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Monday, December 24, 2012

RZA - "Ode to Django (The 'D' is Silent)"

Quentin Tarantino rarely, if ever, dissapoints when it comes to making incredible films. Witty dialouge, interesting stories, great actors, fantastic shots, and definitely not least his unbelivable knack for combining visuals with audio; whether if he's using an original score or if he's sticking with pre-recorded music, the result is always stunning. Besides David Lynch, I can't really think of any other director who's soundtracks stand on their own even years after the movie's run time is over. 

"Django Unchained" is the title of Tarantino's latest and trust me when I say you'll find me in the cinema darkness when it hit theaters over here. I was hoping for a little more hip-hop joints on the soundtrack (especially sinnce Rev. William Burks dropped two impeccable pieces for the flick), but at least RZA made the iTunes version with the solid "Ode to Django (The 'D' is Silent)". Check it out below.

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