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Sunday, January 23, 2011

4th Disciple TV

I always held 4th Disciple in a very high regard, an extremely talented but underrated producer that definitely evolved his own sound. He often uses samples from unexpected sources such as classical works or abstract music but once he's finished with it, it's definitely hip-hop all the way. He was with Wu-Tang Clan all the way from the beginning, laying down cuts on their debut album, co-producing on various of their solo projects in the '90s and produced five brilliant joints on the epic multi-platinum "Wu-Tang Forever" (1997) double album. He is most known for producing the vast majority of Killarmy's three albums "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" (1997), "Dirty Weaponry" (1998) and finally "Fear, Love and War" (2001). Since then he's been rather quiet, various projects has been announced but very few has come to fruition but it seems he's getting ready to enter the game again, with Killarmy's upcoming album in the works and announcing verious instrumental projects and mixtapes on Twitter. Check him out on Twitter here for further updates.

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  1. can anybody make out what equipment he's using there?