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Monday, January 12, 2015

LD & Ariano - "Gotta Get Mine" (Ft. U-GOD & LMNO)

A lot of Wu stuff today, and I really can't complain since the release of the criminally underrated "A Better Tomorrow" I've been real heavy on my Wu shit. I don't know too much about LD and Ariano, but I believe that LD is the DJ/producer of the duo and I'm definitely feeling his jazzy heavy hitting beat for "Gotta Get Mine". U-God really came through on "A.B.T." and here's another solid verse that sounds great over this beat, while LMNO, the Kev Brown/Evidence affiliate does a good job as well. This track was originally released in 2008 but I believe it hasn't been made available on a full-length album until last years "The Singles"which you can check out via Spotify below.


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  1. du har tid men jävla har suttit nästan hela dagen o väntat på att du skulle maila tillbax då du inte kunde ringa :-(