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Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Album] CORMEGA - "Mega Philosophy"

Cormega is by far one of the realest and best artists out there, just like Large Professor is without a doubt one of the sickest producers to do it. Their past track record as a duo speak for itself ("Journey", "M.A.R.S.", "The Come Up", "Focused Up") so the news that the two Queens' legends was about to collaborate for a full-length album was obviously an early contender for album of the year on paper. And though a bit too short at only 33 minutes it does not dissapoint in the slightest and will go down in history as a legendary album. Both Extra-P and 'Mega sounds brilliant on here, though perhaps a little suprisingly many of the beats are more laid-back than some might have expected. But there's definitely no weak tracks here, far from it - the album hit stores on July 22 on CD and cassette with vinyl LP following August 8 but for some reason Spotify has already uploaded the album so if you have that software just press play below and get that head banging! Shouts to Big Rob for noticing that Spotify jumped the gun on this slamming album.

EDIT - For those of y'all who aren't signed up to Spotify you can now stream the album @ DJBooth, but I strongly recommend y'all support this by purchasing a physical copy; it's short but potent as hell.


  1. this album is incredible. it's maybe the closest to perfect album from a NYC rapper since Illmatic dropped. on the flipside, the Common album that just dropped is just as perfect. I don't remember a time where two rappers released such amazing albums in such a short time frame.

    I think it is amplified by the fact that Cormega's LP was entirely produced by one producer, Large Professor and Common's LP by No I.D., respectively. I am buying both albums and wish they would tour together. a fan can dream, can't he?

  2. I'm really feeling this album. The beats are dope and Cormega's rhymes are incredible.