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Monday, January 12, 2015

[Album] $AMHILL - "The Samhill Story" / "The Preface EP"

I first heard Bronx bomber $amhill on the P Brother's "The Gas Album" on the hardcore album closer "Don't Question Me". Now $samhill is back with a full-length album, repping that Bronx hardbody sound, going hard both on the street lyrics and the agressive bass heavy production. If you loved "The Gas Album" and the "Heavy Bronx Experience" EP:s you will fucking love this - hardcore hip-hop at its finest. Not only does $samhill deal with that ignorant street shit we all love and cherished, but he also touches upon deeper themes that goes on everyday in the rough neighborhoods of the poorer areas of America. All set of rugged agressive funk that'll definitely hae your head nodding and your feet tapping. My man CeitedMoFo from the Wu Corp forums put me on to this one, so massive props goes out to him, and everyone involed in this hardcore gem. Hardcore South Bronx beat, with dark, heavy bass melodies, wailing horns, tables turning, agressive lyrics and evven Nina Simone samples SOUTH BRONX STAND UP!

If you're a fan of $amhill this is your lucky day, and if you're not yet familiar with this hardcore South Bronx emcee you will definitely be one by the end of these day. The second free mixtape by the man is called "The Preface" and seems to be some sort of prelurde to an official album hopefuly coming soon. Well, I'm all for any new music by this hardcore gangster emcee so bring it on... So bring it on! This is actually an EP but it bangs hard nontheless - I recommend you listening to both projects back-to-back

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