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Monday, May 18, 2015

MOBB DEEP - "Survival Of The Fittest" [ESPN Remix]

This is just fucking mindblowing shit right here - Mobb Deep's "Survival Of The Fittest" was one of the true standouts for me from one of the most important albums of my life, 1995:s "The Infamous...". Here Havoc and Prodigy was invited to remix the classic song for ESPN:s program that will open up ESPN:s NBA Countdown on the channel during the Western Conference Calls. This Havoc remix is a straight banging reworking that will take you back to the Mobb's heyday. Can't wait for that upcoming Mobb album entirely produced by Alchemist and Havoc (especially since Havoc's last solo album was the best production he has put out for years if you ask me).

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