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Saturday, May 31, 2014

MAJESTIC GAGE - "Revolutionary"

DITC Ent. is a recently formed imprint run by the D.I.t.C. crew (especially Show, 'Ness and AG who can be seen discussing the label on this YT video). Out of the current young BX talent that is signed under DITCEnt is emcee Majestic Gage who so far has been the most active membe

After appearing in a numer of freestyle sessionsfree singles, and even a music video"Revolutionary" is the brand new single from Gage - produced by Illatracks who does a great job supplying Gage¨s revolutionary words with a fittingly somber prodution. Head over to for more informaion while pressing play on the embeded link up top..

COMMON Ft. Vince Staples - "Kingdom" [prod. NOID]

Common is back again with No I.D. on the board for the first single from their upcoming "Nobody Smile", and the result is absolutely stunning. Great, introspective lyrics, chunky beats, a beautiful gospel vocal loop and a nice guest apperance from Vince Staples. On a related note, check out Staples/NoID's excellent free mixtape "Shyne Coldchain II". I enjoyed "The Dreamer/The Believer" but despite some cuts being absolute mindblowers, I felt it didn't quite manage to live up to the legacy of Com's LP:s like his two by Dilla, his most previously recent NoID albums or "Be". However, the first single certainly bodes well for the rest of the project which should be out soon. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

[Upcoming] D.I.T.C. - "Remix Project" LP w/ Bonus Trx

I recently ordered the CD version of the limited D.I.T.C. project "The Remix Album", mainly because I'm having some troubles with my turntable speakers and with shipping I feel that the Slice-Of-Spice vinyl release is way too expensive. Anyway, I salute D.I.T.C. for still keeping vinyl alive though, and for hooking up with S.O.S. They are now releasing a slightly modified version of the album (which I consider one of the year's bestt). For about $50 USD you get a full cover 2xLP with blue colored vinyls, as well as a bonus 12" of the DJ Premier remix of "Dggin' in the Crates" (a bundle limited to 350 copies) - which makes sense as the latter is the only of the twelve tracks not included on this limited version. You can also purchase the single 2xLP on classical black vinyl for $28.99. The album is also being released in an instrumental version for the price of 22 USD. Order your copy or copies of choice @ SliceOfSpice's Official Site ASAP (where you can also see the tracklist).

Beside this gem being on both vinyl and on CD when it was originally announced to be slold in the format of both. But what's really cool is the bonus track; the compact disc includes a second remix by Showbiz of "Best Behavoior" and a 9th Wonder take on "Casualties of a Dice Game". For the vinyl Showbiz ditch the CD bonuses in favor of hs own take on the '97 singles "Internatolly Known" and "Da Enemy". 2013/2014 Showbiz remixes of these joints would easilly be better than the earlier bonus tacks since we already had one Show remix of "Best Behavior". However, Instead he has opted to reuse two 1999 remixes which appeared on Japanese 12'' as well as the remotely rare "All Love" album. This is quite dissapointing, especilly when you add up the price and shipping and realize that you need to cop a bundle to get the Premier remix which is available on all other versions. The most interesting thing is that the alternative "Da Enemy" version for the first time here is given Showbiz his proper credit for his light touch-up of the OG.

[Footage] BIG L in Studio + Freesteez with BIG PUN

D.I.T.C. is definitely up in the house right now, bringing on both new shit and classic ish for our listening pleasure. Complex Magazine has somehow unearthed two previously unseen clips of the late, great Big L. The first video shows Coleman getting down in D&D Studios for the recording of the all-time hip-hop classic "Size 'Em Up", the B-side to "Ebonics" which was the final 12" ever released before his tragic and untimely passing. It's short but sweet to see L in the studio, just like it's equally mindblowing to hear him go bar-for-bar with the super lyrical Big Pun.

[1993] T.H.I.Q.U.E. - "Sweet One" [JAY DEE Beat]

Since Dilla's tragic passing in 2006 the market has been flooded with some incredible posthumous albums and singles/EP:s ("Jay Stay Paid"; "The Shining" though I really count that as an official Dilla album) and plenty of not so impressive releases ("Rebirth of Detroit", "Lost Tapes Reels", etc.). What is much rarer is to actually stumble across some super obscure Jay Dee production(s) that was actually released at the very beginning of his career; despite not being mentioned even in his official discography @ Stones Throw. There are a few of them out there, and this truly banging soul joint by Detroit soul singer T.H.I.Q.U.E. called "Sweet One" is perhaps the most interesting. You got a ruff draft of what would became Dilla's mid-'90s trademark sound (especially when it came to his classic soul remixes) and while T.H.I.Q.U.E. is no Anthony Hamilton or D'Angelo he can definitely hold his own over production as great as this. 

The "Sweet One" EP was released on small Detroit imprint Super Sonic in '93 and features three different mixes of the title track (the main version heard above, a rap version, and a jazzy sax mix) a long with the exclusive songs "The Last Dance" and "Back to Love". What's really interesting is that the entire EP is said to be produced by James Yancey and Adé, and a few things makes me strongly believe that Jay Dee is the main producer (or at least programmer) while Adé was more of a co-producer. Reason #1 being the sound esthetics of it, and especially the drum programming, but also that Adé was a local R&B singer himself with only one other production credit to his name - a remix of his single "Reach Out Your Love" which once again was produced with another beatmaker who went by Jeckyl. Check out the Discogs page for T.H.I.Q.U.E.'s "Sweet One" EP, which also includes clear pictures clearly stating it was produced by James Yancey and Adé and  is a Detroit production. If anyone happen to have a rip of the other joints from this EP, please hook me up, because it would be incredibly apreciated - also much props goes out to YouTube uploader NoMoreTime10. TURN IT UP!!

KOSS & AG - "Supernatural" /" Get It Baby" / "Began"

When I first posted the Sadat X/AG assisted Koss produced "Natural High". I think that I for some reason believed that it was a project by DeeJay Koss featuring both some instrumentals and a vocal track. I realize I need to read the fine print on these things because the 10 track (7 songs + three remixes) "Natural High (Whut Up Kid Pt. 3)" EP is actually a full-blown collaboration between Andre The Giant and Koss. Deejay Koss, from what I've heard very talented, Belgium-born producer whove already worked with Underground legends El Da Sensei (order "We Want More" EP, and peep the videos for "Time For The Heat" and "Rhymes Square") and Craig G (you can order "The Legacy EP" here, and stream "We Want More" and the video for "Stare Into The Mirror"). 

With that little background on previous work you know this guy's got heat and that his music is co-signed by some of the illest so be sure to peep the four Koss/AG collaborations that so far has been released as singles (one in video format, up top; the other two as stream, below). I'm just amazed at how much quality work has been coming out of the D.I.T.C. camp this last month. This was officially released on May 8, though it seems as it's only available as a digital download (just like the recent BIGREC/Diamond album, another incredible album that deserves a lot better) - let's hope they press up some vinly or at least CD:s for this one. The entire EP has a beautiful sound, a real nostalgic vibe reminiscing on growing up around hip-hop over positive, laid-back but somewhat mournful beats by Koss. Both AG and his producer does an excellent job throughout, as expected. Check out the four official singles in this post (the already mentioned "Natural High", while the video for "Where It All Began" can be seen up top and "Supernatural" + "Get It Baby" can be streamed via Soundcloud below). ENJOY!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

EMC Interview on "The Turning Point" @ Str8OutDaDen

I always felt that on paper and in a live setting (which I was lucky to see them together a couple of years ago), EMC is a fantastic group with four true lyricists but to be honest I wasn't exactly blown away by their debut "The Show". It's a good album, but there were definitely some questionable beat choices for my personal taste on there. Now they recently came through with their new, much anticipated project; the EP "The Turning Point". To be honest I wasn't exactly blowed away this time either beside fantastic performance of a four-time crew, that not only includes one my favorite emcees of all time, but three additional strong lyricists as well. I might need to listen to it more, but at this point (on two-three listens) I feel that only the two last songs and maybe one more does the group justice. 

I never posted the official album stream premiered @ 2DBz when it was first released, but better late than never for those of you haven't heard it. And at the same time, Str8OutDaDen has conducted a fifteen minutes radio interview with the crew about the making of "The Turning Point", which I always find interesting so check that one up up top, while the full album stream is right below. Don't take my word for it, a  lot of people seem to love this so give it a good spin and please drop a comment on how you feel about the project.and if you are feeling it, cop it @ iTunes

EDIT: Unfortunately, the free streaming link has been taken down but I'm sure a lot of y'all have heard it by now any ways so it's what it is. Enjoy the internet if not, and I encourage you to get a hold of the EP if you haven't already, it definitely got strong moments and are worth hearing.

SPESH (.38) / KOOL G RAP - "The Meeting" [prod. DJ Premier]

Spesh .38 came out a few years ago and some absolutely incredible tracks produced by the likes of DJ Premier and Pete Rock, while also loading his mixtapes with less than stellar material to say the least. Now he's back for the first time in a whole and luckily it's another one of those ill joints he's capable of as he's not only gets back with Premier for the production on "The Meeting (Problems or Peace)" but also links up with one of the best emcees of all time - Kool G Rap! The song will appear on Spesh's upcoming new project "The Art Of Production", let's hope it's better and more well-rounded than his debut mixtape.

ES-K / AG / GENERAL STEELE - "Serenity"

Holland-born producer who later moved to Kansas City and now resides in Burlington Vermont is preparing his first solo album as  a produccer, "Serenity". The first track (both as a single and as the album opener) is a smooth, but equally knocking cut featuring top-grade performances by the always impressive AG (DITC) and General Steele (Smif-N-Wessun) trading bars over a potent instrumental. You can preview the album and check the tracklist here.

[EP] NAMETAG - "The Tag Alexander EP"

Detroit emcee NameTag first made his presence known on an official recording on the "Dirty District" projects, which recently was followed by a dope collaborative album with fellow Detroiter and producer Nameless. On his latest release, "The Tag Alexander EP" he is keeping his rhyming style while going for underground productions from the likes of DJ DDT,  A Wil. Trax, Black Bethoveen (also exec.) and Jr Swiftz. The result isn't as good as the Nameless LP, but it's still a worthwhile listen. Check it out below and you can also order the CD from here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[Album] MEYHEM LAUREN / BUCKWILD - "Silk Pyramids"

Meyhem Lauren carries on the tradition of well-crafted street lyricism from Queens, NY on his finest project to date, "Silk Pyramids", entirely produced by fellow New Yorker and hip-hop veteran Buckwild. I've been eagerly anticipating this release and now when it finally is here I can only say that it doesn't dissapoint one bit - in fact, it's probably even better than I had dared hope for with both turning in A+ performances. Everything is just RIGHT about this album, making it one of the few must-haves of 2014 so far... Order your copy @ UGHH (US) or HHV (EU) and PLAY THIS SHIT LOUD!!!!!

[Album] SKYZOO & TORAE - "Barrell Brothers"

Skyzoo and Torae finally gets together for an official album which is especially exciting as these two cats represent a younger generation of really talented East Coast emcees and they both broke into the industry around the same time. From what I've heard so far the album, "Barrell Brothers", is structured around Sky and Tor spitting seriously ill shit, building off each other's energy, over high powered boom bap bangers supplied by the likes of DJ Premier, Oh No, Black Milk, !llmind and Khrysis. The entire album steams for free @ DJBooth (where you can also purchase the downlaod) while the CD now ships from UGHH and other retailers.

EDIT - Be sure to also check out "Got It From Here", a bonus track for iTunes and the forthcoming vinyl release produced by Apollo Brown. Actually one of the strongest cuts of the project for me.

7evenThirty Ft. Sean Price - "Hook Heavy"

A few days ago I posted the first single ("$ $tacks & Body Bags") from emcee 7evenThirty and producer Gensu Dean's upcoming album "The Problem". The new leak from the project features no lesser guest emcee than the legendary Sean Price and is called "Hook Heavy", apparently the only cameo on the LP (which in itself is quite refreshing). Watch out for "The Problem" on August 8, via MMG.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GHOSTFACE x BADBADNOTGOOD - "Six Degrees" (Ft. Danny Brown)

Ghostface Killah and jazz trio BadBadNotGood has teamed up to create a stupid fresh 10" single for LEX Records called "Six Degrees" with Danny Brown popping in for a guest verse as well. Pre-order @ LEX and get it by June 23.

MF DOOM - "Bookhead Remix"

Here's some crazy creative ish from the man with the iron face that I managed to overlook a couple of months back. By using the slamming machinery of shoe-making at the Clark's headquarters DOOM created this knocking remix of the JJ DOOM single, "Bookhead", that's available on picture disc vinyl now (grab it here)!

Monday, May 26, 2014

[Comp] dead prez - "Prelude to FREEDOM"

This is a compilation Ive been wanting to put together for quite some time considering that "Let's Get Free" is one of my absolute favorite albums of the late '90s (though it was released in 2000, it was actually read for release in 1999 as proven by early promos that were sent out to DJ:s and radio stations). While "R.B.G." and some of their mixtapes had some bangers on there, and M1 never again came close to that unforgiving, impeccable Loud Records debut. What's even more interesting is in an interview with Lord Jamar about how he basically helped sign dead prez as well as producing some of the strongest cuts on the LP ("The Pistol", "Propaganda", "Psychology") he mentions how he felt that the duo started straying from the original path that built them their following into more commercial territory. Now this is definitely true if we look at the LP:s following "Let's Get Free", but the interview made it sound like he was actually talking about just that album. But then again, dope rapper and producer as he is, Jamar is known to say some pretty strange and outlandish things.

"Let's Get Free" did hit pretty big, much thanks to the anthem "Hip Hop" that received a lot of MTV play and gained the group a lot of recognition even from MTV fans, but to carachterize the album (or even the song) as something of a commercial nature is just absurd - not least considering the militant mindstate of and M1's lyrical offerings. However, dead prez did release a bunch of tracks recorded before or around the same time as "Let's Get Free" which together form a pretty damn fantastic compilation that I've been working on and wanted to share with my loyal Lost Tapes readers. 

Sometime in 1998 LOUD Records released an early "sampler" tape for "Let's Get Free"; known as "The Red Tape" because of the slip-case it came in. What's interesting is that none of the three songs included on this cassette did actually appear on the subsequent album, and it's also noteworthy that they all appeared in their full versions. The real title of the tape is really "These Are The Times" however and could therefore be viewed as a promo single for the otherwise unreleased title track. The tape also includes the '97 underground classic "Food, Clothing & Shelter" as well as an original demo version of "Happiness" which in fact sound a lot better than the version that would later appear on "Let's Get Free". This version of the llatter was in fact also given an official release on a dead prez record as the B-side to the "Mind Sex" 12", released in 2000. All of these tracks are included on "Prelude to FREEDOM" in addition to nine other non-album tracks recorded between 1997 and early 2000 - in other words all released dead prez tracks leading up to their rightfully acclaimed debut album. The only song I wasn't entirely sure to include was the 2Pac tribute "U R Ripping Us Apart" as it sounds quite different from the rest of the batch, stil lyrically it's a very strong cut and as far as the tme frame goes it should be included so there you go. Also a big shout out to my man Fritz for helping me find a good version of "Cop Shot" which of course was absolutely essential to make this comp work!

To sum it up, the 12 tracks presented here are lifted from the so called "Red Tape", soundtracks, compilations and the ocassional guest feature. They all feature the same type of high quality pro-black lyricism and ruff-neck yet melancholy production that made "Let's Get Free" the classic it is. Don't sleep on this as it should be viewed as a ccompanion piece to the debut of the most revolutionary hip-hop group since Public Enemy and Brand Nubian.

01. "The Rain & The Sun: Intro" (w. Big Pun)
02. "Cop Shot"
03. "Dem Crazy" (w. The Marley Brothers)
04. "Food, Clothes & Shelter"
05. "Sellin' D.O.P.E."
06. "These Are The Times (Novus Ordo Seclorum)"
07. "Look Around"
08. "U R Ripping Us Apart!"
09. "Sharp Shooters" (w. Talib Kweli)
10. "Happiness: Red Tape Version"
11. "Bluesanova: Lord Jamar Mix"
12. "The Game Of Life (Score)"

KOOL KEITH & AG - "El Dorado"

Another stupid dope collaboration between these two true Hip-Hop legends, Kool Keith and AG. "El Dorado", produced by DJ Junkaz Lou, is the final single before Kool Keith's double album "Demolition Crash" is officially released tomorrow. Order the CD from UGHH or iTunes while you enjoy this tune.

[Live Performance] SOUNDSCI @ O2ABC, Glasgow

It's not often that a group breaking their first album together in the 2010s are among the artists that embodies everything that I truly love about Hip Hop. One of those very rare crews are the US/UK quintet Soundsci who I of course have written about extensively on The Lost Tapes before. Armed with nothing but a catalouge of slamming boom bap sounds, Soundsci recently hit the road for several dates in the UK. Hopefully they will be getting a lot more dates in a near future as I really hope to be able to catch them live one day. For all of us who do not live in the United Kingdom, Soundsci and WorldExpo has however presented a beautiful little gift in the form of a high quality audio recording of the group's entire set over at O2ABC in Glasgow where they opened up for Big Daddy Kane on May 5. 

MC's Oxygen and Audessey with DJ Ollie Teeba took the stage and performed a ravishing, high powered set that set a perfect example of why Soundsci is seen by many as one of the absolutely most interesting things happening in Hip-Hop right now. And I stress the word Hip Hop because this is about as pure as it gets as the gang takes the crowd through tight live renditions of "Entrapment", "The Remedy", "Ill Dialect", "Soundsational", "In A Flash", "Formula 99", "Lyrical Beatdown" and a whole lot more. They even performed a few new tracks and freestyles (including verses over the timeless Preem/Jeru break "Come Clean" and Diamond/DITC's "Day One") as well as a couple of joints from recent side projects by Audessey and Ox. All in all this is a must hear, and maybe best of all this is far from some shady bootleg sounding recording either - every nuance of the beats and the verses comes across crystal clear and could easily have been presented on an official retail CD/LP. If you're not already hooked on this group the 19 track set heard here might very well make you a believer... TURN IT UP!!

KAP KALLOUS - "Sushi Bar"

Orlando spitter Kap Kallous has been featured a few times on The Lost Tapes previously and once again he brings the heat on his new single "Sushi Bar". The song features Psalm One and Wrekonize over production supplied by Optiks and Sean Dammit and will appear on Kap's upcoming album "Grandeur" which will be available as a free download @ DatPiff on June 13.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Sean Price and Illa Ghee goes for a sacral vibe on this short but interesting knock out called "Enigma" with Scram Jones on the beat. Below you can also check out another recent collaboration between the duo which I forgot to post when it first dropped on the Redman hosted mixtape "M.M.Rick Presents Sorry I'm Late" (which you can stream/download @ DatPiff). P!

[Live Clip] CORMEGA - "Valuable Lessons"

Cormega has completed his long-awaited album with legendary producer Large Professor, and the 11-tracks deep project will be released on July 22. So far we have heard "Industry" and the Raekwon assisted "Honorable", and now thanks to 12:06 Studios we are also able to hear a HQ live version of the album closer "Valuable Lessons". Before the footage and sound cut off we have time to hear slightly over two minutes, which adds up to about half the song if we're to believe the track times on iTunes. Definitely sounds like a potent and fitting way to round of an album by 'Mega - a big shout out to Ian Reobey of 12:06 Studios for filming/editing  and also peace to FasterBlade for putting me on to it. Salute!

MEYHEM LAUREN & BUCKWILD - 20 Minutes Sampler

Last year was kind of slow on the D.I.T.C. releases (save for "Mugshot Music"'s 2xLP release for us EU heads). In 2014 this amazing crew is back at it, full force - kicking things off with the Ray West/OC collaboration "Ray's Cafe", followed by "D.I.T.C. Remix Project" (featuring excellent remixes from Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Buckwild, Showbiz, Ogee and more) at the beginning of this month, and this Tuesday saw the release of another very well-crafted album in the form of Diamond D's collaboration with BIGREC in "Doomsday". Next in line is another crazy album from the camp, filled with that raw New York boom bap sound we all love; the fully Buckwild produced album for the always sick Queens' emcee Meyhem Lauren.

"Silk Pyramids" is officially released on May 27 via Chopped Herring Records in a plethora of different versions. Beside the main release on CD, the label is also releasing a very limited 2xLP run of 500 copies, an Extra EP featuring three extra joints, a couple of freestyles and a few instrumentals. Add to this that there's also a white label 12" featuring six accapellas of songs appearing on the album. While everything beside the CD is quite pricey if you're not in the States, this is a must have and to show how much faith Buckwild, Meyhem and Chopped Herring have in this project the label have released a 20 minutes sampler on YouTube featuring tracks from both the regular album and the "Limited Extra EP" and it's sounding fucking BRILLIANT... Then of course we have already heard three singles in full high quality already ("Q.U. Hertilage", "Street Hop", "Silk Shirts & Yellow Gold"). To read more about what's on all of this different releases and pre-order your copy of choice head over to Chopped Herring Records.

[DJ Mix] MR. LEN x PRINCE PAUL x RHETTMATIC - "The 45 Bandidos"

Three of my absolute favorite DJ:s Rhettmatic, Mr. Len and Prince Paul have joined forces as the DJ trio Dirty Disco Square recently released this madly interesting mix called "The 45 Bandidos". As the artwork suggests, Rhett, Len & Paul plays it all (as long as it's on 45) so expect a little bit of everything, much of it instrumental, and prepare yourself for 45 minutes of funk, soul, breaks, rock, and then some. Presented by Egotripland.

HUS KINGPIN - "Mahalia" / "Dr. Shelley" / "Camay"

Hus Kingpin's "The Orange Tape" made my top-5 albums of the year in 2013, and The Connection member has continued releasing booming hip-hop music ever since. His latest single is a chill joint, utilizing a sample that '90s hip-hop fans will definitely recognize, called "Mahalia" and features Hus' usual gripping flow over a ill J.U.S.T.U.S. League production.

Below you find two other recent Hus' tracks/freestyles. The first one is called "Dr. Shelley" and is produced by Zygote and features team mate Smoovth, while the second joint is a freestyle over the RZA prdouced classic "Camay". Enjoy y'all!

PETAWANE Ft. Amed & Miz Thewiz - "I Wanna Know"

This is some real nice, smooth soul shit right here and what's even more interesting is that it is actually produced by, and co-written by, D.I.T.C. alumni Amed Harris (a very different joint from what we're used to hearing from him). "I Wanna Know" is the new single by Harlem soul singer Petawane (Brand Nubian, OC, Afrika Bambaata) lifted from his debut album "Last Of The Soul Singers" which is out now on iTunes.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

EL GRANT / TORAE - "Truth Hurts"

Monstrous track from El Grant who is hooking up with the equally dope Torae for "Truth Hurts", the lead single from the NYC spitters upcoming album "Beast Academy" which drops on June 10 (pre-order @ FatBeats). Just like "Truth Hurts", the entire album is produced by JOAT's (Jack Of All Trades) and this particular track also features the talented turntable wizardry of Sweden's DJ Devastate. Stay tuned for more info and fat tracks!


I've been waiting patiently to finally hear the new album from highly skilled Southern emcee BIGREC, entirely produced by Diamond D. The album is entitled "Doomsday" and features thirteen bangers ranging from straight hardcore MC/DJ flexing on the previously heard "Bullseye", to West Coast flavored joints like "If U Believe", the introspective and heart-wrenching "Cryin'", stories of struggles in the rap game and life in general on the yet triumphant sounding "Nowhere 2 Run", the old school flirtation on "The Dumb Out" (which might just be my favorite cut at this point) and much more. Definitely not one to sleep on! 

This is basically a classic hip-hop album like they used to be done - one ill producer, one ill producers, and very low on guests (R.A. The Rugged Man does pop up, and so does TH5PENTAGON, Blake Carrington and Jawz Of Life but that's it). DON'T SLEEP and support the real (my only dissapointment is that it doesn't seem to be dropping on either vinyl or CD)! Also check out the new video for "Unstoppable" up top.

You can order the complete album now @ most digital retailers such as such as iTunes NOW!.


Oh shit, this is probably one of the most legendary line-ups I've seen in a while and when Domingo (with DJ Dister)  is  behind the machinery you know you got a must-listen to on your hands. Called "Free" this monster of a track will see release on Domingo's "Same Game, New Rules" which drops this July and can be pre-ordered here (which also carries some additional info).

SKYZOO & TORAE / RANDOM AXE - "All In Together"

Perhaps my most anticipated joint from Skyzoo & Torae's upcoming "Barel Brothers" that is really shaping up lovely. Here they bring some real rugged, string-driven, hard-hitting hip-hop that's not short on the ill lyricism as the talented brothers bring in the Random Axe crew with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson plus Black Milk providing another banger. "Barrel Brothers" hit stores on May 27, but pre-orders are already now shipping from UGHH.

[Video] INNOCENT? - "Aggrevated"

BK emcee Innocent? is a relatively new name for me, I only previously heard his recent collaboration with Nutso "On Our NY Shit" but he's definitely on my check list from now. Now he's dropping the equally hot solo single "Aggrevated" with accompanying video. Heavy on horns and ill lyrics paying homage to the many great BK legends that paved the way for the burrough, the Phantom Of The Beats (UMC's, Ghostface, Busta Rhymes, Inspectah Deck) produced joint will appear on Innocents? upcoming LP "Love It Or Hate It". The album drops June 22 via Diamond Media so watch out.

JERU THE DAMAJA Breaks Down "The Sun Rises" on 'YOU MUST LEARN' Pt. 1

"You Must Learn" is a new podcast created by long-time friend of Lost Tapes Dharmic X with Peter Oasis and Evans of UpNorthTrips that will be focusing on the making of classic hip-hop albums through interviews with the main artists. First out is something for the real boom bap heads as they've got Jeru The Damaja down for a 40+ minutes interview focusing entirely on the creation of his debut album "The Sun Rises in the East" - one of the illest hip-hop albums ever created if you're asking me. Here he takes us track-by-track through the album while also sharing a lot of interesting stories around it. A must hear in other words, and for future installments you can subsscribe to "You Must Learn" via iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Enjoy this one y'all!

Friday, May 23, 2014

[Video] BUCKSHOT & P-MONEY - "Flute" (Ft. Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly)

Not even a week ago I was posting the news that the always ill Buckshot and talented up-and-coming producer of the recent "Gratitude" album, P-Money, have been working on a full-length collaboration to be released soon. "Backpack Travels" and it's title track intro was obviously short but very powerful, and now the duo let's loose of the first real song from the project, in the form of a video nontheless. The song is called "Flute" and features Buckshot going at it together with Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly of Pro Era and its another banger that have me anticipating June 24 even more. Enjoy!


For those of you not familiar with BadBadNotGood they are a contemporary jazz trio that often incorporates a lot of modern, dope hip-hop vibe to their music. I first became aware of them, in a very positive way, through their production for Wu-Tang Clan on RZA's "The Man With The Iron Fists". While this song is a few days old, it's news to me and if I have missed it, I'm sure a lot of others has done so as well.. It's an official remix of the Madlib / Freddie Gibbs single "Shame", approved by both the original emcee and producer. If you haven't heard it yet, enjoy, if you have heard it before, why not revisit it again because this is a fresh take of one of the year's best.

[Video] LINKAN + CAP - "Keep it Movin'"

Just a couple of days ago we heard the audio for Linkan (Side Effectz) and CAP's most recent single, "Keep It Movin", the first track to be released from their forthcoming "Moodswingz" EP which hits the net as a digital release this summer. Production on the EP comes from up-and-coming but very talented producers including PMPEE Beats, Daniel El Campeon and A. Dub. Stay tuned for more info and check out the psychadelic video above, directed by Marcus N.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

J DILLA - "The Doe"

I've really been up on my DiLLA shit again lately, catching some inspiration from Jordan Ferguson's page-turning meditation on "Donuts" for the 33 1/3 series, and I can't wait to hear his still unreleased MCA album from 2002 in all of it's original glory. Rappcats and Pay Jay Records have so far released three vinyl EP:s with tracks from the original sessions - including the Supa Dave West produced "The Doe" which is available on the "Give 'Em What They Want" 12".

The LEGION - "For You"

Following the drop of the Confidence remix of "Stereo", rugged NY veterans The Legion drops the visuals for another ill single - "For You". "The Lost Tapes" is out now on CD and limited cassette from Ill Adrenaline Records.


Blueprint grabs MidaZ The BEAST and Count Bass D for the "Once Again" single from his new (and very limited) album "Respect The Architect". Produced by Blueprint himself, you can order the LP from Weightless Records now!

CORMEGA - "Industry"

Cormega gives his take on the "Industry" on this slamming new joint with Extra-P, announced to be the first official single from the duo's upcoming collaborative LP "Mega Philosophy". While we'll have to settle for the clean version for the time being this should be a moment of bliss for any hardcore hip-hop fanatic.

EDIT - A long with the leak 'Mega and his team has released the artwork, tracklist and release date for "Mega Philosophy" which is slated for a July 22 release (pre-order @ iTunes). Album of the year? 

01. "A New Day Begins"
02. "MARS (Dream Team)" (Ft. AZ, Redman & Styles P)
03. "Industry"
04. "More"
05. "Reflection"
06. "D.U. (Divine Unity)" (Ft. Nature)
07. "Honorable" (Ft. Raekwon)
08. "Rap Basquiat"
09. "Rise" (Ft. Maya Azucena)
10. "Home" (Ft. Black Rob)
11. "Valuable Lessons"


If you ain't up on Apollo Brown's latest release "Thirty-Eight" you definitely need to catch up on what might be the Detroit producers finest batch yet. Roc Marciano pops up on two bonus tracks available on 5" vinyl when purchasing the LP, now you can also check out one of 'em - "Lonely & Cold" as a free download via MMG.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LINKAN + CAP - "Keep It Movin'"

Linkan (from Side Effectz) and Cap reunites for another certified banger with "Keep It Movin'", produced by PMPEE Beats. This is the lead single from the upcoming "Moodswingz" EP, which the duo is scheduling for a summer release. Now bang your head to this!

Monday, May 19, 2014

[Exclusive] ROME CLIENTEL - "How Can I Not Fall"

Since I first heard New York emcee Rome Clientel I was absolutely floored by his unique wordplay, well written and thought provoking lyrics and great ear for beats. On his first three mini albums ("The Empire" series) he worked with producers such as ATG, Just Blaze, Kount Fif and others but the truth is that the Elmira native is actually skilled in the trade of beat making himself too. This is proven on the exclusive Lost Tapes single "How Can I Not Fall" where Rome hooks up a melancoly piano melody underlined by some real hard ass drums which almost works as a counterpoint to the otherwise somber, laid-back jazz vibe of the track. Rome is in fine form as usual on here as he's never one to shy away from getting introspective which is just what the beat calls for. "How Can I Not Fall" is nothing short of a piece of art, and I am very, very grateful to Rome for letting The Lost Tapes host it as an exclusive, and I also want to send peace to my man The Militia for his help in setting it up. TURN IT UP!!


Without a doubt Meyhem Lauren's upcoming Buckwild produced album ("Silk Pyramids") is at the very least amongt the top three most anticipated albums of 2014. Not only have every single so far reminded me why I fell in love with hip-hop in the first place within its first 30 seconds, but both gentlemen's back catalouge embodies everything that is still fresh and interesting about the genre. Since I posted the powerful "Street Hop" only yesterday (granted, a bit late but still) I was suprised to find yet another single from the album to band my head to today. "Q.U. Cartilage" is nothing short of brilliant and boosts my hopes for the album even more, 'nuff said... 

BUCKSHOT & P-MONEY - "Backpack Travels"

Last year New Zealand producer P-Money signed a deal with Duck Down Records and released his album "Gratitude" which features a host of veteran hip-hop emcees such as Havoc, M.O.P., Freddie Gibbs, and Roc Marciano, to name a few. But looking back now, perhaps the most important collaboration on the disc was the song "Killuminati" where he teamed up with Black Moon legend and Duck Down co-founder Buckshot. This joint sparked a creative partnership that is now bearing fruit with a full-length collaboration between the pair called "Backpack Travels". Made up of 10 songs, all produced by P-Money, the LP hit stores via a deal between Duck Down, Dirty Records and Dawn Raid Records. June 24 is the date and sharing mic duties with Buckshot is Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly (Pro Era), Steele (Smif-N-Wessun), Dave Dallas, Raz Fresco, Chelsea Reject and T'Nah Apex. Peep the stop motion promo video for what I suppose is the intro for the album (defo sounds on point), while you find the original "Killuminati" joint mentioned earlier right underneath. Looks like it's gonna be another good year for Duck Down.

[Video] INNOCENT? & NUTSO - "On Our NY Shit"

From BK to QB, emcee Innocent? joins forces with the always interesting Nutso (p/k/a Nut-Rageous) for "On Our NY Shit", an absolutely blazing joint that'll have a lot of heads nodding in agreement. Well-written hardcore lyricism over soulful bliss of well-crafted sampes - complete with crackling vinyl pops, a sampled gospel hook, thumping beat and a nicely arranged string section. "On Our NY Shit" is a single from an upcoming compilation called "Killing in the Game" to be released by T.H.E.M. Recoordings and showcases several of the talents of the label and then some - stay tuned for more info on the project. Gritty New York hip-hop at it's finest; the place where hardcore is beautiful.

7evenThirty - "$ $tacks & Body Bags" [prod. Gensu Dean]

Mello Music Group rhymer 7evenThirty is preparing his sophomore ful-length album for the label, called "The Problem". The single you hear above, "$ $tacks & Body Bags" is laced by Gensu Dean, a producer who has really became one of the biggest household names  in the underground since his early productions on various Brand Nubian projects some ten years ago. Not only is the single created by the Missisippi produer, but the entirety of the upcoming "The Problem" will be crafted on Dean's SP120. Should be interestng  to say the least (the production on "Cash, Suckas & Bodyguards" definitely sound like a new direction for Dean)!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The LEGION - "Stereo" [Confidence Remix]

Molecules, Chucky Smash and Cee-Low of the hardcore Bronx team The Legion returns this year with their first album in a decade. "Theme + Echo = Krill" was a sincerely ill project, but it got lost in shuffle due to the huge amount of superb hip hop being released in the early to mid-'90s, and after the commercial flop of the project things quieted down for so many years that I must admit that I was pleasantly suprised when I saw them signed to Ill Adrenaline Records for a new album. The first single (with accompanying video), "Stereo", saw the trio returning to their D.I.T.C. roots witth a vintage Buckwild production on hand. Now that initial single is being touched up by label mate Confidence who does a great job with smacking drum programming, Rhodes, screeching guitar and even a horn section which together gives the soong a completely new feel. The new Legion project is titled "The Lost Tapes" and is released on CD on May 20; the two vinyl EP:s drops sometime in June. The project is described as follows:

""The Lost Tapes" ain't only a simple compilation of rare and unreleased tracks, it's rather a musical documentation of a group that has been staying in its lane creating raw, uncut and uncompromising Bronx flavor for more than two decades now. So this 20-track strong album includes the rare 12" sinfle only "Freestyle Demolition" from 1994, rare, old and unavailable on CD tracks, unreleased joints and instrumentals plus 3 brand new bangers ("For You", "Stereo", "Strereo [Remix]"), produced by The Legion, Buckwild and Confidence." - Ill Adrenaline Records (pre-order CD).


As we are getting closer to what should unquestionably be one of the best albums of the year - Buckwild and Meyhem Lauren's "Silk Pyramids". Following the first single "Silk Shirts & Yellow Gold", the duo unleashes the second single from the project and it's just as banging, once again proving that Meyhem and Buck is a power team to be counted with. "Street Hop" also features guest verses from Troy Ave and Retchy. DITC + The Outdoorsmen in the house!

TRI-STATE & DiRTYDiGGS Ft. Planet Asia & Mitchy Slick - "Polyester Square"

Bang your head to this kicking West Coast posse cut featuring Tri-State and Planet Asia of Durag Dynasty and Mitchy Slick (Strong Arm Steady) over a soulful banger provided by producer DirtyDiggs (Gold Chain Military). "Polyester Square" is the first single from Tri-State and DirtyDiggs upcoming EP "Digital Documents" (the title suggests this will not be a physivsl release. Still, as ill as this sound I am absolutely hyped for the full thing!

[Album] REVOLUTIONARY RHYHM - "The Art Of Gallery"

Revolutionary Rhythm is an underground hip-hop trio representing Los Angeles´consisting of Kid Abstract, Predominance and DJ Million Faces. I had never heard of this group before but after receiving an e-mail the other day saying that none other than DJ Spinna will be the responsible producer for the entirety of the trio's next album. Now if you follow my blog or a personal friend to me, you'd know I'd consider Spinna to be amongst the 5-10 best producers of all time, any day. So you know I had to check out this group and see what the fuss is about and headed over to their Bandcamp page. Their most recent album, "The Art Gallery", is a triumphant mix of jazz beats, soulful melodies, laid-back hip-hop and introspective raps. The emcee does a good job holding down the microphone, and the soul singer who provides the choruses and ocassional R&B-type verses is pue gold. Then there's the turntable work which is proper and the beats is sample-heavy, often laid back, but with headnod inducing rhythm tracks, sometimes even evoking a reagge flavor on cuts like "Jerry Session".At other times the cadence of main emcee Kid Abstract almost reminds me of Talib Kweli, and I don't mean that in any bad way.

"The Art Gallery" is without question a pretty damn cool listen; while it's not a perfect album, it's also void of filler material. With the help of the incredible DJ Spinna I have a feeling that this expanded quartet can makes wonder with an upcoming full-lengther. To be fair, it's not hard to see why Spinna woould like to lend his hand to this group's sound as much of the music on "The Art Gallery" is quite reminiscent of some of the tracks he did for "Here to There", his sole entry in the Beat Generaton Series ("Surely", "All Up In It", "Rock: Unplugged"). Anyway, it's not a perfect album, but definitely a solid listen and I can't wait to see what Spinna will do togethet with these guys so stay tuned y'all!


"Showtime" is the first single from the upcoming "Reinvention of the Wheel(s of Steel)", a compilation from Brave Kave Music Group and out sometime later this year. Produced by Dox Boogie, the porgressive rhythm, the syntth melody. and the three emcees Stumik (signed to Raekwon¨s Ice H0 imprinr( posse cut produced by Dox Boogie and features Chef's H20 signee Stumik who is the shining star on hee as far as vocao The other two emcees Nam Nirry and Dox Boogie. Nice vibes on this one, it will be interesting to see what thes guys wiill come wih in 

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I first came across Detroit duo Lawless Element when I stumbled across their Jay Dee produced 12" single "The Shining" which also featured a sick Phat Kat assisted cut on the flip. Since then I've been keeping an eye open for the works of producer/emcee Magnif and rapper JH-Allday (formerly known as Griot). Soon after they released their heavily slept-on full-lengther "Soundvisions", which featured beats by Dilla, Young RJ, Madlib and Magnif as well as guest spots from Dilla, Phat Kat, Big Tone, Melanie Ruthford and more. If you like Detroit hip-hop and still haven't heard this one, be sure to hunt it down for yourself.

After some pushbacks "Soundvisions" were finally released in late 2005, and was a commercial flop. However, last year the duo reunited and released the free EP "Detroit Badboys". Now Magnif is hooking up with no other than Elementality's legendary producer Ayatollah for a full-length LP to be called "Tha Real" coming later this year. Sounding good for real, so watch up1

BUSTA RHYMES x BIGGIE x DILLA - "Modern Day Gangstas"

Now this right here is a real underground GEM if I ever heard one! "Modern Day Gangstas" is an unreleased track that first made it's presence known to the public as "Dangerous MC's" via Notorious B.I.G.'s first real posthumous album, '99's "Born Again". That remix was produced by Nottz and Dominic Lambert and added additional vocals from Snoop Dogg and Mark Curry, and differed immensely from the original song it was built around - a track produed in 1996 by none other than the now legendary Jay Dee/J Dilla/James Yancey. This is prime example of why I so strongly disliked that album; B.I.G. recorded several slamming non-album cuts before his passing, but when it came time for Pappa Diddy Pop to turn these sessions into a 1999 album he tried to make it sound like it was recorded yesterday and therefore destroyed the original cuts by enlisting more popular producers and guest vocalists to fill out the spaces between the BIG verses. If a remix is not at all improving on the original it loses it's purpose, and in cases where the artist have passed away it's damn near sacreligious to mess with their unreleased music. The best examples of this on "Born Again" is the Eminem remix of "Dead Wrong", an original joint BIG cut with long-time friend and musical partner Easy Mo Bee, which albeit ruff in its original incarnation is a straight up slamming jam. Even more interesting is the aforementioned Jay Dee production "Dangerous MC's" (originally titled "Modern Day Gangstaz" and sometimes labeled as "The Ugliest"), originally recorded as a Busta Rhymes song in sessions for his '96 solo debut "The Coming"

The story goes that this beat was one of several tracks Bus' picked from Jay Dee's beat CD for what would become "The Coming" (the others being "Still Shining" and "Keep It Movin'"). Somehow Puff Daddy and The Notorious B.I.G. heard Busta's version of "Modern Day Gangstas" and was blown away. With its heavy umph, low Rhodes melody and heavily filtered bassline, it was vintage Jay Dee during his The Ummah period and very similiar to the other stuff Busta used for the LP. From what I have heard what happened was that The Notorious ended up dropping a verse on the track as a cameo; as you hear BIG kicks off the song. If you listen closely to that verse you'll realize that it includes one of Biggie's most subtle, yet most agressive disses against 2Pac ever: "Missed you by inches, you're talk is senseless/ Actor needs chiropractor for cracked jaw/ Yes, I rocked your chatterbox, dangerous you're not/ I get down, twist your body 'Round & Round', upside down...". The story goes that Busta didn't want to be caught up in that whole East Coast/West Coast beef (remember the fuss after LL Cool J put Prodigy on the "I Shot Ya" remix) that was creeping towards it's tragic peak, and instead gave the song to Bad Boy Entertainment for inclusion on "Life After Death". This would explain how Puff Daddy owned the masters and had the rights to put it out on a BIG album in '99. The third emcee on the track, Labba, is a little known artist with ties to Busta Rhymes and The Flipmode Squad (appearing on Busta's "We Could Take It Outside" amongst others) but was replaced by Snoop and Mark Curry on the oficially released remix.

If you haven't heard this track before you are in for a real treat. Both Busta Rhymes and Notorious B.I.G. were pretty much at their respective peaks here in my humble opinion, and as far as I know this is the only track these two musical giants ever collaborated on. Add to that that they are doing so over a lost Jay Dee beat, one that has all the trademarks and signifcance of the type of music Yancey was into during his early days with The Ummah collective - deep basslines, a love for filtering the groove and a heavy umph on the beat. There's even a video clip shot of Jay Dee in a wheelchair during his last trip overseas where the legendary beat master discusses the making of the song with Frank-N-Dank. This video was taken circa 2005 and appears on the Frank-N-Dank DVD "European Vacation". Here Dilla also reveals that in addition to Bus' and BIG, an additional legendary emcee was originally supposed to appear on the track as well (hey, maybe that Snoop Dogg verse really was made then haha). For some reason the YouTube clip of said video won't let me embed - instead you'll have to click here to watch. Below you find "Modern Day Gangstas" in all of it's original glory and man, what a track it is. I think it would've sounded marvelous on "The Coming". TURN IT UP!!

BUSTA RHYMES / BIG / LABBA - "Modern Day Gangstaz"


Staten Island rhyme slinger Fes Taylor have been appearing on various projects here and there (including several songs with Inspectah Deck and Ghostface Killah) and released a vast amount of albums and mixtapes via Chamber Musik. Taylor's undoubtedly is a pretty sick emcee and when coupled with the right production he can clearly make fantastic music, as is the case with his latest single "Darkness". The single is produced by none other than Apollo Brown and will appear on Fes' "Staten Ain't Big Enough" mix CD.

ADD-2 - "Cassette Tapes - Slot A Remix"

I first became aquianted with superb Chicago emcee Add-2 through his "Death Of Chicago" video that left me absolutely flabbergasted. by both Khrysis solful yet thumping beat and Add-2's gripping realism on the state of his hometown. While "Death Of Chicago" remained the stand out track of the 10 tracks project but there's plenty of good material on here, all conjured up by Add-2 and Khrysis! While you find the Slot-A remix of "Cassette Tapes" up top, I added the full "Death Of Chicago" album right below... so TURN IT UP and stay tuned for more music from this talented Chicago spitter.

[Album] BLU - "Good to be Home"

LA spitter Blu has been keeping busy since he first broke onto the scene with the highly charged 2007, Exile-produced debut "Below The Heavens". It's hard to say exactly how many LP:s Blu has delivered at this point, considering many of them are collaborations with either producers, guest emcees or made up of previously unreleased music. Counting all that, Blu's new album "Good to be Home" is a refreshing album of one of the game's finest younger emcees, filled with solful strings, pounding drums and an ill beat breakdown all while Blu absolutely destroys these jaw-dropping beats by dropping a wide plethora of amazing lyrical and flow-wise concepts. Don't sleep on this release as it officially drops today (Tuesday) 

01. "Home"
02. "The Reunion"
03. "Back @ Home"
04. "Boyz N The Hood" (Ft. Fashawn & Pac Div)
05. "Whip Cream" (Ft. Definite, Big Dame, Co$$...)
06. "The West"
07. "The '50s"
08. "The LA" (Ft. Secret Service Agent)
09. "Summer Time" (Ft. Bombay & Arima Ederra)
10. "The Summer" / [*] "Angel Dust" (Ft. LMNO, Imani of The Pharcyde & 2Mex of Visionaires)

11. "Red Dope"
12. "Dre Day"
13. Red & Gold" (Ft. Prodigy, Mitchy Slick & Phil Da Agony)
14. "Child Support"
15. "Well Fare" (Ft. THURZ & Casey Vegas)
16. "He Man"
15. "Brown Sugar" (Ft. MED & Oh No)
16. "Bobby Brown" (Part Two)

BLU - "GOOD TO BE HOME" [Stream]