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Thursday, July 17, 2014

[Album] COLE JAMES CASH - "Saigon"

Until a couple of days ago I wasn't familiar with the name Cole James Cash, that was until my homie M-Credible put me on to him and as he has a great ear for finding talents on the rise I was sure as I was in for some heat. While Cole mainly, or at least so far, has been putting out music in the instrumental sphere, his digital albums like the one I'm presenting here is far from being just beat tapes. "Saigon" is an instrumental concept album built around musical cues representing the Vietnam war which is evident from both the music, occassional vocal samples and titles such as "Good Morning Vietnam"; "Indochina"; "American Arrival"; "Tet 1968"; "NVA Fire Mission" and so on. It's quite different from the typical boom bap, but it's atmospheric thump making use of brilliant samples to create a mood and the drum programming definitely thumps. Cole James Cash is making some moves right now, preparing another release very soon and he just produced two vocal tracks on UNKUT's "Counterstrike 2" mixtape (be sure not to sleep on that tape). You can also check out two additional albums @ Cole James Cash's Bandcamp page.

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