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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beatnuts & Alkaholiks team up for EP

JuJu and Psycho LES of the The Beatnuts recently revealed to German Splash! Magazine that they are working on a collaboration with Tha Liks. In the interview they reveal that a few songs have been recorded and are finished while they plan to do two or three more which will complete an EP they plan to title "LikNuts" (hahah). The Beatnuts are also preparing a full-length album called "Planet Of The Crates", which I hope will be better than the dissapointing "Milk Me". Either way, JuJu and Psycho LES are great producers and Tha Alkaholiks are some funny, skilled fuckers so this is most definitely on my watchlist for the year. Thanks to Taskmaster for the heads up on the news!

I was looking through my mind and then on the net to see if I could find a previous collaboration between the two teams, but found nada. If anyone knows about an existing song, let me know in the comments section.

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