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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "For Those Who Want To Label Us"

The final part of MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental's absolutely mindblowing "Good Morning Vietnam" is finally here and the closing chapter (subtitled "The Phoenix Program") might very well be the hardest hitting of the entire series. I personally hold it as the best album of 2014, perhaps tied with the very different but equally brilliant Souls Of Mischief / Adrian Younge LP, as it's not only extremely brilliant in its lyrics and performance or packs head knocking beats that both manages to preserve an old school esthetic while being completely original, but it's the inseparable combination of the two. As I just finally got my copy of both the CD and LP in the mail today you know I wanted to put out another word on this one. Anyone sleeping is truly missing out, and if you didn't know Vendetta is the label for those that want to label them!

Also check out the music video for the lead single "Glaciers Of Icex" right above in case you missed it back when it first hit the net. If you're not getting the title and how it's a clever play on both hip-hop and Vietnam related themes be sure to hit up Google for your answer, because they went deep with the research on these projects. I surely hope we will get to hear more music from these two humble brothers very soon... And again if you haven't purchased copies of these gems for yourself be sure to do so, because once they are gone they probably will be gone for good. Head over to and support the real!

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