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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Classic Verses - KRS-One

From time to time I want to shine a little light on some of my favorite verses of all time; it might be a classic piece from the '80s or the '90s or even something from the new millenium. The verse needs to not only be incredibly well written but equally incredible in its performance. For the first entry in this series I'm gonna put the spotlight on The Blastmaster KRS-One and the second verse on the Diamond D produced "Squash All Beef" from Kris' 1995 self-titled LP; arguably his last true masterpiece. His metaphysical teachings of peace and love and how the traditional school system teaches us everything but the truth very closely reflects my own beliefs and conveys a message that anyone should at least try to consider before dismissing it.

"If I ruled the schools, from pole to pole,
 The entire judicial system would fold/
 I would get rid of the books, cuz they bogus,
 and in school, knowledge of self would be the focus/
 Kids would flock to the school like locusts,
 Cause school now relates to them, and you would notice/
 Violence in society would be a minimal,
 Cause the education would now be metaphysical/
 Not livin' by laws, but livin' by principals,
 If you disobey, the universe gets with you/
 We would study so no one would steal,
 And we would reach each other's magnetic fields/
 Petty crimes times petty crimes equals prison for lifetime/
 The universe divided by two, equals me and you,
 Me & You going into the universe once, as one united front/
 But listen up, when I was growing up and hip-hopin',
 We had a lil' thing called jailhouse boxing/
 That's why I'm still here rocking, 
 Because my competition never pulled a Glock in" - KRS-One

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