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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

B.I.G. - "Ready To Die: The OG Edition" [New Mixdown]

Back in 2008, DJ Semi and The Mixtape Marvel released "Ready to Die: The OG Edition", a highly impressive collection of demo versions, alternative takes and original uncleared versions of almost every song found on The Notorious B.I.G.'s classic '94 debut. Of course the sound quality was a bit lacking but the quality of the actual music made the collection one of the coolest drops of its year - who can get enough of Biggie, right? Therefore, I was pretty much knocked out when stumbling across the official Soundcloud page of DJ Semi and a new, updated mixdown of The OG Edition which sounds a whole lot better than the original release. Since then I've really been back on my Biggie shit and this tape has really been going warm so of course I want to share it with y'all. I also been working on a new B.I.G. compilation that should be up within this week so be on the lookout for that 1.

For those of you who might have missed this version of "Ready to Die" there's some truly mindblowing shit on here. While many of the tracks only differs in the slightest from their album counterparts (tbh with some of them I don't hear any difference at all) listeners are treated to the original, uncleared versions of "Me & My Bitch" (produced by The Bluez Brothas) and "Ready to Die"; The album versions of "Machine Gun Funk" and "Juicy" are replaced by fat ass remixes by DJ Premier and Pete Rock, respectively; the demo version of "The What?!" featuring two completely different verses from B.I.G.; another vintage Easy Mo Bee/B.I.G. collaboration from the earlier recording sessions for the album called "WatchuWant?" (replacing "Unpredictable" since that was the last recording made for the LP); the uncensored version of "Gimme The Loot". The bonus tracks consists of "Come On" featuring Sadat X as well as three early Biggie demos and a previously unreleased freestyle. All in all this set is on some other shit and is obviously a must hear for any fan of Chris Wallace, and especially as it's now available in pretty damn decent quality. DJ Semi uploaded the album in one large track which is avialable for stream and/or download up top, but Andyman187 from the Philaflava forums has provided us with the tracks separated so a huge Thank You goes out to him! Much props to everyone involved in this project and keeping the legacy of The Notorious B.I.G. alive.

01. "Intro" (Original w/ Uncleared Samples)
02. "Things Done Changed" (Demo)
03. "Gimme The Loot" (Uncensored Version)
04. "Machine Gun Funk" (DJ Premier's Version)
05. "Warning" (Demo)
06. "Ready to Die" (Original Version)
07. "One More Chance" (Demo)
08. "Fuck Me: Interlude" (Demo)
09. "The What?!" (Ft. Method Man) (w. Original BIG Verses)
10. "Juicy" (Pete Rock's Version)
11. "Everyday Struggle" (Demo)
12. "Me & My Bitch" (Original Version)
13. "Respect" (Demo)
14. "Friend Of Mine" (Demo)
15. "WatchuWant?!" (Unreleased)
16. "Suicidal Thoughts" (Demo)
17. "Come On" (Ft. Sadat X)
18. "Who Shot Ya?" (Original Demo)
19. "For The Macs & Dons" (Unreleased)
20. "Pepsi Freestyle" (Unreleased)
21. "Biggie Got The Hype Shit" (Unreleased '91 Demo)

B.I.G. - "READY TO DIE: OG" (Link #1)
B.I.G. - "READY TO DIE: OG" (Link #2)


  1. So you say the quality of Sound is poor?

  2. i'm saying that the sound quality of the original version of this was pretty poor, but listenable. this version sounds a lot better though, big improvement!

  3. Hey, do you have another link for this like Sendspace does not agree with me.

  4. yeah i just uploaded it there, it's link #2 above

  5. Thanks a million, dude.

  6. Could we get a re-up on this please?