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Thursday, April 25, 2013

QUASIMOTO - "Planned Attack"

As if you didn't know Quasimoto is the helium-voiced alter ego of super producer Madlib, and under that alias he has released two of the finest albums ever released on Stones Throw. The last album under the name was 2003:s brilliant "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas", so deem of my suprise when I saw a new Quas joint in my inbox acccompanying a press release for a forthcoming Quas full-length called "Yessir Whatever".

The album will include twelve tracks; recorded over roughly as many years. Some of the songs are new or at least previously unreleased, while some of the songs have previously been made available on rare, limited, and now out-of-print 7" singles and such. All songs have been properly mastered and mixed for the first time. June 18 is the releate date, though digital is already available for purchase, both through The Stones Throw Store and read more here. Check out the first single "Planned Attack" below:

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