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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

DR. DRE, KURUPT & PETE ROCK - Freestyle Session

Dr. Dre had Kurupt and Pete Rock up on his Beats 1 radio show last night and this trio of legend burst into a freestyle session over some exclusive beats. Both tracks sounds more like Pete Rock joints to me, either way this is a great musical moment right here. Check it out.


  1. So is this place dead?Please let your readers know...Happy new year!

    1. peace Huansoahn, thanks and a happy new year to you too!

      sorry about the lack of updates, please read my latest post called "No Updates @ The Lost Tapes" - the place is not dead but it will be a little slower as far as updates go for at least some time to come

  2. Freestyle was on point.

    Dre's Pharmacy show is assembled team of old skool and new DJs spinning, mixing, scratching over a range of Hip-Hop.

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