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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DangerDOOM - "Old School" [CDM]

I've been banging quite a bit of both Danger Mouse and DOOM stuff the last few days, so what's better than a reminder of how great they were as a team. The chances for a new full-length from the duo seems highly unlikely even if it's been talked about, however the "Mouse & Mask" LP and the "Occult Hymn" EP is enough to rank as one of the best group projects from both artists in my opinion. Of course one of their illest songs is the Talib Kweli assisted "Old School", which also was one of two singles released from the LP (the other being "Sofa King"). The way DM flips the horn-driven funk of Keith Mansfeld's "Funky Fanfare" into an unresistable hip-hop groove speaks volumes of his talents in the hip-hop field (which I really hope he returns to one day). The true greatness of this single is however the two B-sides, which are both remixes of songs from the album. Madlib's take on one of DOOM's quirkiest stories in "Space Ho's" and DM's own revisioning of "Sofa King" make this a worthwhile purchase if you stumbles across it. Both songs also appears on "Occult Hymn" but the quality found here is a lot better.

01. "Old School" (Ft. Talib Kweli)
02. "Space Ho's" [Madlib Remix]
03. "Sofa King" [Danger Mouse Remix]

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