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Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Upcoming] PRODIGAL SUNN - "Hood Chroniclez"

I always considered Prodgial Sunn to be one of the illest Killa Beez from all the amazing verses he spat on albums from Wu-Tang generals like RZA, GZA, ODB and Masta Killa, of course along with his work with Sunz of Man. His solo career never really took off though, in his entire career he only dropped one solo LP previously (2005's "Return of the Prodigal Sunn"), so this'll definitely be interesting; I'm not familiar with Salvee One who produces the majority of the record, but hopefully he brings out some serious heat for P. "Hood Chroniclez" should be out soon so be on the look out. Thanks to Jammin for all the info on the project.

01. "Kings Palace" [prod. by Marc Cary] (Ft. Tuac)
02. "Me" [prod. by Salvee One]
03. "Hood Sagas" [prod. by Salvee One]
04. "I Will" [prod. by Salvee One]
05. "Hustle Grind" [prod. by Salvee One]
06. "World Famous" [prod. by Salvee One]
07. "Summer 88" [prod. by Salvee One] [cuts by DJ Swift]
08. "Everywhere" [prod. by Salvee One]
09. "Huslem Anthem" [prod. by Marc Cary] (Ft. Tuac)
10. "Tell it Like it is" [prod. by Salvee One]
11. "Hey Love" [prod. by Salvee One]
12. "Livin' On Top of the World" [prod. by Jamez Jamez]
13. "Taxation" [prod. by Salvee One]
14. "Rising" (Ft. Hell Razah & Tuac) [prod. by 4th Disciple]
15. "Do" [prod. by DJ B. Original]

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