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Sunday, September 9, 2012

4th DISICPLE & "The Best of 740"

"The Best of 740" was originally a self-released mini-album put out by often super underrated producer 4th Disciple himself. It featured nine songs of tracks that had been sitting on the shelf for a way too long time, and featured such heavyhitters as "The Fall" (with Shogun Assasson), "Heavy Berdenz" (with One Man) and "Time Passes". As reported earlier, 4th is giving "740" a more official release; doubling up the tracklist to 20 songs (click link for tracklist). This should be a wrothy addition to any Wu heads collection, as 4th's been responsible for some of the most timeless pieces in the group and their affilliates entire back catalouges. Below you'll find the 17 minutes mix sampler of the album/compilation, mixed by 4th himself; above you'll see the video for "Beat Down", which I can't spot on the tracklist but nontheless is said to be from the album. "Beat Down" features performances by Armel the Great, Profane, Detin8 [UK] and Sneak Sinatra.

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