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Friday, July 18, 2014

[Album] COMMON - "Nobody Smiling"

Damn, there's something seriously wrong here, I have written thsi article three times now and it just keeps dissapearing for some reason. So I'ma keep it short now, Common Sense has always been an emcee I held in the higest regard; his flow, his cadence and especially his lyrical theme - and the way he always uses one singular producer or production team for his LP.s - creating early classics with No I.D. such as "Like Water For Chocolate" (2000), "Electric Circus" (2002) [yeah I said it], his three debut albums produced by Nio I.D. and the KanYe West produced "Be" and Finding Forever" (2005/2007). Last but not least in 2012 he hooked up with No I.D. again on the excellent +"The Dreamer/The Believer" as well as some side projects like the Cocaine '80s mixtape featuring some of Chi-Town's finest from all apsects of music. His catalouge is steadily growing stronger, out of his 10 albums or so there is only one I don't care for - The Neptunes produced "Universa Mind Control"

Now he's back with another free mixtape in preparation for his upcoming full-length and it's another really good LP juding by the four singles we've hars so far. The new album is called "Nobody Smiling" and is a concept album on the rising violence and gun packing in Chicago cityy. The CD is released next Tueday while the vinyl drops via Def Jam @ UGHH. You can stream the album and pre-order the project. Until then get your freak on and ress play below and sith back, relax, and enjoy some words of wisdom from tge fanukt,

01. "The Neighborhood"
02. "No Fear"
03. "Diamondss"
04. "Blak Majik"
05. "Speak My Piece"
06. "Hustle Hard"
07. "Nobody's Smiling"
08. "Real"
09. "Kingdom"
10. "Rewind That"
11. "Out Of Bound"
12. "7 Deadly Sins"
13. "Young Hearts Run Free"

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