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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Backed up by The Roots band, Ghostface Killah took the Jimmy Fallon stage to promote their upcoming masterpiece "12 Reasons to Die". I first heard the album the night before yesterday and since then it has played front-to-back numerous time, and yes, I love it more than anything Ghost has done since it at least "Fishscale"; maybe even "Supreme Clientele" or the original "Bulletproof Wallets" is closer, still. Ghost sound reborn (just as the first single suggests) over Adrian Younge's live instrument-driven mix of soul, RZA and Enio Morricone's western scores. That it's a concept album really seems to light a fire under the Faced Killer, as he at times has become somewhat of a clich├ęd NY rapper on his last few releases. On top of that, there's plenty of Wu guests on there, all bringing their A-game (just check Deck's three outstanding verses), and last but not least Ghost once again sounds like he did on all RZA handled products between '92 and '00. This is due to RZA, who's overseeing and narrating the project, has pitched down GFK's voice just a notch; something he has been quoted as saying of other producers and engineers that they don't know how to mix Ghost. Also there's a lot of Rhodes here which is GREAT to hear in hip-hop again.... Enough with the ramblings, but I just love this LP.

No, the post is not a review of "12 Reasons...", but rather a HQ video from The Jimmy Fallon show where Ghost performs the Masta Killa guested "I Declare War". Not only does Masta appear alongside Ghost, but even Killah Priest jumps on to attack the mic with the other two killas. I really hope that The Roots will release another volume of their finest live performances on the show as 2010's super tight "Late Night With The Roots". I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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