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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mobb Deep - "Muda Muzik" (Advance)

Mobb Deep's album "Muda Muzik" owas one of the many rap releases in 1999 that got hurt by early leaking via sites like Napster, well before there respective release dates. Other releases include NaS's "I Am...The Autobiography", Inspectah Deck's "Uncontrolled Substance" and Jigga's "Life & Times of S. Carter (Vol. III)". I struggled for a long time with finding accurate info on the advance copy of "Murda Muzik" and collecting the material and put the songs in the right order. It seems there was three different versions of the LP; one promo version, there was this advance that was sent out to magazines like The Source (where it received 4.5 mics) and then of course the retail. In a way I like this version just as much, some songs that got cut for the retail are straight up incredible and some of the weaker tracks from there are not on this. The only prolem is that some of the songs have pretty weak sound quality, but just replace those songs with the ones on the retail version..

Havoc's production was still dark and sinister, with some of the tightest drums in the game, and P totally spazzes out all over "Murda Muzik". This seriously is one of my favorite performance by him of all time; or by anyone for that matter. If you don't think Prodigy was ever lyrical or a top MC on a technical level you're fooling yourself big time. Just listen how he delivers impreccable lines like "This is Heavy Metal for the black people, it's rock and roll but it's hip-hop though/ my drug music, thereaputic to the user - you SLAM DANCE to it". There's jewels like this all over the album and Havoc ain't no slouch either that's for damn sure. The original version  of "Pile Raps" is one of the illest tracks on the entire advance, 100% QB shit and it's a shame it was cut from the retail.

This was probably the last incredible Mobb Deep long-player that works front-to-back although every album since then has dope songs worth listening to every once in a while but they never reached "The Infamous...", "Hell On Earth" and "Murda Muzik".

EDIT:  The original grouprip of the advance is now up here -

01. "White Lines (Quiet Storm)"
02. "What's Ya Poison?" (Ft. Cormega)
03. "Allustrious"
04. "Mobb Comin' Thru (Perfect Plot)" (Ft. Big Noyd)
05. "Adrenaline"
06. "The Realest" (Ft. Kool G Rap)
07. "Fuck That Bitch" (Ft. Big Noyd)
08. "Feel My Gat Blow"
09. "Where Ya Heart At?"
10. "Where Ya From" (Ft. 8-Ball)
11. "Murda Muzik"
12. "Streets Raised Me" (Ft. Big Noyd)
13. "Pile Raps"
14. "Nobody Likes Me"
15. "Let A Ho Be A Ho"
16. "U.S.A. (Aiight Then)" (Ft. NAS)


  1. Any main differences from the retail version? I wanna merge the retail with this. Also, thanks for the up.

  2. yes that's the best way to go.. add the "Quiet Storm" from the retail in place of the first track here. Sound quality is superior, the difference with "Quiet Storm" original is it's a Prodigy solo and the drums knock harder but the sound quality here is fucked up so just switch.

    there's a lot of differences on here, try at least once bumping it front-to-back, it's a different experince altho some key tracks are missing (mainly "It'z Mine") but still.

  3. the joint with nas is all messed up so that told me this isnt the real advance

  4. yeah this isn't a rip of the actual advance CD, but it's a replica of exactly how the advance CD sounded. the original rip of the advance tape most likely sounded like "USA (Aight Then)", Nas part all the way, you can hear the same on "Fuck That Bitch" where the levels are all fucked.

    either way, you can still listen to it just to get to know how the album sounded originally and would have been the retail if it didn't got leaked. personally i replace the retail version of "Quiet Storm", "USA (Aight Then)" and "Streets Raised Me" (i like chinky's singing a lot more on the retail version).

  5. Thanks a lot for this claaa7!

  6. Can we get a re-up on this plsss???

  7. no problem matt, it's now on the first page of this blog.. i've been getting some mails about re-upping this so i figured it would work to make an entirely new post for it. always people who missed out on it, so and you'll see it at the top, or lmost soon,

  8. thanks for the quick response every link seems to be dead so when I saw your new link I couldn't believe my luck haha

  9. Guess I was too late in finding this lol

  10. the original advance is still up if you want to download that, but i can re-up this in the next couple of days as well. no problem

  11. I know this is the wrong place to ask but while we're here, can you PLEASE upload the full version of Ghost's Barbershop fam? Maybe on zippyshare or sharebeast

  12. It'd be greatly appreciated if you can, no rush

  13. Wait so this is the version The Source reviewed? Not this version:

    Can you clarify?

    1. This spreadsheet I made might clarify things:

      I found a scan of the The Source where they listed the tracks they reviewed for Murda Muzik and it matches what claaa7 has for the version on this page. There's probably going to be some slight differences though.