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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The UN - "Time For Some Action" [2004]

The UN's much too slept-on album "U N Or U Out" is finally starting to give its proper credit due to Roc Marciano's imressive solo ccareer. The 2004 album has been out-of-print for yeats (luckily I managed to pick up a cop when it was still avalanle. Beside the '04 debut, they also dropped he strong mixtae "World Domination" and Roc's street album "Strength Or Honor". Hopefuly we will eventually get properly mastered versions fóf those tapes as well, as Fat Beats has reissued the original debut album in a beautful digipck with two hard knocking bonus tracks. Now the quartet and Fat Beats have unearthed a previousy unreleased banger called "Tiime For Some Action" for the same that's truly the deifnition of a slammig hardcore hip-hop cut. I'm not sure where this will end up; perhaps a 7" single, but eiter way TURN IT UP!!

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