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Sunday, April 14, 2013

[Trailer] "Ready 4 Whatever"

New UK director M.A. Double is making moves in his career; the making of his first feature film "Ready 4 Whatever" was filled with very real obstacles, but he came through this and now his movie is being presented at the next Cannes Film Festival which of course is huge. The story of the movie is about drug dealing and a statement about the negativity it will ultimately bring to the community and the individual him/herself.

What's very interesting, and all the more fucked up, is that when making the movie M.A. was on bail and under a 16-months surveillance, facing a long prison sentence if convincted as the charge was for the smuggling of 160K. This was not a crime that he had commited, "the agreed facts between the prosecution and the defence were that a parcel containing a kilo of cocaine came into the country, the text messages and call records in my phone showed that I had knowledge of the parcel coming in, i was arrested when i turned up at the parcel depot to pick up the parcel, i shouted "no comment" to my co-defendant at the time of their arrest and was uncooperative in interview."

On top of this crazyness, the star of the film Remaine Dixon was stabbed a week before the shoot and had to undergo two major operations. Luckily, in all this misery, they were able to complete the film and five days after the shooting wrapped M.A. was found not guilty after a 5 day trial, and now "Ready 4 Whatever" will premiere as Cannes as the first film to be shown from a person who shot his/her film on bail, so keep your eyes open up for this one. Instead of gloryfing the fact, M.A. says: "I wanna express in general how its not cool to get involved in crime. you could be out there making a load of money, but i've seen it before that when the law clamps down on you, all the money goes away, all the laughter stops and you'll wish you could turn back time."

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