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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Sampler] KILLAH PRIEST - "Planet of the Gods"

I haven't been home for over a week, and when I left here I remembered to bring my laptop but I forgot my damn connection cord and my phone is a bitch writing long blog posts with, so I apologize for the lack of updates this past week but now I'm back in business and I got some good exclusive shit along with some great things that's been released since last that you may or may not have missed out on. Also I will be hitting back a lot of emails tonight as well, sorry for the late replays in advance. Wu-Tang Clan was my first true love of hip-hop music and every once in a while I find myself in a period where I revisit my large physical Wu-Tang catalouge almost exclusively for some time. Since the release of the Wu's latest, and probably last, group album - the underrated "A Better Tomorrow" (which with a 6.8/10 to 7/10 rating for me, I consider their weakest group LP yet, though that definitely don't make it a bad album in my humble opinion), I've found myself in one of these binge sessions overdosing a Wu so I got a lot of music from the group and affiliates, as well as an article which I think you will enjoy.

First out is Killah Priest which is preparing to follow up his close-to-masterpiece 2xCD "The Psychic World of Walter Reed" with a full-length collaboration with production team Godz Wrath entitled "Planet of the Gods". For those of y'all not in the know Godz Wrath is a fantastic clique of producers originating from the Netherlands and consisting of Jordan River Banks, MOD The Black Marvel, Ciph Barker and Dirty Needlz. Their current track record of collaborations with Killah Priest is absolutely mindblowing, creating many of his best songs from the last ten years or so. I'd say that no other producers at the moment have a better chemistry with Killah Priest, who happens to be one of my favorite emcees.They first worked together simultaneously on the Black Market Militia album and "The Offering", creating a total of ten songs between the two projects. More recently the team were also behind no less than sixteen songs of "PWOWR" between its members (mainly Ciph Barker and Jordan River Banks), including such brilliant songs as "The Document", "New Reality", "Shadow Landz", "Tonite We Ride" and "Love is Life". Needless to say a full album between these two strong hip-hop entitities is a match made in heaven and the four minutes sampler of the LP that Jordan River Banks recently uploaded to his Soundcloud account seem to support that claim. The album is set to drop within the next couple of months and can be pre-ordered using PayPal from here  ($20 dollar). We previously heard the lead single from the album with its accompanying video, "Body of Light".

In related news, another brand new Priest joint was just unleashed though it's unrelated to "Planet of the Gods". "True Killah B" is lifted from producer 730's new mixtape "WeGoin'In: The Mixtape Vol. 2" which also features new music form Junclassic, Agallah, Labba, Nutso, Lord Nez, Tribeca, and more. I'm not sure if the actual mixtape is out yet, I at least can't find it, but check out the Priest track below.

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