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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SHOWBIZ Ft. OC & AG - "We All" [Original Mix]

One of the finest long players of 2014 is the Slice-Of-Spice/D.I.T.C. release "The Remix Project" from earlier this year. While any hardcore fan of the crew are well familiar with the origins of tracks like "Time to Get This Money", "Diggin' in the Crates", "Best Behavior" and "Foundation", one song that might not be as easily recognizable is "We All" which is featured as the album opener on the CD. Featuring excellent performances from OC and AG that both sound like recent verses (ala "Oasis") coupled with the fact that an alternative version never has been made available to the public in any official capacity made the song the most curious track on the LP. Maybe The Alchemist mix heard here in fact was the original? That's not an unlikely scenario but fact is that the original version is an unreleased single from Showbiz's still unreleased solo album which was supposed to drop sometime in the middle of 2010. DJ Premier played the original verison of "We All" at least two times on his LiveFromHQ radio show in the beginning of that year and I got a rip of the song for anyone who might've missed it right here. I'm not sure who ripped this one as it's a different, longer version than the one I originally downloaded from DJ Premier Blog back when, so however ripped it - many thanks and a big shout out goes out to you (and that goes for you too Gim, of course). 

And in case you've been living under a rock, you can still stream and/or download the entire "The Remix Project" for free via Slice-Of-Spice. However I strongly recommend purchasing a physical copy (from UGHH or HHV for example) while they are still around, as both the packaging and the music is a thing of beauty. Finally, I want to mention the Lord Finesse remix of "Thick" one last time as people strangely enough don't seem to recognize what a HUGE thing that song is - seeing how Finesse uses the vocal take from a different "Thick" session, resulting in the unearthing of previously unheard '99 verses from both OC and Big L. And that is not something to take lightly...

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  1. Show and ag on yo MTV raps . anyone who has the video that this still is from can you please post it up.