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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

PEEDI CRAKK - "Good Life"

Good vibes from the North Philly spitter who brings a little summer anthem over a smooth instrumental conjured up by the elusive 4th Disciple. Shout out to WTCFoLife Blog for linking the stream.


  1. Hi If someone here is interested in making electronic music can share this source

  2. Yo what's good fam I stumbled on your blog looking for an old Jay Dee beat tape (Instrumental Series Vol. 2 "Vintage" from this post: The original mediafire links to those albums are broken -- any chance you can re-up? I'm working on a mix and I need the "dreamy" instrumental from that album (I have the D'angelo remix version, but I want the straight instrumental)

    Thanks for doing what you do... people like you keep the culture going. I can't tell you how much of my music comes from "crate-digging" on music blogs like yours and I still go to blogs all the time for new samples and inspiration. So thank you for real ��