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Saturday, April 16, 2016

BLACK SHEEP Ft. Red Alert, Chi-Ali & Sadat X - "Peace Phife"

It's about time we get a proper tribute to the legend known as Phife Dawg that passed over to the other side on March 22 due to his long struggle with diabetes. One thing's for sure his conrtribution to Hip Hop will always be remembered as something special. Over a soul laced production by Jim B. fellow Natives Tongues member Dres rounds up DJ Red Alert, Chi-Ali and Sadat X - all original friends and collegoues of The Five Footer - and they all do a commendable job in putting a worthy song on wax in celeberation of the life and times of this great artist and man. Please support by purchasing the song from Dres Bandcamp as all proceeds will go straight to Phife's family.

SOUNDSCI - "Ronin"

Soundsci always gets love over at The Lost Tapes since they broke their first full-lenght album "Formula 99" and since then the quality has been continuing to flourish. Their next upcoming album is called "Walk The Earth" which should drop sometime during 2016 but already now we get to hear the first single "Ronin" b/w "All Hands On Deck". Very interesting to note is that Supastition is now a full-time official member of Soundsci making the group a full-fledged sextet by joining the two producer team of Ollie Teeba and Jonny Cuba and the three original vocalists of Audessey, U-George and Oxygen. This was released on a 7" single about a month ago but as I've been out of the loop I totally missed out on it and now it's sold out, you can still strem and purchase the digital version of both songs while you wait for the album so BANG YOUR HEAD to this!

Friday, April 15, 2016

[Freestyle] OC & DIAMOND D - "Toca Tuesday Promo Freestyle"

OC and Diamond D hit up Tony Touch and his Toca Tuesdays this past week to drop some bars and build hype for the upcoming brand new D.I.T.C. album - something fans have been fiending to hear for 15 years by now. Sure we have gotten group compilations ("Unreleased Production", "The Movement") and solid remix LP:s ("The Remix Album") not to mention the countless ill solo and duo outings from the team (e.g. "Natural High", "The Diamond Mine", "DoomsDay", "Oasis", the "MugshotMusic" trlogy and "Trophies"). But although billed as a D.I.T.C: Studios album there's not a single track that doesn't feature either OC, AG (the obvious stars of the show as they are literally on almost everything), Fat Joe (six joints), Diamond D (four tracks) and Lord Finesse who although he only rocks one verse he has basically retired from emceeing so I'll gladly take that as a treat. Production are handled by Showbiz, Diamond D, Buckwild, Lord Finesse and DJ Premier as well as newcomers such as the incredibly talented Motif Alumni, DJ Manipulator, Supa Ugly and Vinny Idol (the latter is a hit-or-miss cat to me but I'm not counting out his contribution by any means). The album is labeled as a D.I.T.C. Studios Record since this is the first album to drop past the closing of D&D/HeadCQuarterz - you can order the 2xCD @ DITCEnt Shop. Vinyl coming soon through Slice-Of-Spice.

MILANO CONSTANTINE - "Closer" b/w "Gotta Do It"

Milano Constantine, who first made his name known to underground fantatics the world over through his affiliation with the D.I.T.C. camp and his massively succesful 12" single "Rep For The Slums". Since then he has dropped some heat here and there, a few solid mixtapes, a few not so solid ones, and so on, but with the D.I.T.C. renaissance of today The Bronx Bomber is back with some heat for us - and dope it is. A digitial single dedicated to his late father titled "P.O.P.S. (Paragraphs Of A Poet's Soul)" featuring two bangers called "Closer" b/w "Gotta Do It" that sounds like that ol' Milano boom bap type of shit we first fell in love with. Both joints are produced by Milano himself and serves as preparation for on an upcoming EP/mini album called "The Road" that will exclusively be produced by DJ Skizz and Marco Polo so be sure to count on that heat. Also in case you missed it last month, check out this powerful Milan' freestyle over some Adrian Younge heat posted by Skizz as "38 Snub Nose".


Remember when Masta Ace retired from the Hip Hop with the one-two punch that was "Disposable Arts" and "A Long Hot Summer". Since then he got around that real retirement by dropping collabo albums with Edo G, his group EMC and even a short concept album with MF DOOM, but although all had their moments of magic nothing touched the original Ace discography. Lucky for us heads last years rumours about a new proper Masta Ace album started bubbling and today I'm happy to present the first official single / video from that LP - "Me & AG", produced by Kic Beats. Both AG and Ace are two favorites and I can't say for sure I heard them on a track before but their flows and voices really compliment each other so be sure to crank it up, enjoy and stay tuned for a release date for "The Falling Season".

Thursday, April 14, 2016

[Review] J DILLA - "THE DIARY"

There is only one more album that needed release from the late great James Yancey and we are finally getting it in all its intended glory. I'm talking about "The Diary", originally known as "Pay Jay". Egon of Stones Throw told a story of Dilla told him when he was real sick that he wanted the complete "Ruff Draft" out there (which by then was out-of-print for a long time), he wanted his shelved MCA album that he put a lot of work into to finally get a proper release and of course he entrusted Karriem Riggins (who already was a huge part of the original sessions) to complete the final 15-25% of "The Shining" for BBE. "Ruff Draft", the expanded edition, was released almost immediatly, and so was "The Shining". But the MCA album, "The Diary", which was originally recorded between late 2000 and very early 2002 has taken until 2016 to finally see a release. The reason for this is because it wasn't entirely complete (maybe 90%), and since Yancey had choosed to work with so many different producers on this one, there was a lot of publishing paperworks that had to be sorted out - not to mention getting the rights from MCA. Luckily Dilla had somewhat carte blanche when recording it and as per usual recorded pre-production in his basement and tracked the real joints at Studio, Dearborn, MI with Todd Fairall as his engineer. It has taken it's time, but thanks to a joint venture between Egon's and Madlib's Rappcats imprint and Nas' Mass Appeal label we finally gets the physical copy of the final album that the bear the artists decision of what it should sound like not to be have been yet released and as such this is definitely the final Dilla project I'm purchasing - as any true fan of Yancey's music ought to do. 

If you don't know the story about the album before, Dilla got signed to MCA on the strength of his production work and praise from artists like Busta Rhymes, Common, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, The Pharcyde and so on. But Jay Dee having just left Slum Village wanted this album to focus on his MC ability, rather than his production skills something that didn't sit too well with the execs at the time. He did craft a few beats for the project, but also invited some of his current favorites such as Madlib, Hi-Tek, Karriem Riggins and his Soulquarian's broherhood, Wajeed, Pete Rock, Supa Dave West, Kanye West, House Shoes, Nottz and Bink! He had received some flack for his rhyming on Slum Village projects ("Fantastic" 1+2) which to me is absurd. Yancey was never a lyricist but with his incredible sense of rhythm he could ride a beat incredibly well, and his voice was outstanding. At least to my ears!

So on to the album.. Is it perfect? No it is not. I'm a fan of Dilla for his production mainly, though he got some nice MC tricks up his sleeve as well. The thing is that most of the time that when Dilla produces one of these songs it often end up being one of its best, and as proven before he is quite limited in the topics he choose to rhyme about. But is it a weak album. No, it is not, not by any means. It is much better than the majority of these B.S. posthumous releases we has gotten from the Dilla estate - this is actually a real Jay Dee album, just as much as "The Shining" or "Welcome 2 Detroit". And there's plenty of gems here. The most obvious being the self-produced "Fuck The Police", built around a very simple breakbeat and a flute sample but with extremely powerful hook and verses. I've seen Frank-N-Dank, Guilty Simpson and other "D" cats perform this one live in tribute and whether or not the crowd knows the song beforehand they always LOVE IT and sing along to the hook. Brilliant, and one of Dilla's finest solo songs - if not the finest bar none actually. 
Another song I really liked which was close to the opening on the album on the leaked copies (2008) called "We F'd Up", a driving, pulsating, club track with an underground sensibility that featured Jay Dee trading bars with Frank-N-Dank over an early KanYe West production. Strangely enough this version has been replaced by a remix by the main artist called "The Anthem" - it's most certainly is a remix and not the original version as it doesn't have the original flow of the lyrics on especially the hook. The question then begs why was this included instead - was this Dilla's vision. It's been a long known fact that Kanye West contributed this song to the project at the request of the artist and he has many time been on record praising the shit out of him. Could it be that he didn't give them permission to use his version anymore? If so, FUCK HIM! It is hurting the album a bit, since "The Anthem" is a pretty good joint but doesn't come close to the version I'm accustomed to by West (strangely enough all versions of that song has been deleted from YouTube and Soundcloud). I uploaded it myself so y'all can judge for yourself.

Then there's the absolutely brilliant two parter "The Shining" ("Diamonds") and ("Ice") which explores the same topic but from a male and female perspective [*title thaught about long before the 2006 album]. "Diamonds" is one of the best songs on the album, produced by Nottz who always does a fine job, who lays down a sunny foundation as Dilla goes in on how Diamonds are a girls best friend. The second part is a short one and half minute excursion celebration of the ice he himself love to rock, and is a funy outing by Madlib which appeared as the B-side to a Jaylib 12" once MCA shelved this album. It's interesting that I always used to add "Ice" to my homemade tracklist of what this album probably coud have been long before I know this, but it has that sound - more so than a Jaylib sound. Another long time fan favorite amongst Dilla enthusiast is of course "Trucks", where Dilla playfully reimagines Gary Numan's 1979 hit "Cars" into a playful Hip Hop excursion. It was never one of my personal favorites, but it is kind of dope once you get used to it. And more than that, it shows that Dilla was never afraid to experiment and in some ways it's a precursor to "Electric Circus" a long with the Karriem Riggins/Soulquarian's collaboration "Drive Me Wild" which almost sound like a crazy Boom Bap take on the original Batman theme. As you can hear this is a well-rounded album to say the least.

Among the tracks that has never been leaked before (though one of them has appeared quite recently is on one of those Rappcats EP) are some real heat. You got the excellent title track, produced by House Shoes and Dilla, that captures that Detroit sound very well - almost like a remnant from "Welcome 2 Detroit" with its mix of Ghettotech and boom bap. The minimalistic, dark, hard bouncing and almost hypnotic backdrop has all the hallmarks of two hip-hop cats growing up in the city that pretty much invented techno but always loved that boom bap shit. It is an effective opener but I can't help to think that had Dilla lived there's no question in my mind that the real intro to this album is the title track ("The Diary") which instead closes out the album here and also did so on the 2008 unmastered MCA leak (which was most likely an assembled work-in-assembly either way). That is a short track by Bink (which would later give it to GZA for "Animal Planet" when the LP was shelved), but it features Dilla talking about his trials and tribulations growing up in the D, giving listeners a brief overview of the themes you are about to hear on the album before closing it out by saying "Sit down I got a story to tell.. This is the diary of J Dilla"!). The album is thematic in that it's formed as an aural diary in rap form and you don't write a diary by putting the last page first. My advice is to put on "The Diary", press repeat all and then let it go back to "The Introduction" after that. Either way a blazing "new cut" is Dilla's remix of Supa Dave West's "The Doe" (available on EP through RappCats but also as a digital bonus track on iTunes for the abum) - although West's excellent "So Far To Go" made the album). Dilla's remix is a lot harder, true hardcore hip-hop with a lot of hilarious quotables over a chest thumping beat and retitled "Give 'Em What They Want"... Or as he himself put it in the intro GRIZZLY!!!

This is already a long review and I'm not going to go through every song, but there are two more joints we need to touch on. The first is "The Ex", produced by Jay Dee's musical hereo (in Hip Hop at least) - Pete Rock - and featuring the wonderful voice of Bilal. This is a very smooth joint were Dilla and Bilal talks about past relationships and how it can leave a mark on both parties. This joint has been in constant rotation for me about a year ago when I was in a similiar situation. The 2008 leak had a J Dilla remix of the same track which is not included on the album, I'ma post it up later for those who might not have heard it. The second track is "Gangsta Boogie", one of the tracks that had never been leaked before hand, and this was mentioned in a very old interview with either Egon or Peanut Butter Wolf. It's a Hi-Tek production featuring Snoop Dogg and Kokane, and it was one of the songs that never was completed in time when the album was shelved and abandoned. Jay Dee's parts were completely done, the beat was finished and possibly Kokane's parts as well - the problem was that Dilla is passing the microphone to Snoop Dogg who had agreed to partake but never got around to it in time. So the Snoop Dogg verse is new but it's all pretty seamless and it's a nice joint on a varied record.
All in all, "The Diary" (along with "48 Hours" by Frank-N-Dank) is the missing link(s) between "Welcome 2 Detroit" and "Ruff Draft" and the executive producers has made an absolute wonderful job in doing their very best to keep everything as it would have sounded. Had Dilla been able to complete it (it's only the Kanye West thing that bugs me - how the fuck is he not gonna let them use it for free considering how many times he said Dilla was his hero), but maybe the intention was all around that Dilla wasn't happy with West's contribution and was supposed to remix it into "The Anthem" all along. Perhaps "The Anthem" was supposed to be the first single and Kanye's version was the intended B-side. But this is just speculation.... The iTunes version includes a couple of bonus tracks not intended for the original album so I leave those be and strongly recommend this to any true Jay Dee fans - it's not perfect but it is without a doubt the most interesting and necessary J Dilla album since "The Shining" although if we're talking strictly music I must admit I prefer "Jay $tay Paid". So pick this one up, it comes highly recommended but can we please let Dilla rest in peace now?

Purchase Physical Copy @ Rappcats 
Purchase Digital @ iTunes (including Bonus Tracks: "The Siccness" + "The Doe")

KRS-ONE / Swizz BEATS - "Jason Verse"

Oh yes, I know I'm late as fruck on this one but KRS-One is one of my favorite emcees in if just one head missed this when it dropped about 1.5 weeks ago then I'm happy. Despite this being a verse and a hook over the same beat Swizz Beatz recently gave to Styles P for his single "Jason" this is truly excellence right here, and it's shit like this that can restore my faith in Hip Hop. It's called "Jason Remix" and clocks in at just under two minutes, but what a blazing two mintues that is! Unlike some of KRS's so-so material over the years, not to mention Swizz Beats even more so so-so material, I didn't have that high hopes but I know that when they both bring their A game absolute magic can happen, and that is exactly what happened here. Over a very raw, stripped down/minimalist approach wit 808 type of drums and a repetitive bassline the beat sounds tailor made for KRS. And not the KRS One of today, but for BDP. You got the political verse and the hook proudly exclaims over and over again "BDP POSSE, D-BLOCK POSSE, RUFF RYDERS POSSE". I would love a new BDP album with this type of sound - BRING IT ON KRIS!

[DJ Mix] DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "Vendetta Broadcast #5"

Continuing with Drasar Monumental and Vendetta Vinyl here's a nice DJ Mix put together by the man called "Vendetta Broadcast #5" with the undertitle "2016 Hardcore Mix" so don't expect any watered down shit. This was posted in February so if you're a real fan you obviously already heard it, but since I've basically been taking a break from blogging more or less I want to share this heat with anyone who might have missed it. Crank up the volume!

[Stream] AYATOLLAH X DRASAR - "Boxcutter Brothers III"

I'm so happy to see my man Drasar Monumental and his Vendetta Vinyl team get the props they deserve, first through his excellent work with MF Grimm on the "Good Morning Vietnam" trilogy (undoubtedly one of the finest projects this side of 2010). The next series he started was "Boxcutter Brothers" together with legendary producer Ayatollah who casual fans at least knows from hits like "Ms. Fat Booty" but for sure has put in WORK throughout the years. Together they have created what is now a trilogy of excellent instrumentals for us to bop our heads to, write rhymes to or just free think to. The third installment in the series has landed and can be purchased in digital format via Bandcamp, or in physical format directly from Vendetta Vinyl. The fourteen track project features half of the joints produced by D and the other half by 'Tollah but it does not sound disjointed as they have gone for a coherrent sound. It has been out for a while but now you can stream the entire project before decididing to purchase. Be sure to support the realness.

AG & Party Arty - "Gimme The Mic"

D.I.T.C. camp is on FIRE right now - we haven't had this much Diggin' projects lined up in years. This atonal piano banger called "Gimme The Mic" is dominated by AG's usual smooth punchlines and similies while the late Party Arty adds adlibs and a vaulted hype verse. Ray West does a great job with this joint as he was been accustomed too by now. Apparantly this is from an ucpoming album from the duo called "Live From The Balcony", set off by an OC track, and followed by eight additional songs shared between Party Arty and AG, all set to the tones of Ray West.

And of course in case you have missed it, AG, OC, Fat Joe, Showbiz and the guys have actually spent the last year in the new D.I.T.C. Studos (following the demolition of the old D&D) recordig a brand new abum - the first proper release from the crew since "Worldwide" in early 2000. I'm gonna wait to listen til' the full project is available but you can stream a good 19 minutes sampler and several singles over at their Soundcloud page. The physical project will be available to purchase from D.I.T.C.'s own website along with some nice hoodies and stuff - check it out.

FREDDIE GIBBS & MADLIB - "Cocaine Parties in L.A." 12''

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are a match made in heaven, reminiscent of a time when one DJ/producer and one MC had that incredible chemistry and breathed the same musical oxygen that made them stand way above the rest of the Hip Hop crowd. Their "Pinata" album is one of Madlib's best albums yet, and in my humble opinion without a doubt Gibbs best album yet - it's not even close. So as much as I absolutely loved what Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar did to 'Lib's beat on their lyrical exercise "No More Parties in L.A." earlier this year, it was only a question in time before Gibbs would turn the same song into a full-blown Madlib collaboration and switching the theme to its new title - "Cocaine Parties in L.A.". For vinyl collectors the vocal and instrumental (Kanye never releases instrumentals of his projects either so that's a good look) via Rappcats so as they say, HURRY UP AND BUY

J DILLA ft. NAS - "The Sickness" / "Gangsta Boogie"

As a huge J Dilla fan tomorrow is the date (April 15) that I hope will close the J Dilla posthumous saga once and for all, and doing so at a high note. This was the last album Dilla worked his ass off to really get the way he wanted to during his lifetime, and though MCA shelved it he and his then current Stones Throw family and especially Egon had discussions about releasing "Ruff Draft", "The Diary" (more often known as "Pay Jay" or just the MCA album) and of course "The Shining". The reason it has taken this long time to gather an album that a lot of people already have heard most material from (due to an unathorized, unmastered and real shitty sounding leak) and the 12 EP:s that was neccesary to finance the project the way it needed to be financed to put it out there as it should have been. It's fourteen tracks of Dilla rhyming over his own beats as well as tracks by some of his personal favorites and musical comrades - Madlib, Pete Rock, Nottz, Hi-Tek, Karriem Riggins, Pete Rock, BinK! and Wajeed. I can't wait to hear this fully mixed and mastered, definite buy for me and i will also be the last Dilla project I ever purchase.

The album, "The Diary", is a joint venture between Egon's Rappcats label and Nas' Mass Appeal imprint so naturally Nas wanted to get the chance to rhyme on an unfinished joint. But don't worry it doens't hurt the original concept in the least as "The Sickness", as this Madlib produced banger is called, is simply a bonus treat for the heads. It was premiered live a while back but here's the real studio version. Enjoy the realness and pre-order the full length album @ iTunes for digital or head over to RappCats for your physical fix -"The Diary" @ Rappcats . Also check out the final piece of the puzzle that made things possible to release as Dilla intended it - the Hi-Tek produced "Gangsta Boogie" featuring Snoop Dogg and throw your cash up tomorrow. I know I will!

ONYX Ft. Sadat X, Nature, Steele, Ali Vegas - "The Tunnel" [Big Kap Remix]

Though not being the biggest fan of Snowgoons despite everybody seeming to jump on their bandwagon they obviously produce some heat from time to time. "The Tunnel" with Cormega and Papoose from Onyx's 'Goons' laced "#WakeDaFuckUp!" was definitely such an instance. Now the album is being revisited with a few additional remixes tacked on to the end, perhaps in preparation for the rumoured M.O.P./Goons/Onyx collaboration and the illest of the bunch is the Big Kap Tribute remix to "The Tunnel" (both the song and the legendary club). Although it would have been cool to get new verses by 'Mega and Pap' as well, Sadat X, Nature, Steele and Ali Vegas represent well on this cut. 

"#WakeDaFuckUp: Reloaded" is available via Bandcamp and features the original 14 songs along with four additional remixes, including "Dirty Chops" featuring Chris Rivers and 100 Mad's Remix of "TurnDaFuckUp" which is now a posse cut featuring SickFlo, Sicknature and Snake The Rapper. Enjoy Big Kap's Tunnel tribute below and pre-order your digital copy of the album @ Bandcamp

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[Classic Live Show] PRINCE PAUL w. Stetsasonic, Gravediggaz & BDK @ Tramps '99

The legendary Tramps club in New York City were the host of some amazing concerts over the years and was even the place for a few live albums, including the celebrated Big L Tribute Shows released under the D.I.T.C. banner as a two volumes set in 1999. DJ Eclipse was a regular DJ and behind the scenes man at Tramps and captured a lot of incredible live sets with his camera throughout the years. Today I stumbled across one absolutely monumental piece - it's unforutnately not the full set, but is something of a Prince Paul rememberance night as he was promoting his "A Prince Among Thieves" and had invited to the scene his original band to show his humble beginnings, the ground breaking live Hip Hop band Stetsasonic, an excellent set by Gravediggaz over live instrumentation and an itense set by one of the all time great lyricistsof all time - Big Daddy Kane. There's also a celebration of the then burgenoing undrground movement with a Paul led performance by Non Phixion, Special Ed and Missin' Linx. Eclipse uploaded these goodies back in 2013, but I actually just happened to come across them today, three years later and was absolutely blown away. Now THIS is a Hip Hop shop worth the money for entrance and would be a worthy purchase had it been recorded properly and intended for release.

But I am getting off track here, I want to present y'all with the three videos DJ Eclipse posted from Prince Paul's Tramps, NYC show that took place in March 1999. This is a true display of as brilliant a Hip Hop concert you are likely to see for so many reasons. Having all of the Stetsasonics reunited on stage (including Frukwan and Prince Paul on the turntables) getting busy and getting the crowd hype over the slick rednitions provided by their live drummer and electric bassist who both does a fabolous job. The first video is all Stetsasonic, and as I mentioned is brilliant, but my favorite part is towards the second half of the second video where Grym Reaper enters the stage while the Stetsa crew (minus Paul and Frukwan of course) dwells into some of the "6 Feet Deep" griminess. But they don't do this over any pre-programmed beats and samples but instead reuses the bassist and live drummer from the Stetsa set to GREAT effect. Grym with his crazy high-antics style and delivery and Frukwan's more laid back baritone voice with Prince Paul's trntable wizardry is a match made in heaven, and to hear "Constant Elevation" over a sample-styled live interpretation of Barry White's classic ""I'm Gonna Love You just A Little Bit More" is nothing short of pure excellence. Sad and scary is the fact that only a month after this show, where Poetic looks so full of energy and life, he collapsed in his home from severe stomach pains, was rushed to the hospital only to be told that he had cancer and had only a few more months to live. A tragedy to say the least.... Had this shame of an outcome never happened and with Paul peraps willing to join the fold I'm sure Gravediggaz could drop at least one more classic album before calling it quits.

The third and final part of the video trilogy sees Prince Paul bring out Count Mackula, Mr. Big Daddy Kane, for an absolutely awesome lyrical slaughter session proving that he was better than just anyone in 1999 still. He just needed the right beats and tne down the ladies man image. Here at Tramps the Live Band had left in favor for pre-programmed beats courtesy of Prince Paul (who sitll handles the turntables). BDK sure as hell ain't no joke here, and the crowd is absolutely stunned as should you be as he goes through a quick medley of classics from his first two albums with unphazed delivery and always spot-on performance. Excellence! Now this is one show that I would be love to purchase on wax had it been actually recorded proper. But for now these videos is an excellent reminder of what the Hip Hop show can be in its purest form, much thanks to DJ Eclipse for sharing and everyone involved in making this music happen that night at Tramps some 17 years ago!

WU-TANG CLAN - Pre-"36 Chambers" Interview + Freestyles

Lurking the Wu-Tang Corp. forums (whcih is close to dead right now but there's still somee good heads representing) member Soob found and posted an absolutely excellent radio interview predating the release of "36 Chambers". Recorded and sent out through the airwaves on March 1, 1993 this is an absolute must hear for any hardcore Wu fans (and you know I'm one of them, as I know many of my readers are). Of course the real props for this shining gem goes to YouTube's Wu-Tang Messiah number #1, Mister Hezakayah who has uploaded the full 25 minutes segment on to the Tube for free streaming and enjoynment for heads all over the world. Hosted by legendary DJ's and hosts DJ Ritz and Steve Wildman this is like an extended skit from the "Enter The Wu-Tang" LP, with Ghostface, Raekwon, Method Man and U-God holding it down together with Ce Style and Kamal Bee of Total Pack. This been up for a few months but I and many with me has been sleeping so in the words of Sunz Of Man and Killarmy - Wake The Fuck Up!! As some interesting bonus footage check out this very rare clip from Prnce Rakeem doing a short freestyle for Music Video Box in 1990, now that's a Lost Tape. Again tahnks to Hezakaya, you're definitely the man!