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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Tracklist] CANNIBAL OX - "Blade Of The Ronin"

Oh shit - this is some megatron bomb news right here for y'all. Cannibal Ox only album, 2001:s undisputed masterpiece "The Cold Vein", is finally about to get a follow-up after fans has been left satisfied by dope solo projects by Vast Aire and (especially) Vordul Mega, yet fiending for more Ox. Titled "Blade of the Ronin" the album is slated for a March 3 release via IGC Records / iHipHop Distribution. Producer Bill Cosmiq is filling in the role El-P played on the debut, that of main producer, while guest features comes from U-God, MF DOOM, eLzhi, Artifacts, and more with a total of 19 songs. This one should be real interesting so stay tuned...

01. "Cipher Unkown: Intro"
02. "Opposite of Desolate" (Ft. Double A.B.)
03. "Psalm 82"
04. "The Power Cosmiq" (Ft. Kenyattah Black)
05. "Blade: The Art of Ox" (Ft. U-God & Artifacts)
06. "Pressure of Survival: Skit"
07. "Carnivorous" (Ft. eLzhi & Bill Cosmiq)
08. "Thunder in July" (Ft. Space, Swave Sevah & Elohem Star)
09. "Water"
10. "The Horizon: Interlude"
11. "Harlem Knights"
12. "Sabertooth" (Ft. Irealz & Bill Cosmiq)
13. "Iron Rose" (Ft. MF DOOM)
14. "Solar System (Cosmos): Skit"
15. "The Fire Rises"
16. "Gotham (Ox City)"
17. "Union: Skit"
18. "Vision" (Ft. The Quantum)
19. "Salvation"

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