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Saturday, January 8, 2011

[Comp] TALIB KWELI + DJ HI-TEK - "Revolutionary Thoughts V.1"

A while ago I put together this compilation with the fantastic MC/producer duo that is DJ Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli and together becomes Reflection Eternal. The two met in Hi-Tek's hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio where they worked for the first time on a Talib Kweli feature for Mood's debut albuum, "Industry Lies". They instantly found that they shared a musical chemistry which led to Hi-Tek producing nearly half of Kweli's classic collaboration LP with Mos Def as Black Star. Following this the producer and MC signed a deal with Rawkus Records and started working on their own debut album, which would become the celebrated "Train Of Thought"; one of the most prominent hip-hop releases of 2000. Around the time of that release Kweli and Hi-Tek made sure to get their names out to the public; working on soundtracks and compilations while releasing exclusive singles and collaborating with other artists of the day. The vast majority of the songs found on "Revolutionary Thoughts Vol. 1" is made up of those tracks, from the afro-mentioned Mood debut to the joints from "Soundbombing II" and the Talib Kweli features on Hi-Tek's solo debut in 2001. In other words the 16 selections presented above represent the original "Train of Thought" era sound as these songs were all recorded between 1997 and early 2001.

It would take the two almost ten years to come full circle and release a second album as Reflection Eternal, which happened back in May of last year. Their sophmore album, "Revolutions Per Minute" catched very mixed reviews, making it seem to be one of those albums that you either love or hate. Personally I really enjoyed "R.P.M.", although it sounds very different in tone from their debut which I guess is what threw alot of peeps off at first. The next installment of this claaa7 series will feature the songs the duo recorded during the years leading up to the second LP. It's a cool thing to see their evolution. If you like this material I suggest you order or pick up both of their retail albums as they are definitely worthy entries in any serious hip-hop collection.

01. "Theme Song"
02. "Train Of Thought"
03. "Manifesto"
04. "Industry Lies" (Ft. Mood)
05. "Fortified Live" (Ft. Mos Def & Mr. Mann)
06. "Let Me See (Remix)" (Ft. Morcheeba)
07. "Transmorgify" (Ft. Mood)
08. "Empty Pages" (Ft. Mood)
09. "On Mission"
10. "Chaos" (Ft. Bahamadia)
11. "Beautiful (Hi-Tek Remix)" (Ft. Mary J. Blife & Mos Def)
12. "Get Back Part II" (Ft. DCQ)
13. "The Human Element"
14. "2000 Seasons"
15. "Sharp Shooters" (Ft. Dead Prez)
16. "Down For The Count"