboration with Talib Kweli and RZA from the former's "Prisoners of Consciousness" landing in stores this Tuesday. Also featured on this head banger is Mr. Busta Rhymes who delivers a hype performance along with Kweli... Sick!!

DJ Skizz Ft. H. Stax, Big Noyd & Panchi - "Triboro Thoro"

DJ Skizz, who's a member of the World Famous "Halftime Radio Show", is releasing his debut album as a producer on June 23. Titled "B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience)" the LP will serve up dope platters with some of New York's finest, including legends like OC, AG, Roc Marciano, Cormega, Masta Ace, Craig G, Havoc, Psycho Les, Ill Bill, Lil' Fame, Tragedy, General Steele, Rah Digga, and FT to name a few. For the second single of the project, Skizz arranges a crazy fat trio track with underground emcees of the highest caliber; Gang Starr affiliates Hannibal Stax and Panchi (NYGz), as well as Big Noyd.


I've been busy for the last few days, but now I'm back and updating again, beginning with Marco Polo's "Newport Authority 2" for anyone who might've missed this gem. Released for free, the project which is put together by Shylow and Marco serves as the warm-up dish for this summer's official full-length "PA2: Director's Cut". This does not mean that it's light on heavy hitting material, exactly the opposite in fact as we are treated to nothinng but new material from the beat maestro who have invited big names like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Lil' Fame, Das EFX, Tragedy, The Artifacts, MidaZ and many more. Check it out for free, and if you like it as much as me you'll be pleased to know that it will appear on wax via Fat Beats label later this year.. Enjoy!

01 “Intro” f. Shylow
02 “Fame For President” f. Lil Fame (of M.O.P.) (scratches by Shylow)
03 “Double eXXecution” f. Torae & Ruste Juxx           
04 “Terrified” f. Big Gutta & Jaysaun
05 “Gospel Rap” f. Malcolm & Martin           
06 “What's Wrong” f. Rakim           
07 “Back To Work” f. Artifacts (scratches by Shylow)                                   
08 “Nite & Day” f. Big Daddy Kane (scratches by Shylow)           
09 “Long & Winding Road” f. First Division & Large Professor
10 “BK 2 NJ” f. Das EFX (scratches by DJ Revolution)
11 “That Sh*t” f. MidaZ The Beast
12 “Stand Up” f. Tragedy Khadafi, Lil Fame (of M.O.P.), Adrian Younge & The Delfonics                       
13 “Cur$ed” (What's Wrong Remix) f. Rakim & Reggie B.