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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Between A Rock & A Smooth Place

Hope all my readers had a great New Year's eve! With talk of a Pete Rock and CL Smooth reunion in 2011 what better way to start the new year with than a banging collection of their more rare work. While their career as a duo was certainly short the duo managed to produce two classic albums in "Mecca & The Soul Brother" and "The Main Ingredient" and their debut EP, "All Souled Out". Before they broke up in early 1995 they released a slew of dope B-sides and soundtrack contributions (tracks 1-8). Since then they have only re:united sporadically with selections on Pete Rock's solo LPs and various side works (tracks 9-16). One thing is for sure; despite their differences, whenever they come together to create music the chemistry is still intact and allows the magic to be placed on wax. I just used the cover from their Best Of album, "Good Life" (why the hell not right?`).

01. "It's Not A Game"
02. "What's Next On The Menu?"
03. "Down With The King" (Ft. Run DMC)
04. "One In A Million"
05. "Don't Curse" (Ft. Heavy D, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba & Q-Tip)
06. "Who's The Mic Wrecka?!" (Ft. Da Youngsta's)
07. "Death Becomes You" (Ft. YG'z)
08. "We Specialize" (Ft. Unknown)
09. "Da Two"
10. "Back On Da Block"
11. "Shine On Me"
12. "Climax"
13. "Family Affair Part II" (Ft. Mary J. Blige)
14. "It's A Love Thing"
15. "Who Is This?" (Ft. Passi)
16. "Appreciate"


  1. Great site fam..I been looking for a mix like this from pete and cl..any chance of a re up...keep repping..

  2. thanks my man! new link is now up and running.. sick comp for sure, also check out the Wu-Tang / Pete Rock compilation on The Lost Tapes if you like this!

  3. Thanks fam..I never had a blog respond so fast and re up a project with no problem like that before...thanks a lot...u got a twitter for this blog for when u update?