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Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIAMOND D - Untitled

Here's a two minute pretty neat snippet of a new Diamond D track, where Kirkland holding it down on boh the beat and vocals. Diam has announced plenty of projects the last couple of years, but we really haven't got much more than the ocassional snippets- He's still in my top 10 (top 5 on a good day), but where's "The Diam Piece LP? Where's the Blake Carrringtn project? Even a collaboration with Pete Rock has been anounced, and then there's of course the full-length LP he's producing for ATL emcee Big REC, and based on the snippets shit is sounding serious. Just for the fuck of it, I'm posting the one minute excerpt of their collabo "The Dawning" as well... So you got about three minutes to nod your head and wait for something official.


  1. I'm not holding my breath for it, but there was also talk of a collaborative album with percee p. I really hope it materializes

  2. i still got hope.. i mean we got a tracklist and Everything for "The Diamond Mine". if Everything goes as planned i will have an interview with Diamond here @ The Lost Tapes very soon.

  3. damn, that's dope! looking forward to it