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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Prince Paul x DJ PForreal are NEGROES ON ICE

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop no one can match Prince Paul. From the groundbreaking collaborations with De La Soul, some of the best concept albums of all time, child records with a super group of A-list emcees, to resurrection Souls of Mischief, Paul Huston has pretty much done it all. Now, he's at it again with his latest opus; "Negroes On Ice" is another concept album, this time a hip-hop comedy LP conceived together with his own son, a young DJ and producer who goes by the name of DJ Pforreal.

Originally the concept was made into a tour of several live musical type performances across the US, so it will be interesting to see how they will take the idea and mold it into a music disc. No features has been revealed yet, but "very special guests" are promised to appear. This sounds very interesting to say the least... But isn't it always when Prince Paul is behind the wheel? September 25 is the release date, and distribution and release is handled by Empire Distribution.

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